Monday, February 28, 2005

few more hours to result
already dressed decently.
Class tee , jeans

going meet Joyce , Mish , Rashid , Uncle Tan and Xt outside OCBC later .
lalal ..charging my camera
oh yah .
that;s all folks lah .
gonna go .
meet at 11.30

i donlt want to be late .

all the best to me and the rest

Y O N G T A H 11:05 AM

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

woo ..
The Merry Widow
SO NICE !! ..haha

morning did jigsaw .
until almost died ..haha

welwell .
today went concert
met farhana first
then saw yaser
all trying to go up in order to stay away from chang .
then meet jannah they all upstairs
so together . it was
Yaser , faris , shannon , charlene . Ashya . Jannah . lydia . annettee
+ me and farhana

ohyah . on the way up i saw aizat
NBSS band major
hoh .
better looking then the pics .
another good looking malay guy i have met
in his blog he writes that i look kinda different ?
haha.. maybe i look better in pics.
haha.. i am short and ugly . can;t blame.

yah . then we released we took the same train as the rest at cityhall
haha.. all of us like running away from chang
then all like walk damn fast

then all run .
like trying to run away from sec one

run and run .haha

oh yah . seat with carol and jane during the concert
OMG . the Mcee is damn cool
i love the way she speaks
WAHHHH ..haha

meet Shafiq , azlan and siraj at esplandae

the performance is nice..haha
especially the screaming part
the nicest was
Chinese Spring Overture

then later went to suntec to eat
there was like ?
eat KFC ? Burger King or delicifrance ?
i ate KFC .diao

then later . jannah they all went back .
then walk around
then suppose to accompany ann go marine parade ..hah
then me and farhana when at lavendar went back to orchard
search for things
and went back home

that;s all folks lah,
tml result day.
gonna play first
take lots of pics
YEAH !!!


so long . aloha.

Y O N G T A H 10:41 PM

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

ha .
just browsed through my pictures.
and realised
i don;t even have a full length pic of me in school unifrom
only like 5 in school unifrom and all are either standing at the back
only got one is i sitted down with giokhui and sakinah . on graudation day .

kinda miss those old days when i saw those unifroms and pics .

so long aloha ( AGAIN )

Y O N G T A H 11:07 AM

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alright i am back.
bored . wat to do ?

went out these few days .
to where ? oh well .
jurong Point . Sun Plaza . Bugis .
went back to opss yesterday .

saw quanyi . Kaiboon .
haha.. quanyi seriously look better in his new specs . better then the nerd old one .
oops ** .haha

bored to death .
oh yah . bored the orchestra jigsaw . which costed me a bomb manz
kinda regret again .
costed altogether $95.99 .
together with a alumnium frame .
wahpengz . haha.. wait till my dad knows abt it .
omg . iam going to die .
haha.. haven;t started doing yet . kinda difficult
o level results coming out . kinda sianz .
oh yah .

Thx ahguang horz
haha.. didn;t know that u will read my blog .
tml maybe going to play and see a free concert .mohoh
but with those horrible sec ones ?

welll well .
maybe going to do my jigsaw liaoz /
juz fixed my com .
PHEW . luckily it can still work
or else .. wat to do for the JAE ?
OMG . .haha

now listening to alavamar .
lots of good memories manz
haiz . miss everything .
my school life .
every little thing .

ha . 1 more day b4 the o levels result thingy >>

so long . aloha

Y O N G T A H 10:43 AM

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

alright .back.
wat to do ?
So sianz .
went back on monday to help out again .
ha . we were all like doctors . all wear mask .haha
anyway .
then went home late
kanna shelling .
bleh .
well .

guess wat . my cousin suddenly from one skinny guy.
BOOM . and become a cool and hunky man
haha.. really like a policeman now.
my dad and mum was like prasing him non-stop when they came back
now they are pestering me to go to gym and go excersise like him
yahyahyah . wat to do .
who ask me so skinny . bleh
well i am far to lazy lah .
everyday wake up late . haha..
see how lah . when i in good mood ?haha..

wellwell . saw the VCD i bought from malaysia
arrived on monday .
SAS band . Sultanah Asma School Band .
Wow .. that was cool manz . they went to italy for competition
and won the first for everything
wow .. pride of malaysia . haha ..

well . miss the times in OPMB . during the chingay times
ha . whereby all of us can like being sunburn and never complain
we were all like the most tanned ppl of OPSS then .haha

wellwell . maybe when i feel like it tml . i may start to make the KL video ?
yah . i will start to make it . as a memory
and of coz . it will still be Orchid Park Military Band.
and ppl will have to pay . but the funds shall go to maybe the
OPMB alumni band ?
i duno .ha

oh yah .
results are going to be released on 28th Feb 2005 ( Monday )
OMG >> HELP !!!!haha
Source from :

go have a look .

lots of things to do .
but i am lazy

so long . Aloha

Y O N G T A H 8:53 PM

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

haish back again
somethings happened which i don;t want to say
it is abt the alumnis and ms chang and me ( AGAIN )

few more days to release of results.
i think many had heard abt the rumors .
about the NIE letter .
So far , Yiling , Amelia and Bernice had receieved it .
and i know my marks is 17 or above liaoz

wellwell . yesterday went back . happen to see Mdm loy and ms koh hanging art pieces
so went to help .
and later helped to ask sections to go in for audition .
then went to help for a while in art . then as we were going back to art room
we saw a guy standing at the toilet near art room
and he turn and walk into the toilet
and mdm loy ask me to go look at him . to see is there anything wrong
and guess whose that guy ?
SHAUN . haha.. but he look as if there is something wrong with him .
but he went off lah .

haish . now current deciding wat course to take
Dipolma in interior design , Hotel Management , Dipolma in landscape architure

I did not went to the interview for Dipolma in interior design
but i like interior design coz i can design things and it is my hobby

and for hotel management .
i had always been my dream .
i know that it will be difficult .

as for dipolma in landscape arch. it is also very difficult .
well . which course is easy and simple ?
i think i try landscapoe architure .
coz it seems damn interesting to me . but on the other hand . is there job avaliable for this ?
National Park Boards ?
Alright . will try this or interior design .
but if i fail my maths .
i will take hotel management .
but it will be @ Shatec . a private sch .
coz Applicants must have at least 3 'O' levels passes including a credit pass in English. Applicants will be required to attend an interview.
i hope i can pass the interview manz

but the best is i can get into either interior design or landscape architure .

coz to get to the landscape thingy
English 1-7
Maths 1-7
+ one more relevant subject
which is like all sciences
but luckily they included DNT and ART
and i got art
HENG AH !!!..haha..

let;s wait for the judgement day
and uploaded some pics taken

So long . ALOHA

Y O N G T A H 11:43 AM

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ALAMAK . it is annettee . who loves to take pics . with esther ?haha Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:41 AM

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Caught in the act . Look at shaun's hand . haha. wat is daryl looking at ? Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:41 AM

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HOHO .. Huimin . wat u laughing at ? Jane Playing the flute .. haha.. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:40 AM

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It's ME . LYT . wah . so serious looking at wat seh ? haha Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:40 AM

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This Is Hafiz .  Posted by Hello

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Cornet In Fugue In G Minor Posted by Hello

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Hey . This is YASER .  Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:37 AM

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HEYHEY . Ann( again ) , Hafiz ( again ) , jane ( again ) ..hha..Nice pic anyway . Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:36 AM

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Preparing for the rain later ? Posted by Hello

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

it really saddens me to hear juniors saying
i think it will be better to change to Wind Orchestra
wat military band ?
BUllshit .
i really saddens me.
or rather . i still can;t accept the fact
that OPMB is OPWO
but i have to accept.

Y O N G T A H 11:22 PM

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came back liaoz
went to OPSS in the morning
coz mschang say cannot find the Pride of our nation score
and they needed it urgently
went back
arranged the band room + percussion cupboard
then started finding
found one percussion one
and realise it is THE PRIDE OF OUR NATION
they forgotton the THE word
and the set is completed nicely there
OMG ..haha

then playplay ..
take pics .
uploaded them liaoz .take a look
then later went to J8 to collect my free 256MB Memory Stick

on the way back
a bunch of malay ppl commented on my shoes
but in a rude way of praising in malay
i understand ..haha

ok lah
had a damn full dinner
wah ..
really is ..WOAH
soup : corn with scallop
Fried tunghun
Ahcha .
and roasted pork
and i was like eating a lot
then make chinese tea to improve the digestion

that;s all folks
maybe going out tml
ohyah .the CD i ordered had send
Can;t wait.

it is a Malaysia band CD ( again .)
RM 40 . 4 Disc
the band went to ITALY
OMG ..haha

ppl say . so wat if OPMB changes name to OPWO
but to me
and to my seniors
it is different

We are the 3rd Batch of intake of Orchid Park Military Band
back then . during Carol's time and under the training of the late Mr Hashim
we experienced all kind of falls and mistakes
but we perserved on
to what we are today
but now
looking back at those times
it was really the fun times we ever had
those training in the hot sun
the Dancing in the street.
all the movement and gimmicks
participating in CHINGAY . doing formations
the best moment as a Military band can ever had
the departure and death of Mr Hashim did sadden us greatly
and the arrival of Mr Clarence Tan .
although it was still fun
Outdoor is getting lesser and lesser
although we did enjoy ourselves
as we immersed ourselves in the world of music
with laughter , jokes
and up and downs
i still think
our band could be better with some military
those days of strict discipline
and our days as committee members
whereby almost all of our ppl from the 3rd batch were in the committee
we were quite united .and just like good friends altogether
and of coz . not forgotting being stress up and nagging from Ms Chang
The Teacher IC
and now . the band is renamed as Wind Orchestra
with a totally new image and new beginning
many ppl still say . Why Sad ?
it is still the OPMB .
but to me . and maybe to some ppl
the spirit is no longer there .
somethings just cannot be changed
especially a name .
many ppl may not think that the name is impt to them
but to me . it does meant something impt
and all i could say is

KUDOS to OPMB . for all the good memories that i experienced and also not forgotton
My Fellow Seniors and bandmates.
Just remember .The Good Memories we onced shared in this united family .

KUDOS & Goodbye to OPMB .

U gave us a wonderful time .


OLEY !!! ..

Y O N G T A H 10:31 PM

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alright .. it is my sister;s teddy bear . but it was supposely to be MINE .. it was give to me when i was born by my mum;s friend .. and when we shifted out of malaysia .. my mum took down from the display cupboard and my sister took iT !! ARGH ..haha Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:22 PM

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ANn and hafiz ..haha Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:21 PM

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OMG . wat happen to Annettee ? Hafiz trying to kill her ? NO .. it is her the one who wanted the horn to be on her . in otherwords . POOR HORN . Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:19 PM

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Me and Ann .. we zoomed in . I LOOK LIKE A GIRL ..OMG ..LOL . LOL ..  Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:18 PM

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Carol and ME .. OMG . MY HAIR IS SO MESSY >> i hate my current hair ..YEEKS . Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:17 PM

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Hafiz and Ann .. guess wat is on Hafiz;s head ? TOILET PAPER ..OMG >> LOL >>HAHA and P.s . got notice ann like to take pics with hafiz ? haha Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:16 PM

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The last pic ? OMG . wat;s with Ann;s hair ? fake tudung ? HAHA Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:15 PM

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i am really really damn afraid
i am really afraid
wat if i really get bad results ?
wat if i cannot go to poly
i don;t want to be labelled as the person who throw the family name
nonono ...

this time new year went back to grandma house
i am really damn stress
especially overheard wat my uncles says
Yong Tah is so smart
can send him overseas lah

i am no longer the smart boy last time
not that hardworking Yong Tah last time

and my cousins all go to JC ?
how how how ?
tell me how ?

later muz go to burn joss paper.

oh yah KAT
next time then ask u and SJ go out
go where ?
ahyah . dunno also ..haha..
but no more northpoint or Causeway for me
or we go find Chun Hwee at Taka ?
create trouble for him ..haha

juz now aunty lulu called
then talked for a while
she haven;t receive her pay
hha..luckily i recieved mine.
mohoho ...

that;s all folks.
listening to Mayday album again .

sianz .. tml going out alone again.
never mind . maybe ask Kat and sijie
that;s all folks lah

haha.. that;s xueyan;s way of saying byebye
suddenly it came to my mind

So Long .. aloha.

Y O N G T A H 11:35 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


i am lonely.
anybody out there willing to talk to me ?

Y O N G T A H 1:30 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


9 more days ?
oh manz

welwell .
i am damn bloody bored
suppose to go and get my 256 MB free Sony Memory Stick
at Junction 8
and wat am i doing here ?
i don;t want to go alone

i juz laze around and waste my whole day like this
OMG ..
that's so stupid
maybe i should go get it now ?
yah .. right now ?
i really don;t know .. let's see later bah

today need to pray to jade Heaven
later going to be busy manz
ARGH !!!!..
wat to do

things needed to do
:.. Get the materials needed for room deco
:.. Go for excersise
:.. go back to band and get the stuffs i needed

and look for a new job ?
bleh .

well well . gtg

Singing along with Mayday's Album

so long . Aloha.

Y O N G T A H 1:18 PM

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is the camera i bought.
Sony Cyber-shot DSC T3 / B E32
Cool ?
but its X ..haa

Y O N G T A H 3:35 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


yoyo ..
well .. juz now type halfway
mycom went BLANK

haiz .. forget it .
Back Then , Started & Named as Orchid Park Military Band . Now , Known As Orchid Park Wind Orchestra ..
dunno wat to say
but something i want to shout out loud

juz now went to buy digital camera
well ..bought Sony DSC-T3
actually costs $875
and now i bought it @ $740
+ a cover .. it costs all together $758
luckily got free 256MB Memory Stick
Luckily ..haha but actually the date ended
but the person kindly help me to write the past few days dates

but it is $740 for a camera
it is RM 1750
izzit very X ?
i always buy things then come to regret
welwell .. but wat i can tell my self is
wat i want is a camera with damn good functions
and now i still haven;t go explore the function
still charging...

izzit very X ?
$740 for a camera
well .. it is already bought
$890 - $758 = $148
i now left with $148
going to use $ 50 to decorate my room
the rest will go back to the bank
and i have no money to change my SPECS !!!
i want to change my specs
hope i can get a work soon.

Y O N G T A H 2:16 PM

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Monday, February 14, 2005

well ..
back again ..
today morning met farhana at 11.15
she is late as usual
went to Citylink to get the nicenice wrapping papers
WOAH .. damn cool
got the one i wanted
but the glue isn;t here yet
$16.90 for one glue ?
OMG .. will check it out next time at other outlets
but that is removable .. coz they ran out of stock
welwell .. the plastic bag is also damncool
and the invoice also
welwell .. then went to Pacific Plaza
and then i realise that there is many more quiksilver outlet .
that is a surfboard one
and the teeshirts doesn;t look nice
maybe i going to try other outlets
went to far east to makan
then check the digital cam
i got a shock when the man say
Sony-DSC T3 only cost $675++
huh ?
the Sony Gallery Costs $875
then later went back
went Harvey Norman
it costs $799
tml going to Amk to Check out
hope that it will be cheaper ?
HOPE ** cross finger **
then went to sch
to return the Cds
OMG .. the band room is in a total mess
dunno wat to say
the percussion cupboard
they even took out those unused files ?
for wat ?
i don;t know
then later talktalk for a while
then ann . farhana and me went to farhana ;s friend house to get back her crutches
the walking stick
then came home

haish ...Back Then , We were started & named as Orchid Park Military Band .But Now ? We are Orchid Park Wind Orchestra

i don;t know wat to say
i am personally disappointed
and so do other alumnis


Y O N G T A H 8:26 PM

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mine Salary !!.. YEAH .. $890 YIPEE !!!! Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 2:22 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


back again

went to orchard yesterday
youth park
watched 50 First Date
with farhana and marcus
but actaully wanted to go to City Link to get things
but farhana as usal IS LATE !!!
then we went lucky plaza to makan
then meet marcus at 5 at mrt
went there was opp. cineleisure
but first there were some stupid games by Perfect 10
then the movie started
nice movie
actually wanted to leave
coz hungry
but when we decided to leave
the movie finished
haha. ..
welwell .. went to far east to eat KFC
walked like siao seh ..
then later went back
went to boss;s house
to take my pay
hoho .. 11.15
luckily their house got gathering ..
Xiang Hui birng down the cheque
and at first i thought there was something wrong
then it was my mistake
but i went up to find suhui
hah.. but they invited me to go in lah .
but i didn;t ..
coz shy mah ..bleh if huh
but i saw empress dowager lah ..
and their relative
who she say
then later walked to Castle Green to take bus
reach home and i realise that i don;t have key
called the phone
until sis came to pick up
then used the phone to chat till 2.30++
then parents woke up faster faster go sleep
yeah .. now i got my pay ..anyway ..
now i am arranging my things
copied the songs into my com
tml can return to mr tan laizo
tml is valentine;s day
another boring day to me .
anyway .. going shopping tml .yeah .. going to buy lots of things
but the camera i wanted to buy costs $849
there goes my pay

hope that i can get a job soon .

Y O N G T A H 1:55 PM

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Saturday, February 12, 2005


yesterday went out ALONE
to taka to find amelia
yenling also working there..hha
then after that i was looking down at taka square
and saw chun hwee looking up ..
then later at night he chat and say .. u so free go back taka huh
hha.. he poor thing .. now is got another Post CNY thingy
all have to go to cashier
and also have to help to pack
hahaha..porr thing

juz now Joyce and Mish called me inthe morning
then went to Mr Goh;s House
ate Yu Sheng ..
and got a hongbao
went to northpoint for a while
then back here ..
later going out after 15 miuntes
with farhana and marucs
and sakinah .. maybe still got somemore
i dunno ..
wellwell.. going to youth park to watch 50 First Date
but b4 that .. we going JALAN !!
i want to buy Quiksilver shirt and farhana want to buy dunno wat ..
yeah ..

Y O N G T A H 2:42 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, February 10, 2005


welwell .. back from Malaysia

btw .. the stupid CNY show is getting more and more boring seh
can die one

woke up 5.30 in the morning
bath and wore my CNY clothers
and off we go to grandmama house

reached at 8.30++
everybody haven;t even wake up seh ..
only grandmama

then later
ppl wake up liaoz
then talk talk
and of coz the whole world knows that i sell pineapple tarts
and i was saying Yue Yan pineapple tarts is the best pineapple
i laugh upside down when i saw Weihung
haha...told him that i was selling pineapple shortcake which he ate in the army

then later taiti with deehui and wenxiong
wat else can we do ?
and then with 2nd uncle , weihung and 2nd aunty ..haha
haha.. of coz get hongbao lah
then later ate lunch
on vegetarian
for half a day while parents are whole day
then went to First Aunty's house
Deehui they all also came
OMG .. she look so pretty in the picture she took
computer editied
her skin become very smooth
she look like some actress manz .. really .

then later watch tv
all sianz
until poker cards appeared
all suddenly woah !!

then later went to 1st Uncle's house
and saw weixiang and weijie
same pattern .. playin com
then weixiang stand up
he suddenly like giant seh ..
suddenly shoot up to 175++
and he was like as tall as the door
and i was like
don;t stand near me .. sit down and talk to me
hha.. but the 1st thing he asked
got any CDs to recommend ?
i was like huh ?
then realise he wanted band cd ..

then later deehui also came over
wat we do ?
play taiti
chit chat ..
then for a while went back to makan
then all pia back
coz it is hot there manz

then Su Wen , Su Di and Yi Xian came
Yi Xian is SO CUTEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
omg . me and deehui feel like kidnapping him home seh
AH .. the mum even highlighted his hair
OMG .. so cute ..
and also .then he was like playing with dajie's child
Chang Feng .. dajie;s child is 10 months old
he is 5 years old
2 of them was like throwing cards and crawling to take
haha.. laugh like siao
and dajie;s kid has thich hair .. spicky somemore .. we call it Autospike
so cute seh ..haha
then later play lorz

saw weijie's com
of coz .. guess whether 2 of them got Gf or not
can;t blame us ..haha kapo kings and queens
oh yah
1st Uncle wife - Da Jiu Mu
call me Wei Lun / Wei Hung when she gave me the hongbao
i juz accpeted it and then Wei xiang say i am yong tah
and she was like ..alamak .. old liaoz

haha..then later .. lao yu seng ..haha
fun seh
then later playplay .
was busying sms while they play heartattack ..

talked to weixiang abt band ..
and of coz our trip to KL ..haha

then later ...
was watching tv
then mum called and say everybody muz go back
all go back to bath
all went back
then later at first wanted to wait for the rest
but Su wen wanted to go over there coz she followed us over
so went back lorz

then later coz 1st uncle every year got have a dinner for his working pp;
so we makan lorz
the lame is damn nice lorz
wah . .and the chicken and nasi beryani
OMGOOdeness ..haha
all of us the kids sit around one table
then later
we play a while
weihung they all came
then later we went to the back room

we play like mad there
off the lights and play catching ..
2nd uncle came to say he going back to S'pore liaoz
then we were like byebye ..then left su wen behind
dunno why also
then she cry
then Yi Xian say sister cry he also cry
poor thing
then all of us like went in and out seh
all run for our life
then pass by the dining room
all the adults
who make her cry
all say .. i DUNNO ..haha

then later after bye bye to them
we went back..
again i was at one corner
weixiang came over to sit next to me
then i was asking him got GF or not
blahblahblah .. guys talk
** confidential **
then deehui came over..and kapo
but i realise something.
i always like to tell ppl .. if u like the person . juz go ahead and tell her.don't be afraid
but i am always not doing it ?
and weixiang was like a bit of shy talking about this kind of things ?
innocent cousin ..haha

then later went to play fireworks ..
weijie was saying
wah .. u more brave then me
coz ppl light one by one
i do 2 by 2
or 5 by 5
like that then fun mah
had a fun time playing that .. haha..
my favourite everyyear
but i missed the fireworks .. they bought same as the chinatown those kind
and also those kind which cost $200++ which will open in the sky
like NDP parade ..
WAHLAU ..luckily he got took it down
or rather ..Wujie did it ..haha

then like that lorz
then went back to the room
they all went to 1st room
guess wat i did
i slept on the sofa ..
then later suwen came in ..slept on the floor
and i said ? Su Wen ?
she ? how come Da Ge here ...
haha .. since when mine voice same as Wei Jie ?
so cool huh .. Da Ge ..
call me Da ge also lehz
i same age as Weijie lehz .. juz a few months younger .haha

Da YI's child
my cousin also
came to chat with me coz he saw me lying on the sofa bed
b4 i fell asleep
then later ..went to the front room
all say ..
u wake up liaoz huh ..

then .. play cards again ..
then weijie show us the necklane which he and weixiang bought
2 different kind
and deehui
was .. u all so good brothers
together , hand in hand go buy necklane huh
but they say .. buy liaoz
then never give also
i : buy liaoz then muz give to the person mah
deehui : buy for wat ?
i : ahdoi !! valentine day lehz so both of ur buy liaoz muz give huh ..don;t waste

then i realise i actually bought something for her and i throw away
i am forever doing things that are reverse to how i tell ppl

then later .. weixiang was speaking on the phone
Weijie : press the black speaker button
then when weijie use the phone
we wanted to did it
later we manage to know the person;'s name
Xiao Ye
and all was like Xiao Ye
and weijie was speaking so soft
we were like teasing him
then later ..
we went back lah
and all of us were like
Weijie no need to say byebye to us
go talk to XiaoYe
he got Xiaoye don;t want us
Bye XiaoYe
haha.. but of coz he put down the phone lah ..
and he speaks damn soft manz
Weijie to XiaoYe : yA .. i very tired .. slept at 2 yesterday
my relative here . 6 or 7 of them
haha.. talk so soft
weixiang say normally he will talk normally one. .haha

then went back to sleep


morning woke up
went to eat bak ku teh
well .. dad was rather impatient waiting for 2nd Aunt they all
went into a rage
luckily nothing happened as they came juz in time
and later found out that they went to find Sudi asking whether she want to come or not
then after we ate
we went back
play taiti
and then we went back
well .. Johor is getting nicer liaoz
the design is SOOOOo nice ..
wah pengz
gonna get a camera manz

actually i really miss there manz
my cousins
both weijie and weixiang
can really say .. out of all my cousins
they and boon xiong are the only ones who is near my age
and both weijie and his brother i found it really happy to talk with them
i juz dunno why
sometimes i get to realise that i do know lots of friends
but i can hardly find one to talk to
especially guys
so sometimes i really like talking to both of them
and weixiang is a band member
that;s the best manz . can talk to him about band stuffs
never ending
gonna miss them manz
so cute ..
now he know how to talk liaoz ... wah .. feel like kidnapping him home
now my wallpaper is him
ohyah .. he slept in the room on the sofa .. all of us were so noisy ..and he can still sleep
haha .. so cute ..haha

going back for wedding on the March 5th
can;t wait manz
hope that time can juz fly past
really enjoy my time there
with my cousins .. and everything there

and i am damn bored back in singapore
gonna get my pay soon
and start to decorate my room
which is my wishlist

and i feel damn lonely now

Y O N G T A H 4:41 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

sianzation ..

well .. prepared to back to malaysia
muz wake up at 5.30 tml

will be back on 2nd day night
coz my sis want to go to school
bleh ..

now lihui and wenxiong they all muz be there
with wei jie , wei xiang they all

mohoho ...
how is they all ?
long time never see them liaoz .. confrim taller then me liaoz

wonder does 2nd uncle they all went back ?
haha.. wei hung went to army
muz see how much he change .. no longer can act cool with his hair liaoz
MOHOHO ..haha
and also fireworks ..
Taidi ..and prawn crackers
but no pineapple tarts for me
NO !!!!!

can;t wait to see them
ARGH ..haha

damn bored .
got my hongbaos from dad and mum
haven;t open yet ..they are on my bed now .. my teddy bear is looking after it ..
haha.. siao seh ..
wellwell .. now listening to chinese new year songs .. and typing away here ?

oh yah .. Xianghui .. i muz broadcast lah
i also forgotton how scared she is when she saw her seniors
she was practically hiding behind the counter
ahyah .. should have ask them to come to try sample
then confrim see her .. then we got show to watch
Right ? .haha ** wat a waste **

haha... wellwell ..bored seh ...

ohyah farhana .. when i get my pay .. we go jalan k ?
go buy the nice nice boxes and books we saw that time with mardiana
heehee ..

New Year new wishes

my Wishlist

..: To create the picture and photos board in my room
..: buy new shelves to install in my room
..: a digital camera
..: new specs ( some stylo milo one ..haha)
..: new hairstyle
..: new shirts .. any brand also can .. juz that design nice can liaoz
..: maybe a new job ? when i run out of money .. hope that i can get another fun and exciting one like my previous one
..: get good results for o levels

and all the best to all my pals out there


Y O N G T A H 10:07 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Our Creation on Sunday . By Xiang Hui . JunRong . Me . Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 1:25 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Vanessa send me this CNY card ..heehee Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 1:18 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


wellwell . i am back

yesterday was last day of work

when i came in the morning
the fishes were already here
OMG ..

XiangHui pon school
** shake head **
wellwell .. 3 of us like going to die coz of the fishes

the day juz fly past very past
manage to sell finish our pineapple Tarts seh ..
Golden Nuggest also about to finish but the fruitballs both pineapple and Mixed
coz that time we count wrong stock
or else will finish seh ..
the fishy part
last minute we count count count
coz extra
we like faster sell AH ..
Junrong was like

WAHHH!!!!!!!! idiot lah ..hah

3 of us were like basically playing seh ..lala

XiangHui was the Packaging Department cum Collection Department
best joke of the day

One Customer ordered 10 Lychee and 10 Mango
she gave her 1 Lychee and 1 Mango

and also the stupid Takashimaya who don;t want to give us plastic and paper bags ..
ARGH !!!

wellwell ..that was fun lah..
we were bascially eating up sample and throwing aways things
coz need to clear later
the Sales was damn good
haven;t add credit card
best of all the days manz

and also
the cash box
haha.. always don;t respond to Xianghui ..haha
i dunno why sometimes i doesn;t respond when other ppl key in ..
when press cash it keep doesn;t come out
bleh ..
can;t blame lah
the Cash Box only respond to CASHIER which is me
or rather the Cash Box like me .. right xianghui ?

welwelll .. today sianz
no need to work liaoz
yesterday said byebye after we finish everything
packed and tore off everything
boss gave me a hongbao

and ohyah
yesterday .. ppl keep calling us wrong name
Aunty Lulu calls me Ahrong
then call Junrong .>Yongtah

and boss also .. call me Ahrong
call him ahtah

welwlel a hongbao
$10 .hah..

will be getting my pay after i come back from malaysia
told xianghui if they don;t pay me
i will spray her name + the whole family name under the block

yesterday waited for Amelia's mum they all
coz need to wait for their ppl to transport things back to their warehouse at pasir panjang
welwell .. takashimaya is open till 5.30 and not opening for 2 days of CNY
wow .. first time heard shopping centre not opening
but Darren and Amelia will be busy working
collectin HONGBAO
same for me ..haha..
today is my rest day
tml working also ..haha

welwell ... juz came back juz now from temple
then aunty lulu called
chatted for a while
she said Su Hui and Boss say they looking to open a retail shop ?
hoho ..haha

welwell ... boring seh
really miss lots of things manz
tml is a new year !!

wish everybody a happy happy new chicken year

all the best to everybody

and to both Junrong and Xianghui
.HEy .. i really enjoyed these days working with yah ..
uhuh ...keep in contact k ?
and enjoy being ' GOOD COUSINS ..'

if new year free come to my house ..

need to go makan reuion Lunch


Y O N G T A H 11:57 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, February 07, 2005

oh manz
today is a damn fun day
but of coz in the morning kanna some scolding by customers

haha. . aunty wendy came
so fun

the fishes gone very fast
and i was the cashier and all of them keep shouting

haha.. then we got this packaging department
collection department ..hah
i think our stall is the most noisest seh ..haha

and of coz aunty wendy's joke

tml is the last day of job
gonna miss everybody
still don;t have a digital cam
can;t take a picture of everyone

wellwell ..nvm lah ..
hope that tml will be a fun and enjoyable day
today is quite fun without esther..hah
if she is around dunno wat will happen also

blehblehbleh ..hah

and also .. played with the labelling of the expire date sticker thingy
did Junrong's bday and started playing ..
now i got my own bday
suddenly thought of doing her bday also
wellwell .. do i still like her?
i don;t know ...
can;t be bothered also

wellwell ..

tml still working
gonna miss everybody and everything that we onced shared and experienced
as collegues and fellow workingmates in YUE YAN DELICACIES
CNY 2005 Takashimaya Square.


Y O N G T A H 1:08 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, February 06, 2005



sianz .. yesterday was quite fun ...
and tried
me and junrong almost died seeing the stupid koyaku jellies

wellwell . yesterday was cashier
today also

have a mini meeting
with Boss ..
he calls me ahtah and i was like BLEH
bascially i dislike ppl calling me that ?

ask some of them they will know how i react if ppl calls me that


welwell .. today there was some stupid money problem with taka and us

duno lah .. i juz do my job ..
accompained JR to somerset MRT
then along the way
remembered those good old days
whereby me and my friends came to orchard
it had been quite a while not seeing them

that time that was with Ahguang and Kelvin Lim
where by Kelvin lim Jia Boon was bored to death by me and ahguang
coz we went to look at clothers
and also that time with Mish , Joyce and 510
where by me and 510 skipped band . i , for the 1st time
to go to La Salle open house and walk walk and take NEO PRINTS ..haha

wah manz
those good old days

oh yah
toady sabrina and eliza came to look for me
me and amelia agree that they are the good juniors
who know how to come to see us
SOB SOB .. so touch
not like someof them
" bu hui zuo Ren " ..haha..
quote wat amelia says

' don't talk to them liaoz lah '

wellwell .xianghui came today
she is the mini -version cum younger and version of Su Hui
JR , Xianghui and me was like playing and doing things
damn funni ..haha

welwlell .. oh yah .. the cheese cake one
i walk pass i want to laugh .. our band unifrom haha..
exactly the same
oh yah .. this is after so many years i ate donut again
after JR recommended and i saw it quite cheap so i bought it
it is nice ok ..haha..

all ppl knows that i hate donuts like one mad cow ..haha

wellwell .. sianzation again ..
tml there is work
wat else
juz hope that empress dowager is not here ...

hoho ...

Disclamier : i am not out to insult anybody
if there is any unhappiness
i do apologise
that all i can say

lalla ... concert coming soon
suddenly feel like playing mallet again ..

really miss all of them
wonders how;'s our band batch ppl
sylvester , CK , leqi , Yenling
amelia i see her everyday until sianz

and 510 i juz saw her

hmmhmm ... i don;t think i can get a digital camera to take a picture shoot of mine 1st job
wellwell .. we shall see


Y O N G T A H 1:07 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, February 03, 2005

blingblogkong ..haha

today is a fun day
with aunty wendy around
all the fishes sold ouT

even those failed my QC check ..hah

wellwell .. lots of stock came in the morning
and within a few hours

consumer pack , giftpacks -large and small all finish

i was so happy when i fill in the stocktaking form
coz all ZeroS ..aha

now left with fruitballs, nuggets and pineapple tarts

wellwell .. aunty wendy is damn funny
with her JOKES
me and junrong and esther laugh until we can die ..haha.

wellwell ..

will update more tml
hope that junrong and his Gf will be back to normal ?
coz she today suddenly came with a pack of bagua and went off black face ?

duno lah .. juz cross fingers that they are all right ..

wellwell .. somechanges in my living room
and i don;t even bothered to look at it

will kinda miss my workplace after 7 feb when the CNY 2005 thingy is over
hope that we can take a picture together as a memory ..

see whether i can get a digtial camera or not

gtg .. bye

Y O N G T A H 11:47 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, February 02, 2005


LYT the ugly freak is bad again ..
didn;t expected that Chun Hwee ( Lim )
added me in friendster .
i was like huh ..haha

wellwell anyway ..thz for adding me ..haha
i know that u are off today coz today is the stupid middle-age guy who don;t want to change money with me ..bleh

today also quite fun
no void haha...

and ofcoz .. the fishes all failed mine Q.C. check with wonderful flying colours
but su hui says ..SELL THEM
OMG ..
no choice .. boss bigger mah

today went over to try other samples
OOHH .. it is nice manz ..lalala

damn nice..
well well ..
gtg ..

tml aunty lulu;s off
it is me , junrong , esther and WENDY

YEAH .. Aunty Wendy IS BACK !!
HOHO ... tml i got to kill more fishes

hah....wellwell keep on asking the nearby stalls to help me finish me fish samples
and Rendy ate quite a lot ?

gtg .. BYE !

Y O N G T A H 11:43 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

well well

LYT the ugly freak is back

yah. . almost forgotton to type here
a tourist requested to take a photo shoot with me

haha. .junrong and aunty lul was laughing like siao the day b4
muaha .. dunno whu ppl want to take pic with a ugly freak like me ?
take with junrong better lah
hahah ..

welll well .. today everything went on wel

know quite some ppl
and found out that the cashier Amelia going GA-GA over
used to liaoz
was Katherine's Ang friend
Lim Chun Hwee ..haha..
and also get talk to the stall opp the cashier ..haha..
coz i try their sample.
well well well ..haha..

quite fun today
juz that junrong almost fight with the Uncle Guards ?
and the stupid Guards don;t let my boss to load the goods ?
MAd TAKA Guards

ARGH ..siao thing dong

well well . junrong is makes a nice bf ..haha
guess wat ..he ran all the way to paragon to buy a cheesecake for his GF
hah.. if it was i
i die also i won;t do that ..aha

well well ..something wrong with my fishes today
poor fishes

mad esther laugh like siao with my beijing chinese ..
which i purposely speak ..ah

well well .today is a fun day .. no void no wrong no nothing
juz that a bit of busy
wonder how;s the sales
consumer pack running low AGAIN
OMG ..
wat to sell ?
FRUIT balls ?

tell u freakly
it is since a quite sometime i serve customers
like as if really talk about our product
normally i juz say a bit then i do cashier or packing goods

well well .. this is my first job
and i kinda enjoy it ?
with my nice colleagues ?

oh yah .. i miss Aunty Wendy ..
wonder when is she coming back .. our MOTIVATOR
with her around ..we are MOTIVATED .. haha...

Y O N G T A H 11:46 PM

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