Saturday, July 31, 2004

well ..i am back again

took a cab to school

reach school ..
went to art ..
b4 tt went to see band
happen to go up
then ms chang talking to the sec 3s
say sth abt me .. the batik thing lah
then i turn and say ..
and she was like .. oops
everybody was like .. HORHOR ...

actually i don;t mind lah
well .. my batik is veri fast liaoz ..
thz to mdm tan
well .. one muz really sacrifice their time
but i always got thw urge to go band
tt;s why i got a discman today .. to listen ..
so tt won;t hear the band sound
but i did went for a while
farhana suddenly pop out from the curtains
join her there

Yesterday .. me and her..
in order to let her siam from Chin seng , coz he was @ the bus stop
we went to 7-11 ...
then ate cup noodles at the bench nearby ..

well well ..
today at art room
okok lorz
did a lot sia ..ha.h..
tt lester
say she want go toilet
half an hour pass .. she still in the art room talking ..ha..
then while mdm tan went to play classical music next door
yawen took out the cd and slot it into the display cupboard sliding door .

half way .. after band .. michelle ang want to play piano ..
so accompany her go .. coz i happen to be downstairs ..
then later went washroom
come upstairs
hear major saying got food ask us to go take
i run sia .. hah..
i was the first one to reach
happen to see one box of kuehs ..neatly packed ..
put some inside and bring back ...

Chit chat and do ..
my discman damn like wat sia ..
coz is can also play vcd
so the batt veri fast use finish ..sianz
soon ..8 p.m. liaoz
stop doing liaoz lah
joyce cried
well .. dunno wat to say also

pack up ..

Mrs lester took the whole box of kuehs for herself ..hah...
clean up the room abit ..
so messy ..hah..
then went to BK ..

with yawen , songmin , michelle ang , Xt and 510 ..
talk talk takl .. the couple went home first
but b4 tt was like laughing all the way sia
thz to 510 ..
well . i really apprictated wat u say ...
haha ...

doing prep work tml ..
well dad and mum back in malaysia for the funeral of my uncle ..
coz for their family tradition .. after 2 years got one anniverary ..
i actually muz go back .. coz i am his godson
but i never .. art ...
well .. hope nth happen to my dad and mum
well .. they are staying at the Loh;s house
if those idiots from the lim dare to come
i guaratee .. they will be tied up and throw into the sea
coz we are living by the sea

well well ...
prep work
sianz manz ..
tt;s all folks lah ..and yah
the cd...later i want to take
then cannot take
i scare sia
went to take the key
on the pretext of locking up the room

tt;s all folks ...
well ... i tned to know myself more ..hah...

got to know this message
A P3rCuss|0n|sT shld neva rely on da score,but the Mu5|C itself..

gtg .. beybye

LYT- signing out !

Y O N G T A H 11:24 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Look at the time now ..
Aren;t i suppose to be in OPSS taking focussed test ??
Well ..
I am having a fever and a headache now ...Haiz ..

Wonder izzit the effect of the scar ..
haiz ..

Well ... have to go for art in school ..
no choice lah ..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:43 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, July 30, 2004

What's love?
Joanna my neighbour send me this ..:

When you are together with that special someone, you pretend to ignore that person. But when that special someone is not around, you might look around to find them.
At that moment, you are in love.

Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh,
your eyes and attention might go only to that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

Although that special someone was supposed to have called you long back, to let you know of their safe arrival,
your phone is quiet.
You are desperately waiting for the call!
At that moment, you are in love.

If you are much more excited for one short e-mail from
that special someone than other many long e-mails,
you are in love.

When you find yourself as one who cannot erase all the
messages in your answering machine because of one message
from that special someone, you are in love.

When you get a couple of free movie tickets, you would
not hesitate to think of that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

You keep telling yourself, "that special someone is just a friend", but you realize that you can not avoid that person's special attraction. At that moment, you are in love.

While you are reading this page, if someone
appears in your mind,
then u are in love with that person.

Just Like to have the presence of u ..
Seeing u around ...
Haiz ..

Y O N G T A H 11:15 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Well ... back again ..
Few red spots appeared near my scar
Wat;s tt .. don;t look like pimple .. well .. if that is really a new clot
there is a 99% i will become a vegetable

Have been having sharp headaches ..
well .. althought i sleep ..
but .. i always get tired ..

well .. let;s hope nth happen ...

welll ... didn;t go for art today
went to see see with band ppl
miss them sia

See azlan do mace ...
poorhim ..
the mace spoilt ..
haiz ...

Well well .. mum and dad went to malaysia for the funeral thingy of my uncle ..
well well .. will update later on ...

Tml got test..
never study at all ..
sure cannot hand up art tml
Haiz ....

LYT- juz hope nth will happen to me ..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 11:04 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, July 29, 2004

well well .. i am back again ..hah...

Today .. well .. quite pissed off ..well well ...

lessons was alright ..
with fun and laughters ..
kanna sabo by group
have to use the mic for english
end up the whole class sleep coz of me

after school
after chem remidial
went bandroom
then art ..
here the sound of toms ..
so went to kapo
end up chatting with Jane
Shall not tell wat is the content
well .. juz feel tt some ppl should know their stand..

Went to art room
heard tt i am wanted
luckily nth happened

being forced to stop work
MADAM say muz go home
got family to take care off
Songmin so good
batik finish
walk pass
then told songmin and yawen through the window
how come never on the power
both .. look up as if like they saw alien

well ..
these 2 majors
innovative and diligent
saw mdm pan
joke to her tt she got more plants to look after
coz now foyer got orchids
dunno why buy also
Major muz be mad..
no special event also buy

well ..
went to makan with kat and joyce
ha ...
we eat finish joyce haven;t come back
well well the atm spoilt

came home .. force to eat another meal
can;t wait for August to come.
the security guards will be changed

tt;s all folks lah
wanna sleep ..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 10:03 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Went for remidial ..
oh yah .. i changed place liaoz ..

TOday;s PRactical was funny ...juz wat i did .. mix all the chemicals together .. regardless of wat they are ...hah..
Luckily nth happened ..hah...
Michelle Ang broke a mercury thermometer ...Mr Goh was like ..HUH !!!

Then later ...went up to art during chinese lesson ..
Lester go home liaoz .. LESTER ..hah..
but she left instructions for me , Joyce ..hah..luckily ...
Told ms chang abt marcus ..well ...

Then later .. the 3 of them ..
want to talk or rather negociate with me ..
for wat ? hello ?
well . i did not talk to them ..
coz Sasi is on her way to the classroom ..

WEnt to art
Loy going home early .. so went early ..
pop inside the music room ..
then went out ..
Michelle they all are waiting for me @ the foyer .. ready to go the woodland library ..

Reach there .. then go popular buy stuffs ..
then later went back ..
guess wat mdm loy said b4 we left the art room ..
Ur darwing on tuesday veri nice wat ..
i was like huh ? the best among the all ..
i was like .. so ugly .. yet she say nice ..
she say she use it to show other ppl ..
OMG ...hah...dunno lah..
but i like black and white ...lalalal ...hah...

Was going home when mum suddenly pop out ..shock sia ..
borrow money .. she gave us $50
went to KFC to eat with Joyce , Kat ..mish went home ...
well well ..hah...

then went home ..
ask mum to drive to the street where MR nath live ..
OMG .. is acutally so near ...juz beside only ..
his backyard is actually same street as me ..
so he is living on the same street as me ..
OMG !!
i swear i never go cycling with my school uniform again
or else i sure become famous ..
and somebody sure like one ..
horz .. those ppl who know wat i am saying ..hah

sia lah .. i tired liaoz
gtg ..

LYT - signing out ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 10:25 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Well... i am back again ..
hahha ....

Going to ask for a change of seat ...
well .. not tt i don;t like to seat with Sayhao .. juz tt ..
i can;t see the whiteboard ..
soory horz ... Pang Seh u ..heehee ...

Well ... juz woke up from my evening nap ...hah....
pia some homework .. long time never write liaoz ...
hah ...
Tired sia ..

well .. sometimes think tt i still like her but AHYAH .. i dunno lah ..
haha .. wat nonsences am i talking here ..well .. i am juz bored to death ...
didn;t touch art at all ..
Few more instructions to completed b4 seeing our Lion Queen .. Mrs Lecister ...
ahahaha....or her sister .. Mdm tan ..heehee ...

well well .. printer got problem .. sux lah .. ARGH !!!
even art room one also got no ink manz .
today got one MOE Officer came ..
coz theywant to select our art piece as a gift to the MOE ..dunnno for wat also ..
the person like everything also interested ..
hah.. ourschool art too good liaoz lah ..
or i shouldsay .. too many art piece .. imagaine all hang up ..can tell her to walk one round of OPSS ...hah....

woah .. Photobucket become so nice and advance liaoz ..hah..

oh yah .. i found the score Western Girl from some schools ..YIPEE ...haha...

well well ..

A picture of the class photo .. 4A4 .. ROX !!!  

LYT - signing out again ...

Y O N G T A H 10:29 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Disclaimer : if u are MARCUS CHOO .. or anybody who is a fan of him ... see tt BIG X on the top right hand corner ? CLick it .. i have a gift for u ..any if .. u agree with me .. when u read the post later on .. SAY IT OUT .. NOd ur head and write something on the tagboard .. if u disagree .. tt;s ur PRoblem .. HERE:S my BLOG .. not urs ...

Well ... today was a fine day ..
Art was ok ok today
Drew with marker .. quite fun .. realise tt i do better in black and white huh

Went to band room .. percussion practicing cannon in D
saw them playing the ball .. took it and hide in the band room .. so they came to chase me ..
then tt marcus choo .. dunno wat he doing inside the room
chase everybody out .. lock the band room ..

Siao ..later back again ..
czo they practicing mace work .. so went to see see ..
then later .. yaser ask azlan to keep ..
WHY ? on the pretext tt mARCUS NEED TO GO HOME ..
like as if band room his tt
then everytime azlan they all need to stay .. he have to bring the key home ..
please lah .. so wat if chang ask u keep the key ..
u can also give Azlan and Yaser right ... they majors lehz ...

then give tt kind of attitude .. shouted at everybody ..
don;t tell me keep instrument no sound one mehz ...
Tell ppl .. and instruction was given to practice behind the hall
well .. anybody will like to sponsor tt person to the SGH ..
well .. i think nobody will spend the money
not worth it lah ..

Then later .. Yaser . ask him .. why is he doing sectional here ..
he give tt kind of face ..
wat attitude is this ..
if last time ..if ppl do this to u .. u will hit the roof ..
can;t u think for other ppl ...
then ask us all go back ...
please lah .. can u have respect for ur majors ..
so wat u senior or ex-CM ?
farhana , mardiana and Huiling also ur SENIOR LORZ
yet  they listen to ur command ..
now act big only
PLEASE LAh .. onli a MP and SL ..
everything also want to kapo ..
from formation to marching ..
please lah .. KAPO KING ..
FReako ...
I DON:T CARE ... so wat if u dislike me ..
u think we got nth to say abt u mehz ..
we juz endure ...
and yet u .. still want to persude the matter ?
please lah ..
U fliter ... everytime ..
so wat if got like many girls like u ..
EEEEE ... so wat ..
FAINT ..hah...

 i don;t care ...
u watch out ..
u can;t do anything to me ..
don;t forget .. i have stepped down ..
and .. i can do wat ever i like ..
i am half a alumni now ..
and u ...

even farhana was angry today ...


haha .. bad sia me ..
well .. iam frustrated ...
so does many ..
juz feel upset coz .. Azlan and Yaser .. imagine insulted can they feel..
and Marcus .. if last time it was u who experience such thing ..
I 100% GUardatee u WILL HIT THE ROOF ...

today mace work also veri funni ..hah.. got guest band playing .. haha.. OPMB lah ..
and darlyn was playing with the mini mace .. ( actually is a piece of wood ..)
hah... ended coz .. u know why lah ..
Some ppl need to go home ..
Oops i mean ..some ppl ...who is the BAnd room OWNER ...
i mean .. the KEY CUM ROOMTAKER lah ..

WEll .. if u want to tell ... juz go ahead to tell him ..
he can;t do anything to me ..
juz even he give me face ..
or tell other ppl bad things abt me ..
i don;t care ...
The truth is the truth ..
ppl will know ..

yesterday also veri funni .. farhana got excitied over the photocopy machine in the library ..haha.. so funni sia ...

gtg ...

bye  .. LYT signing out ...




// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 5:57 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, July 26, 2004

Yoz ... how was the SHIT post .. haha.. Joanna send me tt ..haha...
Wonder how is she doing now ...
hah... tt cheeky neighbour of mine ..hah..

Today .. -
Mdm Loy not in school ..YIPEE ..hah...

went for art .. @ 5 . .coz @ the band room talk talk ...
well .. if u want to say .. juz say lorz ..
 i don;t understand ..well ..
we use to be good friends .. czo wat ... u like to keep hatred
i can;t be bothered ... i never even say anything ..
well .. then give me tt kind of face when i come back ..
well .. maybe .. This band is not for me to stay ..
i should leave ...
BUT .. i will not ..will be back ...
coz of those sec ones ..
hah... Hussaini ..ha.h..
no lah .. and also those juniors ..hah...

Well ... today helped to arrange the cornet cupboard .. finally .. the worst cupboard become one of the neatest cupboard ..thz to me ..i am still like forever care abt the cleaniess of the band room ...manage to get a new " curtain " for the band room ..hah...thx Cornet section ..hah..

tt Hussaini .. try to act cute ...hah.. coz i kept the soccer ball .h.ah... gave him back in the end ..hah....i too good lah. .ee .. Tak Tau Malu ..hah.
well .. trying to brush up my malay .. think tt as a Malaysian , i muz know mine national language ... i stopped singing Majula Singapore and saying the pledge liaoz ..hah...
dunno why also ..well ...

Meanwhile .. @ art room .. funni like siao ..
Michelle was singing ..IN THE JUNGLE ..hah..
was teasing abt Mdm loy .. with her big eyes .. ( by Me ) ..
and ms koh as a AhSum ..ha....

Well well .. back home slept for one hour in maths lesson ..
Mr Goh woke me up .. i sleep again ...hah...
poor him sia ...

well well .. of to go to do my art ..
hah... wellwell ..

OPMB simply Rawks ...
well to those ppl ..if u all don;t want to tell me .. ican;t be bothered also ..
coz maybe i say MAYBE .. i will come back to be a OPMB alumni ..
juz maybe ...
or rather not ...
hah... let the future decide ...

Trying to serach in vain .. for some scores tt i hope can help my 2 Dms for their formation ..
oh yah. . today .. Yaser and Azlan went for mace thingy again ..hard working chaps ..
hah.. zhitong was there also ..ha.... Azlan almost drop the mace into the Pond .. poor fishy ..Farhana was like talking to the fish : .. poor fishy .. are u shocked ? ...hah...

focuss test .. i never study ..sure fail ..hah..

Adapted from Mish's blog ...

in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sings tonight. in the junlge the mighty jungle the lion sings tonight. mah-weEeee...eEee-eEe-EeeeE-eeEe..mum-mum-marh-way.......

haha .. she also took the umbrella ... lots of jokes man ..with ms koh ... our class + a few A5 ppl ..hah...
Ms koh was like laughing non stop .. ( although she act not to ..) ..hah...

-the LYT signing out ...


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:47 PM

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Memo to all students:

To: All Students!

In order to assure the highest levels of quality work andproductivity from students, it will be our policy to keep allstudents well taught through our program of SPECIAL HIGHINTENSITY TEACHING (S.H.I.T.).
We are trying to give our students more S.H.I.T. than anyone else.
If you feel that you do not receive your share of S.H.I.T. on thecourse, please see your lecturer.

You will be immediately placedat the top of the S.H.I.T. list, and our lecturers are especiallyskilled at seeing that you get all the S.H.I.T. you can handle.

Students who don't take their S.H.I.T. will be placed inDEPARTMENTAL EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION PROGRAMS (D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T.).

Those who fail to take D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T. seriously will have togo to


Since ourlecturers took S.H.I.T. before they graduated,
they don't have to do S.H.I.T. anymore, and are all full of S.H.I.T. already.
If you are full of S.H.I.T., you may be interested in a job teaching others.
We can add your name to our


For students who are intending to pursue a career in managementandconsulting, we will refer you to the department of MANAGERIALOPERATIONAL RESEARCH EDUCATION (M.O.R.E. S.H.I.T.).

This course emphasizes how to manage M.O.R.E. S.H.I.T.If you have further questions,


 Thank You for your time.

Sincerely,The Director Under the Michigan Bureau of Super High IntensityTeaching.
 (The D.U.M.B. S.H.I.T.)

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:43 PM

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

WEll .. this post is specially for OPMB only ...

OPMB ... today is 25th July 2004 ..
Sunday ..

Well .. remember last year ? 25th July 2003 ?
To the Competition Band ..

Remember ? came to school .early in the morning ...
Practice ... go Victoria Concert Hall ...
Joy and Laughter .. accompanied with sadness when we are back in OPSS ..
Followed by our new concert , OPUS 2003 on 27th July ..
Haiz .. one year passed so quickly ...
Thought of .. it is still fresh in my mind ....

Some Pics took tt day

OPMB ... heehee ..

+ Teachers and Alumni .. heehee

My Old Entry ... 25th July 2003 .. manage to get it ...

I will never forgive this day ..for the rest of my life !

Woke up so early and went to school .. I was the first one in the music room ..then Chang say .. Mr Tan say can take ur own sweet time to set up instrument .. coz the rehersal will start @ 7.20 a.m. ..Was like wat sia .. ask us come so early .. then ..Hiaz.. wat the hell ?

Soon Leqi , Shichie and Yaser came .. Yaser and Shichie helped me in setting up Percussion instrument .. I think one day I muz really treat Yaser a lunch .. for always helping me to set up instrument .. heez ..then ?run through lorz .. tt Aihui say the tuners all no battery .. stupid .. last minute then no battery .. run here run there again.. lah ... then run thorough lah .. i was like luckily i remember .. then rest .. Sebas cry .. Mr tan also cry .. i was like . dunno wat to do sia ..
later Sebas never cry liaoz .. back to normal .. we eat then set off ..quiet late .. luckily reach there quiet early .. i was sitting with Marcus they all differnt bus form Percussion .. tt Vp ask the new teacher IC to come .. we all veri happy .. coz got another person to bully ..haha .. b4 set off .. tt Aizat .. YONG TAH YONG TAH .. can some more sing song with my name .. i was like laughing mad ..haha .. then in the foyer .. i was busying checking .. i think this my last time me QM liaoz .. muz check properly .. heez .

Reach there saw another band .. the uniform . so ugly .. dunno got color contrast or not .. Yellow + Green + Orange . all bright bright .. IS the Majusuri Band .. Siraj they all .. say .. is the clown band .. all lagh like hell .. Later we set up instrument .. then Rashiydah see other school bring Snare .. tell siraj .. he come ask me .. i sense something wrong .. run to mr tan .. he say need .. i almost go knock against VCH's WALL !! luckily .. mr Tan know the infrontband .. Fuchun Band instrutor .. so problem solve ..

PHEW !!! Went to Warm Up room .. big sia .. how wish this is OPSS .. haha ..the stairs also old and confusing lead to so many corridors and doors .. but veri old lah .. later got tuning room ..then stage .. so fast sia .. like got no interval lorz .. THEY ARE BLAFFERS !!! Say we all noisy .. all so fierce ... i talk to one of the uncle there .. he ask abt somethings of MR Hasim .. heez .. i juz tell lorz .. later go stage .. so many ppl downthere .. no curtains .. so scary ..
later mR tan ask me to carry bowls stand to another side .. he walk past the whole audience .. i so paise .. he dunno got lisence or not .. first almost knock ms Chang .. second time almost knock into another ppl .. then he fed up carry the stand .. i so paise .. behind him some more ..
then later i walk back by the Brass .. walk pass keep on saying Good LUCK ... MR tan ask us sit dow n .. the first thing we do .. push the Stands down all the way .. then we can hear ppl whispering . .SEE NO FILE NO FILE .. haha .. the Vibraphone key so big .. i was like die lah .. find like siao for the power switch .. Stupid VCH ..forget to push away the chimes ..then later .. never start together .. haiz .. but veri nice feeling ideed somemore i hit the wrong key for the vibes haiz .. actually also quite nice huh .. their vibes key is twice bigger then ours ... feel so good during the Allergo part .. haha .. then later old churches .. i stand one side .. so extra . then the snare drum keep on vibrating .. wonder for a while should i step forward to off the snare .. try to make no noise and off the snare .. coz the stage is made of wood ... scared affect the perforamnce ...

later we go down .. a ang moh lady came to say that we are very good to some of our members and later shake hand with Teack meng .. haha .. at first we all thought she was a tourist as she say she is going for a confernce .. laterwhen we all go up .. she came back and saw Mdm Pan ... and gave her her name card .. mdm pan also tought she was a touris then juz accpet the name card .. meanwhile @ the Concert Hall .. then stupid Mc , Michelle , purposely say .. if u all noise i don't want to annouce then results .. wah lau .. slap her face lah ...We all sat anyhow .. coz last band wat ... haiz ... latershe annouce .. some schools juz sprang up screaming and shouting .. Yah We Won .. later ..

BAND NO.38 .. Orchid Park Secondary School ... Certificate  Of Particiaption .. everybody cried .. even me ... haiz .. worked so hard and got COP ... but before tt .. the first tt came to my mind .. wat if Mr low and Ms Foo get to know the results .. wat will happen to the band .. will it be benished in to the " Cold Palace " ? Will we get a new band room or being chase out of the choir room .. how how how ??? haiz .. later Carol came to console all of us and end up crying also .. haiz ...

Later we go downstairs .. i almost trip over the red carpet and row down the spiraL stariways .. luckily i whole on to the bars beside the staircase .. dunno who suggested a photo .. tt time the fountain also on liaoz .. we all go talk .. we were playing like hell liaoz .. after lots of crying .. we , the guys , stand on the paparat of the fountain .. is sliding in wards we put of hands on the ppl in fornt for support or else the whole row of Boys will fall in the VICOTRIA FOuntain .. haha ... the bus came ..

a lot fo ppl keep on looking @ our uniform then a lot of ppl at the bus waiting area ... the don't want to make way ... i say politly .. also don't want .. no choice lah .. i shout lorz ... heehee .. tt's my secret weapon .. may be is coz i used to live in a bungalow in Malaysia .. muz talk loudly in order to let the other party hear .. like shouting from one end to another end of the house .. tt's why all my family all talk loud loud one .. until we shift to Singapore .. try to learn to talk softly .. or else ppl complain we noisy .. haha ...

Ben was already in school @ the foyer ... the news spread like fire .. everybody know liaoz .. haiz ... went bac kto band room ... change in to school uniform ... finally feel so comfortable haha .. first time like wearing the school uniform .. later went to oil some stands and went home .. coz the next day got set up for OP.2003 concert

Well ... sad memories do stay .. but we muz move on  ... GO OPMB GO !!!!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 11:37 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, July 24, 2004

Long time never blog ...
well .. busy these few days ...
will update abt racial harmony soon ...
Photos are out ..


Wellwell ... took lots of pic ..
spend like half an hour taking photos the middle of the parade square ..
Pengz ...

thse few days ...after mdm loy told mum ..
kanna scolding ..
well .. did art

my batik now totally changed ..
Thz to mdm tan ..haha...
those saw liaoz also like huh ...
so fast huh ..

going to give tt mdm loy a shock when she come back on monday ..
well...applied 2 colours ..hah...
nicenice ...

stayed till 8.30 in school .. can u imagine ...woah ...

Today .. went to pop to see them marchin ...
Azlan was so funny .. laugh until penGz ...

Yaser was ..5..4..3..2..1 .. after me and sakinah suggested .. then azlan turn .. instead of saying SQUAD ... he say .. HUH ?! ..
me , sakinah , farhana laugh like mad like tt ..

Yesterday . did art till 5 .. went to see them do mace ..
poor azlan ..kanna hit by mace on his shoulder .. but can see he practice hard lah ..from field to La vista . ( the scared place of practising mace ..) .haha...

He throw mace like we al , shafiq , farhana , siraj , me .. all run ..hah..
scared kanna ..hah..

Then juz now went to see them have band .. helped Mr Tan for the library ..
well well ...they played Persis ..
but funni . now cannot hear in the art room ..last time can lehz ...

Haha .. friday ...
was @ the canteen .. with 2 sec one juniors ..the two best of friends .. Shawn and Hussiani ..
Shawn was the only band member who got the GPA .. Good Progress Award ..
GOGO .... hope u can go normal acadamic ...heehee...

Went down ..brought some drinks for them ..
miss them lah ..
especially my beloved Junior cum Grandson Hussiani ...
hah.... no lah .. miss all of them lah ...
haha. . hussiani like poor thing sia .. i always like to pinch his face ..hah...
who ask him to be so cute .. ( like wat charlene said )
then friday ..
tt boy said .. i never go mosque ..coz later i cannot see u then will miss u lah ..
haha .. sweet talker huh ..hah...

well well ... tired like mad sia ...
Percussion is improving ..Glad to see that ..heehee...

Tired like nobody's business ...
Mr tan ask us to go back to play for Alumni band ..
i said .. don;t want .. later u scold me again ..
MR tan : .. gald tt u know ..
hah....all of them laugh ...
heehee ....

Tired sia ....still got prep work ..
today i like dunno ask for instructions how many time ..
coz i go to Mdm tan ..not mrs lester veri fast ..heehe...

all the jokes come out today funni ..
hah... then at night .. juz now ..Fm93.3 play some old songs ..
Mdm tan say .. the radio no batt huh ?
then she sang along with the song ..hah..

Michelle Ang and Yawen iron lioaz .. so nice ..WAAH ..
Yawen make me laugh like mad when she took out one of the picture the Sec 3 art student drew ..
dunno wat cartoon is tt .. we laugh like siao ..

Mrs lester also make a joke out of ms koh ..
hah.. some laughters in the art room ..
actually i like batik lehz ..ha..
can sit there ..compose outself .. with some fun and laughters ...heehee. ..


gtg ... I MISS OPMB ...



// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 9:58 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Today is a simple day ..
But something happened during art time ...
Well ... its a failure of me ...
wanted to shout out loud .. LOH YONG TAH .. where's ur intergity ? ARGH !!!
Well ... i was desperate ...haiz ...
Took somebody's elses work and say is mine ..
And i din;t admit tt it is mine ..
till mdm loy took out evidence ..
Well .. i was desperate really desperate ...
Well ... she;s very angry and disappointed with me ..
Tt;s wat she said
I have been having a positive attitude abt u ..
I don;t understand why u are doing this ..
As a leader in band .. and a peer support leader
How could you ?
Where's ur intergity ?
Haiz ... a person should never do things tt betray ur intergity although u are desperate ..
tt's wat the instrutor said during the course in 2002 ..
is also listed in our peer support handbook ...
then she .. how are u going to lead ..
and make other ppl or ur juniors to respect u ..
u are totally ...u are not a role model for yah juniors ...
i will suggest to Ms chang to strip off ur positions in band ..
U are not fit to be a leader ....
 I was like .... well .. i am not in band liaoz ..
This is mine first time ..
i am juz desperate ...
Well well ... was really dunno wat to say .. when she is saying tt juniors part ..
Azlan appeared from the back .. from the art studio 1 ...
he kinda heard ...
Well ... i am juz a useless senior ..
a disgrace to myself ...
She requested to meet my parents ..
Told her abt some facts ..
balhblahbalh ..
Went to classes ..
Went to band room after tt
Force Farhana to wear chongsam ..
She look so SWEET in tt ..
Hah a ... realli .. manage to pull her to band room .. and there are having meeting .. and was like chang ..farhana in chongsam .. everybody was like trying to come out and see ..
is realli nicel orz ...hah...
The other one she can;t wear .. so ..heehee .forced chang to wear it ..
Let;s see abt it tml ...
Was laughing all the way after we went to see the skit rehersal ..
especially they danced .. our 2 majors like robot ..
Me , jannah , Charlene , Farhana , Shafiq and Siraj ..
was laughing like mad ppl ..ha...
on how the both of them dance ..ha...haha
well .. tt chang ..hah... she took the rules out of the RI;s band rules ..wellwell ..
i donl;t mind actually .. it is for the benefit of the band ...
she also lectured me ..
she got to know abt it ..haiz ...
well .. juz hope tt mr tan don;t know abt it ...
kinda miss band ..haiz ..
can;t go band anymore ..
well well ....
their formation very busy liaoz ...
i think planning bah ..
hope tt the VCDs i lend them got help ...
hardworking majors ..hah...
all the best manz ...
 came back home ..
Mdm loy called my mum .. she is going t oschool tml @ 8 ..
well .. she didn;t scold me ..
told her liaoz ..
well well ..
like wat ms chang say ..
i am juz a escapist ...
can;t imagine tt i also reprimant ppl .. my juniors ..not be a escapist ..
and i am one myslef ...
told chang to use me as a example ..
to tell those Art ppl in band .. those juniors ..
work hard now ..
Don;t be like me ..
ur useless senior ...
 I am not fit to be ur senior anyway ...
well .. kinda sad abt myself ...
haiz ....
Sorry to all ...
i am a useless and disappointing Junior to my seniors and a definte failure senior to my juniors ..
HOPE U ALL CAN SURVIVE without the sec fours
mind be popping by ...
A useless and disappointing senior signing out ...

Y O N G T A H 7:46 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, July 19, 2004

New Links .. : Nilam and Annette and pAtricia ...

Y O N G T A H 6:19 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Well well .. today is my first day of retirement .. uhuh ...hah....
Morning .. shichie still ask me ...Wat time band room open today ..
I was like ..HUH ? hah
Went to find Farhana .. let her see the cards i did for the juniors ... hah...
She was like laughing all the way ..
Pass someof the cards to yaser ..
Now bag lighter liaoz .. heehee ...
Still got few to go ...
i took half an hour to write one card ....hah...
Every card is original ..
I also forgotton wat i wrote liaoz ...hah...
Jinzhao;s was in chinese .. took me a long time sia ...hah...
jane say tt i muz have copied from a book .when i gave her during recess ...
ade was veri excitied .. i gave her all the cards and she went around giving ppl ..haha....
Well .. i know all those from courses ...i mean those kind of stupid leadership courses
they got teach this kind of thingy .. forget which one also ...i like go dunno how many leadership course liaoz .. the notes they gave like collecting dust in my room ..ha...
And .. when i really and sincerly want to do things for somebody ..
all kinds of things will come to my brain ...
Can;t imagine tt i wrote those things also ...ha.....
And really can;t believe i so good to them ..ha... coz they are my first batch of juniors ..haha..
Was outside the Gym ..seeing them sectional
Was rather unhappy that Hafiz wore the band uniform ..
Well .. listen up members ... we are acutally not allowed to use the instruments and uniform for other things ..they are strict meant for band ..
Correct ? Sec 4s .. tt;s wat Ms Winnie Tan told us when we entered band ...
Well well .... kanna scolded by Mdm loy .. she said tt we need to buck up on art ..
uhuh ... mish was unhappy .. so am  i ...
Was like banging the table of the canteen ..well well ...
Forget it .. life is unfair ...
had a headache over the costume .. tt Ms liem . .say never wear guys go SIP .. wat .. nonsences ..
mine led to Songmin lorz .. ARGH ... let;s hope Hussiani can lend me one
Don't understand .. how come Chinese . .lesser ppl wear their traditional costume ..
Maybe coz those are more suitable in china .. i serious think those are nice .. like shown in the TV show ..
Those not any how one.. is last time ppl realli wear ...
and i don;t understand .. how come MAlaysia don;t have their own kind of costume ...
Well well ... i resented wearing Malay costume ..
But well .. i am in Singapore .. not malaysia ...
Muz forget all the hatred ..Singapore is a muti racial country .....
I juz hate those Putmi Putras ... ( dunno how to spell also ) ..
Malaysian Malays ...
Arrogant ppl ... only some are humble ...those humbles are realli humble ....
Well .. i hate most malay .. especially KL Malay  .. eee ....Arrogant ppl ..
But some malays like those in my town there .. all good and nice ppl ...
Well .. kinda miss them ...hah....
Well well ... sianz manz ..
Was looking at the skit with Farhana ...saw our 2 majors ...ha...
Yaser look so funni while Azlan look so charming ..later S** H** faint ...
U should know who huh .>Azlan ..ha....
Tt person obessed abt u ..ha....
And in the band room ..the band room key .. pass pass pass .. pass to me again ..
I was like ..why give me ...i retired liaoz ...ha..
None of my business ..ha....
Well .. goingto make somemore cards for those juniors kind of me ..
Well .. doing art also ...Sianz ARH ...haiz ....
All the best to the new committee ... this batch got more challengers ..
But i believe with yah potential .. and leadership .. they will be gone juz like the wind ...
YAH ....
LYT Signing Out ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 5:52 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Libra Boy

The Libra lad is always conscious of his appearance. He always moves in the right circles, as he wants to be seen in the right company. He is a smooth talker and a born charmer. As Librans make good diplomats, he brings harmony to his group and manages to accommodate divergent viewpoints. At times, he may appear a bit superficial and lacking in passion and deep-rooted beliefs. The main interests of his life are dressing well and spending time in the company of friends. He has a fine sense of style and enjoys spending on luxury. He has a high I.Q. and should he put his mind to it, there is very little that he can't achieve. He will go to the best Universities, mostly because it will enhance his image.
wELL .. izzit tt quite true .. i am famous for my vainity .. haha .. VAIN POT ...hahh...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 5:48 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, July 18, 2004

Well .. spend like 3 days updating tt Opus One .. hope u all enjoy it ...
Will update soon abt the passing over ...
Wait for the photo to develop ...
spend my time these 2 days doing something ..
Something horz ...hah...
Well .. art haven;t even did my prep work .. tell me .. how am i going to pass up ?
Some things abt the Passing over ...
Was very touched tt my section came forward to give my presents ,
A card , A photoframe and a bottle of stars ..
I never expected it ..
i was totally Shocked .. realli shocked .. dumbfold and loss of speech ..
I scolded .. nagged .. screamed .. punished them ..
Almost like torture them .. .
Yet .. they so good to me ...
Like wat Jinzhao say ..They Respect me a lot ..
Well ... Thx to my beloved section ...
I will be back if u need me ..
Do not hesitate to call me ...hah...
Later sure charlene call me to come back ...
to arrange the cupboard ..
i scared i die of heartattack ...hah....
The main committee ...
i am veri happy .. veri veri happy ...
To see azlan and yaser becoming the Drum Majors and Assitant Drum Majors ...
To Azlan and Yaser .. : KaiBoon and Me are Proud of ur ...
still remember they sec one .. is like yesterday .. .
Well .. i am retired .. retired ..hah... trying to adapt to these retired days while the new batch is adapting to their new positions ..
All the Best .. OPSS 4th Batch Committee ...
Hope that you all can take over wat we left behind .. and continue our good work ..
Don't let us down .. we worked like one mad group ..
Coz .. ur Ms Chang veri fussy one ...
Be careful .. she might juz reject ur reports like stock taking .. and u will have to redo till she think is perfect .. but we used to it liaoz ...hah...
Muz miss me horz ...hah...
I think .. band room will be veri quite now .. without my screaming and shoutings ..ha...
PEaCE in Band Room ...
like wat i say ..Except The unexpected ... Unexcept The Expected ...
May this new Batch of Committee ... Lead the Band to March Towards Glory under their leadership .. soaring into the sky ...
P.s. .. If u all meet any problems .. don;t hesitate to consult us ... i think the Ex-committee will be veri glad to  help you out ..Agree ? Sec Fours ?
Heehee ...=p ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 9:11 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, July 17, 2004

Orchid Park Secondary School Military Band ..
Proudly Presents .... 

Came to school at abt 11 ++ .. coz muz come at 11.30 ++
Rehearsals starts at around 12 ... after Mr Tan did somethings to the tables which became the reflector for the French Horns
And also the curtains also are tied up .. in order to create a better sound effect for percussion .. so that the sound will not be absorbed ...

Then rehearsals .. Terrence Teow came ... eee .. can't stand him ..

Well ..soon ... rehearsals ends .. ..we are running out of time .. SHIT ..hah.. .everybody was running here and there .. OMG ... haha... i also .. i have to ask the sec one for ushers .. set up the tables and counters .. Ms Chang not in school .. haha... my last time .. scolded the sec ones ..WAH PENGZ .. SUPER ATTITUDE PROBLEM >> FEEL LIKE KILLING THEM ..ARGH !!!!...Then concert .. before it starts .. went down to give tickets to the friend know from MSN ..Daniel From Monfort ... saw Jaryl from Bishan Park.. then guess wat .. the VP Mr Lim is here .. was like my uniform ..shit ..hah..bring him up the Staff Loungue while using My Hp call Ms Chang .. i thought no Hp allowed in OPSS ..somemore use infront of Vp ..hah...she was shocked also ...haha..

Then after tt ..when to tell mschang ..coz MR Lim also asked i need to pay for the tickets .. Marcus and i was like ... Pay $50 ..hah..

Then came Mr Nath. . who was trying to go the school hall.. luckily i stopped him .. bring him into the Staff Loungue ... and he was busying playing with Megan while Mdm Pan ask me change channel ..Change to Symphony 92.4 FM ..

Then My Nightmare came ... NOT ENOUGH CHAIRS >.diedie .. faster faster set up .. Thz Alex Ching for helping me ..heehee...and i was busying asking audience to shift as they were sitting on the RESERVED seats .. feel so embrassed ...ask Daniel from PeiCai to shift .. but he never reconigse me ..heehee ...

Well .. concert start soon ....MY LAST CONCERT And as A PERCUSSIONIST ..The Hall look so nice .. coz with the Spotlights and also the Sunlights shining in ..thus causing a very nice effect ..

Saw Ben asking the Percussion to fall in .. strange .. i went to have look .. ask them to keblangkang bu Seng .. then Siraj kanna punish ...hah... Then Ben ask me to look after them ..

Then he go take camera .. take photo ...hah... Bad sia him ..hah...


School Song ...

I PLAYED WRONGLY ... argh .. never practice ..Haha ..

The Great Locotive Chase ..

Everything was alright . i was nervous ..can u imagine .. me being nervous .. OH MY ...Came in early 8 BARS for the Chimes part .. and i was hitting so hard like mad .. OMG ... but.. some how fit in ..hah

Folk Song Suite ..

Was like one mad man standing down there .. my legs are wobbling .. ARG !! ..coz no mallet parts ...

Flute Concertino ..

That Terrence again ... went up to backstage ..finally .. or else my legs will break ..hah...Quite a nice song .. coz i first time hear it .. ( normally i will go band room do scores if they play this song ) 


Japanese Graffiti 6 ..

Wah Pengz ..this song ..actually want dance one .. i ask the mediatech to do the spotlights even ..hah..But the never lah .. luckily this song never play wrong .. or else i sure die die ..hh.aha.

Intermission followed ...

PHOTO TAKING TIME .. normally .. if other concerts .. all run to music room and rest .. coz is like still in the evening .. all want take photo ...


   Yuyan , Guangxian .. ME !!  


The Invasion OF UNCLE TAN aka Kelvin Tan..

Band members were all around the corridor .. screaming and shouting ..TAKE PHOTO TAKE PHOTO ..hah...

Then was on the way out .. then shichie they all want to take photo on the new Benches along the corridor ...


          Leqi ..Where u lookin ?..    


               Say Cheese ...

HEY ..but did u find these 2 pics Blur .. thz to Chengkok ..Our Quarter Master ( Instrument )..hahah..


This will be better . .Taken by Aihui .. our MC cum Ex-Bm ..everybody look so sweet ..=p

Another pic .. muahaha ... Farhana at the top ..Pengz ..


Chester And Aihui . Nice Pic ..

To The Music Room ...

Well..quite a number of ppl resting in the music room .. decided to take some pictures ..


       Cheng Kok .. where u lookin ?        


 Gohyiling looking at the wrong direction ...lolz


 The 3 Mad Percussionist ...The QianRu Post ..                

               Charlene .. wat u looking at ...

Back to School Hall ...


  Our 2 Super Model Of OPUS .. haha ..


          Sakinah , Annette , ME !!!

Everybody was busy chatting with friends ..hah... Took a Pic with Sakinah and Annette..Chang ask me to go and hit the chimes to signal the end of interval .. ask sebas to play the annoucement thingy ..hah.. so funny ..heehee ...

The Programme started with the Brass Ensemble ...

Brass Ensemble - March Together ..

Farhana's favourite song.. March Together march Together ..hah.. no lah ... anyhow sing one ... wellwell ...Shirley was the laughing stock of the day ... lolz .. her file fell off the stand ... 2 times sia ... any she manage to play the last note .. with Mr Tan smiling at her ..hah.h..

Percussion Ensemble - Suite in Three Movement For Percussion ...

Actually is not 3 movement .. Mr Tan changed to Movement .. only play 1 and 3 ..and switched to 3 then 1 .. dunno why sia ... was rather surprise to hear tt the movement changed .. actually .. it was me playing in the ensemble ... well .. i got myself to be blamed .. let bygones be bygones ...

Woodwind Ensemble - Les Lunes De Cuzco ...

Nice song .. we moved the piano down especially .. still remember how excitied is Mr Tan when he shifted down the Piano .. like one small kid ..ha... should have capture the moment down ... during rehearsals ..Jane was playing the piano ...nice ..nice ...

Went back to the backstage ...

Theme From Ice Castle ..

My Beloved Junior - Hussaini playing Drumset ...nice nice ... so touching tt tears flowed down ..hah... really lah ..hah....nice nice ... even Jannah played the mallet so nice ..hah...

Danse Diabolique. .

Was shocked by the first note ...hah....Was near Jannah .. she like whacking the bass drum like mad sia ...was like .. singing to the tune ..Don't Spoilt the Bass Drum .. Don'tDon't Don't Don't .. NO!!..hah....

Beauty and The Beast ...

Nice nice song ...Joker was Melvin .. he drop his file .. then Mr Tan signal the Clarinet .. waited for so long .. luckily Adeline , Chengkok got air .. or else die ..hah... I FINALLY CAN PLAY THE RUNNING NOTES .. and Mr Tan give that kind of face ... Finally u can play liaoz ...hahha... Just Love playing Mallets ..heehee ...

Encore .. : Doraemon ..

Actually was Alvamar .. dunno why become Doraemon ..funny funny ..heehee. so nice ..ha.h.. my favourite song .. i was the one who took out the score ...and pester Mr Tan to play it ...ha.h.hakhah..

Encore again : .. Alvamar Overture ..

Try to play as softly as possible .. but still can hear .. Daniel From Montfort say he can hear my mallet part .. wah pengz .. anyhow play one ... with my sliding methods .. the cheating method ..coz when u play scales muz fast fast ... then fast notes just like play scales ... sometimes for running notes i even slide across b4 hitting the last note ... cheating method ... but i never use it during concert .. sometimes only lah .. 

..The Concert Officially Finishes ... my last concert ... my last practice ... my last playing on mallets ..

Well ... then .. normallywe will keep instruments .. this time is PHOTOTAKING TIME ..muahaha ...hah..We even got Mr Tan in  .. as the inncocent party ...

We were made to shout name when taking photo .. like SHORTY .. for faree ..hah..



                                            Gettin More and More ppl ...

Stupid Mediatech .. go home spotlights ...ha...ha ....

After the group photo ...took sectionals and photos all around ...nicenice ...

                   Where's Sebas ?


            The 3 Mallet Players .. .Cool ...  


           The Invasion OF HUSSAINI !!!      


                 A Group photo ... 


      Clarinetist ... Where's Chengkok ?            

Saxophone Ppl ... Where u all looking ?


               The Flute Section ...   


 The Invasion Of Mabel .. Where's Faris ??

        Jane and Annette ... CHEESE !!!!

On The Way to the Band Room ...


             Annette And Charlene ...     


          Chengkok And Yiling !!!Smile Chengkok ?

To the band room .. took a librarians photos with Mr Tan ...heehee ...


Out of the Band Room ...

Then Farhana was opening the campion .. was like ..Farhana .. don't fall down .. but if u fall .. the champion we must catch ... haha.. .Faris say tt ..hah....

Everybody went to keep the percussion instruments .. like so fast .. i only make a trip to the band room ..then all come back liaoz ...

Debrief in the Music Room ..ha..

That Mr Tan .. yiling they all .. Mr Tan . We LOVE U ..ha... U SO HANDSOME .. he : .. Of coz .. i k

Nice nice ....went to Mac with Gohyiling they all .. Chengkok .. Mac was noisy ... veri noisy ...

Sebas was the joke .. coz Jurong ppl shouted out .. Sebas wearing Black Thongs ...                  We : EEEEEEE ...hah.. everybody was eating lolipops ...hah... dunno since when refill one ..PeNGz ...

Wellwell ... took a photo .. shake hand with Mr Tan .. his words .. : Thank You for all the Library and Everything...

Took a pic .. with Penny , Charlene , Tutti , Sebas .. by Hafiz camera ...ha...


Went back home ... OPUS CONCERT WAS A SUCCESS ..the best in all concerts ... OPMB SIMPLY RAWKS !!

                                      // OPMB SIMPLY RAWKS ..//   

Y O N G T A H 5:11 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


M I N I  B I O. : : : :



[ name :::  Loh Yong Tah ]
[ gender ::: male ]
[ age ::: 16++ ]
[ bday :: 26-09-1988 ]
[ horoscope ::: Libra ]
[ nationality ::: Malaysian ]
[ height ::: 163 ]

 i am no other then LYT , Loh Yong Tah . if u want to know more about me , read my blog or u can add me at friendster , drop me an email or add me on MSN :

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