Tuesday, March 29, 2005

created a quiz .
go and try it out .

kinda sianz . juz came back from a photo taking for passport pic .for shatec lah
then went to take away KFC come home to eat.
then watch virutes of harmony II .
rewatching the whole thing.
sianz lah .


Y O N G T A H 5:02 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, March 28, 2005

well. 8 days of not updating . i am back .
worked for 3 days .
fri. sat and sun
Selling Tou Sa Pia and Pineapple Shortcake.
and i am forever saying . TOU SA PING ?

OMG . some more at taka .
the next door apple stude ( dunno how to spell )
got to know 3 girls ..haha.. funny seh they all
and of coz
the perenakan kueh next door .
the nice aunty shirley who will give us supper kueh kueh .ha
quite fun lah .
we helped one another lah ..

then . on monday . after the march hoilday .
went to rent . Virtues of Harmony II
the modern version
had been watching it everyday .
morning . afternoon . night.
never go gym . never go swim
not even going to OPSS . only go online for a few minutes .
never call ppl . never sms ppl .
like totally lost contacted to the world
the show was wonderful lah .
cannot blame
only borrowed 30 packs .
one pack got 2 disc .
1 disc = 2 episode .
1 epsiode . 20 minutes ++
so now watch until 110+ episode
one more pack finish liaoz
kinda X lehz .
30 packs = $45 .
dunno to rent more or not .
haish .

going to be fat liaoz
oh yah . eat a lot .haha
my eye sight like becoming worst.
i think coz i never sleep these few days ?
dunno lah .
going to sleep soon .
oh yah . 2 more days to Shatec Orientation
so fast seh .
well . a new environment . a new beginning .

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 11:29 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, March 20, 2005

hmph . managed to find to wishlist

New Year new wishes 2005

my Wishlist

..: To create the picture and photos board in my room ( not done yet )
..: buy new shelves to install in my room ( being rejected . Failed )
..: a digital camera ( DONE ! )
..: new specs ( some stylo milo one ..haha) (not done yet )
..: new hairstyle ( not done yet )
..: new shirts .. any brand also can .. juz that design nice can liaoz ( not done yet )
..: maybe a new job ? when i run out of money .. hope that i can get another fun and exciting one like my previous one ( no done yet . no time for it also )
..: get good results for o levels ( FAILED WITH FLYING COLOURS )

well. wat i have done is juz buying a digital camera and also . done a jigsaw and hung on the room wall . hah..and also arranged my study table .ha.
well . tml going back to malaysia . truly asia .
now going to watch XU CHUN MEI .

till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 10:40 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, March 19, 2005

alright .
went to shatec in the morning .
paid and got a ACCEPTANCE KIT
hmph .
gonna be busy after that .
need to purchase school uniforms . and need to go for medicial checkup and typhoid injection .
diao . sianz seh .
and lots of forms to fill in .
penGz .

31st of march got orientation
from 9a.m. till 5 p.m.
sheesh . kinda nervous
wat to do ?
confrim i know no ppl there .
like wat rashid agree also .
nobody will know abt ur past .
wat a brand new beginning .
uhuh ?
and school will start on 11th april .
which is the day of SYF of OPWO .
wahpengz . wat to do ?
haish .
i am scared . i am afraid .
yesh . don;t really look forward to the orientation
AHH !!! ..
wat to do . it will be like a totally strange environment .
now it is even worst then first day of sch in sec 1
especially when we are older liaoz .

11 more days .

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 6:37 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, March 18, 2005

Yesh amelia
I DID IT !!!

The letter from Shatec ARRIVED
And i passed the audition and i am offered a place !!!

YEAH !! ** dance around ** .
lalalala .

ohyah .went to the combine concert. ok lah
me and sakinah were like damn busy
helping them out
oh yah .
took lots of pictures .
83 ..not uploading them here
those who want juz came and ask from me through msn k ?

reached home at 12 midnight yesterday .
it was damn fun manz ..haha

Polar express my favourite ..haha
lalal ..

now i don;t feel like starting schol .. argh.
i am scared lah ..haha..
well . have to go to shatec on monday to report .
well ..

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 2:33 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

saying that i am not worrying is lying
the letter from shatec still haven;t arrived.
even if it does . i still worry whether i get accepted or not .
OMG . wat to do .AH!!!!!

soon . the JAE will release also..OMG
yesterday went to sch .
see band .
today stayed at home . watch vcd .
went for a haircut .
coz i dunno how to style and manage my hair as it is too long
and it is getting out of hand .
kinda regret .coz it is back to the student hairstyle again .
well .

let;s wait for it to grow longer again .
tml concert.
following OPMB early to the Hwa Chong JC auditorium
hmph . wonder how izzit .

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 8:44 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, March 14, 2005

haish .
left out kid .
yesh . i am one .
don;t u realise that .
there was never a time .
ppl will come to call me and ask me to go out
yah .

i juz realised that i got no close friends .
wat to do ?
self-entertain .
beside me is a whole pile of members particulars waiting for me to type into the database.
wat to do ?
everyday at home . kinda sianz .
i rather go work .
at least i can spend my time .
haha. juz like wat i did during my first work at taka .
it was really cool . every single moment u are doing something . no time for u to stare into space
haish . wat to do ?

i sometimes really wonder .
am i that disliked ?
oh manz . hope i can really get a group of friends when i go to new sch .
either poly or shatec .

i wonder . does ppl read my blog ?
hey there . if u are reading . remember to tag .
and . i juz realised that . all my testimonals
all are ppl written for me when i wrote for them
except for amelia;s .
so amelia . u are the best ? haha.

haish . feelin damn low now .

till then . aloha .
left out kid . left to rot .

Y O N G T A H 2:28 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, March 13, 2005

okies .
back again .
went back to sch for alumni meeting.
only a few ppl
ARGH ** somethings i don't want to say . ARGH .
moron lah !

somenow the band is call . OP'US Alumni Winds .
haha. talked to ahtan . after the meeting and the listening of merry widow .
see the cornets. change mute .
stylo milo .ha. filmed it down .wah cool manz.
hmph .
after talking to ahtan .went to pasar malam with farahana . azlinah . laila.
bought food to makan
and wat we did after that ?
sit at the bench and see ppl walk pass .
haha. later went back.
today .

woke up in the morning . dad tried to repair the water pipe
congested .
but cannot . then ask plumer come .
lalal .
now ok liaoz.
sianz seh .
now typing the members directory .
well . i did it willingly .
ms chang didn;t even knew that i bring home the files to type
she will scream if she knows .
but who cares ?

kinda bored .
oh yah . going to get a haircut .
say byebye to my longest hair even seen till born to now .
it is horrible .
like grass when it is not styled . and even it is .
the gel can;t hold it up also .
blehz . was thinking of like asking them to cut trim it .
but i think i don;t suit that kind of hairstyle .
see wat the uncle will do lah . ha

sianz .another boring week coming up .

oh yah . yesterday major spring cleaning .
shifted my books on my desk into the room
coz i managed to create 3 more empty slots after clearing some junks .
pillows ..haha..
now my table is empty . and also all the drawers .
wah . like juz shifted in .
but i almost died from sneezing .

havent know wat to do tml .
sianzation .
till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 8:21 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, March 11, 2005

sianz .
hung the jigsaw up .
kinda unhappy in the morning . coz the jigsaw spoilt .
juz one piece . but repaired it due to my wonderful art
** BHB ** haha
told dad i wanted to renovate my room . juz add a few shelve
he say don;t want . then say can past pics ?
don;t want
now ask me to clear my books . on the table
WTF manz .

ARGH !!! . tml going to spring clean with mum . no choice . too much junk at home .
haish .
sianzation .
tml got alumni meeting . ha .
ohyah . getting excited over the pasar malam at khatib
PASAR MALAM !! .yeah .haha
remember all the fun times i used to have . jalan pasar malam with bandmates.
that was fun manz .ha
haish .
BINGO ! . got a idea .
goona paste . all the pics behind on the door .YIPPE!!
how come LYT so smart .

kinda boring at home .
hmph . everyday i woke up .i told myself that i will go gym .
in the end . never go . lazy bum
hah . hope i can start going by next week .haha.

till then . aloha .

Y O N G T A H 9:19 PM

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

the jigsaw is completed .. !!

Y O N G T A H 11:33 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


kk . back again .
jigsaw going to complete soon ..
left 45 pieces only .haha.
now even mum came to help
both of them ( dad and mum ) were like bickering on which method to find is better
i of coz . siam lah . go watch tv . haha.
smartright .haha
that;s all lah.
listening to Postcards from Singapore.

till then . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 10:27 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


kinda fed up with this blogger .
supposed to update with new links .
but the thing keep saying error .
WTH manz .
but in the end . it updated . diao

by the way . jigsaw is completing soon .
YAHOOO ..haha

still dunno wat to do today .sianz
no ppl at home . WAT TO DO !! >>HELP !! ..

till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 10:18 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hello . This is YiXuan . haha.. my creation . Black and white and saturation . cool right ..haha. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:57 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


well .
YT is back again .
hmph . few days never update liaoz .
let me think .. ** YT is Old **

Monday ..
went to shatec with parents .
then went to eat canavana with farhana .
OMG . that was horrible manz .
then walk around causeway point .
bought Mulan 2 .
wow . it was cool manz .
~~ A Girl While Fighiting FOR ~~
watched at farhana;s house with lots of ppl
Charlene . Jannah . Ashya . Annettee . Hafiz . Darlyn . Faris . Shannon
oh yah . those juniors . haha
funny seh .
on the way they were like singing . NA MO OU MI TO FO ..
the one when ppl die they sing.
they even composed into a song
coz i think the school got ppl try to play the tune on the piano .ha
then guess wat annette do ? she on farhana's organ .
and start playing the tune like jazz band .like song rock song
MUAHAHA .. should have recorded it down manz ..haha

then came home .

Tuesday .
went to shatec alone for interview.
went on smoothly.
that man who interview me was a nice person .
hmph .
well . the interview is juz like the one i went at OCBC .
and he was rather surprise to see my testimonal from Yue Yan Deliciaes
and he was like WOW . so u have worked b4 in the service line b4 . good .
i hope i can get in ? i dunno
then went to sch with farhana
oh manz .
the dances at the back were like singing the piece band played . haha.
well . they kanna scolded again .blehz.
the best part was during warmup . sebas scold ppl
he took othman badge and from 2nd floor he shouted at a girl
HEY U ! . COME OVER HERE > hah like gangster seh
then the girl is also a student counciler . haha.then she .WAT !!
haha .. all of us were like laughing our heads off .. hahaha..
then came home .
do jigsaw . hmph . going to finish soon liaoz .
YEAH >..CLAP HANDS ..haha..

Today : .
wat to do now ?
so sianz .
ARGH !!!haha.
nth to do seh . lalala.

Y O N G T A H 10:26 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Wedding Dinner Pics .

My Bowl .

Whose This ? Su Wen !!!

Our Drinks .

Xiao Jiu ( Smallest Uncle ) with Su Wen . haha. playing with each other .

Mian Ci . haha. forgotton wat's her english name also . wah . her mum aka xiao jiu mu look so fierce behind . haha

Special Highlight ! The cutest YI XUAN .haha

wah . this is yixuan . don;t see him look innocent . at first he wanted to take picture . so all ask me to take for him . then later he shy . he take this pic coz they bluff him there got cartoon then i snap . haha.. juz imaging him like drumming the milo tin . asking for milo .then bully grandma . should have filmed it down . haha.

Ooh this is First aunt . the impt ppl of today . or rather the host coz her son getting married . haha.

Hmph . whose this ? let me think . oh . another cousin of mine and that;s his cute daughter . haha

ooh . hello mum .haha.

My Cup .

Catcha . haha.

hoho . mum again . and a sudden invation of yixuan . oh yah . he very poorthing . sit on a baby chair . then cannot move abt . haha.

Deehui and Mianqian .

wat is this ? this is our creation ..haha . all the rubbish lah .. haha.

ooh . the bride . my cousin's wife . i wasn;t the one who took the pic . it was my other little cousins who chased her all over the place . poor her .hah

ooh . Yi Xuan again . photographer is his 2nd sis . Su wen . she is suppose to take both the mum and the son . end up only yixuan .ahdoi .

We drank up all the drinks . haha.

ooh . mum . 4th Uncle's wife ( yixuan;s mum ) .2nd Aunt . hah..

ooh . 2nd aunt's husband . Er Yi Zhang and 4th uncle . ( yi xuan's dad )

Y O N G T A H 1:10 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


hmph .
juz went to take my testimonal from my boss .
ha .
came back to singapore at 6.30
and reached here like around 8.30
wah sianz .
come out so early for wat.

the wedding dinner wasn't that nice at all .
they made a wrong arrangement
they seperated ppl into 2.
upstairs and downstairs
and we sat downstairs .
whereby right i think we shall be upstairs as my mum is my cousin;s sister k
but downstairs is more peaceful
and we ended earlier then them .
hah. kinda fun lah. with cousins running all around to take pics .haha.
sat with xiaojiu mu . xiaojiu . Mian Ci . Mian Qian . Dee Hui . Suwen and 2 more ppl which i dunno . i think neighbour or something like that .
could be even nicer if weijie and weixiang or rather the Eng Brothers were downstairs .
haha. but impossible lah
went up in the middle to find weijie they all coz we were too full
and deehui got to see wujie;s boyfriend.
i think she is the last one to see .haha . slow .
the food wasn;t that nice .
worst then the prom night's . bleHX.
wat to do . haha..

ehm . at first i thought weijie was diao as he was playing with his hp
who knows . i was more diao
juz give a hand signal of hi and look away.
wah . how diao can i be manz . haha.

later went up to get grandpa down
was like penGz . he don;t want to go down coz no finished yet
haha. kinda pai seh to like stand there with mianqi .
later went back in the end .

then weijie was in his sis car and pop his head out . coz they all lopang ppl back to grandma house .
he say . tml come to find me lah . and i : i going back early early .
BOO HOOO ... i want to be there lah . fun mah . can talk to them
this time sis never go . wah . happy . haha. don;t like to see her also .haha
then at night have to go temple .
got the Bu Yun . means like see ur destiny in this year .
boring lah . if don;t have i can like tag along with 2nd aunt they all .
come out with deehui .

although like yesterday they all like very busy .
but very glad to see my cousins .
weixiang looks like a teddy bear to me . coz his eyes is very small ..hahahah
then very fair .
hahahah... suddenly remember ahguang .
when sec 3 i say he look like teddy bear and he always act cute .
remember all the good old days .
ha . how wish i can be back in time
in the wonderful times of OPSS and OPMB .

well . still dunno wat to do for tml . but of coz . going to factory to help is a no no to me .
realised that the factory goods is like getting lesser and lesser ?
suddenly i can see the zinc fence . last time i can;t even see it .
PEngZ .

k lah . going to upload the wedding dinner pics .

till then . aloha

Y O N G T A H 12:47 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Pictures taken of band practice .
mr tan wanna use this in the OPUS 2004 brochure .
ha . so ppl . u are famous manz .
From 1st pic till Obeo Players - Taken by Mr Tan
Rest . - LYT

Hey Shirley . Be Serious !!!

Hmph . Trombone ? Whose this ? OOH . JASON !!!

The Timpani ?

The Cornets is Action.

Hmm . whose saxophone is this ?

French Horn !!

Shichie and Adeline in action . wah . Ex-SL and Current SL in action .

How come faris not practicing ? Carol also talking to shafiq .. AHYOH .

Bass Clarinet and Baritone Sax.featuring KaiXin

The Obeos In ACTION !!

Mr Tan !

The Cornets in Action again .ha.

Listening to Mr Tan .Oh Really ?

Mallet - Glockspienl !! ..ha.

Melvin and the rest .

Rei Kun and Mr Tan .

Shafiq ! .haha

Trombone and Tuba ?

The Conductor Stand with Conductor Scores !

Shichie's Clarinet with Score . Nice right ? Another LYT creation . Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:18 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Seoul Garden Pics .

Wat's this ?

Farhana;s Food . blehx

Chilli Sauces . Hmph . why izzit empty ?

see the hot plate sizzling ? OMG

YEEKS !! wat is this ?

The Mystery Releaves after it is not boiling . This is the YT.Farhana Soup . It is specially made from Tom Yam Soup sweeten with Grilled Corn to make perfect . Chilli sauces of different kind ( Kimchi Chilli . Garic Chilli . Green Chilli with gralic and soy sauce and Chilli Powder ) . is added to give a unique taste .
Hope u enjoy it .

hmph . i know that it looks like shit . but it is chocolate chip ICE CREAM !!!

Our Receipt !!

Another Creation Of Farhana . P.s. the red red stuffs is ice kachang . hah

Our Messy Table .

The YT.Farhana Soup with ICE CREAM . OMG

Another Shot . PeNgz . ha.

CATCHA !! .. wat is farhana doing ? Staring at her masterpiece lah . hah

Y O N G T A H 10:48 AM

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