Monday, January 31, 2005

well .. i am back again
today is monday


haish .. dunno wat to say
well well
the real bad mood really came when i type something wrong with the cashier
UHUH ..haha

today hmm
sold fishes ?
Consumer pack almost out of stock
let;s see bah

well well ..
i hope u don;t mind the following post ..
i am not trying to say anything bad k ?

first of all
he is a nice guy ..i should say
maybe he is a bit of playful
but i don;t know
it is juz that Esther doesn't really like him so much

well .. somethings are rather not say ...then being said

haha .. today all of us were like looking at junrong talking to his Gf ?
hah. .. u should see his friendster pic look damn cool..

who ask him to be so good looking
i am juz a ugly freak
lalal ..

working there ..
i saw lots of old friends
today gohyiling , jacklyn

makes me really thinks of OPSS
and my beloved band
it gaves me the mind of going back as a student
playing in the band once again ..
together with the band
where we were together again as one big family
Orchid Park Military Band

getting emo now
sometimes i really feel that i am a failure

wellwell .. btw .. although junrong came
i am still bored ..coz he is a quiet guy .. don;t really talk much
but he is those kind who loves to stay at home ?
don;t know

well ..i told esther today .. it is not that i trying to gain favour from him then i be nice to him
i treat all my friends equally
that;s all

Orchid Park Military Band

Y O N G T A H 11:56 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


back again
amelia;s invation

weekends are sick
OMG >.

luckily she is not around in weekdays
wonder how i survive

ok lah .. short update

today got one new colleuage
also a part of the royal family ..
Su Hui;s Cousin ..

well well ..nice and cool chap
Uhuh ..haha..

got to know a cashier ..haha..
who ask him keep deciding whether to buy our shortcakes ..haha
and also the Kelvin or Yi Wen working next to Amelia
who say he looks like Liang Chao Wei
wonder how amelia can tahan him

tml will be a busy day. .EMPRESS dowager not around
can organize the stall the way i want .. or else we keep losing things

That;s all folks ..

oh yah .. saw chien ping;s mum today
it is since a long time i saw her ..
Since P6 ? or P5 ?
i dunno know

lalal ..


Y O N G T A H 1:21 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, January 28, 2005

hello...yenling here in the band room listening to the op band playing.and juz erm....adding some good"stuff in yt's blog....or else everyting will b juz his boRed right?muz got some gals to write for him then exciting....okie nth else to say....byeee....i juz wanna leave my namE here...thats all...haha

Y O N G T A H 5:49 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


*drum rolls please*
amelia invades mr loh's blog.
firstly, no no , no yaya-ing over anyone.
secondly, we all know yongtah rite.. he absolutely LOVES sprouting nonsense, especially these type of things.
thirdly, yongtah's so enthusiastic about his job tt he HAS TO work 12 hours a day.
well well well well well.
see, with amelia's invasion, yongtah's dusty blog has some audiences. ( ha, i bet when melvin hears bout this he'll be the first one coming to tag yongtah's blog. (btw, we're still in e music room, listening to wad e band's currently playing. mind u strangers out there SNOOPING on yongtah's blog, the band we're talking about here is a SCHOOL BAND, not some mini "i'm-in-a-rock-band-with-a-drum-set" band. HA!) dun u just find the conductor here dashing and charismatic??? i so love his earrings, uber cool, totally artistic-like. )
alright enuff rambling, yongtah here, aka "xiao yong" or rather, "tah-ge" is hurrying me to end this entry.
well if amelia get's another lucky chance at his blog-invading again, i'll definitely let u in on his BIGGEST secrets! i promise! *winks*

Y O N G T A H 5:38 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


alright ..
finally i am here to blog again ..
i am now in opss music room ...
came bac kfor a art meeting cum to see the band ...
.later me going to work again ..
kinda tird lah. . sianz ..
working there ok ok lroz .
juz that stupid aunty lulu .. s\feel like smacking her face ..
ARGH ...
and that stupid cashier .. make me so angry today ..

well well .. next time then update more about my workplace .. after my7 owrk ends @ 7 feb
Aunty Esther , Aunty Wendy , Aunty Lulu .. Su Hui the little boss aka princess..
OMG .. tml the lady boss is comin to help
BLEH .. the empress ..lalala
o hyah .. opposite my stall is the Rasa Sayang stall ..
there is this stupid guy .. dunno how to spell his name also ..
Belvin ? Or Belven ?
wateva lah. . aunty esther went talk to him
and finally he dare to come over to our stall to try our sample ..
lalal .. hhah... stupid guy yeh . but he looks like a model ..
hmm ..
tired lah ..
blehbleh bleh

oh yah .. i am selling pineapple shortcakes
damn nice ..
now my eyes is like closing

i am liek the stocktaker aka cashier aka promoter .. can die manz
sianz ..
oh yah ..

amelia is going yaya over the cashier
going to tell him tml ..
muahha .. amelia u are goig to die ...
muahha ...oh yah .. she has been tellin me how CUTe the guy look ..
ahyah .. u know her taste huh ..
ppl don;t want one she want ..
haha ...juz kidding
gtg ..


Y O N G T A H 5:30 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, January 24, 2005

Adapted from the 4A4 blog
by Joyce

we've shared many a memory,
some bad,mostly great
remember the fun,
erase the hate
endured one too many reprimands
Well, it was hard to part,
But we're still a beating heart
May our friendships last,
never will see dusk..

haish ..really remember all the fun times we had ..
well i think may of us have gone separate ways
but the friendship will be in our hearts ..


Y O N G T A H 9:25 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, January 23, 2005

lalala ..
finally ..
i got a job !!!

thx amelia
will update abt my job ..

last minute decided to follow parents to bugis
brought a new shirt
YEAH !!!

RE- brand ..
blah cousins help them to design and tailor ..haha
well well
the shirt is red red kind
something like mine prom shirt
but i like it
juz nice .. can tuck out
juz like the 2 button shirt i have ..
lalal happy

well .. brought pussy-willow also
juz imagine from bugis back to Yio chu kang
luckily we got car
i will die if i carry it onto MRT

almost finish writing the new year cards i need to send
ask mum to help me buy some
end up she buying all the cute cute one ..haha
sending all those to the girls ..hah..
going to be 20 cards seh
well well .. still need to develop pics and send at the same time
muz find time seh ...

lalal .. oh yah .. did this new skin ..
changed abit in order not to look like the 4A4 skins ..
but the overall design is still the same
but for mine i combined my old blog format and another format which i did and
don;t want it ...

lalal ..


M Y S T Y L E.::::

lolz ..haha

Y O N G T A H 10:20 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, January 21, 2005

i am back again
life is getting boring again

wat can i do at home ?
well .. discover that actually there is a new bud coming out on one of the
rotted stem of my orchid plant
well going to do a replant tml
hope it will be successful

well i am damn bored
my hair is better now
went back to the uncle
he cut for me again
now it is back to normal.

well . went to J8 to buy mircowave oven and eat sake sushi for dinner
i was really bored
till i don;t bother to comb my hair and dress up like the way i used to do
when i go out
instead .. juz a bermudas and a old t-shirt

guess who i saw
that gohyiling , marcus , yuki
and DERRICK , the bowen ex-dm
haha.. he was working at the atrium
some promotion thingy
i think for new year ..singapore coin mint
dunno lah
happen to see him when i was walking by
then msg him and realise that it was him

well long time never see him liaoz
no wonder he wasn;t online

joked with him whether got job or not
he ask me to try
well well .. i need a job
amelia is helping me to ask coz there is a temp job there
i want a job

wat to do
haish i am juz unlucky
now i am bored
nobody to accompany me when i go out

and i haven;t buy my new year clothers
life is sucky for me

i want to be a student!!!

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 11:15 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, January 20, 2005

You are 100% Libra

How much do you match your zodiac sign?

took this quiz juz now .. didn't know that i was 100% Libra ..haha

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 10:04 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

well well ..
lots of days never updated
well ..

now my house is ready for new year ?
since last sat ?

was really enjoying myself since monday
with farhana and mardiana
lucky plaza archade ?

went to the place zhitong recommended
it is a agent company
at first we thought we confrim getting the job
all very excited
then yesterday we went for interview
at OCBC builiding ..
then after that we went jalan

singapore river was cool ?
but i think our job is gone
the person did not call us
yesterday by now
she had called ..
she called at 12 yesterday
WHY !!

argh ..
in a foul mood now

and my hair ..
it is disgusting
i ask the person to trim the sides
and end up like a mushroom head
OMG ..

ARGH !!!

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 1:44 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, January 13, 2005

woosh ..
I am back again ..
well .. nothing much

i am still here ... Jobless ..
everything is getting back to track ..
oh yah. . back from malaysia ..

well .. it is damn fun ...haha..
Xin Yi and Tian Yong ..ha..
my cousins ..and also with my nephwes ..
Henry and Gary ..haha..
the best part was throwing stones at mudskippers and kingfishers ?
haha ...
there was really fun ..
and of coz .. shopping ..hah.

lots and lots .. now lazy to time lah ..
haha.... chatted with XinYi frm 8pm.. - 2.30a.m. ...
muahah .. and tian yong is really a damn quiet guy ..
and damn goodlooking ..haha.. and he looks like a sec 4 then a sec 1
no wonder girls in his school go ya-ya over him

well bored ..
applied for broadband ..
and after lots and lots of connection problems ..
i am back again ..muahaha ..heehee
but of coz .. dad was;t happy at me
dunno wat;s wrong also
but getting okay liaoz
now my house getting ready for new year
curtains at washed and hung back again
the new year tree is hung back with oranges
and displays tables at with the mandarin oranges my dad made
and later i going to nursey to buy flowers to replant for the blacony as the flowers are dead

oh yah ..
today is the first day i stayed at home for the past 2 weeks
have been going back to school
till Ann , the school clerk joke that i should have a permanet ex-student pass ..hah..
well well .. soon i will stop going liaoz
maybe after this week
coz the updating of photo album is still in process and i still burn some dvds for the band
well well ... i am really proud of my product
the opmb photo albums
well i rearranged the whole albums again ..
according to years of events ..
and ofcoz with lots of pics that are never seen b4 by members
haha ... shoul dhave scanned them first
haha...well next time then i take out again and scan .. and the photo album will be full after i put in the KL pics ..
The Years of Orchid Park Military Band ( 1999 - 2004 )

that;s all folks
i still need a job ...lalala ...
coz i need extra spare cash
anybody can recommend
well ... now then i realise i really lost contact with my classmates
well ... haiz .. sometimes i really get dissapointed with some ppl that couldn;t help wat a friend should help
well forget it ..

well .. read some ppl's blog ..
yah .. indeed ..2004 will be one of the best years in my life
and lots and lots ...
lots of good memories ...
all the times i spend together with the ever-exciting OPMB
and in the ever-strict school OPSS
so long .. goodbye ..

( i bet no ppl will read my blog also )

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 10:02 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


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