Wednesday, November 23, 2005

it was that i was blog hopping
then it dawned on me that i did not update my blog for quite sometime

ehm actually got kinda lots of pic

but lazy lah .

i can only remember the recent things
like hanging out with charlene and juniors.
almost like after sch always at khatib .haha

now even the o levels had finished
fast man

ohyah. today.
i kinda failed my cocktail
i am stupid .
well . wat to do.

lazy to type here
if u are curious . then u come to ask me . if u really care .

worked at Singapore Conference Hall.
NIE Band 30th Anniversary Band concert

and i got to listen to free concert
and guess wat they played ?
Alvamar Overture
OH MY GOD . it is since so long that i last heard that song
and i was humming with the tune .

and i saw ms esther . ms joycelyn and ms ( yap soon soon's girlfriend)

k lah.

projects and more projects
can;t wait to go back to OPSS .
after my exams
which is like coming soon .
i simply love hanging out and spend my time there

and also
pray hard that i will pass my cocktail test next week .
thx mr david chan for his advice and the chances he gave .

well . i am simply stupid .

Y O N G T A H 8:34 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, November 12, 2005


i am really really sad here
i know . i am going to regret this for the rest of my life

by not going Genting with the band
but what to do ?

i got bloody exams on that week
yesh . i wanted to just pon and go along
one referal paper =$70
and i got only 3 or 4 papers

but . i can;t just simply do referral paper just like that .
well . wat to do.
and ms chang had confrimed the no. of ppl going

haish .
why must it be during exam
tell me why

i am really really feeling damn sad now .
yesh. damn sad.

went back to band today
looking at them preparing for formation
and also preparing for formation ,Genting Trip and also Alla Marziale

yesh . looking at them . i remember those old days again
but well . i am not going to play again .
that's wat i promised myself

i just want in the admin .
that's all .

well well .

Alumni meeting .
10th Dec 2005

hope to see all alumnis .

i am really really feeling very sad.

went to northpoint with mschang and mr tan today
of coz . we gossiped.
we simply love to gossip

went to laila's house after that.
then went home .

.k lah . that's all folks ..

Y O N G T A H 10:12 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, November 11, 2005

ahyah ~ !

haha. back

went to SP .
ehm . sokyin came to find me .whahaa
talk to her for a while only
then got to go in le
Ern Ern , Meichiew and me was serving the pastrys
those hoteliers.
simply love to look at our nametag and call our name

haha. but before the function starts
we were busy gossiping
YESH . GOSSIPING about other hotels unifrom
OH MY . some are soooo ugly can

then when the function is going to end
me and ern ern almost died from the miscommunction of the trainers
me and her was carrying the sliver plataes with the pastrys
and we walked out to the outside buffet station

brendan : ehm . mr baijit say this buffet station close
us : but mr low from inside say outside open
then came we went in
and mr low : NONO . outside open
so we went out
and we saw mr baijit
mr baijit : nonon . outside close inside open
and me and ern ern was so confused that we say the wrong thing even .haha
and then . many more
so basically . we were carrying the sliver plataes like 2 Ding dong . walking in and out of the conventioncentre


lalala ~ ..

tuesday .
hmph .. yesh.
i was the kitchen assitant .haha
mojojo cooked fish fingers and fries
oh my tians . it was so nice can .
and we had a song for the curry puff girl
ohyah. had sales test
it was horrible .haha

went to causeway point coz no CTIS . yahhooo ~
then went to meet farhana

ohyah. i became fat that day.

breakfast : egg with bread
lunch : laksa and popiah
trunch : mojojo's fish fingers and french fries with tartar sauce
hi-tea : old chang kee . squid and curry puff
dinner : chicken bolognese and cheese fries @ NEW YORK PIZZA.
Supper : Rice with 3 dishes and soup at home

OH MY . i am feeling so fat .

went home after meeting farhana and had food at new york pizza lah

had cocktail test.
poor Mr David Chan

me turn :
mr Chan : so wat we had no tested ?
class : ehm . singapore sling ?
me : !!!! ?????
class : dry matini . screwdriver
mr chan : too easy
doris : Black Russian
me : nononoo .
and mr chan : u do that .
me : .......

coz i did not study that
it was actually .
30Ml Vodka
15 Ml Kahlua

Method : Build
Glass : Rock
Granish : Cherry in the drink

and i actually said . 15 Ml of angosura bitters
angosura bitters is like tabasco sauce . and we usually used a dash only
and i actually said . 15 ML .gosh ~
the whole class was like laughing like mad and mr chan
open his big eyes and walked towards me .

and he actually know my name as he went to look at my name tag .

then had Practical cooking.

went to find farhana they all coz today cooking ended early .
cool .
went to eat new york pizza with the band ppl
and send siraj home
then went to POSB

and called farhana and annette coz they both disappeared

theyfound a cat at blk 850
so i went to buy cat food .
they were so in love with that cat

that female cat
which i call that CHEE BAI cat
named whiskas by annette .
then we decided to carry it to faris's blk there
but b4 that they bath it with powder
and theyused my apron
and wrapped it up like a dumpling
and we walked all the way to faris's blk
which is near naval base sec
faints ~

played with the cat
and before we can go .
faris replied .
so we waited
then later we went back

thursday .
in sch .
it was so funny sia
they all playing games in class
like 007 BANG .! .haha. so funny
went to find farhana after sch
studied food service management
farhana . annette . and me are crazy over PRATAS.

then went to walk around
then chit chat under farhana's block
then we did revenge action .
so cool sia .

i saw rajasegar on the MRT .
and .
farhan ( 6.1) and zaki at khatib mac
i also saw zhiqun at khatib mac also
COOL SIA >haha

had test
i saw mr chan on my way to refill water
and i faster siam
i don;t think he can recognise me . coz i did not comb my hair and i was in specs .

then had extra class till 5.30
and we took mrt with Mr baijit singh
oh my super tians
the rest alighted at woodlands
leaving me and him

he : u want newpaper
me : no
he : u want sweet ?
me : no
he : u want money
me : no

he : hmph . looks like i cannot treat u too nice
me : smiles

he : u want sweet ?
me : no .
he : u are damn fucked up .

me : give him that smile again .
and he alighted at sewbawang .

lalla ~
then went home lah .
farhana theyall went to POP
AHHH .. i want to go also

and farhana can go to genting
i am soooo jealous

k lah . that;s all folks .

meichiew and chirs say that i am like the 3rd party
yesh . i really like her . but she doesnt like me
well . she has a boyfriend and the boyfriend is also my friend
well . i just want to keep things as it is now .
although it look like kinda sad huh
she really cheer up me day

smiles = )

Y O N G T A H 8:37 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, November 06, 2005

lalal . i am back again.

hmph . over these few days
kinda sianz lah

slacked at home .

ohmysupertians . the shatec version of tong xin yuan . epsiode 3.
sia lah .one by one getting more exciting.

hoildayagain .
ehm . did the new 4A4 blog .
new skin . entitled . ' those were the day'

sch lah . damn sianz
after that went to plaza singapura
i simply enjoy being a paparazzi .
so fun can .~

work work and more work
went to band in the morning
got to agree with yenling
our CUTE juniors march so CUTELYcan
faints *

then pia to work
was at kallang theatre
PAP function .
set up . blahblahblah
then slack afte boss left .
coz we finish our job damn fast
and chit chat with the cleaner.
about the sinking theatre. KALLANG THEATRE.
oh my tians . the middle of the 1st floor's front area
is like sinking . * fiants *
later the food came

haha.we were damn hungry
we were like eating the extra replisement .
then laterwhen the minister are coming . and we are suppose to hide one corner
i risk my life and went to steal that 3 boxes of drink and french fries.
wahaa. nonsences sia me

then blahblahlbah.
saw many ministers .
cool .

that chee keong.
he was the guy we knew at the previous function.
PoliceDinner and Dance at fort canning
that time he keep disturbing and talking to us
then me and fiona was at the main area waiting for the function to start
but one buffet table started.
for those plain-clothers officer
and we saw him coming in .
haha . then he say : hey it;s u all again
and went to makan .haha
damn funny .
i was like . tryin to see his name from his name tag hang over his neg
and fiona just pull and see.haha

and then meichiew came out .
we were like so busy trying to chase her back intothe VIP reception room.
then chee keong went in and chat with us
damn funny lorz . blehz

woke up at 5.30
reached kallang theatre at 7
we almost faint . we were so hungry can
of coz . we being good workers
we help to tidy up and do wat ever we can with the things left there.
haha .

lalal ~ . then saw 2 more DND police officer .
and they same line : hey . it's u all again .
faints *
ohyah. so many police officer there can
all over i see blue police
and when function starts .
like yesterday
me and fiona cannot see sia
all blocked by white clothered PAP ppl .
oh my super tians .

oh yesh .
then i almost bumbed into mr XXX . clue . PM of singapore
luckily mr planet hollywood stopped me .
haha. mr planet hollywood = his bodyguard = the police officer at the DND
he just stopped me and talk nicely to me .haha
so nice of him huh .

lalal ~ . ohyes
me and fiona saw our idol
and we were like dancing on our heels.

okie dokie
then pack up .
in order to stop my trolley from banging into the stupid policecar that is parked behind the lorry.
i stoped the trolley and all the skiring came flying on to the road
and i was like panicking .haha
coz if boss sees . he will kill us .haha

lalal ~
then finally pack finish
went to KFC to eat
free-flow of drinks.
drink until i so full

lalal~ . then came home .
sleep .
k lah.
tml is service day again
oh my tians .

off to SINGAPORE poly for some stupid function again
i am going to slack tml
coz it is a school function and . we have sooooo many manpower
* faints *

k lah .
till then .

* please kindly tag my tagboard . * .
thank you .

Y O N G T A H 8:11 PM

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

for once i shall bitch about



Y O N G T A H 10:08 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


the function was alright
i was at the buffet line 2
kinda the in charge of the 10 ppl
and also we were stationed at the staircase before the function starts

it was the excellence standard award for the health sector
so we saw many many nurses and doctors


well . shatec had too much resources
to the extend
one buffet line got 13 ppl
and when the main door open
there is even a formation of staffs
damn nice sia

lalala ~
kinda busy
but it was so fun
everybody co-operated
when loading the things
we made a chain


service gear
budget singh saw me using wrongly and was like suaning me
and when he used mine
he was like . oh man . ur hand damn greasy

lalala ~
then afterthat
shaun suddenly . everybody look here.
and we took 2 pics

damn nice .
the 2nd one is my wallpaper now .
although not everybody is in the pic .haha

then went home after that

ohyah. after i blogged yesterday
i watched little bride 18 again
the last few discs

this is one the korean show that is not that draggy
but there is some crying parts lah . but those are the damn touching parts
it is like . sitcom + drama

so . in short . this show is not draggy and u can keep laughing until u faint .
and u will be defintely touched by the cuteness of the female lead and the kindness of the male lead.


listening to the soundtrack now .
damn nice .
korean shows always have damn nice soundtrack

did some spring cleaning today
throw away many many magazines
and also tidy up my table

but drawers not done yet

k lah .

that's all folks .

till then .

Y O N G T A H 12:12 PM

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