Wednesday, June 29, 2005

okie .
i am back again
my hoilday are like . kinda sianz.haha

went back to OPSS on monday and tuesday
maybe today also ? i dunno

monday . bring some CD back
had a hardtime relabelling . GOSH .
see them sectionals . take pics lah .as usual .
a lot lorz
but only going to post 4 here.haha. coz i am LAZY .

Me and Annette . we look like some wax statues .haha Posted by Hello

Me and Michael . haha. with the drumstick .thx to annette. Posted by Hello

Me and Michael . Michael look like some -dunno wat to say - haha Posted by Hello

The 3 of us . Michael closed his eyes . Posted by Hello

seriously . Michael . dunno how to take pictures one . i have to make him look and stare at my camera or else he will blink .hah. that's my new sec one junior . Michael .
many ppl kinda adore him .hah
coz he is like so nice ? haha.
and charlene is screaming and shouting bias .haha . coz she;s not my beloved junior .haha

wellwell .
i went back.
sec ones got nothing to do .
then i juz say . marching . so in the end . i have to take
luckily our future NDP commander . Farhana .ask me where am i . so got her to come back
haha. well . i think no one like my style of commanding
coz i will let them stand there until i thought of wat to do.
make them turn turn turn . march up and down . well . that's my style .
farhana and i wanted to vomit blood.
the way the march . the attitude they gave.
forget it lah. don;t march better . PENGZ .

hoho . aida is not in the helpers of the OPUS . ** dance around **
but michael is in .wahaha. * dance around *

the alumni clothers . kinda confrim lah.
all black . long sleeve shirt + pants
for both gender
and a tie is proposed for both gender too.
but there are some objections . but some ppl do agree .?
i dunno . hahaha

off i go to do more labels
maybe going to NP to get some ink

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 10:14 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, June 26, 2005

friday was the last paper
yahoo . the start of hoildays !

milano came back to wait for ercong
tsk tsk .
everybody was like . HEY MILANO ! .haha
we are basically outside the class.
looking inside
our invigilator was . JENNY LAI .
everybody was like cheating lorz .

then went back . pia to farhana's house.
was like . diao .
her computer.
me , faree and her boyfriend was like
but until still no hope.
at 5
ms chang called saying alumni practice cancelled
i was like . OMGOSH. who to call.
called zhitong.haha

then . went to eat the pizza thingy.
walk to the park near khatib mrt.
then went home
stayed at the poolside for 1 hour
coz i don;t have keys and dad was sleeping
so have to wait for mum and sis.

yesterday went back to OPWO .
so fun lorz
at first was like cutting the words for the noticeboard .
then was talking to chester. bascially chatting.

then yenling came
went to sectional in the bandroom
then they were giving wenrong his uniform
happens that to be the one i wore b4
so happily i took it and wore it and take pics !

First pic - like a student sia
miss those days !

with cap ! cool ? haha

then later .
sectional .
took out the stupid dusty mallet
sia lah.
really cracked my head for the fingering.
coz have to rensemble it .
GOSH . haha.
then while packing up .sylvester came. then came mr tan
sylvester : mr tan . help me repair my tuba
me : that;s ur motive of bring ur tuba back
syl : .....

then went to makan . they bought the pizza thingy for me.
lalala. then me and farhana went up . show her the pics i took
and she went to take uniform and i also followed
and snap snap snap !

Disclaimer : never do this when ms chang is around .

haha. ms chang is not here as she got something on .
that's why we took all our own sweet time to take . haha
me and farhana - the crazy alumni who missed OPMB days.
Orchid Park Military Band !

we took all this by the time taking mode thingy

The old days . take 1

and we are both so smart.
we turned on black and white.
and tada ! her skirt and my jeans became like white.
juz like the old days when we went CHINGAY !!!

Take 2 - thinking of how to do formation later. haha

Take 3 - Cornet player and percussionist

Take 4 - hello ? the good old days .

Back to reality - kinda cool huh ? with farhana's MI skirt . and mine jeans .haha

then i bullied sylvester.
i took his specs .
he was like . playing tuba when he can;t see at all .haha
bad sia me .

with sylvester specs -haha.
a nerd member

then b4 i return . i took a pic of myself
and it turn out to be so NICE !!!!

and this is my favourite pic !

My favourite ! - cool sia ! going to develop it out !

in plain clothers. .
like some ahbeng.haha

i love that pic so much sia .
friendster and msn pic
then bring home all the Cds for relabeling
went to popular to buy the cases
b4 that met saiful , Bishan park DM with farhana to give him tickets.
then . bought empty cases
was like .
going to great singapore sale ?
OH GOSH .haha

then came home
enjoying my hoilday . although one week
the news say the boy who got drown in the reservior thingy.
he is from OPSS somemore
diao .
but i dunno him . tml is going to be a long day coz mr low is like goin to talk abt this thingy.

ohyah. the sercuity guards are so friendly.haha
talk to one of them .haha

once again .
never do the above event
when ms chang is around .

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 11:02 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, June 23, 2005

- that damn skirt -

having a terrible backache since yesterday
so pain that i can't bend my back.
the cause of it .
SKIPPING ROPE. coz i am swing it .
it is since dunno when i last did that lorz.

housekeeping was .
lalala. ok lah
did finish everything .
and in 1 hour .
i am OUT
went to khatib
waited for farhana .
for one hour ! GOSH .
went to makan our all time favourite
long long time never eat that liaoz

then off we go to opss .. lalala.
the band was like . PENGZ.
got harp player came.
like wat sabrina say . our band very kampong.haha.
all when got break
all crowd there to take picture of the harp

then today.
never study econos lah
in less then 45 minutes
i am out.
chris also came out. haha.
ms lai was like next door .haha.
when like in less then an hour .
8 came out ?
going to 1/4 of the class liaoz.
cool .haha
* mei yong de mei yong de *

tml is the last paper .
and hoilday comes .
but one week only . sad sia .haha
k lah.
came home damn early .
and doing OPWO webby.
near towards completion
20% towards completion .

tml going to go back for alumni practice + sectionals .
GOSH . 2 more weeks to concert
i better buck up to play my stupid short solo and the whole score lah .

today the invegilator
best sia.
AMANDA . u coming to F&B next term right
please change YOUR DAMN SKIRT !!!
salutes to him .
mr dunno wat singh .haha

k lah .
till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 4:12 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

today was maths paper.
ok lah

after that went back to op.
juz nice they lunch break
so makan with charlene they all
the new pizza shop thingy.haha.
kinda cool huh.

was in my shatec unifrom lah
and Mr yap was like .
WAh . wat happen to u .haha.

lalala. then have games lah.
so fun lorz.
i actually don;t want to play.
coz i was in unifrom
although i fold up my sleeves .it is like damn freaky hot
but went down
they started to play skipping rope
i was the person swing it.
so tired lorz.
somemroe the other end
REI KUN lorz. GOSH .
juz imagine a person with white longsleeve shirt ( folded up )
+ business black pants + business shoes.
swing skipping rope in the middle of parade square
that is seriously crazy.
there is this sec one peirce guy
so cute lorz . haha
look at him reminds me of shaun . i want to laugh
somemore his voice haven;t break . and still short.
haha. like one small kid lorz .jumping around.
and he plays the piano .haha . seriously got the very young feeling .
he is cute lah .
ohyah. coz of him i realise shaun is not here .haha.
or else can compare.haha

hmph .
then after all that fun
went to mac
we make fun of somebody
haha. farhana can;t stand me mentioning her NAME .haha
should not mention here.haha

ohyah. OMGosh . i so damn happy lorz.


while everybody is going up
caiting throw down a ball.
then dunno who . went to smack it
and it kanna Aida's face. juz like a smack on her face
i was dancing all over the place
i wonder who is the person .
he or she muz the hero.
i am gonna to treat him or her some drinks lorz.

today seriously so fun
oh gosh.
tml housekeeping .
i spend 2 hours.
in my bedroom . studying housekeeping
how guai am i manz
my mother almost thought i disappered coz i was last seen in the main area of the house during dinner at 6+ .haha

k lah.
tml is housekeeping.
till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 9:59 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, June 20, 2005

ok .
class gathering was so damn fun lorz.
keri came earlier.
to study ? haha.
then theycame to prepare food lah .
michelle ang they all .

kinda cool lah.
they all left at 12
never ate much lah .
was like talking with ppl ?
so great to see ahguang and sayhao .
took pictures.
but those with mine at like HORRIBLE AND TERRIBLE.
thus i am not uploading them .
i look so yucky lorz !

k lah .
today is front office.
hmph .
like cracking my head to fill in everything.
hope i can pass lorz.
went to makan juz now .
back i am . tml is maths.
got to go and study ? hahah.
brain seriously overload.
haha. morning along the way saw alicia and kwang
they were like system overload lorz.
need memorystick . tumbdrive .haha.
now we deleting in process huh .haha

shaun was like saying that i suddenly lose weight and my face is like getting longer.
like wat my mum says.
GOSH . now i better eat MORE !
and my hair . Sarah was like > WAH . wat happen to ur hair this morning .haha

haish . milano quitted shatec.
well . i respect his decision.
but kinda sad lah . he is like my buddy in shatec.
no more lunching together.
no more milano's smily faces on the books.
no more milano suaning AMANDA.
well . shall not take 852 anymore . coz milano is not accompanying me .
well . milano . keep in contact k . u are greatly missed
especially today u are suppose to sit beside me for exams !
and the seat is like empty lorz . so sad lorz.
all the best in everything u do !
keep in contact !

till then . aloha.
Basic Mathematics for Business 21/6/2005
Best of luck !

Y O N G T A H 2:15 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, June 18, 2005

ok . i am damn bored.
Exams are like less then 2 days away and i am not revising .
wat the hell .

alright .
wednesday went to sch . lalala.
then thursday no sch.
went back to OPSS for OPWO lah .haha.
then the committee doing stocktaking .
ms chang saw me and she was like . juz now they all in the band room
Yongtah . faster come and help us .hah
and here i am .aha.
did a bit of scores lah . pack the QM cupboard.
throw away lots of things .
went to take cough syrup . and arranged the photos .ha

well .
friday last day of sch .
last lesson.
it was ok till mrs lai said her own story . which used to relates to AMANADA.
then she said . those involve in the webby see me.
i jollywell went . but went to see ms tok first.
and she had a talk . blahblahblah.
then when she asked wat role we did . i said . Profile.
and she was like .. HMMM .
ha . i think my reputation goes down the drain ? well . i don;t care.
and i am not going to apologise to her . bullshit manz.

went home and went to meet farhana and off to opss .
slack in the band room .
farhana was like using my camera to take her pics lorz . GOSH>
my camera bombared with her pics !! . NONOO..
later went makan with ms chang they all at NP.
and happen to pop to see shuchen they all buying at the Cold Storage.
then went back for alumni band.

played with quiet courage . my part kinda sianz.
then played POST CARD 3rd movement .
gosh . i can;t play again.
better jia you ! .lalala.

then later carried the stupid pack of charcoal back .
for today's bbq.
haha. michelle ang they all later coming to my house.
since morning .
packing my stupid table.
organzing files . and many things .
finally my table now look SO WONDERFUL...

well . i muz start revision tml .
k lah . off i go to do my things .
OP'us alumni winds thingys .
OPWO new webby.
so busy . can;t wait for my ONE WEEK PATHETIC HOILDAY !.

k lah.
till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 12:31 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

damn it ! . updated but gone .
well .shall update again .
back from band camp.
but now i am terribly sick
Flu + fever + soar thoart + cough.
i feel like dying soon .

Friday :
School dismiss at 12 !
pia back to home after project
then pack and went to farhana's house.
mardiana was there.haha
then after farhana bath . went to meet faree . and to buy things.
was having a light cough
so bought a cough syrup . kinda effective.

reached sch . chang was like yongtah !. today sec one got activity 1 .
u in charge . clean the band room.
haha. so i got like 30 chambermaids .haha
lalal. but halfway i went off. something upsetted me .
went to meet michelle they all to discuss class gathering .
hmph . booked the bbq pit liaoz . until now they havent reply me abt the plans .
then went back .
nothing interesting on friday.
actually wanted to sleep in the staff lounge with mr tan.
tryed to revise front office . which i did.
then that ahtan . watch inuysha till 4.
by 3.30 i fell asleep in the sch hall liaoz .haha

On Satuday morning

woke up the next morning .
alumni breakfast menu 1 : roti prata .
members was like . i want i want . but the majors say no .haha

Catcha ! Chester

Me. shichie . haha. he look so blur .

then pia to kate's house.
she cook wonderful food .
our lunch . korean rich cake with kimchi . sushi and pork culet with vinegar . cool.
then pia back to opss.
then they preparing night trail .
acutally wanted to follow a group
but azlan asked me to go to AVA room to inform them that the trail is starting soon.
so i went up and stayed there.
the door slapping part was scarely manz .haha

Yaser. Me . b4 the night trail

the game station is suppose to find a clue with a torchlight . tini-winnie one . the room total darkness.and there are ghost in btw . which is me . yaser . shafiq .haha
then last group . we changed the game . made them pack up the ava room for us .haha
smart sia we .haha

then went to staff lounge. ben and us shared to order pizza.i got 3 pieces . gave 2 to amelia and yenling . took pics .

Me. Yenling . Looking fake .

Yenling and me again . haha

melia. me .

The 3 of us . the first pic i tried using the auto take camera .haha

melia and yenling

Yenling . Melia . with my torchlight .haha

Shichie . yenling .

melia caught eating and stealing biscuits from the staff lounge !

melia @ drumset . blehz

Yenling . Siraj . melia

i went to do project while they watch inuyasha again . diao .haha
then send melia home at 3.30 am.
slept in the staff lounge . and that reikun . woke up from my beautysleep . who ask him to slap the door so hard . idiotic .
then went out to buy breakfast .
Big breakfast .haha
bought for ms chang and mr tan also . but mr tan never wake up . ms chang ask me to wake him up and went inside the staff room . the next moment . i went back to sleep .haha
mr tan like one small kid sia .haha
falled in the sec one for games .
farhana played with them while i and huiling done the noticeboard . so nice lorz .

Sec ones . with farhana

Hussaini , the Orchid Park words ? nice right .ahah
but why of all things . he chosed BB noticeboard as background. pengz. shouldhave chosen OPWO noticeboard. haha

pia to kate's house again . and cabbed back.
bbq started . we alumni got one mini bbq pit .
but . our chicken wing kanna stolen ! . to feed the children .haha
and my torchlight became the light source for the bbq pit outside.ha
i can;t eat chicken due to cough . so i can only eat hotdog and crabmeat . i did a doublecrabmeat .
and it fell into the charcoal !!!!. ARGH.
took a plate of hotdog and crabmeat and went upstairs for finale .

BBQ .lalaa.with my torchlight .haha

BBQ . haha. jane is the one holding on the touchlight


sebas the fireman .haha

ohyah . the fire was started by Sebas .and he became the fireman .haha

Charlene . Annette

me and sylvester
Best of friends . although i alway bully him . but he is mine best friend + bandmate !

Mr tan . lonely kid .haha
actually ms chang was beside him . but then she saw me taking .and she ran away.
wasted . or else i can be paparazzi again .lolz

mr tan and alumnis inside watching Iron ladies.
the finale . groups are suppose to act out a scene of the movie and theother groups guess.
iron ladies . titantic . and Eye 10 . espeicially eye 10 haha. recored down some of their '' movie ''
after that . went to watch iron ladies in the staff lounge . and cabbed home .

monday was like almost died in sch.
after pms test . went makan.
then cabbed to see doctor.
he like myfamily doctor . coz since p3 i see him liaoz .haha
the stupid taxiuncle . i let u have more money u also complain . i said the wrong street also will die mehz.

and i am down here now .
today got presentation . wonder how is it .
and missed sch .haha

hope i get well soon.
will i die ?

till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 11:10 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, June 05, 2005

one week passed and i have not updated this bloggy.

went to Rosette @ SHA Villa on wednesday.
the food there kinda nice lah .
took pics.
was with the same table with the guys.
we are the AAA .
haha. anti amanda association .
cool huh.haha.lame.

then after that . went to taka.
saw melia's mother. talk to her for a while
when for appointment.
i was early by half an hour . but happen that they got no ppl .
then Chiong back to OPSS.
cleaned up the band room.
i was like one mad senior there.
screaming and shouting to the ppl carrying percussion instrument .

then b4 that ask mr tan abt my Housekeeping project.

then on friday.
had a high fever . went to sch lah .
coz i don;t want to miss Mrs Lai's housekeeping lessons.
later was kwang 's bday.
they pull off his pants.haa. luckily he was wearing boxers .
took pics again

ok lah . i admit . i am far too lazy to upload them .haha.

then later came home . slept and went to alumni band.
saw lots of ppl .haha.
can;t really play the pieces.
coz i am like sick like no ppl;s business.
school bag and band stuffs left untouch since friday.
housekeeping dateline coming liaoz.

and i am still having soar throat.
GOSH !!!.
Help ah.

sianz .

till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 9:58 AM

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