Monday, August 30, 2004

well well ..
here i am again ..
school was short and sweet ..

phototaking today...
i bet it will not turn out good ..
lets' see then ..

English lesson combine with A2 ..
then ask mrs lee to sign class diary ..
gave her the pen .. and she juz took it to sign ..
those kind got tip one. . without opening the cap ..
and i was giggling ..
while vanessa offer mrs lee with a pen ..hah...

came home early ..
actually wanted to go out with 4A4 to buy gifts for teachers' day present ..
and wat .. u tell me wat ..
tt freak don;t allow ..
yah right .. say wat company made loss...
and u are the one who spend the most money ..
if using computer can cause so much strain on electricity .
OPSS close down long ago ..
nonsences ...

just slacked since 3 .. till now ..
Well .. i finished up the forum ..** clap hands **
"" clap Hands "" like mish's style ..

well ..
juz had a major conflict with my mum ..
i don;t care ..
i juz told her ..
u think i so good mahz ..
i failed all my subjects .. and i lay on the table all my test paper ..
Tution teacher and my school teacher gave up one me ..
and even Ms chang ask me go and find one ITE ..
and she start saying band again ..
tt;s why i shouted @ her ..
SHUT UP ..i hate ppl talking bad abt OPMB ..
u think wat .. i go there enjoy mah ? i go there to suffer and learn more things lorz ..
OPMB is the place where i think i will remmeber for the rest of my life ..

yahyah .. i am going to a ITE ..
and there she goes ..taking out the cane to threaten me ..
wat;s wrong with tt ..
yah .. i wanted to go to either hotel management or NAPFA ..
i don;t mind taking arts ..
but tell me wat .with those kind of money-minded father ..
i am fed up .. i rather go to a ITE .. no need so much money ..
since i am always failing .. for wat waste my time ..
study .. bleh .. Sure SHUTT UPP one ..hah...
then .. don;t u ever dare to tell who u fail ur subjects ..
and there i went again ..
So after all these while ..
u are juz afraid tt i will throw ur face izzit
izzit my problem that all my cousins are scholars or wat ever nonsencs ..
i don't CARE !!!!

i confirm she is going to have a nightmare tonight ..
not my fault ..

iknow i am juz being cruel ..
but don;t force me ..
i am actually a cruel person ..
u should ask band ppl ..
wat i did to have my revenge .. i can do things in order to get my aim ..

Don;t blame me ...

Life really SUCKS ...!! .. GIVE ME A BREAK ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 9:04 PM

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Sunday, August 29, 2004


OMG .. History ..China ..
wat;s tt ..CCP ? KMT ..
i know wat is GND lah ..
Go And DIE ..hah...

Then still got wat cultural revolution ..
wat nonsences sia ..
Chp 9 so big liaoz .. still got 2 ..

gosh .. havenlt even touch ..
hmm ..
wat nonsences is tt
i take tt paper ..
Tang sure SHUTT UPP one ..ha.h.
confrm get zero ..
hoho ...

just did a new forum for 4A4-ers ..hah..
well well ..
wonder where is my school bag ..
never seen it since friday .,.
wonder where i have thrown in the house ..
hmm ...

Sianz lah ..
Tml phototaking session ..for the guadation bk ..
hope that everybody is present tml ..

heyhey .. is 4A4-ers ok ..
seriously .. gonna miss them after o levels ..
4 yrs pass
now is the ending of sec school life ..
we resented to be in opss..
but come to think of it ..
there are lots of memories ..
especially in 4A4 ..
gonna miss a lot of things ..
especially scenes of joyce and zhiwei ..
they seriously look like one big couple from my view ..
oops .. joyce don;t come after me ..

tt's all folks lah ...
good nightz ..
going for a search for my " beloved " school bag ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:34 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


well ..
iam back again ..
hoho ..
a few days never update liaoz ...
well .. actually i was online lah ..
juz tt i busying with the 4A4 online network ..hah..
welwell ..

Friday got tution ...
then parents and sister went to J8 .. leave me alone at home ..
coz Poh Kim got sale ..
bleh .. they brought back some uninteresting shows .
to me lah. . maybe to them nice lah ...
coz those like quite old shows ..hah..i mean like a few years ago one ..

well .. they didn;t buy back the Stairway VCd .. coz tt onewe watched is my cousin's friend one . i was saying .. next time i want to watch how ?
Coz Poh kim .. after they sell finish .. will not replenish stock .. even if .. it will take a long long time ..
Mum says she say the Show is DVD ..
hoh . i think buy DVD nicer ...hah...since we got DVD player ..hah..

bleh ..
maths test was horrible ...
i don;t know any single thing ..
confirm get zero and sure shutt upp one ..ha.h..

well well .. went to see band after test ..
bleh ..
hmm ... went to makan with marcus and jane theyall ..
and i went home ..
got tution .. again ..!! ..

then spend the whole after noon and night doing the a4 blog .. photo gallery and friendster ...hoho ...
those who want to have a look at my class blog ..

here it is ..!!

4A4ers .. four-aye-four ..

Photo Gallery of 4A4ers ..

EnjOy ..hah...

and also ...i also created a wallpaper for 4A4 creating wall papers ..hoho ..

tt's all folks lah ..

monday got 2 tests .. + photo taking ..
tuesday dunno want to go back to pri school or not ..
hmph ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 9:18 AM

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hihi ...
boring lah ..
so blog again ...
lalal ....

byebye ..

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 11:02 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Song ...Thinking OF You .. Stairway to Heaven OST

well .. i juz like this song ..hah
tt;s why i am still stuck on this song

haiz ..damn tired these few days ..
tml is friday ..
i hate fridays ...
Yesh .. Simon Cheo ..
the worst teacher on earth ( in my opinion )
haiz .. pe realli sux lah ...don;t u agree ...

Reached home @ 5 today ...
after 2 hours of chemistry remidials ..
poor A4 .. have to endure with the noise pollution by the band ..
well .. i can;t do anything sorri ..
tried my best .. but they just don;t want to move ..
well ..sick and tired of screaming and shouting anymore ...

hmm ..
english course tml ..
bleh ...
it is realli realli sianz ..
not tt i don;t want to go ..
how wish i don;t need to go ..
AH !! ..juz remember got chinese FT tml ..
haiz .. can;t be bothered ...hah...
HanZi .. well .. maybe later studying lah ..

came home .. and watched 3 discs of Stairway to Heaven ..
nice nice ..hah..
although i skipped from disc 11 - 17 ..
i think there are some veri nice parts bah ..
don;t care .. going to force my mum to buy this show's VCD ..
hmm .. i think soon or later Channel U or 8 will show ..
coz it is the best rated show in korea this year ..hah...
tt time sure the price will increase ..

yah .. agree .. it is a veri sad ending ..
the female lead died ..
but .. everybody will sure die one day ..
they will go to a place ..
With no sorrows , no despair .
a place full of care and Love ..
Heaven .

tt;s all folks ..doing my historyt SBQ .. Are u suprise by what Gorbachev say in Source D ..
hah.. are u surprise ..
i am going to write .. i am so surprise and shocked .. and i can;t imagine tt Gorbachev said such things ..
hah..later mrs sasi fall off the chair lah ..hah...

bye ... singing to the tune of the song ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 8:41 PM

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

hoho .. .happen to chance this banner while i was surfing net on this show ..Hmm .. quite a lot of things sia ...Well ... my internet siao siao ... cannot go any single webby .. so i am juz trying my luck by using Hello ! to see whether i can juz blog ..hah... Juz had tution ... now listening to the OST again ..hah... but it;s nice ............................ Came home right after school .. assembly was lame .. me and kat and looyee are laughing like mad lame lorz ......................... came home like about 3 .. early right ...hah.... watch a bit of VCD .. then i slept @ 4 .. then tution;s all lah .. going to pack my bag and off i go to opss ....Well .. .juz watched the MV also .which is included in the OST .. the pictures like all repeat;s all lah ..Good Nightz .. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:34 PM

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

OPMB in Performance ...

President Star Charity 2004 - Hearts in Harmony .
( Band Marathon )

4th September 2004 ( Sat ) First Day of the Sept Vacation

Venue : Orchard Park ( beside Orchard MRT )
Time slot : 11a.m. - 12a.m.

The Band will be playing some familiar songs as well as new songs ..
Duration : 50 mins - 1 hour ..

Hope to see ur there ...

Oh yah .. btw ..

Peirce Band also ...
Time Slot : 9a.m. - 10 a.m. ...
Come early to support Peirce then OPMB ..

Ahyah .. juz support both lah ..
haha ...

Hope TO See Your There ...

// Stairway To Heaven .. I'll Follow You Wherever U May Go . Be It Heaven //

Y O N G T A H 10:34 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


went to band juz now ...
to see see .
haiz ..

poor thing ...
mrs bille tan complained ..
well well ..

wat do you want manz ..
and tt mr nair ..
haiz .. poor band manz ..
no space to practice
never mind .. we shall let the whole school hear our melodies music ..
ok ...OPMB ?
i will always support yah ...
Mr tan was angry , fed up
ms chang and i too ...haiz ...

came home ..
listening to the soundtrack i bought ..
haiz ..
although is in korean ..
hmm .. quite touching lah ..
coz i know the story liaoz ..hah...

well well ..
i am juz sick and tired ..
why can;t i juz start studying ..
i have not started revision
not AT ALL ..
when prelims is coming
i tried my best ...haiz ...

ARGH !!!
tml i will get a shelling for not handing up my compo
haiz ...

prom night ...
3 days after o levels .
dunno whether to go or not ..
let;s see bah ..

// Stairway to Heaven .. //

Y O N G T A H 10:28 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


hmm ..
back for a while at home ..
coz juz now accompany marcus to make his new POSB card ..
wow .. this one is nice .. blue color .. stylo ..ahhah..
rashid went with us also ..

then he went home ..
went to CDhut ..
i was looking for the Stairway to Heaven ..OST
thought here don;t have . .actually wanted to go to Orchard
decided to try my luck at the little shelf which the person show me ..
and TAADAA ..

coz i was like looking through ..
coz i thought 100% don;t have

coz this one was sticking out from the rest and was the first one ..
so i took out . and marcus say he wanted to have a look
then while i was putting back ..
i look again ..
WAHH .. is tt one i wanted ...
hoho ..
coz is another version lah
then i went to the counter
they say got one more version
but no more liaoz ..
I : still got come ?
She : more .. ppl all want this .. why u want the other one ..

haha... then i told her coz i saw on the net was the other kind
but i brought it lah ..hah

the other one she said ..
was small ..
but it is from KOREA one ..
but i am satisfyed with this ..
although the chinese name is different
but everything is the same ..
still got pics in the booklet ..
got MV somemore. .

haha .. going back to OPSS liaoz

b4 i forgotton
in the morning .. when they annouce .. we weere like ..
How .. mdm loy nevercome ..
with a sad saying ..but a happy reaction
this is call self contriditing ..
hahaa ..

wow .. the songs all so nice..
going mad with it liaoz ..hah...

art lesson juz draw draw
done only one layout ..
stupid right ..
ms koh was quite fierce to the sec 3s ..
poor thing ...

wellwell ..
going back to OPSS ..
to see the band ..
my bag is still @ study area ..


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 4:30 PM

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Photo cropped from OPUS 2004 Group Photo ..
My favourite PIC !!

Hi's me lah .. well .. long time never update blog liaoz ..
well . wat i am doing now ..
hmm .. homework not done ..
summary , english compre ...
bleh .. can;t be bothered haha ...

well .. really like this korean drama
" Stairway to Heaven " ..
haha .. well .. i am juz bored on sat . so happen to see dad watching the vcd ..
then also watch .. ewnd up on sunday spend the whole day..
watching like 5-6 discs ..

happened to type in the msn tool bar
come out one whole list
so happly i go click ..hah..

Batik is finished today ..
YIPEE !! ..
hah... i too KS lah ..
juz imagine .. i juz put the iron on top of the newspaper ..
i saw bubbles .. i am not bluffing .. bubbles ..
sia lah ..
poor xt and michelle ang ..
is smelly .. coz i put too muc wax ..
but it;s nice ..hah....

then later came home ..
haiz .. tomorrow .. staying back .for band ..
some of my seniors coming back ..
hmm .. now listening to the OST / Soundtrack ..
juz downloaded it ..
i am juz like tt ..

i will get fanciated over something
i will search and know it ...
especially if it is some thing i really interested in ..
hoho .. 71 more days to O levels ..
and after which ..
i am free..
izzit tt goodie ?

bored to death
where;s the VCDs .. i can;t find it ..

at first thought this is a veri old show ..
coz they got say year 1996 ..
till i saw the signboard .. 2003 and the Samsung S200
ooh hoho ..
then found out it is debut in SCV tonight ...hah...
to think tt i have watched half the show ..
it is quite fantasy lah .
enjoy the part when the main lead is with the female lead ..
they are so ..hah...sweet lah ..
and there came the enemy ..
sia lah .. want to kill her sia ..hah...
tt;s a kind of drama i like ..
although is quite draggy . but there is someting call the forward button right
heehee ..guess wat i do liaoz ..ha...
the guy is damn good looking ..
the female is so pretty ..
this is a drama right ..hah...
how come all korean ppl or japanese so good looking ..
i am jealous =p
muahah ...nonsences sia me
but it is a very sad ending ..
poor thing ..haha..

wellwell ..
gtg to do my hw ..
bleh ...

Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 9:55 PM

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Friday, August 20, 2004

haha ,, guess wat .. i was thinking tt the blogger went siao these few days .
until i saw i was on the Edit HTML side .. haha ..

chatted with roland from bowen band yesterday night
the alumni ..haha...

well well ..
see the time now .. 12.45pm.
am i suppose to be in school
hanging around with the band members
or having remidials think tt school dismiss @ 12.10

well ... i came home to bath ..
coz later i going to peirce concert
although in school uniform
u think i want to go there sticky and untidy mehz
YeeKS ...

haha.. today .. woke up in the morning ..
realise my back pain
i think yesterday's mass skipping
i was hold ing on to the rope ..
sux lah ...

well well ..
i have to go back for english makeup lessons ..
well .. i didn;t go for 6 lessons ..
as wat the wat ever balalla's attendance ..
oh well ..
who cares ..
actually i need not go one lorz ..
moron ...
even junda also never go ..
he never sign up somemore
she want $50 .. well
i got in my wallet
i can juz throw on her face
think i don;t dare huh

belh .. OPSS SUX ..
but wait ..
OPMB RawKS ..hah...

juz now chinese lesson ..
chang say .. yongtah .. i think u prepare to think wat ITE u going
and u know wat
the rest say .
Yahlorz ... maybe go angmo kio ..
bleh ..

all rights ..
i will not go ITE
i will choose to go back to malaysia
i rather have hardship there
and i will not go ITE lorz ...
well .. even i go back . maybe have difficuitles ..
i don;t care ..
the most .. i juz go to some schools
my mum or dad;'s kampong ..
help out ..

in writing english ..
anything i also can do ..
the best is go help out school bands ..
i don;t mind ..from sectary job to stocktaker
any admin jobs i also can do
even a typewriter i also know how to use

well .. I WILL NOT GO ITE ...

haiz .. was greatly disppointed ..
WAH .. good classmates huh ..
HAHA ...
well .. was sad during poa class ..
poor marcus .. have to look at my black face ..hah...

well well ..

tt's all folks lah ..
tml is chemistry test ..
i still got a lot dunno
althought i try my best to listen in class ..
no matter how i study
how much money is spend on tution
i juz can;t remember physics , chemistry and e maths
i really dunno .. .i can;t even do sec 3 questions ...
i realli can;t do ...
tell me how am i going to pass my o levels ..

FREAK !!!!

later going to see them play songs .. got band
OPMB - the place where i can relieve from study ..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 12:46 PM

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

nth to do .. so juz click onthe BlogThis ! icon ..hoho ..

the BloG of LYT !!

Y O N G T A H 10:10 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


here i am again ..well well

did something to my orgainzer
juz want to complete all the things
i want to do ..b4 o levels ..
juz like settle lah ..hah

well .. things are never ending ...

sianz argh .. juz had a quarrel with my mum ...


Y O N G T A H 10:07 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


well .. actually wanted to go home early ..
end up playing mass skipping with band members ..muahaho

wel well .. the guy from CJC came ..
to borrow the snare ..
and chang never tell siraj ..
haiz .. wat;s the matter with her ..

well .. siraj is quite fed up lah .. hah...
well ... i can comprehen ...

the CJC guy came while i was skipping . run to the foyer ( i was @ the parade square ) and carol wong came to tell me ..
actually sebas wanted to talk to him ..
but ..he never talk ...

end up i was the one doing all the talking ..
well .. i am used to it ...

For band : i went other schools , follow chang to music companies , help to see invoice , talk to mr tan;s friends ...
wat else i do not do ..ha.h.
till ms chang say i enjoy doing these stuffs

well .. i am being trained by her wat ..
haha ..
but is high time for siraj to learn also .. isn;t it ..
by learning all these ..
i get bold and have the courage to approach ppl even those i dunno ..hah...

well well ...
went home with marcus ng..hah...

well .. my class in going gaga over the new pianos ..
regretted to drop piano class ..haiz ...

well .. going to peirce concert tml ..
YAHOO !! ..hah...

oh yah .. my mum called mr low , which he asked her to call mdm loy ..
well .. loy talk craps ..
can;t be bothered with her anyway ...

yesterday was chattin with mish .. ha.
regretted not scaring leciester ..mohoho ..hah.

tt;s all folks ...


Y O N G T A H 6:40 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bleh .. had english oral ..
lame sia ..ha...
the oral was alright ...

Well well ..
Guess wat ms liem say ..
think so pms today .. bleh ..
well .. i tell u .. u better watch out .. prelim i will give u a shock
and u SURE SHUT UP !!

muahha ..
well well ..
juz saw Quanyi;s sis ..
look excatly like him .. haha

Juz now was on the Car .. realxing on the way to makan ..
then the car turn into the car park ..
i was looking outside the window ..
Then .. i saw someone familiar .. so i look closer .. ( i never waer my specs )
Guess who i saw ..
then i was like .. MRS LECISTER !!!
then my parents and my sis .. where ..ha.h.
but by then the car pass by liaoz
wantedto wind down the window one ..
but it is juz split second .haha...

Then dinner ..
talk abt my grandma house ..
coz parents juz went back coz my second aunt;s husband pas away ..
woah .. heard tt from my grandmama house can see sunset
STYLO !! ..
somemore there got resort liaoz .
i was like ...
wat the nonsences ..ha.
well .. it is still a peaceful fish villiage .. juz tt there are no more attap houses ..
but .. the house all got own style ..
and my grandmama house is facing directly to the sea .. well is build on stilts .. but is near to the main land ..hah..
the back yard is sea liaoz ..
going back after o levels ..haha
there is the LOH Village ..
coz 3/4 bears the same surename ..
mohoho ..

haha ..
back to reality .. hah..
mugging soon .. byebye ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:11 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Drum Roll ......I AM BACK AGAIN ...
Mohohoho ..hah....

well .. a few updates huh ..hah...

First thing first ..
i handed up my prep. work ..hah...
haiz .. color scheme and the final batik color haven;t color
or else it will be perfect ...hoho ..

Peirce Trip
Well ... went for band on sat ..had a fun time with my section ..hah..
wohhoo .. they playing some old songs ..
all the sweet old memories ...heehee ...
all of us anyhow add in parts for YMCA ..
poor siraj . almost went mad ahha ....
The cornets turn red on by one when YMCA starts ..was like laughing like mad with sakinah ...mohoho ..hah....

Then ... happen to be some of them took the facial paper ( dunno how to saylah ) The Blue thingy ..
and the whole section started to wipe the oil off our face .. coz i took too many and i lazy to put back .. juz enough for evetybody ..coz percussion rest .. so all crowd around the mallets .. haha .. like having competition like tt ..
haha .. who won ? of coz is ME lah .. haha.. hoho ..heehee ...

Then later .. saw them shifting the chimes .. was like ?? hah..
tag alone .. later melvin told me Mr Yap borrowing ..
Then jane was like .. ooh .. the chimes stick ..
hahah .. i was playing like mad for the Great Locomotive Chase .. went suddnely something flew into the air .. the stick chipped ..hah...
Mr Yap soon came ..haha...
well .. i went to tell Mr Yap wat to take note .. well .. i juz think tt i should do my part coz .. tt used to be my instrument .. i am the first one to use it .. and till last year ..i am the one who is always using it ..
well .. dunno since when the chimes supporting beam for the pedal crooked .. only discover during Great locomotive .. ( tt song again ) ..hah..
after all the years .. since the chimes is brought .. i am torturing it ..haha..
Mr Yap was .. like .. don;t tell me .. tell my percussionists .. i was like .. shying and melissa here huh ..

and i went to find them
shiying was surprise to see me ..
Hey .. u here huh ..
i : .. cannot huh ..
told her wat to do .. and talked to Nilam and Yunminn ..hoho ..
wanted to bring them to the band room ..but they took the gong down liaoz time bah ..
well well ..then .. mr yap say he is not going back with them .. me and ms chang were like looking at each other .. giving tt kind of face ..
then ms chang .. since u got nth to do
I : then i go with them right ?
She : yesh yesh ..
I : // ok ..went to get my bag . and off i go ..
Ms chang : u confirm enjoy .. coz i like to do this kind of things ..ha.h..
Well .. hah...

Took a long long time to reach their school duH .. well .. had a enjoyable time talking to them funni
finally we reach their school ..
all went away , left shiying , melissa , nurul , jason ( think so ) , and another boy + me
melissa and jason was like debating .. hah..
and i purposely stood there and watch ..muahah ...
had a hard time bring down the chimes .. luckily they all got lift ..
Hoof ..
reach their band room .. tt;s not like band room lorz .. totally so small .. is a AVA room store .. for goodness .bleh ...
then got another room shared with choir .. al cupbaords ..
poor thing sia ..
then went LJS @ J8 with Nurul , Melissa and Shiying ...
talk talk and makan there ..
i talk the most lah ..
so funni sia ..
Heard from them ..last time they got one band room .. then kanna chanse out ..
i was like .. luckily we still in our cosy band room
but think of it .. ours also funni ..
juz build 2 wall , one door and one window ..
band room extension liaoz ...muahaha .. like DIY sia ...
then . while on the route to the bus stop .. the damn near BIshan park .. sia ..
juz in the middle got one Bishan Park condo .. then bishan park sec liaoz ..
wonder why they build 2 schools so near. bleh ... .

then happen to be they same day with us for SYF 2003.. cool manz .. hah
talk talk talk ..
lazy to type lah ..
shiying , melissa , nurul .. fun time talking huh ..hah...

then all go home ..ha.h..
i was @ bishan mrt .. then got this jam ..
ARGH .. icannot take it .. liaoz .
alighted at AMK ..
then was going to take bus by the way how me and derrick walk the other day ..
then saw Jiali and Yeeching ..ha..
They going to j8 .. when i juz came back from there ...

well well .. was like walking then suddenly remember got popular ..hoho ..
then walk walk again ..
well .. was like walking with no purpose manz ..
long time never this relax liaoz .. was humming band songs also ...

well well .. took 852 and reached home ..
happen to click on band songs ..
those songs we played on Alla Marziale 1 ..
all the good old memories ..
i miss band .. i miss my instrument , my section , my library , the QM cupboard ..
The band room .. my seniors , my juniors .. my fellow sec 4 band mates ..

well well ..

back to the reality ..
yesterday ..
tt leciester .. actually can iron one ..
then she wanted to do the centre ..
IDOIT !! ..
argh ..

haha.. chem is interesting .. with mr goh;s jokes ..haha .. we were like making fun of him ..
C = C ...
Carbon carbon double bond
he say .. Carbon double double bond ..ha...he fed up and say CC bond ( sissy bond )
hah.. then open up .. we were like open up open up .. Nescafe ..hah...

hah...well .. stress sia .. they push the big countdown thingy down .. ooh lalal ..
me and farhana was like .. argh .. STRESS ..
yah.. nowadays .. our beloved handicap farhana ..
today never see her .. me and sakinah miss her ..
she went for checkup .. hope everything is alright ..hah...

then went to see my section .. hussaini kanna punish .. hah... run together with him ..hoho ..
my SL .. look so fierce .. hah...
but i fiercer lah ...hah...
u all don;t bully him horz .. or else i make sure u all die die ..ha.h..

went down .. annettee having mini concert with tt piano ..
budget .. today me carol wong and hafiz got so fed up with the canteen piano .. ARGH !!!i was like u think i don;t dare scold mehz ..
if band ppl i all ask them to siam liaoz ..

well .. tt;s all folks lah ..
going to mug soon ..
o levels is coming ..hoho ...

Some messages to some ppl ...

Shiying , melissa : i will be there with my section ..
Coz .. Percussion Rawks !! . will be there to support u all ..hah...

Derrick : sorri for smsing u and disturb u ..hmph .. coz dunno lah .. juz feel like having a chat with yah ..well .. maybe i asked too much questions ..
Sorri ... my apologies ...

Tt;s all folks ..
OPMB Simply RAWKS !! ..
Now listeing to OPUS 2003 .. our VCD ...
haiz .. my mallet skills was power manz ..
so nice .. can;t believe i played all that ..
not like now .. sucks ..
haiz ..well well .. almost all the songs got mallet part .

It rawks ...and also first love .. all my seniors ...hah..


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 6:38 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Art Sux ..
doing prep work ..
will update wat happened later


F U C K ..

spend like dunno how many hours .. still stuck on the first mounting board ..


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 10:50 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, August 12, 2004

I cried ..
Haiz ..
tell me why ..
i muz get a B3 got my chinese
can;t u give me a A ..
not tt i BHB ...
i really wanted a A
realli realli
Poor sylvester .
don;t cry ..ok ?
Tuba player cannot cry ..
nosences sia me ..
haiz ..
went in to remidial late ..
and mr goh was like ...
haha .. coz i black face ..hah..

first time so serious ..
chemistry is ok ok ..start to like it ..
our beloved Mrs Sasi say muz start revising ..
muz listen ok ..
YESH MDM ..i will listen ...

went to see Azlan and Yaser do mace ..
Azlan don;t want the cord ..hah...
nvm ..hah...
talk to them abit ..
u know me lah .. like to talk .. especially to all my juniors ..

well ..
juz smsed a few friends ..
all also got B3 haiz ....
gonna retake ..

THX to Ms Chang for talking to me ..hah...

well well
talk to the 2 majors ..then all of them came down to skip ..hah..
joined a while ..then we purposely .. coz we at the far end .. then farhana came .. then all .. let;s go ...hah...
then came farhana ..with her crunches ..
then we... let;s go ..
SHE ... WAT !!!! haha ..

then later azlan practise mace ..that mace fall and hit his hand ..
almost kanna me and he act face lying flat
then us were like u ok or not ?
then he look up and show a peace sign ..
we were like ...

poor mardiana .. no voice ...hah...
luckily oral next wekk

i confrim chang will scream tml
coz we left the maces and the gloves on her table ..
who ask her to lock the band room ...muahha

then horz .. went down
say mrs bala .. she asked farhana
and wanted to send her home ..
farhana no choice .. and dragged me along
and i have to seat in the front seat ..argh
but her car damn nice and stylo ..hah..
she was like ..i will feel so hurt if u don;t accept it ..

haha .. we made her drive like siao ..hah... like the road hers like that ..

tt;s all lah ...
Is art time ..
ARGH !!!

will not update so often .. coz ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:41 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

yah ..
meet Derrick the Bowen Ex Dm juz now ..
tt chap who went to SYF outdoor this year ..
coz i wanted to get a cord from him for Azlan;s Mace ..
so i say meet him @ AMK MRT Station Control Station
i was there early ..
so i sat at the side .. beside the Ticket Machines
then .. i wait until fed up ..
went to look at the time ..
then saw the noticeboards .. then see see ..
then i look back ..
then i saw A Bowen Guy .. which is him lah ..
STANDINg at the SPOT which i JUZ STood juz now ..
lolz .. so funni lorz ..
went over to find him
he was like look at me like blurblur
but i was like ...

got the stuffs i wanted .. the cord..
went out of MRT ..
Then we were like talking ..
then cross the road
at first thought can cross ..
although is red light .. we see ppl crossing ..then we walk past a car stopping there .. then ..suddenly buses came ..
both of us faster try to go back .. with the car honking at us ..
we were laughing at each other ..hah..
finally we get to cross the road ..
then i thought he talking bus at the S11 there ..
then i told him .. i dunno how to go home sia ..hah..
he was like ...
then i say i need to walk to Ang Mo Kio Library
then he say also .. then we walk lah .. chatted along the way ..
abt band stuffs haha ..
then crossed the KFC ..i say .. i wait for ur bus lah ..then i go
he :" Huh .. my bus veri long one lehz .. then ..
I : 852 right .. there ..
He : ..ok byebye ...Hope to see u again ..
I : ..** looking Blur ** ..ok .. CYA ..
then off i go ..hah..
he veri funni chap lah ..

but wat i can say ..
he still looked the same lah ..
juz tt now he is the bigger version of the Derrick i once known ..
even i think i last saw him last dec
he isn;t as fit and muscular as wat he is ..
i think is due to the SYF Training bah ..
taller then me ..and bigger size then me ..haha...
to think tt last time he smaller size and shorter then me
he look like a little boy fair and weak ..
hah... look more like my elder brother and i like one little kid tagging alone with my stupid art prep studies ..hah...
lolz ..

Look at him testimonals juz now ..
wah . good in studies + lots of suitors huh ..hah..
all the cute and handsome all over the place ..

he also asked me wat insturment i played ..
i say ..cymbals ..
he : u got go chingay ?
I : or else how i know u ?
He : ..hmm
I : ..remember the guy who stand beside u .. and changed last minute to snare ..standing with u and ronald ?
He : ..yah Horz ..
and talked abt how excited was Stella when she know he was the Dm ..hah..and he was wah .. then ..keep on asking ..hah.

well;s all folks lah ..



Y O N G T A H 8:32 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


back again ..
have a headache in the morning ..
well .. cut my hair on last sat ..
i think tt i look good in this hairstyle ..
haha ...but soon it will be long again ..

actually i can iron my batik on Tuesday .
purposely went one hour late ..ha.h.
she say she want to dunno do wat lah ..
scarley she say ..WaX up and then color black
i will scream !!!
argh ..
she made me color so many parts ..
and only can be done in a middle brush
till my hand pain sia ..
somemore she ask me to wait .. and say .. urs need to think of new colors ..
i wait and wait ..
then i fed up .. went next door ..
then YONGTAH .AH!!!..
off i go again ..hah
and it repeats in cycles ..
hah ..

went to woodlands library later on ..
then went makan with Kat ..
then go home ...

Today was ok ok lorz..
class is boring as usal ..
well .. i think i lose my motivation to study .
wat;s wrong with me
better buck up
get good grades for o levels ..
many of my friends say i look like a person who hack cares
Really ?

juz now .. ms chang told us abt wat happen in hospital
to Mabel , Zhitong , Laila and Shiling ..
hah.. so funny
she said ..when the doc say muz casting .. farhana screamed !!!
and in tt waiting room .. also got a few ppl leg problem .. 2 go in only the ankle got bandage ..
farhana go in .. the casting sia ..+ a scream
everybody was shock

acoompany farhana home with sakinah ...
poor her..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:11 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, August 09, 2004

Haiz ,..
oh mAN ..tired to make a blogskin ..
Spend lots of days liaoz
then find out ..when i upload ..
cannot be used ..
DAMN IT ..oh well .. juz forget it manz ..

Y O N G T A H 11:14 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


After the concert ..
got a shock in my life ..
farhana\s leg in casting ..
heard that she has a nasty fall while skipping ..
can imagine the paincing secenario
poorher ..
being send to Tan Tock Seng Hospital ...
poor her ...

and also .. siraj also told me abt adeline's QM business ..hah...
mschang say muz bring home instrument ..
b4 .. she can even come out of band room .. ppl rushing into the band room in both sides .. giving her a shock..
and Siraj was like .. Good business huh ..hah...
Bad Siraj ..ha.h.

Hope that Farhana will recover soon ..

Y O N G T A H 2:25 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Percussive Elementz Opus 1 .. Nice Design .. Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 1:33 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


The Repertorie ..  Posted by Hello

Oh well .. this concert on saturday .. was a great one ..
Meet Siraj at Khatib MRT .. he was rushed there.Only he and i went . the Two representive of OPMB .. hah...
Well .. Siraj was telling me how they were enjoying in school .. playing Mass Skipping coz they found the rope at the pinic benches near the vending machines ..
actually they ask him don;t come ..hah..but he came lah ..
Good BOY huh ..ah...
Chattted along the way . about my pastimes in OPSS ..
The strict discipline in Sec One and 2 .. and my sec one camp ..ha.h..
Then we reached Benova Vista ( dunno how to spel ) . waitied for Carol ..
hmm.. then she came .. hah..
she later then us ..
and she saw siraj .. wat .. i cannot be late also mehz ..
then later Siraj and Carol was like suaning each other ..
Carol : Don;t think u Sl i scared of u ..
I : not only SL .. still got MP + QM ..
Carol : So ? .. Don;t Talk to me .. SHOO ...
hahah ..
Finally found the ULU Pandan Community Centre
well .. it isn;t ULU ..
Is more like a hotel ..
with a giant Crystal Hanging lamp ..
WAH PENGZ ..hah...

Well .. we had a hard time trying to find the place ..
wellwell ...we were late .. so we cannot go in ..
a lot of ppl also ..
we were let in when after the first song .. Overture For Percussion ..
Hmmph ..
Me and Siraj was like .. sia lah ..
hah..the concert was damn good.
espiecally some songs ..
Veri Funky ..
Like Peanuts ...
a lot of familart tunes ..
the Conductor ..
was the MC .. forgoodness..
he don;t even know wat is the next song ..
keep on talking ..
Now i know " a Bad MC spoilts a Concert "
haha ,, no lah .. just kidding ..
Jazz Variants was Cool .. and also some other songs ..
but this Jazz Variants ,. .both me and siraj was trying to figure out where we heard it .
and for everysong .. siraj was like .. their timpani ..
sia lah .. solo sia ..then never go off tempo ..
and i was like .. yah.. no like some body ? ..hah..

Suite For Solo Drumser and Percussion Ensemble . .WAS DAMN NICE ..
TAMA GOH was the Guest Soloist ..
Sia lah .. his drumset solo ..
the limelight was on him .. everybody look at him ..
i don;t even dare to blink my eye .. afraiding that i will miss any part of it ..
the mallets also ..
hah... actually .. got lots of sliding all around ..hah..

Then .. came the ending ...
Their Auto Encore ..
so cute ..take Rubbish bin ..which is sprayed nicely ..and whack ..
then got one person. . no space .. have to squeeze in order not to knock the mike stand .. but he did ..hh...everybody laugh ..ha.h..
And i was like telling siraj .. maybe can use as ur drumline huh ..
and he suddnely ..YEAH horz ..ha...
This concert really benefit him huh ..
But the rubbish bin .. the first and second person;s bin is sprayed ..
Perc. SUX .. and with a cross on the SUX .. haha..
so cute and funky ...hah....

i enjoyed the concert totally ...YAHOO !!!!

Went back ..
i talked all the way to Khatib ..well
all abt the percussion plans ..
Siraj got a marvellous plan ..hah...
let;s see wat he will do huh ..

he told me that actually he and jinzhao act only when they are in the band room..
hah... coz i came in ..where is siraj ?
and i saw them discussing which books to take ..
But actually .. siraj was sitting down chatting to Jinzhao ..
and jinzhao was telling him wat new scores we got ..
then suddenly .. where is Siraj ..
And both of them went into action ..hah..
and on the sudden act ..Jinzhao ran back to her practise place .. leaving her instrument in the band room ..
i was like laughing like mad ..ha.h...Blur Jinzhao ..

And talk abt wat i told chang juz now ..
and time files .. we are back to khatib ..

How wish the whole section went for this concert..
but nvm ..atleast got the SL + MP + QM is there ..hah...

oh yah .. we saw our ex-tutor .. Luke ..he purposely pretended he never saw us ..hah..long hair liaoz ...hah...carrying a bass guitar ...

tt's all folks ...

PERCUSSIVE ELEMENTZ OPUS 1 .. the best Percussion Concert ...

Y O N G T A H 1:29 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Got it from bandZone again ..
I fell off the chair upon reading. .hah..
but i got to agree that ..

Here iT GOES ...

It's hard to believe that the Pentagon website has this surprisingly un-PC sub-section listing of some more obscure WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction): The following is a list of more obscure forms of domestic "Banned" Weapons of Mass Destruction. These are the most insidious and dangerous weapons of all. To the
common lay person they appear innocuous and non-lethal, but in the right hands they present a threat of incalculable proportions. Please read the following and heed all precautions therewith.

PICCOLO: The minute dimensions of this weapon make it especially lethal as it is easily concealed and can be set off just about anywhere. As a solo weapon this device emits a high pitched squeal that directly targets the inner ear. The application of this tone temporarily disorients its intended victim rendering him unable to react. The natural reaction of covering one's ears to reduce the intense pain causes military personnel within a 100 yard radius to drop their weapons leaving them defenseless to further attack. Applied in concert with a second piccolo of slightly higher or lower pitch, the weapons produce the effect of an ice pick through the eardrum and may cause profuse bleeding of the aural cavity. These weapons are constructed in 3 forms; metal, composite materials, wood, or any combination of the three. The all metal piccolos are especially lethal. The only countermeasure to this weapon is to apply psychological warfare in the following manner. Compliment the musician on her: Clothes Hair Shoes. This will distract the musician(s) from emitting her deadly tones and cause her to gab endlessly about herself. This in itself takes us to another problem man has dealt with for a thousand years and to which there is no antidote. Good Luck!

FLUTE: Slightly less effective as the piccolo but still nothing to be trifled with. The flute possesses the same destructive qualities as the piccolo but is required in greater numbers to do so. 6th and 7th grade females are especially effective with this weapon and are to be approached with extreme caution.

OBOE: This weapon may appear harmless at first sight. The instrument's stealth qualities lure its intended victims into a false state of security, and then hit you without mercy. The oboe itself is a harmless composite or wooden conical tube. Once the ordnance(reed) is inserted, it is a weapon of tremendous power. One comforting factor is that the oboe is only as dangerous as the musician who wields it. At first glance the operator of the oboe appears sweet and demure and quite approachable. Do not be fooled by this technique of deception. The oboist is actually a very high strung and temperamental foe. This is caused by the perpetual search for the perfect reed, which we all know doesn't exist. Those who play on plastic reeds are the bottom dwellers of the oboe world and especially dangerous. The oboe is capable of producing a tone of laser-like quality. The sheer capabilities of volume produced can overpower an entire concert band. The
resulting backpressure produced by over blowing has a two way effect. It allows the musician to play seemingly forever on one breath resulting in sympathetic
vibrations causing bullet proof glass and diamonds to shatter into deadly flying shards. The warning signs of impending doom occur when the musician raises the body of the instrument to her mouth to blow dust from under a key. This is how the weapon is cocked. If you ever see an oboist do this run for cover for all **** is about to break loose. The second effect of this weapon's backpressure is to cause its owner to eventually go insane. On rare occasion an oboist's head has been known to explode while firing their weapon. The only countermeasure to this weapon is to remove and professionally destroy the ordnance (reed). Doing so
will also incur the wrath of its owner, so use extreme caution. The first master of the oboe as a weapon was Melvin "Schwartz" (Oklahoma All-State Band 1982), name changed to protect the guilty. He single handedly destroyed a performance of the Howard Hanson Romantic Symphony Finale under McBeth with his laser-like tones and inconsistent attacks. To this day he has a bounty on his head and was last seen tending bar in Tijuana.

Eb CLARINET: The Eb clarinet is the Tasmanian Devil of the woodwind family. Entirely uncontrollable and unpredictable, its blunderbuss like emissions can occur without warning. It is as much a danger to its owner as it is to the intended victim. For this reason the Eb clarinet is not in wide use today and only used by highly trained professionals and circus band daredevils.

Bb CLARINET: As the flute is to the piccolo, the Bb Clarinet is to the Eb Clarinet. The only time a Bb clarinet is considered truly dangerous is in the hands of a saxophonist doubling on clarinet. His seemingly lacking ability to adjust his air to the clarinet causes a tone so forced and horrific that decorum prevents me from

ALTO, BASS, CONTRA BASS CLARINET: The Scud missiles of the clarinet family. Considered to be low grade weapons, these clarinets are of limited lethality due to the geekiness of their operators.

BASSOON: This is a weapon designed to start wars. Used primarily indoors, this weapon's unique tone can cause great embarrassment in social situations. Also known as the "farting bed post" the bassoonist will hide behind a set of curtains at an official state dinner or similar function. With the help of a diplomatic operative during the meal, the intermittent flatulent tones emitted by the bassoon can be blamed on certain visiting high government officials, causing great embarrassment and the possible beginning of hostilities between two countries. The best countermeasure to the bassoon involves lighter fluid and matches you fill in the blanks).

SOPRANO SAXOPHONE: Mere words cannot begin to describe the offensive capabilities of this most heinous weapon. The mere mention of its name can send the most battle-hardened veterans screaming into the night…which by coincidence, is a fairly accurate description of the sounds which emanate from it (also known as the “Gorelick Effect”).

ALTO SAX: Originally invented by Adolph Sax as the result of an evening of much cheap wine and a dare by a drunken horn player, he produced an instrument that is neither brass nor woodwind. The only intended victim of this vile weapon is the concert band French horn player. Nothing is worse than hearing a great brass lick only to be obscured by the overly reedy tone and wobbly "vibrato" of some half crazed alto sax doubling the horns and overplaying them. Composers and arrangers are to blame as much as the alto players. Older players unable to temper their 1940's swing band vibrato are also a danger. The only counter measure is to question their manhood by daring the player to play Charlie
Parker's "Donna Lee" at 230 beats per minute. That should shut 'em up!

TENOR SAX: (See Alto Sax) Counter measure, throw down the gauntlet with a dare to render John Coltrane's "Giant Steps".

BARITONE SAX: A tenor or alto wannabe, this instrument is flaccid and harmless unless played in the style of Stephen "Doc" Kupka (Tower of Power). His sporadic well placed grunting and punctuated style, when discovered by young players, can cause discomfort among the average school director. The only counter measure to
this is self medication by the teacher in the form of tequila shots or similar substances.

TRUMPET: Obviously one would think that a trumpeter's greatest weapon is his ability to play high notes at great volume. This is a misconception that has been perpetuated unwittingly by great performers like Maynard Ferguson and Dizzy Gillespie. The danger is not in the player who can play high. The danger lies in the
player who THINKS he can play high. A young player's incessant caterwauling and inflated ego are a danger to himself and all those around him. The best effective counter measure is to allow the player to continue his high note practice (even encourage him to go higher and louder) until his lips explode or he cracks a tooth jamming his face into the mouthpiece.

FRENCH HORN: French horns thankfully are a danger only to a small group of people, as their bells point in the wrong direction. They are only a danger to those unfortunate enough to have to sit behind them. Their intonation problems and constant cacking of pitches is of great annoyance to those brass players sitting
behind them. Though lately the introduction of Plexiglas reflectors has reduced the danger to those behind the horns, unfortunately it presents a greater danger to the players themselves and those in front of them. Upon hearing their actual tones coming back at them, some hornists have been known to actually puke right on stage due to the hideousness of their own tone.

TROMBONE: A unique application, the instrument itself is not the real danger. The person playing the instrument is what is truly dangerous. The trombone and its player are the original "smart bomb". This weapon is most effective in high tech warfare areas. Insertion of one or more trombonists into a warfare computer center instantly lowers the aggregate I.Q. in the room. The trombonist's incredible stupidity is a lethal bio weapon that spreads at an incredible rate. Within 5 minutes of exposure all computer operators within a 50 foot radius are reduced to drooling idiots incapable of the simplest motor functions and bowel control. Use of trombonists as weapons was outlawed by the Geneva Convention in 1999 after an ugly incident at a Dixieland convention in Sacramento.

BASS TROMBONE: The perverse effects of this instrument are so foul and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here.

BARITONE/EUPHONIUM: This is a weapon of mass confusion. Euphonium players are the Rodney Dangerfields of the brass world. Young players especially don't know their place in the band. They double French horns, trombones, saxophones, tubas in octaves, bass clarinets, bassoons...yadda, yadda, yadda! Euphonium orchestral parts are played by the 2nd trombone or worse, the tuba player! For this reason most euphonium.........baritone...(WHATEVER !) players resort to doubling on trombone. This is when they become dangerous. (see trombone).

TUBA: This is a sonic weapon that when set off can produce sub sonic tones causing a general feeling of uneasiness and queasiness to those within its effective range. Also one may attach a sousaphone to a marching column of soldiers. As all tubists drag, the ever slowing performance of oom-pahs will eventually reduce the marching soldiers to a snail's pace causing them to be late for a battle or not arrive at all. The most effective countermeasure is to feed the tubist with great quantities of beer (imports if you have them). It won't improve his playing but makes him more enjoyable to be around.

SNARE DRUM/TRAP SET: This weapon affects only a very small demographic: teenage girls and the fathers of these girls with steady jobs and liquid bank accounts. The snare drummer and the jazz/rock variety of set player act almost like a computer worm. The drummer will attach itself to an unsuspecting teenage girl and milk her and her father's finances in such a way as to not be noticed by the father until it is too late. Drummers are the leaches of the music world and can only be countered by being forced to get a real day job. This will reduce the drummer's "coolness" factor and the daughter will immediately lose interest.

PS. juz 4 offence to any instruments!


Y O N G T A H 12:13 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, August 08, 2004

This is SUPER LAME !!!by Benji ..

1. Remember that you are making music not to amuse yourself, but to delight your audience.

2. You should not perspire when conducting: only the audience should get warm.

3. Conduct Salome and Elektra as if they were by Mendelssohn: Fairy Music.

4. Never look encouraginly at the brass, except with a brief glance to give an important cue.

5. But never let the horns and woodwinds out of your sight. If you can hear them at all they are still too strong.

6. If you think that the brass is not blowing hard enough, tone it down another shade or two.

7. It is not enough that you yourself should hear every word the soloist sings. You should know it by heart anyway. The audience must be able to follow without effort. If they do not understand the words they will go to sleep.

8. Always accompany a singer in such a way that he can sing without effort.

9. When you think you have reached the limits of prestissimo, double the pace.

10. If you follow these rules carefully you will, with your fine gifts and your great accomplishments, always be the darling of your listeners.

Y O N G T A H 5:31 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Well,lets post ways to annoy people using music,it's mainly concentrated as a joke aniwaes..

When in a cab,tell the taxi driver on how fast u need to get to ur destination,using music "I'm in a hurry now,can you drive in an Allegro tempo?"

When eating things that uses chopstix,use a drumstick instead..u mite get a weird look from da owner..

If by any chance you heard someone farted,yell out loud "Whose trombone is that!?"

Knock on someone door,then stand still and starts to conduct when the owner opened the door..

When doing maths,instead of saying half,use quaver..and so on..

lolz ... lame horz

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 5:25 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


wellwell ...
wat is writeen in the previous
decided not to write abt it ..
well .. perhaps wat ms chang agree
i was a very hardwroking chap ..
those ppl who take over me ..
the Percussion Sl and Qm
and the librarians
were afraid that they don;t meet up to my expectation ..
well ..
maybe .. my presence in the band room
did give them some pressure
like wat i felt when carol lee came back
i will be tense up ..
well ..
will try not to vist the band room ...
all the best the new committee ..
wil visit ur in a later time
let u all be used to the new enviornment
and also
i did not interfere much lorz ..
i totally did nothing !!!
well .
please tell me if u think that i am interfering ..
" i promise .. i will not slap U or scold u!! .." - Mrs Leciester ..
lolz ..

Y O N G T A H 10:39 AM

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Benji wrote this is bandzone ..
quite meaningful ..haha...

Success means something different
to each one of us, but it comes
to those who are willing to work hard
and who continue to be dedicated
to making their dreams come true.

Success means setting goals
and focusing yourself in the right direction
in order to reach them.
It means believing in yourself and
constantly reminding yourself that
you are capable of achieving your desires.

But most of all, success is being who you are,
and feeling proud of yourself
for every task and challenge that you
face and conquer along the way.

Y O N G T A H 10:28 AM

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

i am juz disappointed ..
never imagine that will be happened to me ..
did so much .. trying to bring the best out of me to serve the band ..

Well .. want i got ?
can u imagine that ..
a day with no focussed test .. no art
go to OPMB .. trying to enjoy myself as a alumni ..
no need to march .. no need to set up instrument
wat i got was a lecture
Well ..

With ms chang's famous speech .. Ur presence in the band room .. give pressure to the librarians and the QMs ..
Tell me why ? and how ..
unless u ask me to face the wall .. or else .. i sure face them one wat ...
i am totally fed up .
YESH .. i did said that i will scold the librarians if they did not do a good job .
well .. do u think i really mean it ?
i am so worried that they will get into trouble when mr tan was so angry today ..

and wat i got ..
haiz ..
yah .. i know the working methods of all departments ..
but .. izzit wrong of me .. to trying to say it nicely when i happen to see them in deep and lost ?
since the rest of my sec 4 bandmates .. are not as free as me ?
i am juz trying to help ..
well ..

I AM JUZ sad ... i am giving pressure to siraj ..
am i .. NO !! ..
u think i am happy to see him in stress ..

will update abt it tml ...

off i go to the concert


Y O N G T A H 4:35 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, August 06, 2004

The 3 Majors .... Our Group Photo .. yah ..  Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:23 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


The Invvasion of ShiChie ..  Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:19 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Chessesy ASHAH !!! Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:15 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Hugs ... Hussiani and Shawn ..  Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:15 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


say chesse ... hah  Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:13 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Well .. some photos here that i helped Sakinah to scan ..heehee ...  Posted by Hello

Y O N G T A H 10:13 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Long time never update ..
well .. juz some fun and laughter ...

broing and boring ..ha.h...

Art okok lorz ...

In class alos ok ..ha.h.

these few days got nightstudy ...wellwell ..quite ok lah. ..yesterday went with them to mac after nigh study was suaning gohyiling all the way ..

Today.. National Day Celebration ..
Can;t BELIEVE .. don;t even have concert item ..
PENGZ .. last time got competition
i think coz this year got the racial harmony thingy ..
Haiz ..
Well morning got the singing section
Simon cheo don;t dare to sing ..ha.ha.h....
Go back class do the stupid article

oh ysh ..yesterday met patrick from RI to get the score OREGON AND 1812 OVERTURE ..
waitied for him for an hour .. OMG ..ha.h...

today ..
After school ..@ 9.15 ..
went to band room ...
then horz ..
they are decorating the cupboard..
became the maid of the day ..
cleaned the cupborad .. now is white again ..
TADDAA .. hah...
cleaned the air con ..
then late lock up
me charlene , annetee , Hussiani , Jannah , Farhana ..
went to bus stop
Charlene and annettee .. went for piano class
then we took a bus with jannah
then hussiani and farhana headache ..cannot take bus
alrighted at the np there
then jannah went home ...

Went jalan jalan .. makan with farhana and hussiani ..
really enjoy4ed ourselves ..
with my tt sec one junior ..
then we walk walk here and there
till we saw ms vanitah @ Bk
scolded us ..
then we buy fryes and eat at outside yishun mrt ..
and scared vanitah come ..hah..
tt;s all folks lah ..
mum brought a new samsung hp ..
now is 2 nokia vs 2 samsung ..ha.h..

tt;s all folks ..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 4:31 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


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