Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Young Ladies and Gentlemen Of Sec Four-aye-Four ' 2004

Catcha !! .. HEY we ARE NOT READY !!

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LYT was here ..wat else ?

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

back again ..
well ..everybody;s mugging ..
damn worry manz
but how .. dunno lah ...

went studying juz now under farhana;s block with her friends
Lawrence and Izwan ..from 5B1 and 5B2 ..
was ok lah ..
seeing those sec 5 so hardworking ..
while i was there doing art ..
felt awaward there ..
so i went back ...
but actually i was tired lah ..
i confrim fall asleep there ..sianz ...

came home ..
funny sia ..
Tennis Court 3 was with Cheung Cheng Guys ..
Tennis Court 2 was with Chatolic Guys ..
and the funniest part was ..
all were shirtless while playing tennis ..
me and my friend were joking that they were trying to show tt who is da best ..
haha... nth better to do sia ..
well .. kinda bored lah ..
i have this neighbour ..
Naval Base Sec ..lived in level 6 ...
upper sec .. wanted to talk to him ..
but i did not . so sometimes we juz take the lift without talking to one another ..
sometimes even from the bus stop @ Khatib ..
peNgz ..dunno lah ..
don;t have much friends around here ..
suddenly thought of Chay Hong
hmm . long time never see him liaoz .. used to see him downstairs coz he always sneak in to buy snacks coz he living in those detached house outside ..
hmm ...
gonna go liaoz ..
doing tt stupid art ..
dot dot dot ..
pengz ...

tml back to school ..
nonsencs ...
have to wake up earlier to comb my hair ..
or it will be in a mess ..

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Joyce's Testimonal for 4A4 ..
haiz .kinda touching ..

this is not the ending . its just a beginning to a another phase of our lives . Never say die,4A4-ers .
- Joyce Ching.

Joyce :
four-aye-four..what can we say about this awesome class that has left us so many memories..although at times we may not be able to see eye to eye with one another, we've endured many a scoldings, gone through one tests after another, sat through so many different boring lessons, learnt to be patient towards each other's shortcomings..this is not goodbye, this is not the ending.its just a beginning to a another phase of our lives. never say die, 4a4-ers

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hey ..well
today juz got my art paper ..
bleh ..
well .. today was a alright day ..
have lots of fun with those emal ppl ..
we siao liaoz
6 more days left ..

my progress so far...

English : None
Maths : NONE !! OMG
Physics .. : I did some past year papers ..surprise ..
Chemistry : also did some past year papers ..did notes for organic chemistry ..
History : None
Social Studies : None
POA : None
Art : Starting soon ..

OMG .. how am i going to pass O LEVELS ..
but actually i did have tutions and revision ..
but it is like always i think i never study ..
siao liaoz lah ..
haiz ..going to study later ..

juz now was @ farhana;s house ..
everything i say .. she don;t believe ..
feel like smacking her sia ..hah. just kidding ..
well .. kinda feel sad for my juniors ..
they are being retained ..
haiz .. juz hope tt they can go appeal and get promoted ..
i know that they will face difficulties in sec 4 .
but it is better then retaining ..
well ..both of them are very good juniors ..
something like my good friends in band ..
i will be praying for both of u k ?
Just go to appeal
and work hard and u can do veri well ..
juz believe me .. coz .. some of my friends are living example ..
i am also one ..
all the best to both of my juniors ..
i really really don;t wish to see them retain ..
going to pray for them ...God Bless Them ..

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Well .. some replies from the eMaL clan regarding to my post the other day ..

Hey Guys ...YT here ...
happen to pass by here ... so juz leave some footprints ..

Hmm .. it is rather cold here ...
well .. perhaps o levels is coming liaoz ..
sia lah stress manz .. when i saw the school cleaner changing the number from 10 to 09 yesterday .. i was like WAH !!! ..hah...

Well .. let;s all work hard and pass with flying colors ..
but hey .. after O levels don;t lose contact k ?
Maybe if we are busy .. we can meet up one day
have a cup of coffee and catch up with one another ..
and ...

eMaL ClaN SimpLy RawKS ...

CheeRs ..

L.Y.T. é Housekeeper ..hah..

Eileen :

Dearest all,
It's abt 7 more daes to our first paper, if your 1st paper is Social Studies. Have gone thru the 1st study leave wk. Here I am, feelin quite melancholic.
Indeed, how fast 4 yrs have gone. Especially to many of u here, who had been so packed with sch stuffs, time passed even faster for us. For the prefects, life doesnt seem to have rest. After we are tighted up with our CCAs and exam for the past 3 yrs and finalli have the hols... We had to go back and commit to the board. There was nv a break, a real break for us at all. And finalli, the yr has come when we are no longer tied up by CCA and prefectorial board, we are tied up with the exams. The exam that seemed to determine our paths to go, or at least, our immediate path after 'O's. Guess that's the way life is, never resting, till the dae, you cannot get up from ya deathbed. When life gets so wearisome, I just wish that moment of resting come early.
For non-prefects, we have some very committed OPSS members here like Dom and YT who gaf their heart and soul to their CCA. I guess, like any other CCAs, there had been times when u feel like, "Can I just control my own time?!"
For many of us, we grow in this 4 yrs, in the midst of anguish, frustrations, sorrows, and of course, laughters and happiness. I get the 1st 3 emotions frm most the stuff I have to go thru, but the latter 2 frm the eMAL. My life would have been so miserable, so lonely, so hollow, a totally vacuum, so depressing, without any of you, the eMALs present.
Whilst I feel nothing at the moment of leaving the sch that brought me so much frustrations, costed me so much tears, I can't bear to leave many of u. For those there are always with me for breadfast- Tk u so much. U guys simply start my day well. For the subsets, tk u too. Many of u given me so much support at my weakest time.
It's very clear that we all need each other to encourage us to get on with life, to feel hopeful about life durin hard times. And it's always coz of many of u here, that I am here todae.
50 yrs later when I look back... Ok, it doesnt have to take 50 yrs. Whenever I look back at my sec sch life... Each of your faces will appear in my mind, my heart. Because you guys had taken up quite a large file size storage in my heart. YT, it's not footprints that you and eMALs left for me, it's the new blood vessels formed. Haha, abit gruesome. But that's the best thing I can think of at the moment.
I wanted to sing "You Raise me up" to Mr Tay and some teachers when they left my life. Here, I wanna sing "You Raise me up" to the eMALs. Coincidentally, my PC plays the song...
All the best to each and everyone of the eMALs. Hope you get to ya dream path. And no matter what happens, always remember the eMALs, remember the website, remember that there's a strong bond here. No matter how tough life is, eMALs are here. Let's always keep in touch, thru this website, or thru e-mails, phone, all possible methods. Like wad Mdm Ng say, we probably won't find frienz so true as we now find.
Life in OPSS
(This is not a poem)

Bitter, sweet are what we've went thru
Life in OPSS
Allow us to learn more, see more about life
Life is not as perfect at all
There's no such thing as absolute angels
Even angels that helped us thru the way
May not be as pure as they seem
For today
Some of them ended up in an unimaginable place
It brought such intense pain, hatred
Why must it happen to innocents like us
It's sad
But the moment I think abt OPSS
That's the part of life I thought of
Because some of us live thru that pain for most of the time in OPSS
I wouldn't have cheer up if not for my eMALs
As much as that incident bleeds my heart
Caused a total mess in my brain
brought me back to happiness...
Besides eMAL, there are still few more pple
whom I wanna express my gratitude to...
For some of them,
it was easy to express
And I had expressed it, haha, lame.
But for some,
it takes a whole lot of courage
to express the gratitude
And for others,
expressin gratitude is a huge project...
Oops, how shld i end this...?
I know!!
Piglet luvs u all! MUACK!

With the bottomest of my...?? heart,
YT: I replied ya post.

For the rest who see YT and my post, remember to post. And hopefully post something like this too... I almost cried as I was typing... Okok, I noe i famous for crying lah. Hahhaha!!

Bernice :

Hi.... Dropping by to say somethings.
Good Luck for your 'O' levels... Heh heh heh... Must think of me when you guys do your papers.... So that you guys will score... ok ... I shouldn't be so thick skinned now...
Yeah... Just want to say, after the appalling incident I've met in this school, I really learned that having a bunch of good and true friends is the best thing that can ever happen to a person... Is OPSS a good school? Nah, it isn't (in my opinion). But I must not forget that it has brought many true friends into my life. I really thank all of you who were there when I needed you. Friends are those who will be with you when the sun is out, or when it's raining cats and dogs. I hope we'll always stick together
Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to eMALs for coming into my life.
heh heh heh
Best of luck to all of you.
Sorry for not writing a lot coz I'm in a rush, ya...
with lots of love

well .. kinda touch by eileen;s poem which is not a poem ..

All the best to the eMaL Clan - ers .. !!haha

LYT was here ..wat else ?

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well .
kinda bored ..
no body to go out study with ..
did some changes to my blog ..
the blog entries window is longer now ..
and i added lots of new links ...
ENJOY !! ..

LYT was here ..wat else ?

Y O N G T A H 1:13 PM

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The eMaL Clan ...haha...wat is eMal .. juz read from the back is LAME ..hah...yeah ..we are the Lame Clan ..ha.h..and well the following photos are taken during the Graduation .. but ..veri little onli lah + this pic onli 7 ....haiz ... regretted manz .. hate myself for tt ...haiz ...but anyway .. it is better then nothing ... Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 12:05 PM

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Me and Marcus .. Say Cheese ..hah... One Of my Favourite photo ...taken in the band room .. can u spot the mace ..hah.. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 12:03 PM

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Hey .. Marcus ... one of my best best pals in the past ..but dunno why .. things got worst this year ...due to the stress we had in our various postitions in the committee ...well .. now we have all stepped down ..but we were not as close as b4 .. well .. juz want to tell yah .. u are still one of my best buddy ...remember all the fun times we had ..hah..OPMB RAWKS !! but .. Percussion is better the French Horn ...hah... Our committee is the best lah ..ah.. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 12:01 PM

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Me , GiokHui and Sakinah ... hey ...this is the onli picture in the album i did not show my teeth .. Cool Right ..ha.h..btw . did u notice sakinah year book is placed different from us ...ah..the height also..i look the tallest here ..bad sia ..hah. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:59 AM

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Me and Mr Goh ...well .. i used to hate him like siao .. but now .. he is one of my favourite teacher ..well .. times do change everything ..SALUTES TO MR GOH CJ .. thx for everything .. and sorry for all the things i did in the past .. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:57 AM

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Me , Sakinah , Joyce and Xiaoling .. Xiaoling like sleeping sia ..hah Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:56 AM

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Me and QuanYi of my best buddy who talks to me in MSN ..msn Chatter ..ha.h.. and hey .. can u spot PuayKuan at the side ..ha.h Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:56 AM

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Helen .. Angelin , Feng Hwee and Xueying ...Oh yah ..the photos later were taken the day after Graduation ...21 /10 / 2004 ..coz we have to go back for remidial ..ARGH !! .hah... but it is Sasi;s .. so nvm ..well .. combined with A2 ..then later went to talk report book from Ms liem .. all of us line up 2 rows .. at the corridor outside staff room to near the staircase .. all the teachers ..keep looking at our class shirt ..hah... went to foyer later ... hah.. then took these photos .. luckily i brought my camera ..and also ..I helped Mish and Chunhui to take pic .. i was like ..Chunhui's head nearer ..then Joyce..OEI !!..ah... then later joyce want to take with him ..he run out of the school with joyce chasing after him .. hah.. the whole foyer was filled with the Four-AYe-Four laughter. ..W E RAWKS OK !! Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:55 AM

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Rashid and Ah Guang .. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:51 AM

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Ah Guang and Mich Ang .. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:50 AM

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Hoho ... how come GohYiling like act Innocent ..hah Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:50 AM

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Mish and Ms Liem .. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:50 AM

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Heyhey ...hah Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:49 AM

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Me and Farid .. .wat the ...i LOoK FAT !!! Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:48 AM

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Hey .. i look like a nerd ..coz i am the onli one tuck in ...WAH !!! Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:47 AM

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heehee Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:47 AM

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Me and Ah Guang .. taken at Mac !! Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:46 AM

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Heyhey .. Flower Drawn By Yawen .. nice right ...haha .. Copyright LYW 2004 Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:45 AM

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Hey ..Yenling and me ..We know each other since P2 .. 9 years liaoz ..WHOOO Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:44 AM

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4A4 Entertainment Board !! Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:42 AM

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The Coconut Trees beside the noticeboard ,, the white markings are added by Shuchen during the banner making ..hah Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:41 AM

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Me and Hussaini ..taken on friday .. on yah .. we stayed back on friday with farhana and sakinah to break fast together at mac later ..hah... tt was fun manz .. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:40 AM

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Heyhey ... The 4 As ...hah.. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 11:39 AM

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