Thursday, July 28, 2005

wat will be when u have a STUPID IDIOTIC FREAKO FATHER ?
well .
this is wat will happen


i have finally got a line number
coz mine is a promotion package .
thus , i did not sign on for 2 years
coz i wanted to change a phone .
and when one month later . they will prompt me to sign the plan
this is something like a trying period lah .

then my stupid father.
went to listen to some stupid workers of his
came back to scream at me
say . how come u never sign
but even if i sign . still have to add like 100 bucks for a new phone lor
and he doesn;t believe there is free incoming call.
he say no such thing is singapore.
HELLO ? stupid SIA >
can;t be bothered lah

he says he got some illness
who cared . go to hell with he and his sickness or wat ever
if he want to be mad
i will gladly call the IMH .
he is currently a bit of mentally unstable .
Certified by doctor k
but . i can;t be bothered.

went to Pan Pacific .
manage to sneak to the guest floors
so fun lorz
my ears are pain from taking the bubble lifts .
went to hotel lobby hopping
from Swissotel the Stamford to Raffles the Plaza to Raffles Hotel
So fun .haha

k lah.
i want a new phone.
i want new shirts.
i want many many things
i am going to look for a job
since my STUPID dad can;t give me all these.

till then .


Y O N G T A H 8:26 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

in computer lab again.

lessons .will end at 12
gosh . 1 more freaking hour to go .
can i don;t attend english lessons ?

today is a nice nice day to sleep
especially mum juz changed a new bedsheet with those kind of cotton bigbig blanket
i simply wrap myself like a cacoon in it sia.
i don;t want to wake up
and my teddy bear doesn;t want me to leave it alone sleeping in the big bed .
haha. being nonsences here.

OPWO webby . --> finally . first page done.
expected completion . : middle of next month.

yesterday was chatting with melia and chester
haha. suddenly i find myself starting to dislike her
well . juz told myself not to like anyone in my class as i had enough of BAD experiences.
i simply associate she with him . the person who pissed me off
and TAADDAAA . succeeded
alrights .

so yenling . now u no need to know le . coz i don;t like her liaoz.

this is sooooo boring.
yesterday went to melia's house to return charger.
and saw faris and company lah.
so we went to 7-11
then went annette's house
went home and it was raining.

rain rain and rain
i want to go back to opss on wednesday !!!
but i have to GO TO HOTEL VISIT !

the OPWO full band pics are out tonight
the film one was horrible
but one of them was spoilt due to the rainwater.

k lah.
mr lim start to teach le.
this keyboard is freaking noisy

till then.

Y O N G T A H 10:40 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, July 24, 2005

This stupid.
House power tripped.
luckily only type 2 sentences

Alrights .
kinda happy yesterday

Friday :
went to the airport with chester and faris
wore the wrong clothers . everything wrong .
kinda suan lah . well .
don;t want to talk abt it ..

after that . me and chester.
went to Sun Plaza . after a while chester realise .
WRONG place .is Sembawang Shopping Centre .
haha. but b4 that .
we saw a shop call STOMP
the clothers damn nice
went to try it out . but shirts all too small.

lalala. walked there . meanwhile . talk lah.
- Guy's Talk -
or rather . - Men's Talk -
wahaha .

reach there . chester got his stuff.
went to Sembawang Music Centre.
look at cd .
then went to KFC.
- Men's Talk - again .haha
then . i accidentally spill water on him .
sorry chester .haha
went back to Sembawang MRT . took MRT home . lalala.

kinda fun hanging out with chester .haha

Saturday :
Reached OP at 8.30
saw them marching. then they went jogging .
Sebas bring his friend . Richard .
well saw him that time during the SAF concert.
didn;t really talk to him . at all .

then . after that. phototaking
i got 3 cameras . mine digi cam . mine film cam . and huimin's Brother in law's camera !
OMG lorz . huimin bring a tripod . haha
and yaser was like . wah . can fix ur digital cam on the tripod sia.haha
junhao : the tripod so big . ur digi cam so small .haha
lalala .
then take lots of pic
i am not going to upload here . coz it is too big
every one is average of 2000 KB
GOSH lorz.

after that went makan .
then came back. arrange pics . did the OWE MONEY PAY MONEY list .haha
then . Siraj.
say he can play .Wind Blow over cherry blossom .actually is sakura tune lah
on the guitar . juz the first 2 bars .haha
then the band kanna punish . so all the sec 4s came over to our side .
then siraj : u want to hear Wind Blow over cherry blossom ?
Me , jannah : siraj , stop it .haha

then later . while packing up .
the security gave the IC back to richard .
then i saw it is a blue one . so i ask him . u foreigner ??
he : yah .
me : from ?
He : malaysia .
me : really ?

and he is from Batu Pahat !
My father;s hometown .
and we started talking . haha.
and mr tan was like u both know one another ?
Richard : we tong xiang .
haha. that is cool .
never ever met a person who is from batu pahat in singapore
haha. juz imagine i meet a person who is from the village my dad is in .
gosh . .
but . that person confirm will be some related in one way or another
coz basically the whole village is related to one another .

then went to the cafe at Community Centre
lalala . mr tan and mschang and marcus they all
discuss abt the webby.
well . lots of things to do

came home . uploaded the pics . editied them .
and try to add words on it .
Lexmark Photo Editor is so UN User friendly .
but manage to add the words .
Orchid Park Wind Orchestra
Main Band 2005
damn nice
ohyah. stupid me . never off the date .
but i manage to crop many away
only the art gallery pics i can;t crop .
ARGH ! .

lalala. k lah. lots of things to do .

till then .

Y O N G T A H 1:30 PM

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

well .
time for an update


went back to opss
did the noticeboard . kinda packed all the pics onto the board
haha. thx to jannah's help
did a bit of noticeboard
and the band played DARK ADVENTURE

i was so excited.
me . ade . jinzhao . marcus was like getting so excited .
when mr tan says. are u all ready ?
us : can we play ?

yesh . although it is a damn easy song and chicken feet one
but .
it is the song i got scolded by mr hashim like mad
it is the song that ms chang transfer me to mallets
it is the song that make me fall in love and have the great passion of playing my instrument - The Mallets .
it is the song that i played bass drum when no ppl played
it is the song that i played cymbals
it is the song that we played after chingay
it is the 2nd last song mr hashim taught us b4 he passed away
it is the song that reminds me of my lower sec days
those fun days .
really really miss them

us singing that song . humming it around
melia . yenling . ck . leqi . sakinah . faris . sebas . in the band room talking ghost stories
i really miss those times .
getting nostagic now . really really .
i really miss those old days
still remember . that time there was this bombing treat of yishun mrt
sebas : when they bomb yishun mrt . we play dark adventure .
us : laugh like mad

went home at 8 that day . after makan all jalan and stuffs

and mr tan gave the library a disc
i bring home to listen
gosh .it is japanese pop songs
the first and 2nd .
the song make me feel like crying . remembering all the old days .

but i dunno the title
coz our ahtan . dunno wat disc is that also
** shake head ** that;s our ahtan .
Mr Clarence Tan .

today. thursday .
k . a long day
after sch . went to buy mircophone . chris accompany me
went to makan at KFC
chris is seriously going to die of me talking of HER . haha
well . do i really like her ?
why am i having a crush on her ?
have i really forgotton her ?

well . i really dunno .
it seems that now mine whole mind is her . when i talk everything links to her
gosh . wat;s the matter with me

** slaps and smack myself **
LOH YONG TAH . LYT . wake UP .
Have u forgotton those sad experiences and times
when u are being rejected , mocked at .
and u are having lots of uncompleted projects.
both in sch and OPWO .
and u have to rush and complete them
no time for u to think of such things

alrights . i am going to make all means to stop myself .
going to keep myself busy .
I am going to stop thinking of her .

alrights . back to today;s event
went for a haircut after that
the haircut uncle and i was like dunno wat to cut
discussing sia
we took one hour .haha
and uncle cut something different . and i love it !
and i look like one young kid and good boy in it . muahaa

wanted to meet farhana to get back my camera.
but . she was hospitalise
gosh . she got a asthma attack
luckily i got my camera back
- it was a terrible experienece -
alrights . and she is wearing pink hospital clothers
gosh . she hates pink . wahaha
was like scaring her juz now over the phone .telling her ghostly things in hospital
poor farhana

i bought a new pair of shoes !
yipee ..

okie . tml going to have hotel visit .
and then to changi airport . to welcome melia back
haha. maybe have a high risk to see aretha and gang
and huizhen will be there .
well . who cares
i no longer likes her . .haha

melia melia . can't wait for u to arrive in singapore
muz share ur experience and pics with mE !!!
and tag my taggy . and chat with me in msn !

alrights .
going to band on sat
can;t wait .

trying my best to forget her .
stoping myself to fall into deeper .
i have enough of those bad and terrible experiences .

till then .


Y O N G T A H 10:15 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

alrights .
one week passed .and i am not updating !!!
lalalaa ...

i am updating coz i am in Computer lab . with the sickening fidelio
Mr lim is soooooooooooooooo boring.

hmph .
wat to write ?
friday was the passing over ceremony
after sch . went home . to change and pia off
kinda sad coz the VCDs can;t be completed in time
then went to sch with farhana .
then kanna rejected coz of the stupid listening for O levels
so went to charlene's house .
then blahblahblah
got wet and the rain spoilt my HAIRDO !!!!

then passing over . speechs by majors and by ms chang
then annoucing of the results !
COOL ...WEnning is the new CM! and clarissa . the first female DM in the life of OPWO .

k i am lazy to update the whole committee

went to watch concert after that . kanna forced by ms chang to watch with her at the Deck A . while the rest at Deck D
went to lau pa sat after that . makan makan . then went back
sunday slacked at home .

saturday . went to sentosa with classmates
for CTIS outing
FUN ! . alrights . i am lazy .
so sue me . i never upload the pics ...i got many many pics to upload . keke

yesterday . watched white chicks .
CTIS . wahahaa.
so funny lorz .
It's not a bag , it;s a PRADA !!!


totally agree to sabrina's post
i am a loner
a ultimate one .
i can;t really think of any ppl . especially guy friends who i can call and talk to
even on msn . no one even want to talk to me .
well . i am the ULTIMATE LONER .

well . yesterday night . kinda bad mood
phone spoilt .
dad went berserk . and keep nagging .
how wish he could juz shup UP !

haish . life kinda sucks .
well . it does sucks

now . my main priority is to finish the projects on my hand

- VCD for sec 4s
- CD labelling for the Media Resources Library
- OPWO new Webpage

and then . it will be the start of my Project
* shall be further on discuss abt when the 3 above projects is completed *

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 8:58 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

today is tuesday .. lalalaa.

i am bored lah . now in Computer lab having lesson .
and the teacher is so sianz . OMG .

Sunday's Band Fiesta @ Botanic Gardens is SO FUN
despite falling down .i enjoyed !
taking pics all the way back to OPSS .

Did u ?
will update another time.
Mr lim start lesson and this keyboard is so NOISY !

till then .

Y O N G T A H 8:55 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Time to update.

Disclamier : this gonna be a long long post

Friday . the concert day

went to sch .
then on the way home . farhana asked me to meet her at Khatib . previously we agreed to meet at toa payoh
so i went back . pack my things . and while wearing my contact lens
i realise something was wrong as my eyes are pain . i took down and realise .there is a hole . so the whole lens is spoilt
went to buy a lens at khatib and went to farhana's house coz she msg me telling me she got no uniform casing.

so . after that . off we go !
we reached City Hall .
and silly me . i really forgotton which station to drop off
so we actually walked like siao there from the esplanda park there till VCH
and farhana's of coz . started nagging .
but we saw the NDP place . and farhana saw the lion thingy .

well well . we soon reached VCH . the PLACE .
we went up . and lalala .
the band rehersaling . we settle our things in that tiny room .
and off i go to wrap present . haha
with michael and fayyad sitting behind me . i was sitting on the floor.
i took a long time wrapping the 3 presents .
my wonderful product !

The Most Beautiful One . Posted by Picasa

the 3 gifts Posted by Picasa

and there came amelia . using my camera to take pics .
coz i promised to let her use my camera as her sis is using her camera .
so below there will be lots of her pics .

melia and Jane Posted by Picasa

melia and leqi Posted by Picasa

then we sitted around to watch the rehersal
lalala.took a pic with michael .haha

Michael and me. Posted by Picasa

the rehersal was kinda delayed.
coz . the rehersal earlier on was delayed .
actually alumnis can rehersal on 5
we ended up rehersaling at 6 . for 10 mins
then we went to the stairs linking to CIRCLE .
and sing our part .
that time was like 6.25
and after that in less then half an hour . we got dressed .and makan
cool horz ? powerful alumnis . keke .

some glimpses of rehersals .

Take 1 Posted by Picasa

Take 2 Posted by Picasa

Take 3 Posted by Picasa

ohyah. then gohyiling came .
and while she was in the room
i happen to come back . and yenling took a video ! .
bascially it is juz us bitching around while waiting .
happen to pass by the alumni room . yenling making a video . kinda cool lorz .haha.
i pretend to scream and pointing . and when yenling turn the camera back .
farhana opened the door . and i pretend to scream .haha

later .after i came out from changing
everybody was like wah , all gel hair .haha
for guys lah . i had a great laugh over michael's hair.
ok lah . it;s nice .haha

and then .
concert starts . gosh . full house lorz . FAINTS
then . we all waited outside the corridor . then school song began .
and we all faced the inside lah .
then choir beside us . they all stand up . and SANG !
OMG lorz . so holy lorz . GOSH . ONWARD ONWARD WE GO ~~~~~

then . ahyah . we took pics ! .muahaa

The threesome . We are the only band ppl from 1A2 , 2A2 Posted by Picasa

Me !

The Express'es . MY BATCH ! Posted by Picasa

CK and Me . Posted by Picasa

Me and Melia . Posted by Picasa

and soon it was our turn .
we were all so scared.
and we wished everyone good luck
and off we go .

it was wonderful . i was so surprise with myself
i could play the solo thingy !
yeah ! . it was so nice .
and everybody did a good job .
amelia . don;t be sad k .
and later mr tan even said : Yongtah . good job . finally no mistakes for the first time .!! .haha

k lah . then interval
went inside to look for bernard.
saw lots of ppl .heehee
then . sebas pass me this plastic bag with cookies inside.
later then i found out it was Sheree who gave it to me .
many thx . this is my first concert present every received !!

saw ahguang !
took a pic with him .

Guang and me . Best of friends ! Posted by Picasa

then choir's turn to perform
we took pics again !

Yiling and melia Posted by Picasa

THE INVASION OF MELVIN !! . he blocked MY FACE !!!

Shichie and Yiling .

Melia and Shichie

Yiling and Siraj

Sabrina and me . With the invasion of CHARLENE ! Posted by Picasa

Me and Michael . this was a nice picture . but . YENLING INVADED !!!

Yiling and Ck . haha. Yiling lah . snatch with me again !

Me and melia . Take 1

Sylvester and Melia . the classic PICTURE . the background look so classy .haha

Melia and Faris .

Melia . Marcus

Yiling and Sylvester

Melia and Yiling . take 2

Carol Wong and me .with bassoon as the background .haha

Me . Adeline . Caiting . Keng Leong . haha

Melia and Chester . + flowers !

Melia and Melvin .

Melia . ME !

Yiling . Shichie .

The 3 of us . Shichie . Me . Chester !

Yiling . Me . + Flowers .haha

then went into watch the performance
the combine

Combine Posted by Picasa

Stick Stitch . Posted by Picasa

and of coz . the stick stitch . the most funniest part .
on stage . it looks like as if it was planned . jannah and siraj bickering .
but actually . in real .Siraj forgotton jannah's solo . not purposely .
haha. cool sia .

then watch a bit . and after evergreen 70's we went backstage .
and then when after merry widow . abigial went up to have a short speech .
and the presenting of flowers .
we , the alumnis . went infront the stage
and nobody shouted Encore . so we all shouted. haha shout and shout .
haha. then me , amelia , yiling , lishan . zhitong .
we sang SING !. we were among the first few in front . the rest at the back
we sang so loudly . so totally were so high . all of us sang and sang .

then after that . photo taking again !
carol invited mr low down
but the pic didnt not turn out well . i tried to brighten it up but it looks horrible

The alumnis pic Posted by Picasa

Jane and Yiling

Eliza . narissa . Yiling Posted by Picasa

Yiling and Faris Posted by Picasa

Yiling and eliza Posted by Picasa

Charlene , Sebastian , Annette . with the invasion of ? haha Posted by Picasa

Percussion . Full Concert Strength . + Me and Benjamin the alumnis Posted by Picasa

Percussion . With sec one . Posted by Picasa

My favourite pic !
The Percussionists : Charlene . Me . Michael.

then while packing up .
i went to talk to mr tan . coz lost 2 tuners . so ask mr tan whether he got take
he was talking to his friends
his friend : U alumni ?
me : yah ..
his friend : use one word to describle ur instrutor
mrtan : nonono
his friend : bitchy right
me : is SUPER


then went back to sch . kinda fed up with major tan
he was complaining say . how come marimba so heavy . should carry first mah .
i shouted : u come to carry lah

thne on bus .
me , sylvester . Ck . Yenling .amelia . Yiling at the back
me . yiling . amelia
were singing all the way back to OPSS
all kind of songs. and ofcoz me and yiling's all time favourite
it was so fun on bus

thne went back . helped out .
all of them went home late . it;s rather surprise to see that 12++ there is still 811 !
and then ms chang went to withdrawn money .
then we took cab home
on the way i drop off . and went back .slept at 1.30

it was jannah bday
and after the whole concert
all of us . Band + alumni sang bday song for her
she was so touched that she cried .
haha. gave her a present too
a black cup with a drumset printed on it .

wellwell .

tml there is a performance at botanic . gonna support them .
k lah .

hope u enjoy the PICS
kinda regretted for taking so little pics . but i love those pics i took
especially the last one . with charlene and michael

the mcee . madelene foo was gorgeous .
and her mc skills are wonderful !

OP.2005 - a fun , exciting , wonderful CONCERT !

till then .

Y O N G T A H 8:13 PM

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