Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i am bored lah
now my soar throat is gone
and my throat start to itch
i think soon i willhave flam and start to cough liaoz
started taking cough medicine liaoz
hope everything wold alright
nov is over by today
there is less then 3 days and i am going KL with my band
don;t feel as excited as b4
but i feel tired
muz be the cough medicine that cause me feel giddy ..
haven;t got a bag
going to get one tml ...

suppose to accompany farhana to NKF to redeem her things
but i not feeling well inthe morning sia
woke up and use computer .. happen to surf the net and saw
the site in TVB for the Jia Da Huan Xi , Virutes Of Harmony
and started to read the sypnoses
until i go blur blur liaoz
well .. i am not reading liaoz
coz i think the amount i read is going to last me till next year Jan
so i think i better stick to the show ...hah.

the show on channel 8 , 9p.m.
my In-laws
is seriously damn funny .. i laugh and laugh manz
oh yah . being woke up during my afternoon nap by my sister
she is always misplacing her things all around the house and the worst part is .. she loves to keep things . plastics bags , tissue paper , even cardboard
oh manz .. her table is the messiest part in the house .. and of coz .. her handbands and pins and hairclips .. i even step on her earing b4 .the sharp part .. OuCH ..
and she is losing things now adays .. and she will scream and shout , throwing her temper and my mum will help her to find
and for today;s case , she lost her piano exam book .. and 7pm. she said that the teacher replied her sms saying she left it at her house

i always wonder wat will happen when we were still living in the bungalow in malaysia and if we were given a room each ( every room is installed with large fix shelves and cupboard)
and by then , i bet she will have to hunt for her things everyday and my mum will have no time doing housework but helping her to look for things ..
whaha ...

now she is saying that she misplace her foolscap pad .. but nobody is responding to her screams

maybe going back to school tml .. need to ask about the KL trip , wat time to report to school ..etc

tt's all folks lah

i am bored to death .. ding dong ding dong ..shi zi lu kou ..hah..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 9:04 PM

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Monday, November 29, 2004

wel well .. wasted my morning as i travelled all the way to Eunos and then found out that i wasn;t being enroled in the course
now i have nothing to do again
and i planeed to have dinner after my course with Ivan ..
now i have to sms him to push it back after my KL trip

OMG .. my whole family is saying that i look old ..
HUH ? old ? i was sick for a day and my face look skinner and i look old
nononon ...
i am always hungry since yesterday
well well ..
gonna to makan again ..hah...

how wish i was a student again
now i seriously got NOTHING TO DO AT ALLL
HELP ...

if anybody want go out
feel free to call me ..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 11:25 AM

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

back again
i am seriously unwell ..

well ..i am seriously bored ..
how wish i was a student again ..
O levels is over
and i am rotting at home

Lihui is going to go back to grandma's house and i am damn jealous
i can;t go back ...ARGH. .. next year;s new year won;t be that fun anymore ...WeiHung is reporting for NS soon ..in January 2005 .. which means there is lesser person to play and celebrate new year liaoz ...

yesterday .. have a terrible soarthroat .. went to ate all kind of chinese herbs .. drinking herbal tea and water ...
i guess i have drank more then 10++ 500ml of water yesterday
went to have a nap
who knowes ..after i woke up ..i felt feverish and then i got a fever
mum and sis say it is due to me sleeping in my room without opening the windows and closing the door .. dehydartion ...hmm ...well well .. i was woke up by Marcus call saying that mr tan ask for the Pin Hwa High School;s Webby ..
and in the after noon .. ms chang called and said she could not contact the student leader of the band ... and she asked for the school;s number .. luckily she managed to get through it manz ..

then at night ..coz sis sprank her leg and mum have to send her to tution and send her back in car .. so i was at home
took pandol and tried to sleep . cannot take it anymore and went down to buy the Tu Re Tei .. those kind where by u stick on ur forehead to cool down
and used the com to type testimonal for 4A4-ers ..

then went to sleep ...woke up at 1.30 .. it was damn hot liaoz .. went to change another strip ..manage to sleep ..woke up @ 4 .. and felt that i am feelin damn hot all over .. and my bones and body is aching .. i was damn afraid that i got denge ..and how am i going to go to KL trip ? and somemore i dreamt of myself lying in a coffin ..OMG ...

then cannot take it ..happen to find a thermometre near my bedside .. dunno why izzit doing there...38.5 degrees ..
woke up .. went to the kitchen to eat another kind of medicine .. chinese medicine ..in pills for fever and soarthroat and went to bath in cold water and manage to got all the ice in the fridge and pour all of them on me after mixing it with water .. it was like OUCH ...
manage to go to sleep and woke up at 8.45 the next morning...

Mum wanted to drive me to see doctor but i rejected .. took the chinese pills again ..and my fever started to subsidise ... now i am feeling better .. is juz that my soarthroat not yet recover .. and then .. i am damn afraid my asthma is coming back . i am having difficulty in breathing now pray hard nothing happens ..

juz now went for dinner .. gosh .. the claypot fish is totally disgusting .. it is like too dry .. can;t even see the gravy ..eeKs ... and yah .. mum forced me to drink a big cup of bitter gourd soup .. HOT somemore .. i hate it .. i onli drink it when it is cool ... but hey .. realli works . my soarthroat is getting better liaoz ...

well well .. hope i can recover asap ....and can go to KL trip ..
oh yah ..
signed up for the website designer course at MDIS ..
it is a 3 day course for 14 - 17 years old ..
hope i can benefit from it
but the problem is .. the person never got back to me ..
ARGH .. i faxed the form on saturday morning .. and the worst part is .. Dad did not fring back the form ..
called MDIS and the operator suggested me to go there to see whether i am being enroled
it opens at 8.30 and the course starts at 9 ..and it is in EUNOS ..
ARGH .. how unlucky i am .. but nvm ..

my parents all said that i look skinny now ..
huh ? juz for one night and my face looks even smaller now ..and my complexion looks better also .. no more pimples .. due to the excessive water i consumed ..
i am seriously afraid of drinking water ..
HELP ....

ohyah ..
smsed Ivan to wish him happy birthday
he surprised me by sms me back with his new number and asking me how were things
and when i replied my o levels are over
he said : now u can wholeheartly go 4 ur band
hah... he even remembered that .. he was my tution teaching from dec 2003 till May ..2004
and he even want to bring me out for dinner
YEAH .. dance around ...haha..let's hope he will smile for once in his life
but i remember his as he looks like that GUI Ya Nan in theA kinded Sprit , Zhen Qing ..
the tired edition ..haha...
hope he can also help me introduce a job .. ** evil laugh **
he ask me to meet him on Tue , Thursday or friday
lets; hope i got in for the course ..and i can meet him on tue for dinner

and yah .. i haven;t got my things for KL trip
my backpack and lots of things
going to be in a mess manz ...
ARGH ...

hope i can get well tml ..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 9:04 PM

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

The OPSS Prom Night 2004 was held on the 25th Nov 2004 at Penisular-Exclusior Hotel , 5th Floor . Tulip Room .

...So formal ..hah...
Well well ..

Prom night ..
meet sijie , shiying , Eunice , Puay Kuan @ 5.30p.m. at Yishun MRT ..
i was at home trying my best to put on my contact lens ..
but i failed miserably ..hah..
so no choice .. juz went to the Yishun MRT .. and bring alone my contact lens ..

when i reached there ..
saw Jason going home ..
saw marcus , Kelvin Tan , Rashid and Yuyan ..
told Kelvin tan i cannot wear my contact lens
so he went to the washroom to teach me
until he fed up .. then we give up ..
Then saw the A5 ppl and A3 .. Yu Chu , Kin Huan , You Yuan ..
they were waiting for Sherwin's Brother .. coz he forgotton to wear his belt and his brother will bring here ..
called shiying .. and finally found them ,they were at the telephone booth ..

Then Eunice helped me wear my contact lens while we wait for Dominic ..
then we were like ..ARGH. . alamak ..
then Puay Kuan came ..
Eunice gave up on the right one...
and tried the left one ..
TADDAA. . it went in ..hah..
then saw Sherwin;s brother .. czo shiying know him ..
then i remember they waiting for him for the belt ..
so i called Marcus Ng .. they were on the MRT liaoz
so i helped him take lorz ..lol
or else his poor brother wait there for nothing

then was about to go ..when we saw Ying Sheng , Yoke Yong and Cheng Yee.i dunno his name lah ... juz know that they call him William Heng ..ha.h.

then waited for Dominic while Ying Sheng went back to get his invitation card .. he forgotton to bring .
then Puay Kuan tried to wear for me the other lens ..
but this time we washed with water ..
coz the solution is damn dirty
then it went in...hah..
but quite pain lah
coz washed with water ..
Eunice say tried to cry a bit ..
but i cannot ..ha..

then Ying Sheng is back ..then call Dom
he still at his house .. OMG ..
so we went without him ..
soon we were at the MRT ..
it is quite packed ..hah.
lots of jokes lah ..laugh until got tears ..ha.h.

soon we reached the City Hall MRT ..
just 6.35++ stil early ..
so went to the hotel
Puay Kuan;s Skirt is too long .. so cannot run ..muahaha ..hah..

Then reach the hotel
Sherwin they all were waiting at the lobby
gave him the belt
then while waiting for the lift
saw XiangTing and Joyce..

then later went upstairs ..
saw the OP Prom Night 2004
Only the A1s were there
so chatted around ..

Sijie they all went to register outside the room
coz there were 3 rooms .. Lotus , Lily and Tulip
joyce say she prefer Lotus .. but too bad ..it is Tulip ..hah.
then went out to take photo ..

Happy viewing ..hah..my parents say i look better with a smile with teeth
or else i look to yan shu and fierce..hah

The first pic of the day ...Joyce and me ..My boss lah ..
i be her secetary sice sec 3 ..
but don;t have salary one ..SOB SOB ..ha.

Then saw Ahguang , Guowen , Keri , Jarrel , Eunice , Priscilla
helped them take pic ..

GuoWen , Me , Ah Guang , Rashid ..

then went in to take picture with shiying they all ..lalal

Eunice , Me , Shiying , Sijie ...hoho ..hah.

Then Group Photo ...
Back :..Cheng Yee , Yoke Yong , Puay Kuan , Eunice
Front : Ying Sheng , Me , SiJie , Shiying
PhotoGrapher : Giok Hui

and then taking photos again ..
all were busying taking Pictures ..

Me and Giok Hui .. my pri school classmate ..know each other since P4
coz we were prefects then ..ha.h

Me and Joyce..
she is the first person i ever meet ( except My relatives )
who have the same chinese and English surename as me ..
and we always joke that we are cousins ..hah..Jk ..
but horz .. i same class with her 2 years
everyday have to see her face .. in class , in exams , in assembly .
watever ..coz her register no. is beside mine ..hhaha
imagine for 2 years ..but all the laughter i will not forget
especially she bickering with Mark Neo every morning ...and i am stuck in the middle ..ha

Me and Dominic ..One of mine best friends
Still remember the days were by we seat together during the first Half of the year
in 2A2 ..hah. ..
and me and joyce loh hates his singing of the band songs ..hah.

Me and Kaiyan
kaya Roti ..hah..
my pri school classmate ..
she and giok hui , same school since Pri 1
and same class from Pri one to Sec 4
10 YEARS ..ha.h

Then went out to take picture with 4A4-ers ..
saw Mr Goh .. Chye Joo ..hah

Taken at the staircase leading to the Sky Lobby at 6th Floor ..
Back : Marcus
3rd Row : Yuyan , kelvin Tan , Me
2nd Row : Ah Guang
First Row : Guo Wen , Rashid , Mr Goh

Then helped Mr Goh take picture with everyone of us
then saw Vanessa ..coming
talk to her
she never wear contact lens
coz it doesn;t go in ..
Same ..hah.

Me and Mr Goh ..
he said : so how are u going to show ur appriectation tonight
Me : never reply ..hah..

Then went in to the Tulip Room liaoz ..
then went to washroom
then came in
All of them going to start to sing school song ..
oops ..
then we were like . sing loud loud ..ha.h.
Perserve Perserve ..ha.h.
and of coz .. with rashid's famous dragging of

remember all the funny times were we sang the school song in the morning assembly
Rashid confirm make us laugh like siao .

We were Table 12 ..
and there were like 14 or 15 tables
One table 10 ppl
Our Table was with ,
Kelvin Tan , ChuiPing , Yuyan , Jarrel , Keri , Rashid , Joyce , Me , Marcus , Patricia
Pat came soon as she came from work ..

then mr low;s speech
talk about his school alumni thing
and hope to see us back for alumni
and even b4 the school song
he came to our table
talking to chui ping
saying that he hope that she can come back to perform next year again
and ofcoz .. mrs bala and Mrs sasi came to talk to us
she of coz .. touched marcus hair ..
popcupin .. she said ..hah..

then came the first dish
same as normal chinese wedding cursine lah ..
but rashid cannot eat .. have to go and get from the malay table ...poor him ..
then Joyce dunno how to use chopstick ..ha..
then simron cheo was the emcee .. and me and joyce were like
sainz ah .. why him ..hah..

there was this lucky prize thing
whereby there is a paper under the chair or table

then later there the prom king and queen selection
Prom King : Mark , Guowen , Lionel , Shafyiq and Dominic
Prom Queen : katherine , Audrey , Jacklyn , Li Jin , Maria

then we are to SMS to a certain number to vote

and of coz .. the 4A4-ers started smsing like siaoz ..
then there was a chicken dish
whereby joyce said something and i choked ..ha.
and the Shark Fin;s soup
was juz a few shrak fin and sprikle on top of the Hot and Sour Soup
and me and chui ping was like
how come got tofu in side one ..ha.h.

the programme was like one dish then game and the follow one
then later there was this lucky draw thingy
got a few is the teacher;s table ..
we were like corruption ..ha

the most funniest part was the Dominic
when they annouce who was the nominnes for Prom King

he went to the washroom
then when he came in
everybody clap
hah...he was like ...

later the first row
some were out
for the Guys
the remaining were
Lionel , Shayiq , Guowen
and girls : katherine , Audrey and Maria
then Guowen got the most votes
for guys and girls
158 smses
coz of us lah
one person like send 30 smses in our table ..ha.h.

then of coz .there were some free time between dishes
then went out took photo...

vanessa and me .. i look funni right ..hah..
well well . vaneesa is one of my best friend

Li Jin and me
still remember i used to call her AH Soh !!

Mark and me ..
he looks like a giant .. OMG ...

Me and Audrey
we both like forever siao one ..ha.h.

Amanda and Me ..heehee

Then simon cheo ask us to go in
then got this everytable send one most sporty person to play game
and all of us went to the washroom
leaving behind Kelvin Tan and ChuiPing
hah .. and joyce scream when she saw you yuan looking at her when she pass by the boys toilet
stupid her ..ha.h
then later went back
it was a where by they are to go up and act as rock band
and the supportes ( ppl on the same table )
are to support them ..hah..
it was damn funni
with Mr Cheah as the emcee ..ha..
laugh and luagh and shirley ( from band )
was one of the helper
she was like so siaoz like that
asking the managaer to dim the lights
until he keep on backing and the hit the wall ..ha.h.

and i forgotton
joyce was saying that the waiter for our table looks cute
and soon ws kelvin tan;s and the rest turn Band B ..ha
we were like siao sia ...hah...but it was fun lah .
then it was the teacher;s turn
we sabo ppl
of coz .. with us around
our shouts and scream
wat do u think ...hah..
Mr Nair went up
then he call ppl
he call ms koh
but she just have operation
so cannot
then Mr Goh
and i forgotton who liaoz ..hah..
mr cheah was like funni sia .. all his jokes ...ahaha....

then later dishes again
then later they have this to see which band won
to see the around of cheers
of coz .. band B won ..haha..

the prize was chocolate
patricia was like Chocolate
she is now working as a salesperson selling chocolate
poor her ..hah.and it was juz her first day of job

then got this interview by the remaining of nominnes
Guowen question
if u are a fruit
was will u be
i want to be a grape
coz i don;t want to be lonely
i want to be in a bunch
with a bunch of friends
and we were like
WOOOO .. and all of us
because of ur grapes
i vote more
and the food .. was left there untouch
but later we manage to eat

then later the 2nd round of result came out
Lionel won Guowen
and all of us vote like siao in order to let Guowen win
Joyce even went out to call the ppl at home to vote for Guowen

and yah
Rashid almost have no food to eat
went to find Mr teo
and he got a special order
and later a refund ..of i think $20 ...
well .. at first he say he don;t want
but all of us insisted him to eat

then there was this lucky draw
our table won one consolation prize
chocolates again
patricia ..Chocolate ..OMg ..hah..

then later the 3rd prize , 2nd prize
then 1st prize
ours was the number 1301 - 1310
and mr cheo
from table 12 .. 13 ...
rashid juz went .. coz all the numbers are with him ..ha.h.
02 my resigister number
and she went berserk ..hah...

it was a big prize
heard that it was a water dispenser coz i never go out with them after the prom
as they tare off the prize after prom

then later .. all of them came our table , Guangxian , xiangting , Guowen ..ha.
and b4 that in the afternoon .. guowen chat with me on msn .. and say .. if who prom king who treat huh ...hah...who knows is him ..ha.h.

and then someone happen to do the sides of the glass cup
and all of us starting playin
wooong ...hah

then saw kelvin tan;s camera
there was this shutter thing
hah.. no lah. .it was the O of the
words of OP PromNight 2004 on the stage

saw some of the pics taken in class
wow .. all the sweet memories ..

but he never won lah .. Lionel won
he 2nd ..ha.h.

then later ..after everything
the dance floor is open and prom night is over
and the song was
HELP !!!! . i hate that song .. band members will know why ...hah..
the " all time favourite " as if huh ..hah

and mr goh came to our table ..

and all the 4a4-ers
YUM SENG ..with him
3 times
as if we having wedding like that huh
the 3rd time was the loudest ...
hah.. everybody look at us ...heehee...

then went out to take photo

The 4A4-ers who went to Prom Night
with Mrs Balal , Mr Goh and our motherly Mrs Sasi ..hah.

me and My best buddy !
guang xian .. aka Ah Guang ..ha.h..
look at his hair .. i am damn jealous of it ..ha.h.

Ah Guang and Guowen .. the best buddies of all
both of them love to sing song together ...lala

Me and Guowen ..

The Guys of 4A4-ers who went to Prom Night ..with
our prizes

Me and Xiangting
during the prom
they were saying
Xiangting wears skirt ..
wherewhere..i want take picture with her ..hah.
and also her hair was nicely done
Tumbs Up ..hah.

me and Chui Ping ..Tong2 Xiang 3
hah.. both of us from malaysia ..
same class since sec 2
and the funniest part was .. both of use mr goh;s camera
we like to press , hold , then let go
hah.. both of us same pattern ..ha..
then we were like . malaysian wat ..
Hi Five ..hah.

Marcus ad Joyce ..

Marcus and Patricia

Me and Prom Queen ..
still remember the days were we pia our Prep Work
Paper 1 together at Woodlands Library and all the jokes during the
Batik session ..ha.h

Then went in to take picture

Geneviene and me .. haha
remember the times in sec 1 .. whereby we were in the National Day
Singing Group ..ha.h

The 2A2's who went to Prom ..hah
and audrey was like ..
am i in ..ha.h..
but this pic not completed ..
we forgotton .. Yoke Yong , Ying Sheng , Patricia , ChuiPing ..

Me and My pri school best friend ..
Ka hing ..hah.
long time never talk liaoz
onli recently then talk ..a.h.

Me and Mark .. again ..hah.

It;s Me ..ha.h

Me and Cherie ..heehee

Hmm .. i will look better if i smile with showing teeth huh ...hah
photographer : Vanessa .

Me and Yee Ching ..
who always call me Yong Tai ..
until now !!!

Me and Jacklyn ..
remember those times where we paint classroom together ...hah.

My best friend .. Si jie ..

Me and XiaoLing ..

Wei Shan and me ..
who mugged with me a few times b4 o levels ..

Me and Patricia ..
my sec school classmate from
Sec 1 to sec 4 ...hah..
4 years ..

Then went home with Sijie they all ..
was like crapping like siao ..haha..
saw Marcus , Rashid and Yuyan at City hall Mrt ...hah..

then lalla ..
joked like siao ...
then later took some photo with my phone ..
hmm .. maybe will try to upload next time ...

then Puay kuan alrighted at khatib MRT and rest of us @ Yishun
Shiying : dunno which Year , Day , Month , Hour , Minute , Second
may we meet again ..

went with sijie to Yishun Interchange
he ran for his bus
and look around
and went to take a cab home
coz the 85x services no more liaoz

reached home at around 12.30++ going to one ..

Prom Night was realli fun
i enjoyed my self
with my contact lens ..hah.
nothing crop up ..lucily ..

Prom Night 2004 was realli a success ...
it marks a finale for us ..The OPSS 3rd batch of Express students ..
( c0z mostly were from expresS )
well ..
going to miss all of ur ..
every single thing
every little thing
all the memories and events

that we onced experience
in this place , insitution called Orchid Park Secondary School

Cheers to 4a4-ers and 2A2'2002 and all the ppl and schoolmates i knew
and also to my band members !! ...


with Lux ..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 10:40 AM

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Friday, November 26, 2004

back from prom night
it was damn fun lorz
realli realli fun
better then i expected
i can say .. it is the best moment in my life sia ..hah..

lots and lots to update
going to do so when the photos are developed
took lots of photo
and i was the like the only one wearing such bright colour shirt ..hah..
can;t wait to see the photos
took photo with lots of ppl ..ha..

yeah ..ah...this was the night where ever body ( inculding me )
wore their best clothers and look nice nice ..heehee

gtg ...to sleep
tml will be a busy day for me

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 1:07 AM

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

got my contact lens after a difficult time
my degree is like so funni
Right side - no degree but san guang 100
then left side - 400 no san guang

went to a few .. all say muz order
until i went to this shop
near the NTUC khatib
the person say the san guang is wore in degree lorz
then i say ok
bough a pair of weekly lens
now the problem is i dunnohow to wear ...hah...
later then try lah

yah .. go a belt
hmm i juz saw it and i think it is nice
end up when i got home i realise
it is the same brand as my wallet
somemore buy at the same shop
Northpoint Classic Leathershop

OMG .. it is going to rain now
Lighting and thunders
HOW ...

Meeting PK , Shiying , Sijie , eunice at 5.30
Yishun MRT
that;s all lah
going to take a nap

Hope tonight will be a fun one

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 2:42 PM

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

wahaha ..
dunno lah..
cannot find any shoes that look nice ..
worst ocme to worst
wear my beloved band shoes
but need to do some things to it
this shoe has been poor thing
i wear it to run around opss during concerts ..and speech day
remember those days ..***haha

and also
that Ahtan .. mr tan ..
i was telling him .. i looking for a job
he say .. u can go work at photocopy shop
i was like ARGH ..h.ah..
yah lah .. i like the photocopy boy in band ..ha.h.

ahguang dye his hair ..
i am so jealous
i cannot dye my hair in my life sia
maybe can onli spray ..
due to my scar

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 9:00 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


today went to school to pay ur the money and then see band
it was fun manz
doing formation ..hah...
farhana started the thingy
whereby the turn and say WOOO ..hah..

saw keri when coming back to have lunch
chat with him ..
about prom night lah
wat we wearing .. blahblahblah ...aha...

then later saw joyce ching
then later saw xiangting , joyce loh
wah .. realli manz .. now we no more o levels. .yaha ..hah

see them do merry widow b4 lunch
was like joking with sakinah and farhana
about the birds chipring in the bird park
haha.. onli the 3 of us know ..heehee

hmm .. formation was fun ..
farhana started the WOO thing when they turn after the drum beats ..hah..
melvin was like playing the wrong thing ..ha.h.
realli fun manz .. although i not like marching ..
juz stand there play play ..
but of coz .. i still see somebody ...not happy lah
well .. i am just jealous lah ..
i think my designs and things i do is confrim better then that person
well .. who cares
i am going to find a job soon ..
and can only juz pop by at opmb ...

well well .. PROM is tml

HELP .. i haven;t get my belt
dad;s blet is like ...OMG .. ok lah ..
but i prefer mine
oh yah .. gonna see which shoe is better for me
can;t wait ..haha...

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 8:08 PM

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

should i wear specs for prom night ? or should i not wear ?

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 9:52 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


first day of freedom
kanna woke up at 7 by dad
go make new IC in Malaysia

soon we reached malaysia
wah .. long time never go back sia ..haha..
i think since new year ?
think so .. haha

then went to the immigration building ..
happen to pop by the passport counter
HEY ... still open ..hah..
then mum went to check the IC department .. Next blk
no more places to make liaoz ..
so make passport liaoz
actually wanted to Sambong .. which is renew
but coz sambong also same money as make new one
so make new one lorz .. went to take instant photo and waited
then went up to the place to make passport ..
still the same as last time
but HEY
they tried to improve ...
onli 402 ppl a day .. last time is they juz anyhow give number
then even allocated
wat time to wat time wat number. .
and the place was slightly upgraded .. with new coat of paint .. new curtain .. NEW AIR CON ..hah..wah sia lah
fast sia
by 10 a.m. already like 20 faster then the original plan
soon it was me
mine was a male
he seriously self-obessed ..hah.
his table all around is his photo in uniform ..ahh..
he need my bc photocopied
so my mum went to photocopy
and soon we waited to take back my passport ..
and waited for 2 and a HALF HOURS !!!
coz it was restricted passport ..
so can take back on the spot ...

Soon we were back to singapore ...
dad drop us off at woodlands so we can go to lavendar to Stamp my PR Stamp on my new passport ..
asked mum to bring me eat sake sushi
she say never bring credit card ..don;t have discount
hmm .. so we went to the fiesta japanese restaurant
that was the best japanese meal i ever ate ..
i ate the claypot Udon ...
which is $ 11.80 ..hah
then ate some sushi ..
actually 1 normal plate is juz $1.90
and somemore the chef make on the spot and put on the covalent beld
OMG i simply love the udon there
the soap is so nice ..
and the udon is so Q ..
OMG .. i am in love with the food there

then later went to lavendar
guess wat .. it is done is less then 2 minutes ..
then i am out of the IRAS building ..less then 20 miuntes
OMG ..hah..

then went to bugis
cannot find the shirt i wanted
then went to OG Bugis
while waiting for the traffic light
i saw the EMAL CLAN ..hah.
first i saw Puaykuan who was in front of me
then eileen ,bernice , shiying , eunice
AHHHH ..hah.
then later saw Jannah and Baqi at the pasar malam there ..hah..both wearing black ..hah..
bought a black business pants at OG .. actually found a shirt
ok . blame it on i am too small size
there isn;t any size left for me
so the salesperson refer me to another brand
which i don;t like the designs
so i juz payed for the pants and went off
then went to Ck Tang

wow .. it was realli nice .. this is mine first time going in mah ..ha.h.
then got one old saleslady
veri fierce sia
i was like .. i am going to complain abt their service
when she referred us to another saleslady
wow .. she was realli good
she recommmeneded the shirt
and there was also another malesales person
both of them were .. going for the o level prom night right
i yah ..ha.h
it was nice lah... white shirt .. with light blue strip veri wide from one another and embroined with pictures with brown thread
she show me the changing room
it was like WAH .. big sia ..hah
the size juz fits me
ahah .. yah .. it was the smallest anyaway ..ha.h.
then saw some strip shirt
i wanted those strip shirt ..
there was one with the blue colours one , cool colours
one was with the red orange yellow one , warm colours
i was lik which one to choose
when the male salesperson say i look good in the red orange yellow one
actually the one i took to tried was nice .. but i got too many white shirt liaoz
and that;s wat he said ..
u have a black pants .. and with ur shirt this colour ..ur shirt will stand out and u won;t look too dull ..
Prom night wat .. muz look special ..
and also the blue shirt look too old one me
so i bought that warm colour shirt ..
hmm .. nice nice .. and then he also said .. ppl will notice ur shirt as the strips are different at the back and the front .
the back is straight .. wereas the front is slandted
the guy also told me that i can try to wear jeans to see whether it matches
and with or without tie .. i will still look good in that shirt
wah .. i realli thank him for his advice manz

This is mine first bright colour shirt
all my shirt is either , blue , black or white ..
this shirt confirm special ..hah

and then the lady bring us to the cashier ..
then she ask me .. when was the prom nigt ?
dec ? i said .. 25 ..
she was like .. no wonder so many ppl come
yah .. i saw lots of sec sch students ...around ..hah..

then went home .. and saw lucinda and serene ...hah..

yah .. got my shirt ..
Well ..prom night is coming soon
i still need a belt ..
going to shop for it tml ..hah..

btw .. i realli want to say thx to both of the sales person at the male department , CK Tangs Caserini Section ..
both of ur realli brighten up my day .. of shopping ...
both of ur have wonderful service ..
and i will defintely patrnoise CK Tangs in the near future ..
coz of ur good service and nice clothers ..
haha ...

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 8:28 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, November 22, 2004

muahaha ..
O levels is finally finished ..
i still remember juz now at 9a.m.
i was looking at the clock
waiting for MR chua to say
pens Down
me and yuanping was like shouting ..hhhaha...

iwill always lots and lots of ppl
during the o levels
that was realli the funiest part
it is like seriously as if we did not took any papers
so fast it is finished ..

went to the band room after the o levels
helped sabrina and carol with the unifrom qm
felt like a salesperson sia ...haha..at some department store ..
well well

Went to chongpang to buy straw then to popular
then later went to bras brasah
it was like siao lah
saw Dom and Aini at the MRt
they going to bugis also
so conisidence sia ..hah
then later at orchard saw joyce ching , mich lam ..hoho ...they were actually on the same mrt .. different cabin ..hah..
huiling was the one who saw them
later finally we reached Bras Brasah .. then buy things .. blehbelhbelh ..
then we go back .t.ake 851
then we gang up to bluff ms chang we spend $ 100 + which all of them believed ..
but actually happen to see a set of brushes .. from big to small ..12 brushes for $ 5.50 ..worth it manz ..ha.h
then later ms chang treat us eat pizza
that came my headache ..till now ..

alright ...juz now damn gong ..
took 855 when i wanted to go to Yio Chu Kang ..
then haha..o choice lorz. .take back and transfer bus
cut a new hairstyle ..
ok lah .. it was the uncle who cut for me
he always like to cut how cut how .. i never even say anything

then back home
was realli afraid that i can;t go KL ..
then dad say .. ok ..u can go ..but muz make singapore malaysia passport..
pray hard i can make it tml
going to make IC also ....ALAMAK ..hah.

lalala .. finalyl o levels finish liaoz ..

hmm papers are quite mangable lah ..
went to POP after friday's poa paper 1
passing over ceremony lah. ..aha
took 171 there with ms chang , daryl , shannon . shafiq , siraj , farhana , faris , charlene . Yaser ..
it was realli interesting ..met mr tan there at cca branch
get to see lots of different uniform ..
lots of comments lah ..saw azlan .. he was veri tan sia ..
we shout for his name ..
then can see him try to look for us by the corner of his eyes
the tanjong katong guest band was style
and the DM;s formation was realli nice sia ..
then the BM formation ..
poor thing ..
some of the Bm never pass the audition have to satnd at the back ..
later all of us went to find jane
stand at the side
keep on shouting ..
Jane .. don;t figit ..chin up ..
then she cannot stand it liaoz ..
then later we see ppl going in ..
then we also go .. even the BM band is playing i wil survive
we were like .. Jane .. Play play play .. play ur flute ..
she keep on laughing ..poor her ..hah...
but she also veri tan lah ..hahahah...

saw quite a lot of ppl
Saw the ever-blur Bowen Ex-Dm Derrick , Daniel the Peicai Dm
the cool-guy Chee Yang ..who have a hard time to think me and yaser;s name ..coz tt time onli me , chang and yaser
then saw carol;s friend
the anderson percussion guy
then eat there .. we seriously like never see food b4
haha...me and charlene wanted to take food for ms chang
end up i was taling to charlene and taking at the same time ..
end up taking a lot sia ..hah..

then later go back with jane and azlan
haha lots of funni things sia ..
then while crossing the road ..
somebody say hi to me .. then i walked away .then later he pat my shoulders ..then look at me .. and say ..hello .. u know am i ..i from bradell -westlake
then i realise it was victor ..
but ..i like never talk to him b4 and was different combine band at that time
funni ..
reach home like 10++ ..

then sat and sun was like slacking around
but did throw away lots of unwanted stuffs ..
magazines ..old books .. brochures .. my mum thought new year comingsia ..hah..
going to revamp my room..
btw .
went to amelia;s house on friday ..
celebrated shichie and melvin;s bday ...
hah..syl and Ck went to Amk to buy cake ...hah
siao sia
the most funniest part was
amelia almost burn down the school
i dunno how she light up the tissue papers ..
and she was screaming...fire fire ..hah..

then no more liaoz lah ..
kekekekek ...
and also .. see the band do formation .. funni sia ..hah..
yahyah .. now got nothing to do liaoz
going to get a job
see how lah ..
going for prom night
haven;t buy my shirt yet ...lalala...
hope can buy some nice shirt from KL ..heehee

i simply juz love hanging out with band members ..
should i dye my hair ? .hmm .

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 8:18 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

see the time now ..2:12 AM ..
wat am i doing here..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 2:01 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, November 15, 2004

managed to finish some of the prep
now only left with observation drawing
haven;t even started history and POA
OMG ..
later going to study liaoz
going to AMK Mac to seek consultation from Mdm Loy and Ms Koh
then going to farhana;s house for Lunch
coz her house open house for hari raya ..
poor her ..yesterday have to talk to me while i am doing my art ..
haa..till 12.30
tt;s all folks
gonna run today;s a busy day ..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 10:13 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, November 13, 2004

wah .. finally got to online liaoz ..
hayoh ..this stupid com ..siao siao one ..
time for some maintainece liaoz ..hah..

Well well ..ehm .. saw the reply on Xiangting;s blog ..
maybe she will think tt i am a coward or watever ..
but hey ..
come to think of that ..
i realise me and her are always like arguing over the CCA thingy huh
band and NPCC ..
well ..i think i don;t want to say anymore lah ..
to XiangTing ..
Ehm .. u may think tt i am a coward or wat ever as i don;t dare to go in front of u to tell u this
well .. i think i should apologise to wat ever thing that u may think angers u ..
coz i don;t want to say anymore liaoz lah
U are a supporter of NPCC whereas i am a supporter of Band
of coz both of us support each side lah
so even if we realli come face to face to argue
nothing with resolve lah..
So .. i shall put a stop to it lah ..
I hope u can also put a stop and let us have peace
juz live happy and peacefully as 4A4-er ..
K ?
Let;s have peace ..
Sorry for everything ..

hmm ..
well come to think of it
i can onli like NATO in terms of band stuffs nowadays
NATO = No action talk only
why ?
I have step down
hoho ..so i can;t do anything to the band liaoz
the onli thing i can do is like
Go back ..see anything wrong
scold scold a bit
and like to see them in playing concerts and doing formation
and sometimes point out mistake to them
tt;s all i can do lah
but i can only give advise to the majors who are doing the decisions
coz it will be rather rude of me to like ask them to do these and that
coz if i am still in the band
they are at higher positions then me although i am still their senior
and i don;t wish to interfere in the committee things again ..
let them be
they muz gain more experience to be able to lead the band
as it will soon be a veri busy year in 2005

last by not least
To Xiangting : i hope everything will be peaceful liaoz
i sincerly apologise for being a coward or wat ever u might think
Sorri !

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 9:19 PM

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Which band instrument are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm .. haha.. Flute ..
haha.. i was orginally in the Flute section for a week or 2
although no ppl believes ..
never mind ..
i still think Mallet Rawks
Percussion Rawks !!
Of coz .. the New SL will definitely bring Percussion to a greater height ..


LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 10:41 AM

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Disclaimer : For those who do not support the Orchid Park Military Band ..
Kindly Click the Cross on the top write hand corner
well since here is the World Wide Web .. if do not wish to go .. i can;t stop it ..
But Anti - OPMB please kindly Go away ..
Coz the Author and the owner of this Blog is a OPMB Supporter .A OPMB Band Alumni.

Adapted from Xiangting's Blog :
IN THE PARADE SQUARE...and you noe wat...HALF WAY through the PROMOTION TEST,the band came down...You heard me,THE MILITARY BAND...
why is it always like this hah? does the parade square belongs to them? come down onli take up the entire parade square and even made such a din...can;t they just stop playing their instruments for 1 freaking second? at least show some respect to other CCAs...the parade square doesnt belong to only the MILITARY BAND...other CCAs,especially UNIFORM GROUPS...have the absolute rights to use the parade square...even if the band wan to use the parade square,can nxt time please kindly send someone and ask if you guys can hav part of the parade square and not just come down and force others to go away! Freak MAN!!! i noe when this is published,somebody will be bua song with me. SO WHAT! SEE WHO IS AT FAULT FIRST!

Hmm ..regarding to this post. .
I on the behalf of OPMB
i think i have something to say ..
I don;t think we are really at fault ..
Firstly .. OPMB follows policy of Appeasement ..

regarding to the NPCC Promotion Test ..hmm
I apologise on the behalf of OPMB
as we did not know that they are having promotion test ..
We are not even NPCC ... how we know..
we juz mind our own business

And we did not recieve any complains ..
Even from Ms Loo , the teacher IC..

Of coz .. we don;t realli say Parade Square belongs to us ..it belongs to the school
so everybody have the right to use it ..
so muz we like have a announcement saying

And we did not take up the whole parade square ..
as our squad have already take up 1/4 of the parade square
so wat are we going to do ?
Squeeze and do marchin ..
tt might be a nice way .. maybe other CCA should also try during speech day
and also .. since the parade square got space .. muz we realli ask the CCA using a corner of it .
Can We use the other corners ?
Hmm.. then other CCA will be busying asking one another whether they can use the parade square ..
and perhaps Mr Low muz ask the CCAs whenever he want to have a assembly..
and wat if BB uses on side , GB on another and NCC on another .. so
when SJAB comes .. they muz send a person running to 3 parts asking for permission .
OH .. i kinda get it ..THaNKS

Well .. we make way for ppl to use parade square
if u requested
let;s quote a example that all members will agree ..
Saturdays .. band fall in at 7.45a.m. ..
the Boys' Brigade came forward at 8++ requested to use the parade square for their morning march past .
being 2 times bigger then them .. do u think we have to give way ?
well .. we did .. and we went to the basketball court ..
we could have stood in our way .. took down our instruments and have a formation making .
but we did not ..
well .. make a din ..
hmm .. so wat;s with instrument when we don;t play them ?
we did stop playing for one freaking second
when there is O levels ..and other events that we should be quiet
there is no such law in the school whereby we shall play from wat time to wat time
why don;t u try to ask a human to stop talking for a freaking second
are they going to put them in the cupboard as antiques .. or maybe they can fetch a fortune in the future for the new premises of OPSS in the future... maybe Mr low shall consider this ..and shall be thanked to who ever who come out with this suggestion which may benefit OPSS in the near future..
Sound travels ..common basic knowledge ...
so .. when we are doing formation .. in the parade square ..
Even the HODs and the Prinicpals don;t complain .. so ..
who are u ?
hmm ..
of coz doing formation needs the whole parade square .. of coz .. they are we suppose to form a squad and march around the parade suqare while doing formation ?
tt will become merry go round ..
And last but not least ..
We do Formation for the purpose of The OPSS School Open House this year ..
ppl may say ..we are a COP band
so wat can we do ..
but hey ..
Our formation seriously attract many ppl
especially this years ... the soon-to-be-best formation in the OPMB since the founding years
And we defintely can be able to attract many students ..
as we one , can impress them and entertain them ..
or else why did the school ask us to perform ?
Coz we are the Orchid Park Military Band..
and if u hope that we will disband ..
well .. juz keep on dreaming ..
as MOE states that every single sec school will have a Band ..
so ..lalala ...hah..

There we shall go .Orchid Park Military Band ..
we are needed to attract new sec ones to Orchid Park Secondary School
and one more .. we are a school CCA .. we have no headquarters ..
thus we cannot ask for donations ..members get the hint ?
Members should all know that ..the school fund does not spend on us
Our instrument are mostly bought by us
we slogged and worked and praticed for concert and save up band funds
using all the Saving methods ..
We are not like other uniform Group
who have their headquaters to depend on ..whereby their uniform are cheaper

and lastly ..
OPMB IS ALSO A UNIFORM GROUP cum Society and Clubs .. so of coz we can use the parade Square

GO GO Orchid Park Secondary School Military Band

The End .
Thank You for the Applases and Cheers ..
Take a Bow ..Thank You

Written By
Loh Yong Tah

Year Of Intake : 2001 - 3rd Batch
Instrument Assigned : Percussion
Rank : Staff Sergant
Posts :
- Percussion Assitant Section Leader
( 2002 - 2003 )
-Assitant Quarter Master ( Instrument )
( 2002 - 2003 )

- Percussion Sectional Leader
( 2003 - 2004 )
- Librarian
( 2003 - 2004 )

Officially Stepped Down on : 17 July 04
Currently a OPMB Band Alumni

..Outgoing Players Make The Beat ....

One Band , One Sound

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 10:12 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, November 12, 2004

lalala .. long time never update liaoz ..
hmm ..
today went to do art ..
then see band do formation
damn funni sia..
jane say cymbals crash ..
then first time .. othma crash ..christopher never
then 2nd time the other way around ..
then Siraj come
Cymbals .. 123 ..
hah.. jane want to die liaoz ..hah..
all the craps in the formation ...
so funni ..hah...

then yesterday deepavali
amelia and gohyiling came to my house to swim ..
also crap lah .
yiling always swim then where;s amelia. .
then both of us purposely
we say swim there ..then we go another side . then yiling swim there cannot find us ..
muahaha ...
then they come my house
crap ..play in my room .. use my com ..hah..

hmm .. papers so far are ok lah ..
paper 2 is good ..maths ..ha.h.
Chem is difficult ..sure die manz
after chem i went to see the band
with farhana in the basket ball court
crap again ..funni sia ..
all of them like dying ..

went to see princess diaries 2
then 2nd day when it is released ..
damn nice can ..
SOooooo NICE !!!haha..
go to http://www.princessdiaries2.com for more ..
now listening to its soundtrack ..
You Crowing Glory by Julie Andrews ..
finally she sang ..hah..
art art art ..
HELP !!!
4 more papers ..
it is soooo exciting ..ha.h

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 9:45 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, November 04, 2004

well .. yesterday was a long day ..
hmm .. everything is ok lah ..
English well .. is easier then school paper ...hmm..
almost every paper is easier ..hah...

well was quite fed up with tt stupid Chief examinaer ..
all i know she is from North View ...

Today is maths ..
manage to do most of the questions ..
YEAH !! ..hah...
ended at 10 .. but played taiti with bandmates ..
yesterday was mardiana;s lucky day .
today ish farhana's turn ...
bleh ..hah..
dunno wat to say abt that chester ..
lazy ..
well .. nagged at him hah..
took down the posters in the band room ..
all the poster ..even those on the cupboard .. coz the school is repainting lah ..
well ms chang told me that they are painting back the same colour ..
Pale Yellow and Green ..
i wonder izzit mr low who saw the school building colour and decided our unifrom colour ? hah..
well .. it is realli heart pain to take down all the posters i put up like last year ..hah..
so fast sia . ..i sec four liaoz .
hmm ..
since the band room repainting ..
going to think of a new way to refurnish the band room ..heehe..
good idea huh ..
the band room look much bigger and brighter without the posters ..
but no as cosy as before liaoz ..
the posters are all not torn .. expect for the flute one ..
hmm ...

Boring lah. . went to Northpoint with Ms Chang juz now ..
saw quite some band ppl
Shannon , Charlene , Eliza
Chun Sean and Chris ..
Chris went to pierce ear hole ..
same like mr tan ..
bad influence ..hah...

well .. tt;s all folks ..
can;t wait for the O levels to end on the 22nd YEAH !!!

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 4:22 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

haiz .. i did badly for my s.s
well .. did not did the last question for SBQ
then SEQ .
i seriously dunno wat i am writting ..
seriously nonsences ..
for part B
i juz elbaolated the 3 swiss points given and then
give my stand
t;s all i wrote
Sasi came to speak to the whole hal
so was happy though ..
but i think the S.S paper was ok lah. .
wat we realli expected all came out
she was smart manz
hope that history is as well as this ..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 1:33 PM

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