Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hohoho ..
Prelims over liaoz ..
haha ..
today all multi choice ..
so never study ..
bleh ..having tution later ...HELP !! ...hah...

Actually mish they all ask me go to see the shirt ..
although they ask me late ..but it was already lah
but i got tution ..haiz ...ARGH ...
tt;s all folks lah ..
nth much to do ..

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Y O N G T A H 2:16 PM

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

heyhey .. guess wat ..
Cause my lunar bday is on the 8mth 16 day ..
and the Mid-Autumn festival is on the 8mth 15 day ..
And normally on the 15th day of the lunar calendar the moon will be the roundest ..

However .. for this year's mid autmn festival .. it is not the case ..
Astroists say tt It will be rounder on the 16th ..
On my Lunar Bday .. haha..
Such a conicidence..
Coz i am 16.. so the moon wish me a happy bday but having a rounder moon on the 16th ..hah.
Lame right .. .

Well .. last time when i was small..
my family celebrates Mooncake festival veri grandly ..
Our family always buy mooncake from Seasons Cake House ..
Which is one of the best in Johor ..
I juz love their cake , their bread .. their everything ..
since small i have been eating their bread ... well .. Breadtalk can;t even compare with them ..
Just remember .. it is Johor Season Cake House ..muz go try .. especially their cake and their tuna fish bread ...Yummmi

Back to the Mooncake thingy ..
Then we will go to the Pasar Alaek ..coz last time don;t have TOPS
so it is the biggest supermart .
In its peak ..
it have 4 shops and even opened a 2nd storey fashion outlet ..
Tt time it was realli the biggest supermart ..
everybody go there to buy ..
life was simple and easy ..
and came Perling Mall ..with TOPS and ShopIn ..
and then .. there goes Pasar Alaek ..
and the shops around it .. all those provisison shop ..
ofcoz .. there came a Season cake house .. to my delight ...heehee..

Then we will buy one big box of paper latern ..
hang wire around our garden ..
and light up the laterns and hang there ..
and we will sit at the garden chair or sit on the carpet grass to eat mooncake .. see the moon ..
Life was relax manz ..
go around playing with latern .. with other chinese kids ..
some family even hang the latern on the trees .. Mango trees ..hah.
every family celebrates ..
as my house is on the hill top .. when i look over the fence .. can see all other house ..
they light up their gardens ..
and we will off our lights in front of the house ..and the whole street will be in darkness .. and light up with laterns ..
as there isn;t any streetlamps .. even there is .. it is normally not working ..
so all the house have lights outside the house ..all kind of patterns
the light shop often more designs then singapore ...
wooohoo .. even my house lamps i never even seen in Singapore ...hah.
and we will celebrate it will joy ..

How wonder memory it is ..
but .. no more ..
The house is being sold . my uncle passed away ..
friends have grown up and shifted away .. and lost contacted ..
haiz .. those childhood days .. which i never cherished ..
i took it for granted that i will be living in tt big house forever ..
never even have snapshots of it ..
all are in my mind ..

Haiz ..
now those are just fond memories of mine ...
happy Mooncake Festival ..
Mooncake i come ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 2:13 PM

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Sianz sianz sianz
Not going to play com liaoz ..
so boring ...
Well ..
art is tml ..
i haven;t even started ..
4 days slack ..
from friday till today
if i started on friday
today i can sleep liaoz ..
ARGH ...
forget it ..

Y O N G T A H 1:05 PM

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yesterday helped my mum to watch tt Thai show with malay subtitile ..
Well .. was guessing all the while manz ..
luckily there are some malay words that i can comprehen ..
and thus manage to understand the whole show ..
hmm ..
going to help mama watch again ..
Happen to see that Bao Meili on the retelecast show ..
hmm ..
BaoMeili ...bu Bao bu Mei li ...hah...

Well .. haven;t even done my art ..
can;tbe bothered lah .
never even ask me friends ..
lets; see wat creative ideas i can think later ..
Booo ...
actually wanted to draw a scene of a temple in Japan ..
but ..can;t find the pic lah ..
Fed up ..
hmmph ..
Home along .. boring boring and boring ..
Guess wat .. My msn onli 1 online ..Faree ..
serious .. WHERE ARE THE REST MANZ ...

Bohoo nagnang nag .. yesterday ..
HELP !!! ...hah...
tt;s all folks lah ..
O levels coming liaoz ..

A mail my cousin send me ..

We Are Chin Kang Kor
(to the tune of 'We Are Singapore')

There was a time when people said our bus fares won't increase
But it did
There was a time when people thought our CPF won't decrease
But it did
We built a nation,
With nothing free,
Reaching out together,
To grab all our mo-ney
Chorus 1:
This is my country, this is my flat
Is there a future, or am I mad?
What of my family, what of my friends?
We are chin kang kor, chin kang kor eh lang
Singapore, our homeland
Is ruled by one party
They've just stuck us with some more
Bloody GST
We worked so hard together,
What have we achieved?
Singapore forever,
Stuck with price increase
(Repeat Chorus 1)
We, the citizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves as one diffi-cult people
Regardless of haze, weather or pollution
To complain about it equally
Whether statement, law or policy
Because we have much
That we cannot
Express through elections
Chorus 2:
We are chin kang kor, we are chin kang kor
We will stand together and complain some more
We are chin kang kor, we are chin kang kor
We will kau peh kau bu, then kau peh some more
(Repeat Chorus 1 & 2)
We are chin kang kor, chin kang kor eh lang (x2)

Lolz ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:07 AM

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Monday, September 27, 2004

hoho ..
i am 16th Now ...
well .. yesterday went to sake sushi for dinner
first time go ..
mountain tortise ..
got some ppl wish me bday ..
so touched ...hah..
Thx ..
tt gohyiling sms me at 2.45 a.m. ...hah..
best ..hah

well well ..
long time never update ...
well .. prelims are going to be over soon ..
soon it will be O levels
but b4 tt is guradation ceremony
going to miss OPSS manz ..
well .. although i can;t wait to leave
but i will miss all the folks .hah..
4a4-ers ...
coz now canot see them liaoz ..
juz now happen to see some photos ..
realise .. i got 319MB worth of OPMB photos ..
OMG ..
i am planning maybe to have a midi disc for every different year event
right from the beginning of OPMB was formed ..
coz still got a lot of photos with Aihui ..
wonder when she is going to return ..
Hmph ...

Well .. did write tt i watched a Japanese show call LIVE ?
it is a veri long time show lah .
tt time don;t have HP ..
tt show ..
Veri nice .. everything nice nice .
but cannot find in the market liaoz
it is mabel;s lah ..
Japanese and chinese subtitile ..
bleh ...
farhana says she wanted to watch after i told her some part of the story
i wonder how is she going to watch ..
translate ..hah..
but the band some sort like ours lah ..the problems faced ..

Went back to see them with Mabel and Zhitong on a friday ..
woo hoo ..
Azlan command then stylo .. Yaser.. i see him i want to laugh .hah...
but both good ..hah...

When .. exams ..
well .. a lot i dunno lah ..
lets; see lah .
Eric is giving me intersive tution ..
till i want to die liaoz lah ...
wel well ..

later got to help me mama watch show ..
but .. in Thai and malay subtitle
how to understand ..ahyoh ..
don;t care lah ..
at least still can see lah ..
but i like to watch tt show .. the male lead is handsome and the female lead is pretty ..
the setting also nice.. the clotheres they wear ..
the palace .. thai palace ..the royal clothers ..
WAH ....hah...

gtg lah .. tt;s all folks ..
maybe will try to update ...coz o coming liaoz ..
btw .. i got a bad hair cut ..
so everyday is abad hair day for me ..
coz i told the uncle to cut the side... then the middledon;t cut so short ..
so he never cut the front ..
now i serious dunno how to comb my hair ..


// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 1:24 PM

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Happy 16th Birthday to Me ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:27 PM

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Friday, September 10, 2004

heyhey ..
back again ..
boring manz ..
yesterday actually wanted to go out with farhana , mardiana and sakinah ..
thz to tt moron
i can;t go again ..
fine ...

Wel lwell ..
i deleted all the tones tt was orginally installed
stupid right ..hah
but i downloaded some new songs ..
via my mum's sim card ...hmmm ....
kinda regretted to delete those tones ..
haiz ...

Boring ...
later maybe going to Sun plaza's Sewbawang Music Centre's outlet
to search for the Into The Sun OST
coz there bigger mah ..
coz maybe can find ..
hoho ...

i am still here slacking ..
yesterday went for swimming .
now i am damn tired ..
maybe to long never excersie liaoz ..hah...

well well ..
later got tution ..
when am i going to start to MUG ..
help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is friday
one week juz fly past ..
well .. manage to do somethings ..
arranging of worksheets .
although cannot use com liaoz ..
but luckily i did a computer cleanup ..
delted unwanted flies
organize everything properly ..

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:56 AM

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

he went mad again ..

scolded me ..
conficasted the main power extendtion ..
and now i am here ..
secretly using it through one stupid extendtion .
with plugs all over the place..

ARGH !@!!!
HE SUX !!!!

OHYah .. cannot online so frequent liaoz ..
haiz ..

well well.. morning saw me going to art briefing ..
everything was ok ..
questions damn hard ..
then went to mac with mish and Joyce ..

then went orchard find the INTO THE SUN OST ..
don;t have ..
toa payoh CD hut ..
havent open ..
go cold storage shop shop ..
come back still haven;t open .. fed up lah ..
then went toYishun 10 .. downloaded Say Yes Ringtonefrom tt nokia machine
Nice nice ..
all the 3 CD shop don;t have ..
bleh ..

..hahaha ...

in search of the OST ..
it is super nice ...hah...

Bleh ..

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 2:04 PM

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

hohoo ..
i am back .. long time never update ...


English was okok lorz ..
after english went to see band ..
then accompany tt Farhana to her house ...
lalala .. rained ..then never bring key ..
cannot go home take HP ..bleh ...
was watching a comedy at her house ..
laugh like mad ..hah...

then go to OP Bazzar ..okok lroz ..
nth interesting ..
see band .. then go home ..

woke up late
Rush to school ..
get the video camera .. and pia to orchard ..
was surrounded by the flagday thingy ..
came out of the MRT ..
can hear the band .. but cannot find ..
ooh ..
it is hidden behind a pasar malam ..
peirce play already so loud..
imagine OPMB play ..
hoho oo...

It was damn pathetic ..only so few ppl ...oh my ...
+ me onli like 6 ++ ?
Then came Dunmen ..
OMG ..
nonsences ...
recorded them ..but got a lot of our voices.
especially Leqi's .. wat u recording ?hah
bleh ..

Then OPMB ...hah...
niec nice ...
tt ;s wat i think lah ..
oh yah .. got mikes lah ..
then OPMB play ..
all almost go death ..h.ah...
btw .. onli 6 sec sch performing ..
and mr tan told me got a lot ..hah..

well well ..
we were also sing lalala with them ..
somemore their lalal sounded so innocent ..ha.h...

well well
then say byebye to them ..
then we go jalan jalan ..
go makan @ lucky plaza ..
then archate near there ..
so funni ..
coz the dunno call wat machine ..
i think is the bonus thing lah ..
we tired ..
sia lah ..haha...
tt ;s was sosososo fun ...

then later azlinah , sakinah , tutti went to queensway ..
then go Far East ..
then take NeoPrint ..hah...
it was realli realli fun ..ha.h...

Full Body View .. Posted by Hello

Where's laila ? Posted by Hello

There she is ...heehee.
Don;t u think this pic look like a flower ? hah Posted by Hello

was fun lah ..
sticked a photo of ours on the board there
coz got extra lah ...
hmm .. try to find lah ..hah...
sure got me one ...

well well ..then come home ...

boring day ...
watch some VCD ..
the INTO THE SUN ..hah
abt navy life ..hooo ...

then got tution at night ...hah...

woke up .. then uncle tan sms me ..ask me got remidial or not ..
i tell him to pretend he never sms me ...
and he sms back . ok .. u pretend u never sms me also ..hah..
spend my whole day watching VCD ..
from morning to 12.30 midnight ..
OMG ..but got tution from 4.30-6.30
the show is ok lah ..
veri relax ..
but the climax is not so exciting like the Stairway To Heaven ..
no wonder this show no so popular ..hah...
but this show overall is nice lah...
same male lead as the STH ...
some parts veri funni also ..
can make u laugh like siao ..
i watched 10 discs ..
using the com ..
and i end up watching those funni parts again and again ..ha.h..
sososososoo funni ...

well .. the VCD returned liaoz ...hah..
hmm ..
went to buy things @ NTUC AMK ..
no more eggs liaoz ...
bleh ..
i want EGG !!!
and i also arranged my documents , my favouries
and did some computer maintainence ..
well ..
tt;s all folks lah ...

BLEH >...
wait .. i found out something ..
Korean Drama always have Slogans they like to say..
hoho .. worte them down in my organizer ..
will be handy in the future ..hah...

TML have to see that MORONTIC FREAK ..
HELP !!!!.hah...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 2:55 PM

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Today was no quite a happy day ...
Bleh ..
History test was alright ...
hmm ..
then horz ..
lessons after lessons ..
and then school dismiss ..
played with Uncle Tan;s camera ..
then ..
Somethings i don;t want to say ..

Went to popular with 510 they all ...
then came home to my comfort zone ...
busying taking pics ..
trying to recreate one of the pics..
the first few pics i took one myslef ..
but i can;t ..
fed up ..
i took so many pics tt i end up deleting them like one mad cow ..

here i go again ..
well .. the korean serial my parents are watching ..
is Into The Sun ..
Which is flimed in the same year but b4 Stairways Of Heaven ..ha.h.
well .. shall watch all of this after o levels ..
don;t i ...
hmm ...

Tml prelim ...english ..
sianz .. got OP bazaar ..
but i got tution @ 5.30
ooh .. how good it is ..bleh ...

The Final Lap .. juz conquer iT !! ..hah....
The Great Leap Forward ..

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:02 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Can u imagine tt i did nth again
dad borrowed another set of VCD ...hah..
i was like watching for a while ..
woo ..
the Male lead for Stairway to Heaven - Kwon Sang Woo ..
is in it ..
the Male lead again ..woowoo
this time as a navy captain ..
the Uniform is SOOOOO Nice. ..ha.h...
damn stylo ..
coz they also got winder kind ..
too bad Singapore no four seasons ...hmph ..

Wellwell ..
i love my new phone ..hah.
at least got color liaoz ..
tt;s all lah ..
History ..
1911 revolution ..ARGH....

still waiting for PEi En to come online send me the pics ..
WHERE ARE U ...hah...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:06 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


YEAH !! ..
i am sooooooooooooooooooHAPPY !!!
i got a NEW HP ..
6610i ..
coz my father's plan finish liaoz
if continue can get free phone ...hah..
one samsung one .. or nokia or motorola ..
but for nokia and motorola . muz trade in ..
so i took this opportunity to take my phone to trade in ..
at first thought need to pay money ..
but it is free ..
wonder y ...hah...
but is my parents who took my phone to trade ..
they don;t accept mine phone ..
say it is spoilt ..huh ?
but my dad took his which is the same as mine ..
to trade in ..
so now he using mine phone ...hah.

yeah ..hah..
but this phone quite slow ..hah..
well .. this best is got camera ..hah..
but nokia camera are blur one lah ..ha.h.
i don;t mind ..

i have been slacking the whole day ..
OMG !!!!

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 5:26 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Oh well ..
today is teachers' day holiday ..
seems like a sunday to me ..hah..
and i am here slacking ...hah...

some updates abt yesterday ...

ACES Day ...
tt nath call it all Citizen Exercise ...
nonsences .h.a...
was rather walking lah .. walk walk walk ..
in front of me was 510 , Mish , Joyce ..
was laughing all the way ..
especially when we saw ms liem opposite the road ..ha.h.

Then was rather like a walkathon ..
then remember the essay we wrote ..
ambulance and first aid every 10 metres ..ha..
i don;t see any yet ..hah...

then came back to school ..
went to class ..
band seems to be relaxing coz this year the ACES was long ..
compared to last year ..
somemore still got mass skipping ..
so they got more time to prepare ...hah

then came the mass skipping ..
zhiwei , Me , Joyce , Mish , Dom and Marcus were busying guessing the number they could jump b4 they started ..hah..
so funni sia ..hah...
3A1 won ..
and guess wat 510 says ..
this meant tt the older u get .. the smarter u are .. ooh ..
so if sec 4 go .. confrim they sure SHUTT UPPP one ..hah...

wellwell .
Concert began ..
now i realise how ppl feel when we took our own sweet time to prepare in the past ..
Sing wasn;t tt well ..hah..
maybe without us the seniors ..
but Good Morning Sir was nice ...
really nice ..
Me and 510 enjoyed it ...
coz during sing .. we were trying to hear whether got mistake or not ..hah.
and we were like ..asking the ppl around us to sing .. LALALALa ~~~...hah..
especially we started clapping b4 siraj did on stage ..hah...
Good Morning Sir was veir nice. .
Clarinet melody . and i was saying tt clarniet sound nice without 510 ..
Hope that Sat's performance turn out well .
Not hope .. IS A MUST OK ...hah.

Then ...some stupid things lah...
bleh... the choir part ...
the songs were nice ...
but it didn;t turn out well ..hah..

Then after school ..
went to class and to gave teachers' day present ..
i volunteered to give Goh CJ ..
funni huh .. he was one of the teachers who make me like and hate ..
was surprise when he say thankyou to me ..hah....
then half way ..talking to mdm ng ..
coz she say 1A2's .. last time sec one do one .
teacher's day card is still on her table .. WoW ..hah...

Then Kaiyan , Giokhui came calling me ..
walked out of the staff room .. and being bombared by Sijie , Amelia ...
they all waited for me at the foyer for a long time ...hah...
coz i cannot find kaiyan mah ..hah.
come to think of it .. every year they waited for me ...hah...
nonono .. i meant every single time when we go back to NBPS ..hah...
poor them ..

was at the canteen ..the OP ppl , Sijie , me , kaiyan , giok hui ..
when suddenly karen came ..
we were like ..KAREN ..
then all dumbfound ..
we longtime never seen her ..
ever since we guardated from p6 ..
went up to the hall ..
saw Zhiqun first i never see him ..hah.
he was like waving to me ..ha.h..
went to the other side of the hall ..
ms ang was busying talking ..
then we were like joking ..
let;s go lah ..hah..
then ms ang remembered all our names ..
expect Giok hui ..hah.
she onli remember the HUi .. and was like hui wat huh ..
took a long time sia ..hah..
and after remembering .. she ask her .. how;s PeiEn ..
Giok hui was like ..
then peien;s brother who behind .
Mysis coming ..hah...
then later xueli came up also ..
soon ..
Pei En also came ..
went to find Mrs Keng with Kaiyan , Giokhui and karen ..and Peien ..
then we went down ...
karen went back ..

How smart of PeiEn to bring a digital camera ..
hah.. took photo at the canteen ..
coz Xueli happen to bring a junior along ..
so she became the photographer ..

Hmm .. then suddenly i saw Rajasegar walking towards us ..
then the rest ..
Open their mouth .. Dumbfold ...
i went to buy food to eat ..
nice . better then OP's Canteen food ..
which is horriblly disgusted ...

was chatting with Rajasegar ..
coz he is also in band ..hah..
talk abt band lah ...talktalktalk ..
then realise ..he student conductor .
WAH >.
Frank Tichell went to their school
even Amelia also ..h.haha...

Saw Angelia with her friends ..
went up to chat with her ..
end up all her friends all band ..ha.h..

then .. went to find ms ang .. upon raja;s request ..
saw her outside the dental there..
chatted with her ..
then we took Photo again. ..heehee
Snap Snap ..
b4 tt dunno who told ms ang Raja forgotton our names ..
she was like .. introducing to all of us ..
when Pei En ..
i remember the other day u made her cry ...haha
tt's was P6 when it happened ..
all the funni memories ..

Ms ang left for her library duties ..
Then we were like chatting ..
then Yazid came ...
we all suddenly bluff that Ms ang transferred school ..
then he .. realli ..
hah.. manage to convince him ...
then he say .. wat abt other subjects ..
basically .. ms ang taught us all subjects ...hah..

then Pei En ask us someting abt his brother ...
all of us trying to preten we never hear ...
then i was like .. Giok Hui ..
the playground look so nice ....
kaiyan .. later we go play ..hah...
Pei En : .. OEI !! ..hah..

was at the porch .. then horz ..
hah.. some funni things ..
coz yazid went to find those little kids ..hah...

then went to see the teachers' photo ..
took photo at the mini fountain there ..hah..
with Xueli;s friend as photographer ..
Snap Snap ..
Giokhui and Kaiyan left ..

went up to the library was locked lah ..
went to the hall .. where xueli played piano ..and we looked around ..
being chased out coz hall is locking up ..
then went to the canteen ..
then all decided to go home ...hah..
went with Pei En and Amelia ..
coz the rest taking bus mah ..
was walking behind the back of NBPS ..
long time never walk sia ..
2-3 years liaoz ...
then took 854 with Pei En ..
chit chatted along the way after Amelia went home ..lalal ..
tt;s all folks lah ..
then got tution ...boring sia ...
well .. saw Baqi on the way ..ha...
well was telling Pei En ..
This year's wasn;t realli fun ..
last year was more fun ..
coz got a lot came back ..
we even sat at the porch ..till 6 ++
chit chat ..hah..
was like why last year no ppl bring camera ...hah...
well .. hope that next year more can come back ..heehee ...
haiz ...i realli want a digital camera ...
bye !
// ... MALAYSIA BOLEH ... //

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:14 AM

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