Sunday, May 29, 2005

slacked on sat and sun
pia like siao
and finally the OPWO Glimpses is completed .

BUT !!!! . i can't find any host.
coz . the
does not allow files bigger then 200KB.
which like huh ?
normal pics is bigger then that liaoz lorz.
and i tried all
geocities . angelfire . freewebs.
u name it . i tried it .
and still cannot .
AHHHHH. i am getting fed up over this .
give me a break !!!!!!!!!!.

did housekeeping for a while
the Product Case Study is out.

tml got sch again.
alrights . going to watch Stairway to Heaven
this is the 3rd time i am watching it.
but i love that show.
especially . the male and the female lead.
COOL !!.

k lah.

till then .aloha.

Y O N G T A H 9:42 PM

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Attention please .
To the sucker : GET LOST.

today . suppose to meet jannah . lydia . charlene . and accompany them go jamming.
but. after my super DUPER . early dimiss at 12
coz A class misses lesson . so teacher have to slow down balance
so we dmissed at 11.45 !! . YIPEE !!!
then horz . went makan with Izhar . and Doris
then we chat lah . like for dunno how long . but i am the one talking .haha.
they commented that i got a girl's hand . with my fingernails .
doris i say i got do manicure . haha.
gosh . haha.

then went back .
at Northpoint . saw baolong . so accompany him to buy shirt .
then saw Farhan from 6.1 . and ZAKI !!!.haha.
chatted . then i went back .. took bus 800 coz going to look for charlene.
and i saw Weishan on the bus ! .
heard abt them going back to OP . get cert .
actually was afraid . coz today parent-teacher-meeting.
didn;t alighted at the Chongpang there. but went back to interchange . charlene called lah .haha.but i at interchange liaoz
met joyce . she cut her hair .haha.
went to popular . then met weishan . went back to OP
saw sijie . shiying . Yingsheng . Yien . Kenneth .Qian Song.Kaiyan . Giokhui .
Sherwin . Yu Chu . and many more.
was abt to go . when suddenly . YONG TAH. gosh . that was ms chang .haha
then later . went to find michelle ang . shuchen . yawen.went to art room
haha. we decorated the board .
" 4A4'2004 is back to HAUNT MS KOH " !!.haha.
and drew lots of things . haha.
then went to class room . slack around.
then i went off. went to find joyce they all
saw lijin and huilin ! .haha.
then they want to go makan . but me and lijin never went .
came home .

The stupid person.
My Dad's late godbrother . My Uncle
the 6th brother . i hate him . he caused all the trouble and chaos
and yet he is here. and my sis have to accompany his 2 DAUGHTERS to ORCHARD ROAD @ 8.30 p.m. IDIOT LAH . i die also never follow .
to think that i onced played with his 2 daughthers once upon a time.

Finished the OP'Us winds alumni attendace list
Housekeeping project draft to be done TML ! .haha.
lalal .

ohyah . juz now at 2nd storey study area .
ms chang was like telling me and shuchen they all .
that one of our class. art student . male - big-size . kinda skinny . quiet . spiky hair. art no nice also go La Selle take Advertisement course.
we were like wheregot ? our class art guys only . me . chunhui . guowen . songmin.
she insisted . so she went to get the year book . while we waited.
she came back and say . sorry . last batch.
haha. i was like . ms chang hallucinate again .
gosh . haha

k . here are some neoprints taken on monday .haha.

Take 1 Posted by Hello

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My Favourite ! Posted by Hello

till then .aloha

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Onward & Persereve
Success = Talent + Effort + Attitude . ( S =TEA )

those were the long-lost- gone old days.

Y O N G T A H 10:13 PM

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uhuh .
in class.
there is this thingy . we all have to answer one by one lah.
then me and chris was like . die lah. coz we never do . and mr lim staring from us .
then suddenly mr lim say .
Mr lim : i like ur smile .
Me : i was like ? ME ?
Mr Lim : yesh u .hope u can always maintain that smile .it's very nice .something like that.
everybody was like who who who .then lisa : Yongtah lah .
i was like totally embrassed sia .serious . i got a shock sia.
haha.he is the first person who say me smile is nice .

then we played a game in Housekeeping
Blow WInd Blow .
haha. Da Feng Cui .haa.
then there is this question
who have ex b4 .almost everybody stand up and change place.
only like me.chris . alicia . lan . izhar neverchange
but guess wat . AMANDA changed place.
chris told me and both of us laugh until cry . then jointed by irmah . lisa . ernern .
everybody was laughing like mad sia . OH GOSH.
then in order to go to washroom . mrs lai force them to sing Majulah Singapura
and they really sing .haha.
funny sia .
then few more ppl want to go . so they continue on the 2nd verse .
and when they are back.
they open the door and MAJULAH . SINGAPURA.
ercong was like . yongtah . u and amanda sing malaysia national atheme together.
i was like GOSH.

then went to Np myself.
while going out of popular . the machine ring .
and ppl all thought i shoplift or wat sia.
then 2 ppl came . check my bag .
when i opened my bag . coz got manual mah .
then got BIgbig word . DIPOLMA in hotel management. then got shatec
and i was like . pretending to be so nice .
act to be like so nice. i was like opening out the whole bag .
telling them wat is inside . and offer my help .
and when they really cannot find .
they of coz apologise lah .
and i was like it's ok . nevermind .
i was speaking like so courtesious .
especially the . It;s ok . never mind . i understand.

i laughed at myself when i on the way home .
i act like one wat sia .haha.

chat with hafiz juz now .band is buying soprano Saxophone !!!!
and many many more things.

i juz remember those days . when new instrument came . everybody will like gather and see .
and the tuba box . become our bed. we always hide inside.
all the fun times . i really miss them sia .
those days when our band is small . and united ? haha.
Military BAND . Military is always the best.
i love to be in formation.under the sun. marching around .
i really miss those days.

wellwell . hope she like the present.
Happy bday !.
Juz wanna tell u . YOu'll always be in my heart . forever.

tml got Hk in the morning again .lalal.
haha.tml dennis's bday.
going to be damn fun .
today was meng jing bday . we celebrated for her.
so FUN !

till then . aloha.
i really really like u a lot .

Y O N G T A H 8:08 PM

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

alrights .
today was kinda a fun day ?
well . perhaps .
Front Office test.
it was like GOSH . i forgotten everything
but salutes to Jonathan.
i bet mr lim is gonna fall off his chair while marking.
haha. it is actually DID NOT CHECK OUT .
i laugh like no ppl;s business.haha.
then of coz . there is this suaning amanda part . and chit-chatting b4 ms lim;s lesson.
then for tourism .there is this BINGO excersise . where u have to find answers and write down.
we finished first .with 3 wrong answers. and b4 that . we took the wrong paper back .
i was like huh ? when ms tok call our names coz we are like doing one paper ?haha.
the row of us . Kuang . Chris . wayne . jonathan . me .
are like standing up while doing.
fiona was like : WHA . STOCK MAKET SIA .haha.

then after sch . went . west mall . group discussion
then after that . actually wanted to go popular . but is like . so many ppl . only one stupid counter . diao.
bought a present for her.
off i go to Northpoint .
took train with mark .
then . went np
ohyah .yesterday . went out with charlene . shannon.jannah . went to causeway .
took neoprints . then went home .
saw this cd. THE BEST OF MUSICALS .i was like WAHHH . there is summernights from grease.Beauty and the beast . i was like GOSH . but is it like damn X

then meet Yee Ching .ask her to pass present to her .
then talk . haha.
then came home.

sis borrowed the show stairways to heaven .
gosh . i love that show .haha.
i simply love it .
so touching . especially the male and the female lead.

Hope u like the present.

projects . projects and projects .

till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 10:36 PM

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Monday, May 23, 2005

alright .
did opwo photo webby.
hope i can finish soon . b4 the concert starts .
coz i want the add to be printed on the PROGRAME NOTES !!!.
did Housekeeping Cover page .

kinda feel guilty . coz i can't find any tourism thingy.

juz came back from a swim . wanted to tann . but i am too lazy .

did some quiz .

Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover

You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires.
And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek.
You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships.
It all depends on who your with, and what their vision of a perfect relationship is.

What Is Your Seduction Style?

Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence

You shine in your ability to realate to and understand others.
Good at seeing others' points of view, you get how people think and feel.
You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations.
A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict.

You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person.

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

lalaa. quite accuarate results .
while . gonan tidy up my table . it is horribly messy.
and also . STUDY Front OFFICE
classmates are like mugging away . while i am here . gosh .

k lah .
till then .aloha.

Y O N G T A H 12:30 PM

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

lalala. back again . updated links .
ehm .
many days passed
class is fun lah

The only class who have background when taking pic.
whereby everybody will try to have action .act cute at the back .
haha. cool horz ?
and also . the only class that kindly reminds the teacher that he or hers time is up by using our special method . which is
X: shout across the class. wat time izzit now .
Y: ahyah . i dunno lehz. my watch stop at . fore.g. 4.15.
then teacher will be like ....haa.
then everybody . thank you . blahblahblah..haha
cool horz.haha

the best part was on thursday.
mr lim say . nowadays . ppl don;t smile . blahblahblah.
and shaun . stand up and say in chinese.
everybody . give him some action . 123.
all the background action all come out again. muahaha. cool horz.
and also mrs lai . we were like watching videos .
and chris and me was like .yeah .VIDEO .haha.
the school that uses video teaching - SHATEC.

ohyah. on friday. woke up late.
and then .
chiong my way.
and while waiting for bus .i saw Alex.
ALEX !!!!!!!!!haha.
my friend . cum neighbour.
he was damn cool lorz . and of coz goodlooking chap .
he was also like .yesh . u take mrt to bukit batok.
so from bullion park bus stop
we chitchat till bukit batok coz i alrighted
enjoyed myself sia . abt the ppl we know.
like joyce . nicole . gen . and helen .GOSH.
hey alex .if next time joyce and i got go out . confrim ask u along .haha
alright lah .
after that . run to school sia
saw eunice on the way .she was like HEY yongtah. late for class ?
run sia.
saw vienna . and we run like siao
then i chiong into class.
wayne was like . wah . so rare to see u come so late .

then came home . use msn .sabrina told me . that the shatec person who came to opss . any how say .say . one year 12,000 . is the whole course 12,000 lah.
if like that . shatec earns millions sia .gonna find out who is she or he.
COMPLAIN AH> !!!!!!!!!
today went to causeway and bank with farhana . went to her house to repair com .
her mum was so friendly .haha.makan at her house
and then . her mum gave yongtaufoo soup for me.
to my horror. there is those kind of veg. something like spring iron which they always use to decorate the disc one .
GOSH . i hate that . i always freak out .
but of coz .lah . trying my best to like drink the soup.
GOSH .haha

then went to develop pic for farhana. dunno wat pic are those also .hah
back again.
i know i got lots of things to do
tourism project .
Housekeeping Project .
The OPWO webby.
OP'us alumni winds admin thingys
can;t wait for alumni band prac to start.

aHHHHH. my teeth is like coming out .
my retainer are not back yet.
gosh manz . it will be damn painful lorz .
i wan to go tan manz.
i want to get out of my horrible hairstyle.
my nerd specs.
time to call for a change .
saw yeeching today.
and realise her bday is coming .
well . gonna get her something. hope she like it .
that's all folks .

Time for a change ( i am serious this time round . although i have been saying since o levels finished )

i finally realise . i still cannot forget her.
front office test on tuesday
penGZ .
whole book sia.
OMG . lalal . long weekend . dunno wat to do .
alrights .

Till then .aloha.

Y O N G T A H 7:45 PM

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

rasa sayang . ...haha..
today . went too early to dental .
slack around .lalala.
then Doctor lee was like .
OmG . u never bring ur retainer . haha. but made a mould
mum will bring the spoilt one there tml .
alright . took mrt to sch . lalala.
then . at kranji there . rain like siao . mrt stop even.
i was like OMG . later bukit batok how.
then at bukit gombak . bernard called . so help to buy things.
many sia.
3 Sausage Egg muffin meal . 2 the $2 meal.
and 1 Hashbrown . for paulina . haha.
then saw aishah.
we were like . are we late.
wesaw ercong . and started to chiong.
when i went into the class. everybody was inside liaoz.haha.
alright .

class was ok today. lalala.
maths was like siao bo .
and toursim . project . haha.
i love group project . our group write our name in chinese.
ercong handwriting like calligraphy sia . muahaha.
back home . juz now chang called . then saw this email
JOYCE performing. oh my . really really miss her . she and her voice . going around chasing band fund . haha.
long time never saw her liaoz .lalla.
can't wait for alumni resume
alright .
tml econos test.
confrim fail . never study . never listen in class . never touch the book
** mei yong de mei yong de **..haha.
lalal .

going fail with flying colours . but who cares . alright . shall update another time.

till then . aloha .
lalala. yongtah . haha.

Y O N G T A H 8:54 PM

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Monday, May 16, 2005

First thing first.
Thx for tagging.k .
really miss u and ur singing of stupid songs .
and coz . the all-time favourite patricia bickering with Guowen .
i will always remember to go swim . haha.
Ahguang . all the best to u k .
Friends . Yeah !

today is a cold day.
OMG . morning rain like no body business.
sch ok today.
then after sch.
meet farhana . pay her money . i owe her lah
then went to buy fries . at the central
then . we walk back to np
dunno for wat.
went to cold storage
and farhana decided to line up to buy PAPAROTTI.
OMGoodness.ha . bought one also . nice sia .haha.
then went back
ohyah . bought Jocie 's Lau Shu Ai Da mi.
can u imagine . Sewbawang . Audiophilx heaven .went Out of stock .
and . even at TS . mine was the 2nd last one . and the person . say . stock juz came . Pengz.
but nice lah.
lots of fond memories.
espeically i saw those SYF pics .
and reading of friendster . really miss those good old days.

alright . sunday. stayed at home.
went to J8 to get the thingy.
Credit card exchange the something like seoul garden steamboat hotplate ? dunno wat izzit called.
bought a billabong tee. is like wat . $49.90.haha. am i smart ? . haha/
ate sushi b4 that . sake sushi getting sianz manz . all the same pattern . but it is since a long time i went sake . haha.
then nothing much . never go for beauty pagen .
but heard from ppl that . kinda fun manz
everybody like so high . then today everybody like so shag.
diao .
the best part was Lisa.
today got bar flaming . some of them attended . i did not lah.
then lisa hate strawberry like no ppl business. then they happen to have this wine or dunno wat .
pass around . everybody drink a bit . then Lisa : taste like strawberry.
Irmah : yah . strawberry . Lisa : AHHHHHHHHHH
then come back to class . face red like no ppl business sia .haha.everybody was laughing at her .

ohyah . my retainer broke . for ppl who know .
it is my 2nd one i broke . OMG . haha.
so tml going to make new one.
@ 9.15 . my school start @ 10.45
it seems ok . but my dental at Orchard . my school at Bukit Batok .
wah . tomorrow amazing race . today is paulina . tml is me .
sia lah .

alright . ahguang . i got test again.
sianz lah . wed econs test.
100 % guarantee chop fail
** shake head ** chanting . Mei Yong De Mei Yong De .

lalal . that;s all folks lah.
listening to Lai Shu Ai Da Mi .
really really miss those old days .
ahguang . guowen . patricia . joyce ching . zhiwei . Mish . Hazawani . YESH . our ms AH DOI .
and many many more.
ohyah . saw songmin that day . chatted for a while .haha.
today saw youyuan and kin huan .haha.
hope u guys are doing fine . if got gathering remmeber to tell me
kinda regret for not going to last year's chalet . although not all went .

k lah .
till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 10:51 PM

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

ok . iam back
housekeeping sux manz.
mrs lai really bluff us sia
saw meichiew. kuang . fiona and kerine on the way to sch
Fiona gave Mrs lai a nickname . The MOC - Manager Of Chamber .haha.actually is chambermaid . but sound more high class without the maid .haha
after that . maths. it is the last time i am dismissed early.
went to meet Jannah . Charlene . Asya . lydia . hussaini . Shannon. at Drive In mac . Chong Pang.
Jannah and charlene was doing some makeup . Eye shadowing ?
i dunno wat izzit called. haha
well .

did a bit of maths.
then went jamming with them.
coz i am the one paying first . but hussaini left liaoz . too bad.
me and charlene was singing. i know i sing horribly .haha. thx huh .haha

then walk to Northpoint on the way . chang call
hoh . abt alumni and opus.
well . tickets are out

8 July 2004 . Tickets are 10 per Pax.
7.00 p.m.

alumni practice is starting soon
band alumnis , please refer to ur e-mail .
i send all of ur a e-mail regarding that .

today . was ok
then farhana called.
faris wanted to use my com . so . sebas . faris . farhana came
played taiti while faris research.
and b4 that let them see some short clips
especially the 6th Anniversary celebration . cool sia

then they went back.
on the way back home .
i saw my neighbour . a office person lah . got this side parting hair . and wear specs.
he was like resting beside the lagoon area .and he was shirtless. half naked lah .
and to my surprise . he was damn fucking fit lorz.
muscular chest and 6 packs . i was like Diao . coz i didn't imagine that he is that fit.
coz i usually see him in office attire in the lift .
and of coz . i hope to be like him one day.haha

well . sianz.
never excersise today.
well . going to be fat lah.
econs test nextweek
Going to flunk it .

housekeeping project . tourism project
and also .OPWO webby.
Alumni namelist for practice
busy sia .haha

till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 9:05 PM

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

humming to Onward and Persereve .
siao huh me .haha

alright . nth much lah.
class is fun . wat else . haha. today got group work
we like all busy decorating the paper . me . paulina . cherry . irmah .
haha.bascially the whole class is like drawing pics to decorate the thingy
toursim lesson is so happening for once in my life . haha.
alright .
makan at Visions Training Restaurant for yesterday;s dinner and today;s lunch
well well . ok lah
eunice from op is there .haha.

tml is hk test.
and i don;t feel like studying .lalala.
paulina say i look like uncle .haha.
well . talk to ahguang juz now.
well . kinda miss everybody.
4A4-ers . everybody in opss .
my schoolmates . classmates.
Jiaboon !! . how are u sia . miss calling u sia .
UNCLE TAN . Rashid .Sayhao . Joyce ching . ZHIWEI !!!.
really really miss those days.
in school uniform and in class . haha.
well saw GOHYILING at Northpoint juz now . OMG.haha

well well . i miss all of ur .
if i am going to name all . it will take like dunno 1234567 years manz
in short . i MISS everybody i know in OPSS !! . especially my batch of ppl .

k lah . tml gonna die .
till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 9:09 PM

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

well . got 26/35 for maths.
surprise huh ?
well . i am not in the mood now .
damn freaking in a bad mood
don;t ask me why . coz i dunno even.
saw Eunice . from Technical in OPSS.
she also in shatec lah . talk to her . blah blahbalh
she say got other ppl from OP in Shatec . from 4A1 ?
OMG . i dunno . check the classlist that is in the orientation.
hmph . no familiar .well . maybe in A class.
dunno lah.
tml 10 then start sch. sianz half

in a foul mood

till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 9:37 PM

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Monday, May 09, 2005

hmph . back
yesterday . sunday.
was like went study with marcus . sebas . xiangjun
haha. we were like walking around causeway point
till like we were like drama.
one go up . one go down the escalator. then study halfway saw
Gohyiling .EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee.OMG
then coz we were at reference section : School year book
then i saw Meichiew's sec one pic
and wei hung sec 2 pic .hahah

then went back.
went to makan MAMA DAY dinner
damn full sia
grandma canot finish .
never mind . AHTAH will eat .
wahaha. damn full sia

later . 2nd uncle . 2nd aunt and family .
all came . coz Little Aunt aka xiaoyi
going back to amercia lioaz.
watch tv
then after that when going to sleep.
here come xiaoyi . give me $200 . ask me to share with sis .
lalala. so i got $100 ..hah
wat should i do . should i buy the adidas shoes .
dunno lah .
coz i MP3 too X liaoz

then today . ok lorz.
maths like damn easy .haha
first time in my life
then got this stupid canadian guy.
idiot lah .. juz now was like mass bombard on msn ..hah. we talk among ourselves lah.haha

then juz now went northpoint with jannah. charlene . shannon.
ohyah . kinda saw lots of ppl
sunday . saw kahsiong and sherwin at khatib mrt.
then juz now saw Damien and Yuchu ? think so .haha
then saw eileen . shiying . ellis dunno wat happen to Lin sije .haha
eileen was like where is he huh ?
haha.quanyi say he saw this morning
ohyah . saw stella at starbucks juz now .
she look so different .haha
and leqi .

i was like telling sabrina
out of the whole class . i think i am the one .who never change at all
in term of appearance.
why huh .haha

well lah. that;s all folks lah.
tml still got sch
friday housekeeping


till then .aloha

Y O N G T A H 10:12 PM

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

lalala ~~~
back again
damn tired .
went Jogging with mark and Joyce loh yesterday

suppose to meet joyce under mark's block at 4.30
and by 4 . i am still online
and joyce was like .U STILL ONLINE HUH ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then like chiong there
walked from khatib to mark's house
almost lost my way there.haha
then went up to mark's house.
put bag and off we go
we start from the safra there . then jog towards 400+ then to Lower Seletar Reservior Dam
from there can see where i am living
a condo poping out of no where.
like some wonderland sia .
coz behind and surrounded by trees .
COOL MAN .haha
then walk back lah.
coz joyce stomach pain .

bought fruit juice .
then went to mark's house.
changed into bermudas.
i almost got trap in the toilet .
the door i dunno how to open .haha
took bus to yishun interchange
and me and joyce was like aunty
bitching around .haha
and 3 of us were like. this was the first time we go out in this kind of outfit
tee-shirt and shorts .haha

then went to causeway point
b4 that there was a cannon thingy . but no ppl .WAHAHA.
went to the food court . the funniest thing
joyce went to the wrong side of the escalator . and coz i was talking to mark.
and i was following joyce blindly . then mark stopped talking .
and i realise joyce was like walking to comin down side while we were going up.
muahaha . so embrass sia joyce .haha
then was like so many ppl .
look for sit like siao
lala. the food so nice sia .haha.

joyce and mark went to play pool
so i tag along.
they try to ask me play but i never play.
i was like helping mark to hunt for the pool stick ? dunno wat is that call
end up we have like 7 altogether
i was like so pai se.
coz we were at the end corner and i was like carrying them pack to put
then there was one more there.
so we like pull one row .i was saying . can like so pray Jade emperor .haha

then went to hunt for bag with mark
the sports connection sell very little Deuter brand liaoz
then walk around .
wanted to go sports connection.
on the way i went to U2 . so X sia .
then joyce went to Samueal and Kevin to see pants
then i saw this tee . so nice
but black one don't have my size
so i bought yellow
the first yellow tee .haha. except from my working shirt which is yellow polo tee
mark also bought one black one . M size.
so is like .
2 for $20.
if i buy one is $14.
one tee for $10 .kinda cheap huh. haha
then saw this deuter bag at sportlink
mark wanted to buy.
it is like $105
OMG. pengz.
mark went to ATM while me and joyce went to Giordano.
joyce wanted to buy Junior clothers .haha
i hunt for jeans
but don;t have my size
now all the jeans is like all baggy baggy . like .
i am already short.
so i do look shorter in baggy pants
now hunting for a new jeans . coz my current jeans is in Sky blur colour
need a darker one to match my yellow shirt .

then while on the way to yishun interchange .
duno why talk abt phone.
then mark say . so did u recieve my msg
i say . i pretended i never see.
joyce was like LOLZ .haha.
then came home to sleep

woke up at 9.30 today
i felt like a human deprieved of sleepness
later going out to study .lalla
tml got maths test .NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

that;s all folks

till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 10:28 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, May 06, 2005

back again

first thing first ( in Mr Tan's tone ),
i will like to thank . MISS LEE LING YI AMELIA
FOR helping me to download
the SONG . - Ride ON ME .
YOU're THE BEST . U Simply RAWKS .

today is probally the most funniest day manz
after sch
got group meeting
at first is with Izhar . Alicia . Doris
while Alicia was outside
Doris say something abt Red Wine
Doris : Red Wine made from Grapes right
Me : No . From Orange
Doris : REALLY ? ooh
me and izhar laugh like siao ..ahah

then later when alicia was back .
doris was drinking water . the izhar was like doing pretend to be choke
doris really choke .haha.

then after that . went to Mac . then later izhar want to change place
went to BK
after like so long
we finally got it ?
haha. i dunno lah .
but kinda cool huh .haha.
then later housekeeping
Me . Doris . Kate.
immediately we go to Shop and Save.
to take pictures of detergent .
can u imagine
3 Shatec students.
Dressed in long sleeve white shirt
placing and taking pics of Toilet bowl cleaners.

then later buy something to makan.
then went home alone . coz Doris and Kate went to buy thingys .
went to Sun Plaza to look for CD.
don;t have .
so i am back here.

today's group meeting was damn funny.haha
and also . Mrs Lai;s lesson
all the funny funny incident in her work life.
cool seh
haha. my favourite lessons are Front Office . Housekeeping . PMS ( fidelio )

got my malaysia IC
OMG. i look so HORRIBLE
and the flash is like too bright.
my face like cannot see
and is like so hard to believe that is me lorz.
that pic is taken b4 i work .
so is like when i like still well-fed and slanking at home .
OMG . i look fat manz .FAT FAT FAT .!!!
and totally so different.

below are the neoprints .
sianz . dunno wat to do tml
today rain like siao .
kinda dark at the foyer area ( 4th Floor )
shalini was saying
juz now during lesson she was like can;t see anything when on her way to toilet .

here are the pics taken on Monday .haha.

lala. The Invation of Piggy Posted by Hello

haha . wat is this . Shannon ? Posted by Hello

This is cool .ha Posted by Hello

This is the nicest . haha. Posted by Hello

This machine sux . haha. i like dog seh.haha Posted by Hello

This is the most horrible machine Posted by Hello

B4 edit
Horrible machine . but kinda cool lah Posted by Hello

After Editing Posted by Hello

Look as if like they are on TV huh . haha Posted by Hello

Jannah. Me . Shannon . Posted by Hello

well. that's all folks
Till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 9:26 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, May 05, 2005

today is tourism test
totally nonsences
i wrote nonsences .
wat else . haha

ate cup noodle again.
who ask i am on budget saving .
today was damn funny
all of us b4 class
looking at clock
left a few minutes b4 mrs lai comes
then brendan , chris , Catherina came in
we like . faster faster.
chris never bring tie
luckiy never kanna caught
well . ithink i will flunk tourism
well . expected.
never really study it .

after sch.
went to West mall .
wanted to buy the flute from cards and such for shaun.
but .
don;t have.
haha. the aunty there talk to me mah.
so i was like complaing the northpoint outlet like siao
she say they mark down the price liaoz.
so i went lorz
b4 that went to Sembawang music centre
want to look for Good Luck OST
but bought The Polar Express.
damn nice lorz
then went to causeway
don;t have.
then was like WAH.
saw Swing Girls OST.
$39.90 LORZ
coz import mah
no choice.
left one only
i want to BUY !!!!.haha

then went to NP.
don;t have also
ohyah .the flute thingy
the NP never mark down lah
still $22.90
well . not going to buy that.
maybe buying the bronze thingy for Shaun.
coz he is kinda a nice junior lah.
still remember KL trip
haha. so fun seh.
my room mate . kanna scared by me by my sleeptalk .haha.

then came home lorz.
tml got sch.
well . busy busy .
actuallywant to go visit Kamilah
she got into an accident
now in TTSH ICU
hope she is ok manz
she is such a nice senior
Remember those fun days .~~~~

The Polar Express.


Till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 10:12 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, May 02, 2005

alrights .
on saturday went out to study again
meet jannah at Northpoint .
then went to woodlands.
sat on the floor to study lah.
later sebas came . then shichie.
then faris annette chun sean came . .

studied for quite a while .
went to find jane .
and azlan was with her also ..haha
then went back .
at 4.30 me and jannah went off
meet charlene and shannon at yishun Mrt.
then went to find farhana at tanglin mall
tanglin mall is kinda boring lah .
farhana they all are having some thingy outside
kinda like pasar malam
farhana as usual
scream and shout .
bought winnie the pooh from farhana .
actually 3 for $7
then i bargain.
3 for $6
then me and jannah snatch the cute one
left the ugly one for charlene .
she was like ARGHHHHH
then paid 50cents more to exchange for a pig instead ..haha
then took cab with farhana and jannah back
coz both of them in a rush to go home
so ...
went to mac to meet mardiana . to help farhana get her discman.
then later .
was @ mac toilet.
i heard 2 voices in the cubicle.
kapo as usual . i pretend to drop something
and i saw 2 pair of shoes .
one pair is pink slippers .
one pair is sport shoes.
hmph . wat are they doing inside . i dunno .haha.

then meet farhana to pass her mardiana's discman while she pass me the camera batt charger.
after walking for a while . i release i got no $$ left
so lend $5 from farahana .
she threw it down from her kitchen window ..haha

then meet charlene and shannon at yishun .
went to eat yoshinoya.
yummy . so nice ..haha

yesterday stayed at home the whole day . watch vcd . use com
actually today want to go Changi Airport.
but Jannah's mum don;t allow.
then last time her mum work at Changi Airport.
so got a higher risk to run into her mum friends
but library are all closed.
so decided to go to mac.
hmph . maybe chongpang mac.

wellwell .
here are the pics ...

taken on friday . 29 April 2005

This is Sebastian . Acting Cute . haha

Chun Sean and Shaun .. Look at Shaun . his hair is SO NICE !!!!!!!!!

alrights . this is Annette. hahaha

Shaun and ME ! ..haha . his hair simply rawks . haha

XiaoZhi . ( shichie ) and ME !

This is cool manz . Me and Annette

The Stylo Picture . Me and Annette

Annette and Sebastian Take 1

Annette and Sebastian Take 2

Annette and Sebastian Take 3

Last but no least . Chun Sean . haha. CATCHA ! Posted by Hello

that's all folks .
till then .aloha.

Y O N G T A H 11:04 AM

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