Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well.. cheered up a bit ..hah...
Today in class .. damn funni .. talking to ahguang abt .. ** lewd things ** and gohyiling got fed up and ran away ...

Well well ... b4 yesterdays band prac ... immediately i step out of 4a4 .. ms chang hand me a piece of paper + $50 .. saying .. Nah .. go this place ...

So went lorz ... Sims Ave .. = Gelayang Lor 13 ..at first cannot find .. so the taxi driver turn here turn there ... and went into the REd-Light District ..** .. hah.
The uncle was .. Boy .. I recommand u see something .. Look outside the window .. did u saw tt lady on ur left .. there there there ...and that one on ur right ...
U know wat are all those ..hah.. i can;t imagine in boarday light also got ...ha... can see them pulling men when they walk past ...Eeks ...hah...

Found the place at last ..had a terrible time sia ..well well ...find the place ..is @ the 5th Storey ... then the person say .. i send to ur school .. then they reject .. think bomb izzit .. the whole office look at me ...
Is like funni sia .. a student wearing school uniform appearing in a industrial building ..dots ...

Went out .. the uncle is still there waiting for me .. he voluteered to wait for me .. but he off the metre .. and he went to buy durian and eat ...hah.
went back to opss .. chat with the uncle along the way ..hah...he told me his 2 son is from Chinese High then to Hwa Chong JC .. one with O levels 7 points one with 8 points .. one juz came out of uni one juz went in ..
wah pengz sia ...hah..

Talktalk came back to opss hah....said bye bye to the uncle ...hah..was a funni experience ...

Wastalking to ahguang ..abt wat i saw yesterday . .abt the MAmasan and the prositutes .,.where by suddenly Bala walk past ...me and him was @ the door ...near the speaker ..
although mrs bala never look at us ..but we both already laugh like mad kids ...hah..

Well .. today art .. damn boring .. oh yah ..art room installed new cabinets ... look like audition place sia ...hah... veri nice ..also got lights .. both room also got ...mdm loy like wat sia .. lock all of them up ..dots dots ..hah..

spend from 11.50 till 1.30 ..ART THEORY LESSON OMG ... dman boring help !! ...hah...
then she ask .. u all today got remidial .. gohyiling .. yes .. we have remidials ..
but @ 2.10 .. she never dimiss .. everybody .. was like .. u go tell u go tell ...
but in the end dismiss ...
saw hwee Guek ...and gek moi ..went to talk talk . .like one hour ++ ..ha..
went to band room .. do some admin things .. then went back .. took MRT with alex ...he force me one ...hah..

Tt;s all folks ..not feeling like doing any homework ...
Tml have band prac ..heard tt Terence is coming ..tt snobbish guy ..PUI !!

and mr goh .. thz you for extending the deadline of handing up my holiday assignment to this friday ..
Thank You ...

Well .. still left with tt stupidcompo and function writing ..ARG !!!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:19 PM

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Monday, June 28, 2004

I am realli realli hurt ...well .. i am juz useless ..
I am totally hurt , depressed ...
Although like wat Carol said in my Friendster : I could stand up after i fall ..without help ..
But i think .. this time .. no more liaoz ...i am totally hurt by wat Mr Tan said juz now ..

Every Word , Every Sentence ...juz peirce through my heart .. it is bleeding now ...non-stop ..

I can;t believe that .. i am such useless ....i am the person who pulled down the entire section ...

First from happy mallets to this ....wat happened to me ?
I used to be proud of me able to play mallets .. my best achivement in life ...the fondest memories of me playin songs and music on it ..
And now ...i have been throwed into a deep valley ...
Never be able to climb up again ... never again ..

Never .. mr tan's word ..every word , every sentence is still ringing in my head .. and ears .. i will never be able to forget it the rest of my life ...

MR Tan : YongTah ...Please look into ur parts ..
Me : Hmm
Mr Tan : this allocation chart .. proves that it is not effective ....and it is very useless ...
Mr tan : ..did u realli practice .. u are pulling the whole band and the whole section juz because of u playin the mallets ..
If u can;t play .. let others play ...
and i hope that u will not pull down the whole band juz coz of u .and also the whole section ...

It realli realli hurt my heart .. i am totally devasted ..haiz ..
tears came to my eyes .. but i tried not to cry ... trying my best to control my tears ...

But .. i cried the moment i enter the bathroom .. on my own .. cried like nobody;s business ... am i realli that useless ..

I realli can;t believe that .. but i have to accpet that .. it is due to my poor leadership .. percussion is in this sad state of affairs ...
and i dunno how am i going to face OPMB , MS Chang , MR Tan , the committee ... and all my sec 4s band mates .. i am totally ashamed ...
I am realli sorry benjamin ...i am a useless SL .. i spoilt and distory wat is builded up over the years ..

I am so sorri .. i didn;t know tt it is all coz of me ..
Never never i will imagine that i am the real curprit ..
sorri Ben ..sorri to my juniors , Siraj , Charlene , Jannah ..
Ur SL here left a pile of mess ...which is created by me .. for u all to clear .. and for all the critisment that u all have to face ..

i am sorri .. i am totally ashmaded by myself ...

Y O N G T A H 7:51 PM

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

For this month ...
Every Sunday .. i will slack around
The Next Morning .. is still hoilday ..
Waking up late and going for band Practice ..
3 Sundays passed ..
TMl is school reopen ...
Today is the last day of hoildays ...

With the pile of hoilday assignments still neatly tucked on the shelf .. UNDONE ...
my Organizer on the shelf in my bedroom ..
The bookmark on the last day of exams . ..
Time realli flies ...

Familar seas of faces ..
Familar Annoucements ..
The Familar national enthem and school song ..
With the phrase ..Welcome back to OPSS...
Mr Low is back ... life is hard again ...
With the limit of one week .. and the teachers will collect the hoilday assignments ..
For the hardworking ones .. Good for u ..
For those ppl like me .. let;s start work ...
O levels is coming to attack us ...

Art Students .. ur batik due date is coming soon ...
Dots .. dots .. and dots ...
Remidials .. classes .. exams ... is coming up ...

After Opus Concert 2004 ...
11 July 2004 ....Sunday
The Last Concert and performance as a member of OPSSMB ..
17th July 2004 ..
Passing -over Ceremony ..
The End of Life in band ..
As a member ...
As a Head Librarian .. a QM helper ...in the Committee
All the Fun , laughter and joy will be gone ..
Gone with the Busy Days of the librarian ...
Rushing to get ready conductor scores for Mr Tan ..
The baton .. the conductor stands ...
Scores for the band ...
Keeping original scores ... counting them ..
Nagging at mr tan to ask him bring back his scores ..
listening to his instructions in return ...
Chasing after ppl for back-up scores ..
Running all abt ..asking ppl to do this and that during concerts ..
And lots and lots ...
As an SL ...
asking them to set up instruments .. teaching them ..
telling them wat is right or wrong ..
giving them instructions ..
and watching them grow up from Sec 1 from a newbie ..
To a skillful and sensible and responsible percussionist ..
knowing wat to do and want not to do ..
from my naggings .. set up stands .. files ..sticks ..
Hoping that the Next Sl will lead the percussion well..
In terms of Logistics and music ..
I think .. i have trained my 2 sec 3 juniors well enough ...
Hoping that the next librarian .. will not mess up wat ever it is pass down ..from Stella .. then Azlinah ...then me ..

Mugging , tests , exams , assignments ...
O levels is really hitting us hard ...
Soon .. the passing over ceremony ..
School Graduation Ceremony .. and the O Levels ...
And at last .. waiting to for ur next step of life ..
Teriary Education or Poly Edcuation ...
And secondary school life will be over ...over forever ..

It was since like lastyear since u was sec 1 ...
all the laughter . jokes .. all the pastimes ...
Before i know it .. i am in sec 4 .. last year in school ...
And now .. it is June .. coming to july ...
i will have to say good bye to all the things in school soon ..
all the favourite memories with friends , band mates , classmates.
Why can;t good things last forever ?

But ..
We are students ..
We have no choice ...
Those ppl who scored good grades in the mid-year exams ..
Keep on working hard ..
For those whose grades are like me ..
Let;s stop all the fun ... Pull up our socks ..
and start engine and PIA !!! ..
The last exam in OPSS ... let's give it a shot ..
and let it be the real best and meaningful thingy we did ...
as for me .. i will stop all my activities after the stepping down ...
Study mugging .. become a real bookworm ..

TO achieve wat my junior , Siraj said ..

My Friends ... Let's work hard towards O Levels ..and we shall conquer it with flying colors ..

Y O N G T A H 9:24 PM

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here i am to blog again ..

Forget to mention .. i saw Ms Winnie Tan .. i was walking .. and i never wear specs .. and i saw someone smiling @ me ... then i was abt to walk past .. there she .. YongTah ... Ms Tan ..
she ask abt the band .. but the rest havenlt come ... then we chat a while then she left ...She slimed down a lot .. totally differnet sia .. can;t recognise her sia ..hah

Well ..

For this month ...
Every Sunday .. i will slack around
The Next Morning .. is still hoilday ..
Waking up late and going for band Practice ..
3 Sundays passed ..
TMl is school reopen ...
Today is the last day of hoildays ...

With the pile of hoilday assignments still neatly tucked on the shelf .. UNDONE ...
my Organizer on the shelf in my bedroom ..
The bookmark on the last day of exams . ..
Time realli flies ...

Mr Low is back ... life is hard again ...
With the limit of one week .. and the teachers will collect the hoilday assignments ..
For the hardworking ones .. Good for u ..
For those ppl like me .. let;s start work ...
O levels is coming to attack us ...

Art Students .. ur batik due date is coming soon ...
Dots .. dots .. and dots ...
Remidials .. classes .. exams ... is coming up ...

After Opus Concert 2004 ...
17 July 2004 ....
The Ending of Life in band ..
As a Head Librarian .. a QM helper ...in the Committee
All the Fun , laughter and joy will be gone ..
Gone with the Busy Days of the librarian ...
Rushing to get ready conductor scores for Mr Tan ..
The baton .. the conductor stands ...
As an SL ...
asking them to set up instruments .. teaching them ..
telling them wat is right or wrong ..
giving them instructions ..
and watching them grow up from Sec 1 from a newbie ..
To a skillful and sensible and responsible percussionist ..
knowing wat to do and want not to do ..

Mugging , tests , exams , assignments ...
O levels is really hitting us hard ...
Soon .. the passing over ceremony ..
School Graduation Ceremony .. and the O Levels ...
And at last .. waiting to for ur next step of life ..
Teriary Education or Poly Edcuation ...
And secondary school life will be over ...over forever ..

It was since like lastyear since u was sec 1 ...
all the laughter . jokes .. all the pastimes ...
Before i know it .. i am in sec 4 .. last year in school ...
And now .. it is June .. coming to july ...
i will have to say good bye to all the things in school soon ..
all the favourite memories with friends , band mates , classmates.
Why can;t good things last forever ?

But ..
We are students ..
We have no choice ...
Those ppl who scored good grades in the mid-year exams ..
Keep on working hard ..
For those whose grades are like me ..
Let;s stop all the fun ... Pull up our socks ..
and start engine and PIA !!! ..
The last exam in OPSS ... let's give it a shot ..
and let it be the real best and meaningful thingy we did ...
as for me .. i will stop all my activities after the stepping down ...
Study mugging .. become a real bookworm ..

TO achieve wat my junior , Siraj said ..

My Friends ... Let's work hard towards O Levels ..and we shall conquer it with flying colors ..

Y O N G T A H 8:54 PM

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Happen To Come across Blogs of my PrimarySchool Friends ..

New Links : Huizhen , Aretha , Yazid

Updated Links : Michelle Lam , Fareehana

Listening to Jap Graffiti 5 .. nice nice ..heehee ...

Tml schools reopen .. I DID NOT DO ANY HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT !!
OMG ...

Going out for dinner liaoz ..Ciao!

Y O N G T A H 5:02 PM

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How to make a Yong Tah

3 parts competetiveness

1 part brilliance

5 parts energy

Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Serve with a slice of emotion and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Y O N G T A H 4:41 PM

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Finally .. the last publicperformance came ...
Morning .. came late .. but the band room was open ..trombone and euphonium was sectionaling ... Hussaini and Siraj is here ...
Later Jannah also here .. set up the hall ... then our Charlene came ..hah...
Took down the whole accessroies table and set up again .. now become more firm liaoz ...heehee ...
Thenwent for lunch together as a section ...heehee first time ..

Was singing Siraj versionof Shalom . .From My Father ,My Mother became mEe Soto , Mee Rebus .. aha
Well well ... then went back .. start rehersal .. jap Graffiti 6 .. Hussaini play .. not bad huh ..hah..
Farhana was saying . he no need go .. birng Hussaini can liaoz ..ha. but he came ...hah.. i forget to tell him muz come early .. but ..he got all his good mamasan friends wat .. i thought he will ask them ..who knows ...

Later pack up .. tt sebas .. only downstairs dunoo doing wat .. thz to Farhana and Gang = Shafiq , mardiana , Azlan , Faris for helping the percussion out ...Thzx lots and lots ...
They help to keep the drumset while tt guy was dunno doing wat .. even Leqi helped .. tt;s the best part manz ..thz leqi also ..ha...

Reach botanic Garden ..hah.. was joking all the way . of yah .. we went shopping for goodies @ NTUC andABC after we eat ..heehee..brought sweet and also crackers ...

Botanic Garden was like siao sia .. the original stage was torn down and rebuilt while a temporary one was built .. it was on top of a HILL .. wat .. i was pushin the chimes .. with mr tan @ the front ... was like dieing sia ...ha..
After much effort .. the percussion was set up ..
was giving out instruction ..but tt guy onli know how to show off is skills ... PUI !

Rehersal .. blahbalhblah .. then took our HappY Family Photo ..lolz is Percussion photo lah .. - Sebas ..hah.. hah.. come out sure nice nice .. thzx mabel for helping us ..to take
then later.. performance start .. was talking to Shiying from peirce .. sebas went to tune their drumset .. later spoil i duno ..
lalal ... sittting @ the back with Hussiani and Quiying .. and was like crawling around trying to keep sticks ..wih Charlene and jannah laughing like siao ..tt;s me lah ..the KS section leader ..hah..

The 3 Charming Boys - Sayhao , Guangxian and Yuyan was here ..
went to talk to them after the performance .. all of them went hiding behind the plants when they see Gohyiling coming ..hah...lolz ... talktalk abit and went back to help ..like siao sia ..hah
Was loading the instrument .. when we found siraj missing .. was like going to find him when we saw him coming ..and i push the trolley there..
Went back to OPSS ...
Like dieing sia .. havenlt unpack tt bag of sticks .. will do it tml ..heehee...

went to Long John Sliver with Farhana .. and then parents came to fetch me coz they came from YJC ..

Special Thz to those ppl who helped Percussion out !!

School reopening tml ...and there goes my days with OPMB ..going to step down soon ..going to miss my section .. either jannah and siraj will become the sl ..but i hope both of them can become sls .. both are potential percussionist ..

My Last Public Performance Was a unforgettable one ..

Thz YOu opMB .. u let me have chances to perform outside ..From Chingay , to Khatib Pay It Forward , To Revenue House , To Hougang Mall , To MacRichie Reservior , To The Scouts Camp@ Lim Chu Kang , and lastly to Botanic Gardens .. which is a wonderful closing Chapter for us ..to be able to perform in such a nice place .. with greenries ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 4:08 PM

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Friday, June 25, 2004

I back again ..boring .. tt;s wat i can say ...hah..

Today was @ band room .. later leqi and the sec fours came .. siraj also came .. then leqi play her instrument .. amelia and sylvester in the music room ..playin ..then we keep on teasing leqi ..hah. got the happy family thingy ..hah..lolz ...
was sitting at the trombone cupboard resting when amelia called me in ...

Juz wat was on the whiteboard ? AhLaMiSi Theme Song - The Next Gonna-be popular and hit song of the Century ..
Composed by Lee Ling Yi Amelia ..muaha .. was like laughing like siao ...hah...

Then later .. do stock take .. relabelling the sticks .. gonna graudate and step down .. i am doing the jobs of the next Qm .. well.. i don;t mind .. coz it is for the sake of my section ..heehee

Lunch time .. when with Chengkok and Sylvester ..came back to the band room .. do some librarian stuffs ..then ms chang came ..hah...
Then went back .. kinda unhappy ... don;t wish to say ..haiz ...

Well .. i am bored now ... got some more librarythings to settle ...haiz .. and the scores borrowed from RI ... muz return ...

WOnder will our concert ticket sell ..all the best manz .. my last performance as a OPSS Student in the OPSS military band ...tt;s it ..

Well .. gtg .. i am bored !!! ...

Tml botanic gardens ...okok lah .. quite excited ..heehee ..and was liketelling major ..cannot blame .. our band ppl like wat .. so we go perform ..hah...
Shiying from peirce called me to confirm the parts ..hah.. last minute sia ...haz ..

Tt's all folks ...bye ..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:52 PM

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Well.. back again ... boring boring ...hah... nowadays i like hack care like tt ..hah... lots of library things pile up lioaz ..haiz ..hah...

Went back to School like everyday like that ...hah...

Wednesday .. morning got sectional .. okok lorz ..hah... siraj was late again ..eXCEptED ..hah... got some posters to be enlarged .. veri nice ..hehhee ...
Then horz .. not say i want to go against marcus lorz ...
He : Why are ur keeping instruments ?
Me : they are not needed liaoz
He : but we are a band ..
I : So ??
He : blahblahbalh ..
I : Sorri horz .. mr tan gave permission liaoz ... keep moving percussionist
He : ..start to say .. the score thingy ..Chey .. who cares abt him .. so kapo .. my library thingy also want to poke his nose .. Go and be ur CM lah .. hah...
No offence horz .. is juz a point of view ..
lalala ...

Today. .got sectional .. never call sebas ... all i can say is i did it purposely .. well .. i am not afraid to admit it ...haha. .. coz no need him...today is sec ones time ...then horz .went lunch .. then come back .. see lots of new com sia .. then the keyboard got box ..then tt hussaini went to take some .. coz he want to change the box of the sticks ...hah.. no bad huh ...
He and othman like 2 small kid like tt sia .. bickering always ..hah... i was telling siraj .. muz be jealous right .. last time no ppl play with u ..hah...

Then half way .. we took out some instrument .. then open .. coz is old wat .. suddenly got a pungent smell ... Siraj let out a STINK BOMB ..SIRAJ >>>all of us were like dieing sia ..hah...

Well well ... yah.. on tuesday .major tan suddenly pop out .. and pull hussiani coz he never tuck in his shirt ..dots ..hah...poor him .. i also kanna .. major wentnangangang ...
Then wednesday ..ms chang say ..we got one VP new one .. so we got 2 VP ..then he from the military also .. his rank higher then Major Tan .. ALL of us .. YEAH .. Claps and cheers ..ha.. our common enemy .. MAJOR TAN LEE TECK ..haha..

well ...well .. tt;s all folks ...hah.. like being together with my perucssionist h..hah.. goona miss them when i step down ...

and tt othman .. always want to hao lian .. can;t stand him ...ARG ...but hussaini veri good .. he can listen and later play out the tune ...good sia .. can play jap Graffiti 6 a bit liaoz .. wah... juz by lookin @ sebas ..wooo .. hah...TUMBS UP ..hah...
but tt othman .. juz think tt he veri good .. brother percussionist so wat ..everytime hao lian .. always try to inmitate hussiani ..but too bad he can;t ..ha....

well ...saw siraj's brother @ ABC on our way back to lunch ..wah ... look like him sia ..the slim version of siraj ..hah...

Joke of the day ..
Charlene : .pronouced ribbion as Ribbin ..
Charlene : ..go and wash ur belly siraj ...hah...
How come today no belly ..? heeheee

THen horz .. dunno why .. me keep on saying siraj and jannah .. was laughing like mad during rehersal yesterday .. was talking to charlene abt jannah ..hah.. all the lewd ideas all came out ..and charlene was whacking me all the way ..hah..
then .. keep on saying abt Beauty and The Beast .. .jannah suddenly became like jane .. during the " Transformation " ..and she turned ..TAAADAA ..haha.. laugh like siao sia ..hah...

goona go ..tml back to opss again

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:46 PM

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

New Link added : Sakinah ...

Y O N G T A H 7:43 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


( Disclaimer : To SEBAS : This is MY BLOG .. want i want to write is my problem .. not urs .. if u think tt u are insulted or wat ever .. BOO !! .>GET LOST !!! .. See that X button?.. CLICK IT !!! )

Well well .. guys .. i am back ...WOO HOO !!! ...hah...
yesterdays band was Fun ..hah... morning morning came ..few of us were saying of tt person ...hah.. when he came ...
then later band prac .. okok lorz ..then sectional .. bring my whole section to the band room .. left Sebas there .. who cares ..he pro wat .." pRos are Like That " .ha.. manage to sort out certain parts ...Wee ...hah

Then later ... went back . .got this ensemble thingy ... sucks lah .. nonseces sia .. then later ...he say wat .. meldey .. blahblahblah .. as if i so free like that .. i also got exams to take lorz .. think i so free like you mehz .. oops .. iforget .. u have to stay in opss for one more year ..HAHAHA ...
Wellwell ... went to mac .. saw farhana they al .. chit chat ..talk abt this and tt ... we all can;t stand him ...eee ... disgusting ..all of us are saying abt him ...
and we are not afraid to let u know .. and WE ARE NOT FEELING GUILTY ABT IT ...ha...

Today ..went band room .. siraj and charlene came .we started the stand thingy ..ha... poor clarinet section ...coz as we were doing the stands .. some stand i lazy to repair ..so chunk one side ..then to clarinets' turn.. last section ..wah ... no more new stand ...die .. we ask them so many ppl .. 19 Lehz .. omG ! ... they got 2 new stands ... some is trombone and tubas one ..don;t worri .. i repaired it ...heehee..
Got sth veri funni .. last time the new stands .. all veri difficult to open .. this one so easy...Hmph ...

Percussion got 10 new STANDS >> YIPPEE
still remember tt time ..all get new . onli we all get the black old one ..hah.. the cupboard looks so shiny with the new stands ...then we also got label .. every instrument got its stand ...hah...
except for sebas ..he always .. like take his own stand ..then his own snare .. so we give him black stand ...ha... all of us get sliver ..he get black ..muahaha .. we were joking wat if later half way concert drop ..all sure clap hands ...hah...somemore the stand got his name ..
well ..ms chang say all muz sliver .. so maybe changing for him sliver .. Mind You : is old sliver stands .. hahaha ...

Then we allocate percussion parts .. go into detail ..hmph ..we all all joke joke here and there .. always side-track ..hah... then we all .. Sebas ..the out cast one ...hah....seems that everybody don;t like him ..muahha .. so funni . keep on doing lame thingys ..
Stay till 4 ..thencame home ..

btw .. to Esther from Euphonium section ... ur stand most lucky .. the whole band got a same sticker ...Coz all written by charlene .. urs .. is by siraj .. got simily face somemore ...muahaha ...we were laughing like siao sia ...ha...

Keep on saying Sebas the outcast .. lalala ...
i am not afarid .. this is my blog ..lalalalala ....
well ..
tml have sectionals with them ...never call sebas ..ha... coz is juz minor minor ... onli the sec ones ...

PROs Are Not Needed ...dotsdots ...ha...

well well .. yah .. today we also got say .. he always onli carry his own instrument ..andstand ..and ...i don;t have score ..YONGTAH never give me ..ha... wait long long .. i am not going to issue scores when u lost it ..lalala .. i am the librarian .not u ..muahaha ...booboo ..

Then tt time mon .. in the band room .dunno who say ... hmph .. why u always never set up instrument ? alwayslet ppl set up ..guess wat he say .. when i want set up .. finish liaoz ..OMG !! ..can;t blame .. Pros are like tt ...
Then horz .. tt othman .. attitude like him .. so i told mr tan ..he said .. no wonder ... he also like tt wat .. He: ... ppl like me .. so talented ...PUI !! ...
then somemore ...he said .. i scared this concert .. like Alla Marziale .. like tt... so ask no ppl to come .. then I : ..still put ur nick so big ..ask ppl to see ur talent ?

I seriously think .. he bluff bluff onli ..so manyconcerts liaoz .. where got his friend come ..wahpengz. .action onli ...i forget .. pros are like that ...
I am onli a wang chen mo ji person ... hah... who wants to be like him ..eee .. vomiting in process ..ha....
othman starting to be like him .. walk around .. don;t force ppl to change my mind .. and i will sure start to neglect him ...
everybody is bias ..no human is perfect ..

used to see him veri potential ... but now start to dislike him ..haiz ... if one more time .. i will not hesitate to scold him .. but actually ..i am juz hoping he can change for the better .. wat for if u are veri talented ..but u are a super attitude musician ?
**Shake Heads **
Got a feeling .. i hope tt next year siraj SL .. then hah.. he will sure explode .. and i can see siraj got lots of potential .. and have lots of plans ...am i actually carrying out his plans bit by bit ...hah...

Joke of the day. .
Farhana says .. I CARES
Charlene : Nizer instead of Nicer ...hah..

Oh yah ..yesterday's night tution .. Eric was .. come on .. pronouce ..ethanel .. the th .. most have togue ...try try try ...hah...


disgusted by him ..signing off ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:12 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, June 20, 2004

Why We Live As Long As We Do

On the first day God created the cow. God said, "You must go to the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer I will give you a life span of sixty years."

The cow said, "That's a kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. Let me have twenty years and I'll give back the other forty."

And God agreed.

On the second day, God created the dog. God said, "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. I will give you a life span of twenty years."

The dog said, "That's too long to be barking. Give me ten years and I'll give back the other ten."

So God agreed (sigh).

On the third day God created the monkey. God said, "Entertain people, do monkey tricks, make them laugh. I'll give you a twenty year life span."

The monkey said, "How boring, monkey tricks for twenty years? I don't think so. Dog gave you back ten, so that's what I'll do too, okay?"

And God agreed (again).

On the fourth day God created man. God said, "Eat, sleep, play. Do nothing, just enjoy, enjoy. I'll give you twenty years."

Man said, "What? Only twenty years? No way man! Tell you what, I'll take my twenty, and the forty cow gave back, and the ten dog gave back and the ten monkey gave back. That makes eighty, okay?"

"Okay," said God. "You've got a deal."

So this is why for the first twenty years we eat, sleep, play, enjoy, and do nothing;

for the next forty years we slave in the sun to support our family;

for the next ten years we do monkey tricks to entertain our grandchildren;

and for the last ten years we sit in front of the house and bark at everybody.

Don't Keep The Laughter To Yourself!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:29 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, June 19, 2004

Well well ..back from OPMB .. juz wat .. reach there @ 9.00a.m. ... and had a punishment of 2 rounds .. and cheers from members .. Dot ...
Had sectional.. ensmeble lah ...hah... well ...okok lorz ... got somethings tt i can;t stand ..
Going to have a tighten in the library rules ... ur juz watch out on mondays ... Librarians will note u all on Monday b4 i take action ...i mean we take action together ...

Went mac with Mardiana , Siraj , Faris and Farhana ... ate lunch .. and went down to sit and talk ... like 3 hours ++ ..hah... talk about everything under the sun ...then abt malaysia .. then indonesia ..hah....
enjoyed it .. gonna miss it as i think it will be difficult after we all step down soon ..haiz ..

School reopening soon >>ARG !!!

Well ... today sth happen to Amelia's bow .. tt one mr tan one .. hah.. the strings came off .. OOLALA ..hah...

Now THE Amelia Crisis got 3 movements ...

1st Movement .. - The Assisanation of YongTah , Chengkok and Mr Tan
2nd Movement .. The outcast of the Double Bass Section ...
3rd Movement .. The Mishap of the Double Bass Bow ...

Well .. juz can;t stand some ppl .. so hao lian .. think u so good mehz .. so wat ...U ARE GOING TO BE A SUPER ATTITUDE MUSICIAN >> NO MUSIC DISCIPLINE ...

I don;t care .. this is my blog .. i don;t care ...
not happy right ... see tt BIG CROSS on the top right hand corner .. JUZ CLICK IT !! >> and GET LOST !!!

BOOBOO .. u are a freak ..hah.. now everybody know how bu yao lian are u .. u moron freak ... hah.....think wat .. EE .. disgusting ... Faint !! .. clothers also wear until so disgusting ... no taste ..PIO!! .. i think ur clothers looks better on me ..hah....and so fickle-minded ... never be able to succeed in life like tt ...seriously being disgusted by tt person .. ARG !!!

Ok .. tt;s all abt tt person ...well ... goodiebum ...haha....

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 5:10 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


take some time to read the following story.

An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor
of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more
leisurely life with his wife enjoying his extended family. He would miss
the paycheck, but he needed to retire. They could get by.

The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go and asked if he could
build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter said yes, but
in time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted
to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate
way to end his career.

When the carpenter finished his work and the builder came to inspect the
house, the contractor handed the front-door key to the carpenter. "This is
your house," he said, "my gift to you."

What a shock! What a shame! If he had only known he was building his own
house, he would have done it all so differently. Now he had to live in the
home he had built shabbily.

So it is same with us. We tend to build our lives in a distracted way,
reacting rather than acting, willing to put up less than the best. At
important points we do not give the job our best effort. Then with a shock
we look at the situation we have created and find that we are now living
in the house we have built. If we had realized it earlier, we would have
done it differently.

Think of yourself as the carpenter, and treat your life like the house you
are building. Each day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall.
Build wisely. It is the only life you will ever build. Even if you live it
for only one day more, that day deserves to be lived graciously and with
dignity. The plaque on the wall says, "Life is a do-it-yourself project."

Who could say it more clearly? Your life today is the result of your
attitudes and choices in the past. Your life tomorrow will be the result
of your attitudes and the choices you make today.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!

"deception is my weapon"

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 5:07 PM

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Well .. back from the concert .. it was veri nice .. at first was all classics .. then after the interval .. the nice one all came ... like Reflections , tt one got guest voicalist .. so nice ... was huming the tune coz we got play b4 wat .....I Wish Upon A Star ...by Pincconio ..

I like the Yes Sir , You Are My Baby .. tt one got movement one ..haha.. veri cute ..haha...all were laughing like siao

Went there with Xiangting and saw Lijin and Joyce sitting on the platform of the fountain near the Conference Hall .. joined them .. waited for Amanda they all .. thenwent there together ... saw @ the seats near the entrance ..the 2nd row of the slope ..hah... was sitting with Looyee , 2 more A5 gals , Lijin , Joyce Loh and Xiangting .. Shirley and ester ( from Band ) joined us later during interval .. they came late coz one ofthem forget bring ticket ..... saw Jinzhao and ade @ the Yishun MRt .. they waiting for Kaixin .. interval got talk talk .. guess who we saw then .. MR TANG !! . Omg!! .. all fainted ..hah... he is sitting a few rows infront of us .. so worri tt he will turn back and see us ..Fiant ...haha...saw a lot of OP ppl also ..

Concert stared @ 8 and end like 9.35++ ..for the first half ..they came out with black bowtie and all white suit ..like waiter likett .. then they were holding their file on their hand ..like menu ..ha.. tt;s wat we were joking later they change to all black . .black shirt + long pants ... some of their voices so nice ... I AM SO JEALOUS !!! ....like all the soloists .. their voice so crystalclear and nice ..

but this concert also got their bad points ... the voicalist for Relfections .. never breaf in enough so half way got the gasping for breath sound .. and some of the choir ppl sing out of tune and not in harmony .. and when they have movement .. they go out of tune ... now then i believe wat Mr tan says ... hmph ...

..went to Lau pa Sat with them and Mark Neo as he joined us .... brought Stingray , Satay .. *( shared Money ) .. and also mark brought Fried Oyster Omeltee and also Fried Quay Teow .. and i brought Fried Tong Fen .. was eating and joking all the way .. then the SAF Choir ppl also come ...also the Al ppl and Katerine also went there ..

And i was eating .. then they saw got one SAF choir ppl look @ me as he walk past .... and i was like ... wat ? .. and they were joking and i became the joke of the night ... maybe i too uncivilised liaoz ...hah...

Then later .. dunno they joking ... i was drinking .. ym Jiajia liang Cha .. then kanna choke ..the water came out from my nose. .then MArk went blabblahblah . then one by one got choke ...hah.....

Xiangting , Looyee and the 2 A5 ppl went back first ... then the four of us .. Lijin , Joyce , mark and Me .. went to look for Raffles Place MRT ...asked for direction ...coz beside Ocean Building got one entrance .. and muz cross road ..the cross the road also got one .. so we were aruging whether to go or not. .then joyce ..there here got one. ..hah.. is juz beside us onli ... me like mailu sia ...Fiant ..aha....

Joking all the way ..back to YioChuKang ... reach home @ 12a.m. .. woo ...haha....

Bath then sleep .. woke up @ 11a.m. today ..later got tution ...by tt Eric ..hah... hmph ...

Well .. tt;s all folks ..thanks to Xiangting , Looyee and the 2 A5 gals and not forgetting , Joyce , lijin and Mark for ging me such a unforgetable night .. first time went concert with friends ...

YEH >>> 2A2 ' 2002 ROX FOREVER !!!!

To those who missed it .. U MISS A GREAT CONCERT !!!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 12:00 PM

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

well.. yesterday was peirce combine .. was fun cum horrible ..
Don;t wish to take abt it ...shake Head ....
Missed the Class outing due to band .. i got no regrets ...

At first went to mac with ms chang .. then kanna pull away by Farhana , Faris and Mardiana to Burger King ..hah.. was joking all the way there . muahah
Walked back to Kahtib from BK ... talked along the way .. was talking and evaluating the sec 3s potential to be the next leader ...heehee ...

Now going nth to do .. finish advertising and promoting our band concert .. OPUS 2004 laioz ..
Nth to do .. Sianz ...

later going to the SAF concert ..@ S.C.H. .. SIngapore Conference Hall ...


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 11:20 AM

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Well .. heehee .. i am back from OPMb Band Camp .. this camp realli gave me a wonderful time ...
Now i shall tell wat happened ..

(Disclaimer : it will be very long )

Day 1 11/06 ( Fri )

Reach school @ 9.45++ .. and ms chang and the rest not here .. then later .. al lcame .. and ms chang juz left home ... saw mdm pan on the way ..therefore got the band room key ..
Went to Value Shop @ NP with Amelia , Yenling and Marcus .. was laugihng like siao ... keep on choosing things .. and keep on changing our mind ..and we were lauging like siao ...pia back to OPSS ..settle the things .. and OPMB BAND CAMP started ... the first was ice-breaking games .. In charge be me .. had a hard time manz .. especially all of them sit so spread out in the school hall .. muz realli thz the 2 camp faciliator Marcus and Ben and the sec 4s ... heehee .. Played " get to know U " Kokocrach game " and the Wacko ..b4 the bomb thingy we got the naming of groups .. so funni .. Gr 1 n 2 .. same name .. Venun Fly Trap .. haha.. then i and marcus were kidding .. we bomb to Chang Kee bomb .. we laugh like siao sia ...muahaha ..I was walking from groups to groups looking .. the kokcrach game ..whereby one had to introduce themselves .. say points abt themself ..by the amount of kokocrach on their hand ... guess wat they say .. i am a Orderly , Respectful , blablahblah ...and reikun said .. i hate malays ... Fiant .. then the wacko part .. dman funni ...coz is 2 group combine .. then in Siying group ..she was listening to Sylvester's discman coz sylvester is leaving for his church camp ..she down there singing to the tune .. then she lift up her head .. screm .. and kanna whack ...muahaha .. then also Gohyiling ... coz the whacker stand in front of her .. and she was talking to kelly ... then huiling said .. yiling. . b4 she can react .. she kanna whack ..haha.. and also amelia .. she was screaming when she kanna whack ...haha.. so funni ..
and also the bomb .. at first is group name .. then is name .. but cannot use double name .. leqi group kanna .. 2 times of punishement .. hah.. amelia also kanna .. 2 times .. went running around the school hall sing song ..hah.
It was follwed by Group discussion and showering time whereby Even no.groups had group discussion and odd number went for shower in one hour and changed during the next hour .. we sec 4s went to the band room for discussion for the first game ... wild goose chase .. plan by our Ms Amelia Lee Ling Yi ...

lots of stations lah .. all fun fun .. then got one is luckily dip .. then got this smile thing .. we call it ..Wingwing .. then all try to get .. haha.. then we also took the box and said .. toto time .. and say the song for jack neo;s theme song .. Bai lu li bai ..hui bu hui KAI !! ..hah ..my station is @ the Stall 8 .. is abt question and answers .. then my station is called .. the Witch eating the beach ..is sandwich ( try to guess the meaning ) .. the food tt stall 8 sells ..the farhana and mardiana is the Jig saw puzzle thingy @ the sand pit whereby they mix the 2jigsaw and bury in the sand in plastic bags .. and the group is requried to finish it in 10 minutes or else muz sing the Twist lik dung song ..( farhana's favourite )..and gohy

Had dinner .. music rehersal .. went to band room when i have no parts to play .. then the rest came half an hour b4 the music rehersal ended ... then they celebrated Manting's bday .. hha ..b4 tt farhana was so scared for her station .. kidnap my torchlight .. so i took leqi's instead ... ARG !! . .Farhana ... u .. hhshaha.. but later .. when later i took chunsean's and exchange with her .. and we end up ,, Mose Cod ..use torchlight shine shine .. and later @ my station .i can hear her voice sia .. muahaha ... was scaring gohyiling at the foyer ,, muahah ..she scared like siao by my ghost stories abt the part of the school.. haha..

i sat @ at the top of the stairs the open one @ the field .. nobody saw me .. i was wearing the band polo tee and school pants .. white and green .. so obvious right .. but no lights .. dots ... at first no ppl .. then later a lot come sia ..haah..

Some of the classic examples ..

Question 1 : Which Band Recently got a distinction for the SYF outdoor assessment .. Ans : SJI .. St .Jospeh institution .. one group gave me .. St Peter;s Sec .. i fainted ..hah

Question 2 : Who wrote the lyrics of " Onward and Perserve " ? ppl gave me .. Mr clarence tan .. i almost fall down the stairs ..

Then Question 6 .. is the Humpty Dumpty one .. got some groups dunno how to contiune sia ..dots again ..

Question 8 ..i muz sing the tune and they guess .. forget how to sing the required one .. hah.. replaced with another one ... Then got one group .. i sang Beauty and the Beast .. all contiune singing with me ..muahha ...

Question 9 .. What is the Stick used by a conductor to conduct a band called ? Ans : baton .. some pronouced it wrongly ..heehee ...

Then Question 15 .. Name one of the " three Tenors " Ans : Luciano Pararotti , Placido Domingo , Jose Carrerans .. a lot gave pararotti .. then later marcus say he want tighetened .. onli sabrina got Luciano Pararotti .. POWER !!

The Bonus Question ..How Many Posters are there in the band room ...tt amelia horz .. realli go count .. then when meetin . .i said it .. all started counting ..muahha ...

Then later finish liaoz ..then lights out @ 11.30++ like tt ..we committee . went to the band room ..talk talk .. play play .. play taite .. i do scores then later went to sleep after night duty ..cannot sleep sia ..then woke up liaoz @ 6++ . never sleep @ all ..

2nd Day 12/06 Sat

had a hard time settling the breakfast ... while the rest have marchin .. and running .. torture by our DM ..Ben .. muahaha ... eat breakfast then marchi .. went to art .. was @ the study area drawing .. then fell asleep .. woke up when Sakinah and tutti woke me up ..tt lester came .. FINALLY went to call mardiana and faris .. she ask me to darkened the pencil mark ..dots ..then later sectional .. arrange file with Charlene and Siraj in the band room ..
Lunch and then Captain's ball .. haha.. so funni parts ..first round .. my group .. wah .. good sia .. a lot of good players .. me and yenling was cheerin together for our group ...and later went up to art for a while .. can hear our band ppl;s shouting in the art room .. and also in the inner room .. muahaha ... went down after a while ...
in the end .. our group win lah .. hah.. the whole thingy ..
Followed by the shower and group discussion ..saw my group outside @ the 3rd floor study area .. they play the tune Chi wawa .. interesting ..

Sec 4s as usual . .went to band room meetin .. chitchat .. then dinner .. music rehersal ..

Then dinner .. sec sit one table .. amelia sit infront of chengkok .. 2 of them started bickering .. sebas finally understood wat i was sayingl iaoz .. hah... anything also can argue ... PenGz .. haha.. .

Saw Guowen , Xt and ahguang .. talk with them .. then ms chang call me .. say .. Ur library can let ppl see one or not .. coz mr tan bring 2 friends come .. WAH >. run to the band room sia .. Liang You and Yi Bin was there ..hmph ...did not recoginse YiBin .. he seems familar though .. then rememeber he came for the Jurong thingy .. talk to him .. then he veri funni .. then went the hall .. went to canteen ... when the band had music rehersal ..and then he got say .. tt time i wear contacts and dress more formally .. but of coz as handsome as now ..Faint ..then mr tan said tt he got stay overnight ..and farhana went .. mr tan .. u do night duty .. with ms chang .. .. then u all can hold hand walk walk ...hhaa.. both of them hide when they saw Carol and jane ..haha. ..

Classic suaning for mR tan .. : we do not want to be fat .. said Yi Bin and Liang You when mr tan ask them whether they want food ..muahah ..

Then music rehersal .. was like shit like tt .. haiz .. Yibin was standing behind me .. then we chatted when mr tan played Folk Song suite .he said ... this is his favourite song ..and i said .. sorri tt our band played ur favourite piece so badly ..
Then also told him our band today play until not nice .. coz all tired ..he also agree .. camp veri tiring .. he look like veri like chester sia .. look alike .. veri veri look alike ..
then open the gate for both of them .. then happen to said tt i malaysian ..then he said .. Kl girls veri pretty .. and veri easy to bluff one ..hah.. no wonder carol say .. they both like to bluff little girls ..
Then went to Staff Louge .. watch tv and sleep on the sofa .. then we start to do the night trail prepartion while the rest were kept in the hall ... is a pity we fo not have enough rafia stings ..haiz ... did the basketball court thingy .. was realli like siao sia ...

Then the Mysterious Route start .. ha.. wenning is realli .. dunno wat to say ..haha.. my group .. me and yenling bring them the 3rd floor .. the azlan lead .. the 3rd floor the library .. one string lead to the class room block . .then one lead to downstairs ..i made the mistake of choosing the string tt lead to downstaris .. coz the class room one veri exciting .. onli to find outwhen we took off the next morning ..ARg !!
The string was a dead end @ 2nd floor .. luckily my hand got one string tied .. took it off and it became a string lead Azlan to downstairs .. ask them to chose btw the foyer or basketball court ..they chose basketball but me and yenling bring them to 2nd floor .. adeline lead liaoz .. ask the, to climb the study area chair .. then walk one round to the band room .. open the door . bluff them is Staff lounge .. and they walkt to the Spiral @ the DNT room . got wind .. all thought is hall .. then walk Hussaini lead .. b4 reaching the back of the hall .. yenling saw a stick .. and hold in front of Hussiani .. and ask them guess .. all said spongestick .. then found out got one side rot ..ha. ..then @ the back of the hall .. yenling ask them to walk towards the breeze .. then bringthem beside the hall ..through the staff toilet .. and yenling asked them to do the arrangement .. colors of the blindfold .. then i wanted to spray water on them .. went to the staff lounge .. got one bowl and have cold water . damn shoiok ,. .me and yenling drink some .. and i refilled and spray on them .. with the pretext tt they were @ a fountain .. OPSS got fountain mehz .. mhaha ..
Then went down .. the canteen .. then field .. i was busi spraying water @ other groups .. i call it HOLY WATER .. should have let them try other routes . .no time also ..haha.. bring them to the field .. then if the field .. they were suppose to find their group members after they were let go .. so funni sia .. the alumni + sec 4s .. all go disturb they all . chester's group when to the toilet ..haha...guess wat .. chester is blindfold ..then his specs in front of the cloth .. haaha.. was laughing like siao when i saw it .. then wanzhen took Shirley's hand . .and went .. i am JANE .. coz jane looking for her. .hah.. Once after amelia 's group let go .. i grab shawn's hand .. he like never make noise .. i turn turn turn rows also never make noise .. amelia was giggling .. not fun one .. so i ditched him ..haha... went to disturb ppl ..haha .. so fun sia .. then we ask them to take out their blindfold .. then also me and amelia act as if we talk far far away . .with the hand on the mouth ..sec 4s and alumni went to close the field gates ..then ask them to find a treasure .. and we tricked them ..haha.. al lkanna bluff .. but later got one group never hear .. still squad there when everybody else let ..haha .. we all sec 4s laughing like siao ...
Then later in the canteen .. LEqi shouted .. Shichie ... i hold ur hand for the whole night .. how are u going to be responsible .. haha.. poor thing .. he can;t sleep tonight again .. muahaha ... yah right leqi ..heehee ..
Kept some of the strings for those IMPT parts .. like walking areas .. went to band room .. rest .. then laterchitchat.. did scores .. wanted to sleep .. then farhana say can sleep band room .. went to sleep ..got Farhana , mardiana , Ben , Me and Chengkok .. didn;t know tt i Snored .. until mardiana told me .. so sorri everybody .. too tired lah ..cannot blame .. heehee .. guess wat time we woke up .. slet @ 1.30 ++ woke up@ 6.40 .. 5 miuntes to fall it .. when i open my eyes . i saw the door open and tutti came in .. is 6.40 wake up .. me and farhana jump up . .and marcus still sleep .. we too efforts to wake him up and hewent .. wat time .. see the hp .. 6.40 .. faster faster .. haha.. both of us got 3 missed calls from mschang .. haha..

3rd Day .. 13/06 Sun

Fall in .. then tt mr tan bring us go out run ...wah pengz .. to the Lower seletar waterworks ... run like siao sia ... i am @ the back .. with the first aid kit ... those sick ppl .. walk like so slow sia .. until i can sleep ..hah. .. ran back ... kanna punish ...haiz .. nvm lah ... then got music rehersal, sectional .. was talking to siraj and jinzhao in the band room .. abt their group .. haiz .. poor thing sia they all .. ..lunch .. then sectional again ... went up to the boys' quarter .. guess wat i saw .. at first i saw this junhao sleepin .. i thought he sick . .then nvm .. then next room i saw .. Shichie , Wenning and Faris sleepin .. i woke shichie up .. he still look at me blublur .. wat time .. is 2.10 .. he woke the rest up ..haha... told him mr tan sectionaling clarinets on Dance diabolique .. he was afraid he will scold .. so i accompany him to the hall .. and sebas was sleeping on the vibraphone ...
Then combine play Concertino ... tt Stupid Terrence .. I HATE U >> U ARE FREAK .. he realli made me piss of .. Hao lian arg ...I am the soloist .. so i have all the say tt i want ... he say our band balhbaklhbakh .. and made mr tan angry ..
Happen to bring him open the gate ..

He : ...Did the band practice ?
I : We had pratices as this is a band camp ..
He : .. Last day ..
I : no .. 4 days 3 nights .. tml last day .. but a lot of ppl never sleep .. so all tired ..
He : ..Why .. then stopped asking ..
Open the gate and he left .. went up .. mr tan scold a bit ..went to the music room .. talk to the alumnis .. had a greater laugh .. and the sec ones .. all so restless .. whenms chang say .. sec ones do nth till later .. mabel .. go take ur instrument ..and practice .. PenGz ... but never lah .. ms chang say there situation veri tense up .. went to staff lougue .. came out and saw mr tan .. walking out of the hall .. and smile @ him and ask where he going .. he say he going canteen .. then i never ask liaoz ..then see ms chang and marcus rushout of the hall . .then know he angry .. oops ... haiz ..
Group discussion follow on .. happen to see my group outside the committee room .so went kapo ..hah... they quite good lah. . veri interesting .. no more chi wawa .. now got new tune .. they still sorting out .. our poor farhana fell sick ... haiz .. she used the thermometer give by the customs .. luckilt i know how to read sia ..
Dinner came .. today got pizza , kfc .. guess wat .. stella accidentally pour the whole tub of syrup on to me .. wah .. never blame her lah. .went to change .. dinner onli half an hour ...so ask all the fastfast ..but amelia's group went missing .. was like screaming and shouting for them sia .. yiling also went look with me .. they came down eventually ..farhana's group got conflict ..ottman .. haiz ... poor carol .. and penny .. and farhana she sick still have to scold them ..poorher ... then later after the finale .. also kanna scold again. .. poor thing .. i think is both side fault lah ..
Then ms chang got nag lah... is the Terence fault... tt made mr tan angry .. u freak .. I HATE U !!!
The leadership work shop was fun ..hah... blahblahbalh .. help eunice to open the main gate .. coz she sick lah .. canhear GBsinging .. I WILL FOLLOW U ... So loud sia ..all went siao liaoz ..muahah ..went to the hall seesee .. saw amelia's group ..ask her .. wat if ur group get the mostcreative prize .. the present chacha sia .. she .. change change ..haha..
Then they got half an hour ...discussion @ art Hub .. .. ask azlan to juz go through .. then they need one morecan .. rush down to buy .. onli got 60 cents .. call yenling to bring down .. she run like made ..then we run up also .. was drinking the can of ice lemon tea .. manage to finish ... veri good lah ... then we want to help they shout their name when they come in .. and yenling went siao ...hahaa.. ialso join .. then we reheral again.. me and yenling went siao again ..muahah ..

My Group Leaders : Sec 3 , Azlan , Lydia , Adeline ..
Sec 2s members : Annette , Wenning
Sec 1s Members : Chun Sean , Qui Yin , Hussaini
Sec 4 Facilitators : Me and Yenling ..
There's is a drum beats and cheer .. veri veri interesting .. the cheer also veri interesting. ..

The Cheer ..

OPMB onward we go we strive
OPMB onward we go we shine

O-op don't give up
Op-Op we stand up

P-P persevere

M-M mighty Band
OPsS military Band

B-bring the gold next year
Juz beat the rest & have no fear..

repeat the first verse again for the ending ..

Legend : --- Drum Solos ..

Finale !!
@ the art Gallery .. i went to on all the lights .. nicenice .. then b4 tt .. went to take the prize .. all gone .? .. onli left the 7up ice .. then saw marcus .. told him he gave me a shock ..he also say i gave him a shock too when he could not find the 7up ..
My groups' turn they all veri nervous . .was quite surprise they got so high marks .. coz me and yenling also nevours .. but never shout their names ..
We shifted the chairs from the art Hub down .. and also the red dustbin from the 3rd floor ..haha... it was used for a bass beat .. + shakers and azlan playin a biscuit tin with chopsticks ..
We judges all @ the table .. all discuss .. was surprise my group get high marks .. we all argue so loud till everybody can hear sia ..haha.. the table also keep on shaking .. the seashell one ..
I like Group 1's Twinkle twinkle little star at first we find it like .. then it caught our attention .. and also Shafiqs and Siraj group .. allveri interesting. . amelia's group also veri nice .. she helped by screaming .. omg .. i went deaf sia ..coz i beside her .. WAHPengz .. !!

After a hard time .. My group , Group 5 , Rafflesia ..is the winner for the Rhythem and cheer com .. and the Highest Group in the Whole CAMP ! YEAH !
Gave out the prize .. gave wrongly .. at first gave them files for the Rhythem .. then adeline went to take out the wrapper .. then went to exchange with the cups as present .. paise sia ..
They got the grand prize sia .. then also Amelia;s Group and 2m ore groups tie .. but coz we look @ the rhythem marks .. so got one group win .. i forget which one liaoz ..
Then took photos with my group ..haha.. with the prizes ..

Grand Prize : Mini Hamper , WangWang , Maggi Monster and 7-up Ice 1.5 litres from Cold Storage ..
Rhytem Prize .. Cups from value shope ..
they like the grand winner sia ...hah.. went to canteen to celebrate .. committee open 3 fruitchampenages ..haha... then with my group and yenling and me .. We YUM >>> SENG !! ..hah.. and gave out the prize ..heehee...

Then later lights out ... borrow vaccum the band room . .extended one .. so clean now ..heehee... was thinking to vaccum the inner room tml ... Watched drumline ... hmph .. onli the sec 4s and 5ns .. farhana did not do her project .. czo the coms need password .. ans she don;t want to wake ms chang up ..
A lot of them cannot sleep .. but manage to get them to sleep later on ..
b4 tt .. 1.30 b4 we watchedthe show .. tt sylvester .. he want to scare the whole school izzit .. late midnight play the tuba ... then i off the lights .. open the curtains and on the stage light .. went to take my clothers for bathing.. guess wat he did .. play solo the stage ... Sylvester .. wah pengz .. went bath .. then watch drumline ..then half way .. amelia , leqi and yenling went to take things .. then they come back . .say .. say .. amelia saw a hand waving @ her in the hall ..
Me , faris and amelia ran to the hall .. with everybody saying NONO ... we saw bats .. one flying over the school logo .. a few more on stage .. and we were . .imagine ms chang slept here ..the past few days ..
Half way went to the toilet and classroom with marcus .. then went back watch .. finish @ 3.30 ..then offthe console and went to sleep in the band room with marcus ...
Woke up @ 7.00 next morning .. and ms chang called marcus .. can hear her voice sia ...

Last Day 14/06 mon ..

Sickening Major came to spotcheck liaoz .. he ask me question all i say dunno ..haha.. then went fall in .. breakfast then ensemble ..had a quarrel with ms chang ... Dots .. don;t want to talk abt it .. was realli fed up with her .. she also fed up with me ...let bygones be bygones ...

Then pack up .. then BREAK CAMP !! ..

Came home ..mum fetch me .. ate 2 cups of cupnoodles + one guiling gao and slept .. woke up @ 6 .. suddenly miss the camp .. haha ...
Came typing here ..

Well guys .. i spend a long time .. like 2 hours typing this for 2 nights ... each night one hour .. hope u all like it ..

it was a realli nice memory for our sec 4s ..which we will never forget for our rest of our live ..

went for art @ 10.++ .. tried sia .. lester gave me instrution .. left a little bit liaoz ..sianz arg ...talk to weicong .. heehee .. suddenly miss the band camp ..and everybody .. wah ..!! ..
Saw chester when i came back from lunch with huiling ... hhaha.. i never wear specs then was like wondering was it him .. accompany him go find mr tang ..

Me and katerine went Northpoint .. saw carol on the way .. i go buy things she go take her gown .. then we went to see Cds .. then went to do the Keychain thingy for nicole bday .. was looking @ her doing ..and went to buy sushi to eat .. saw Christopher and Keng Leong ..

Then came home ..

Watch the last episode of the Journey to The QUEst ..was rather lame the ending .. but nvm .. still interesting ..heehee ..


TML GOT PEIRCE >> hmph ...band again .. heehee ... agree with Leqi .. we got a sense of achivement after the camp !!


can;t wait for the photos to be developed ..
tt's all folks ..


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:07 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Thursday, June 10, 2004

well ..back again .. peirce exchange was ok today ..hmph .. they realli veri little ppl sa .. all gals ...hahz...
Well .. was alrgith lah ... playin around ..the sec ones .. and my library .. goin to realli springclean it ...HUA !!! .. realli cannot stand laizo .. the camps will be a sale manz ...hah.. going to give out lots of scores ...u are going to die manz .. thinking of my percussion .. FAINT !! .. OMG >> GOD SAVE ME !! ..hah...
parents and sis went to watch movie the jacky neo one .. left me @ home .. boohoo .. no lah .. i wanted to stay @ home to pack ..then find out .. the bag my mum keep ..WAH PENGZ ...
tt;s all .. going for camp tml laioz ... pack on monday afternoon .. is a 4days - 3 nights camp ..muahahha

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:50 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Well . .backagain .. later got pierce exchange .. camp tml . wah .. so fast sia ... thought of some interesting icebreaking games ...haha.. so band ppl .. watch out .. yah .. THX SiJie for all the help .. Thz BRO !
Tt's all folks ... pierce exchange ... lets see whether it is fun ..still need to pack bag for camp ..wahpenGZ ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 9:12 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Well ..here's a peom from my malaysia friend ..hah .. lolz ..

( Disclamier : there are some parts in malay .. )

our government is so lousy,
make the college becomes no quality,
Chinese and Indian pun tak boleh masuk university.
It never had a choice for me,
because no money cannot study at oversea,
so I always feel i'm so pity.

Every college are greedy,
sini sana all need money,
their pocket kosong our perut noisy,
I am poor because there sucks my money.

Exam question full of difficulty,
it has a reason only,
which is to earn more money,
because we retake money masuk lagi.
The staffs always no aksi,
they did wrong never say sorry,
before asking please show your money,
otherwise they wont be happy,
we pay their salary still make us angry.
that's why i wanna study hard to earn more and more money

Tiap-Tiap hari feel so lazy,
never try to wake up early,
always hope college sekarang cuti,
everyday go to class feel so sleepy,
lecturer always scold me lazy.
do assignment just like to copy,
before the final just feel worry,
every nite study until crazy,
because scared scold by mummy.

Why my class always no pretty,
those elephant always show me how she's sexy,
the monster wanna treat me nicely,
like that i better mati.

my looking is **** ugly,
saya mari girl girl lari,
everyday date them they only say busy,
semua orang tak ada hati,
make me always so lonely,
only can watch porno movie.

CS always let people bully,
maybe i am really so lousy,
althought knife people is so happy,
but i am always unlucky,
kena headshot easily,
after mati still mati.

This is just a small story,
typed it simply,
feel funny and happy,
actually i am not lonely,
because I have many friends around me

Nice Right > hehhee

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 1:38 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Well ... few days past liaoz ...heehee .. here i am to update again ..

no remidial .. by right shouldbe @ Art room .. but i pon ..guess wat .. i woke up @ 10 .. waoh .. hah .. wanted to go for swim ..but .. forget it lah .. now noon liaoz .. mum will scream @ me when she know ..be a good boy .. stay @ home ..

Remidial for mrs sasi .. wore the wrong shoes .. the brown sportshoes ..then kanna barefoot in class ..haa .. she said th @ the end ..coz she ask whether we want remidial again ..we say no .. she said ..if we say yes .. ORchid Park will see LIght muahah .. all laugh like siao..well tt was a fun experience .. quite frustrated for the band scores .. but forget it ..Amelia went to buy food .. and i accompany her .. then tt chengkok came ..say want to go out eat .. but amelia eat liaoz ..then both of them argue again ..hah .. lolz ..
Then the 3 of us .. play in the band room.. haha ..then Sylvester come .. we thought ms chang ,..act serious ..haha.. laugh like sioa sia ...haha ...
then went to hall .. got a headche .. went to band room ..take score ...here and there ..hhaha... then i went to band room ..then chengkok came .. slept in Amelia's Double bass casing ..hah.. so comfortable ..hah.. talk to chengkok also .. then Jannah came in ..she want score ..then went to hall to play Jap Graffit 6 ..heehee/// quite easy sia ..haha ...for me lah ..

Then later .. band finish ..talk to mr tan abt the programme i desgined for opus ..he say ... got someparts need to modify ...ooh ... wat he say is correct lah .. he more experience ..learned a bit more things ..haha. ..

Reach school onthe DOT .. 1pm .. all of them were there liaoz .. busi for a while .. talk to faree abt Mrs lester ..hhaha .. then OFF we go ..hah... the camp is the Scramba ( dunno how to spell) Scouts camp ..veri far sia ... past through Kranji ... last time Dad's Factory ..then through Lim chu kang .. the Dam for the Kranji Reservior ..the Tide Gates ...can see Johor sia .. WAH >> I FEEL HOMESICK !! ...i wantto go back .>Boohhoo ..h.aha...all the familiar scenes ..hah.. was busying naming the places to Amelia they all .. hah.. then amelia sit of the seat on the otherside ..coz the road veri ulu ..turn here turn there ..then i was like ...Wah .. Shirley started it .. wat if the bus spoilt half way. .and eveybody went CHOI !! hah .. then i continued later we come back ... 6++ later wat if the roadlights all spoilt ..the bus engine died ..Balhbalhbalh .. then got one person dash out ...muahah .. then amelia was like ..Shut up ...then i continued ..hah. . and everybody was laughing ..ha ..
Then reach the final road to the camp .. is like stone road ..then i veri excited ..See .. no road lamps ...Muaha ...then amelia ...YONGTAH ...stop it ...! ..hah..
We saw yenling ..her dad drove her there .. we were waving to her ..hah... the bus which left earlier .. came later then us ..PenGz ..haha ...
Well .. there was big ..and we have to paste on sticker ..haha .. some of them went to explore .. Woo lala .. so big sia .. hah .. all the funni things hapened .. hah ..then later rain ..we all run sia .. with instruments ..later @the shelter area ... got ppl took photo with Amelia's Double bass ..haha... then everybody lookin @ her .. she was like ..don;t look @ me .. look in front ...coz marcus tuning ..muahah ...then blahblahblah ..
Then play song but before tt .. they say .. welcome Orchid Sec school ..we were like ..where our park .. ? hah.. 2nd time liaoz ..tt time pay it forward also like tt .. then saw performance ...then funni sia .. keep on walking to take water for the band ...hah .. then marcus went .. we took one box back ..muaahaha ...
then later .. went play YMCA .. everybody was dancing ...hah..the ppl @ the camp .. and thehost also tookthe mike and sang ,.YMCA ..haha .. the finale ...
then went back ..wah sia ... was talking all the way back .. and eating bread they gave ...reach school ..the other bus which left 20 mins earlier .. haven;t come ..we say ..they lost their way liaoz ..hah .. send them to the ORchid Park near mandai Zoo ..muahha...well .. pack up ..then went to eat with Ms chang and huiling .. was joking ..we are the only COP band in singapore ..tt have Double Bass , Obeo and bassoon .. and bring the double bass running all over ..from Hougang mall ..to ..macrichite reservoir . to LIM CHU KANG ..muahhaha ..then later Botanic Gardens ..hah .. then yesterday mr tan also say ... his friend say .. ur school got double bass huh .. one huh ..he say ..no .. 3 !!..hah...then they WAH !!haha

Back @ Home .. oMG !! .. mum is back ... with .. 9 durians , 2 sarawak Pineapple ( sarawak kind if 3 biggerthen the normal one .. not usually can buy .. coz one year onli produce one )@ soursop .. 2 Guava .. then .. 3 big tupperware of Durians neat packed and taken out of shell and one carrier cooler of Frozen Durians .. also the same thing as the tupperware one ..I was like OMG !! the house full of durians ..hah.. told amelia abt it ..she say ..wah paradise arg ..hah... all is my relatives grow one ..not buy one .muhah

Mum say weijie and weixiang came back from camp .. all chaota .. but they got ask why inever come. ..hah.. i missthem also .a.nd all the small cousins ... mum say wenxiong play with the kids ..or tourture themm ..hah... shouldhave went ... coz of the performance ..but it is FUN !! ..hah..

tt's all folks ..it 's Durian TIME !! .. peNGz .. i AM GROWING FATTER !! AH !!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 12:00 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, June 05, 2004

well .. today was a sickening day for me ..haiz ..
reach school @ 10 .. ms chang started nagging .. why .. my section got problem again .. ARG !!!!!HELP !!!!
Then later went off. . i frustrated .. my section .. i short time not there cannot liaoz .. tell me how .. my section .. took a long time to get itself to be like tt ... from the worst section .. we climbed up .. to one of the okoksection in the band ... And .. we are destroying it .. I DON:T WANT TO SEE THAT >> AND IT IS DEFINTELY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. ..

Sebas shouted at Ms chang .. U SO GOOD U PLAY LAH >> DUDE ..juz coz ms chang was angry and say him ..why is he playin other parts ..
haiz ..maybe everyone stress abt tml ..haiz .. let;s hope everything run well tml ..haiz ..

haiz .. everybody's stress. ..went for art ate lunch with Chunhui ..haha... .. when i finish mrs lester went .. i AM tired .. i got no more ideas ... juz keep ur batik and i will look into it on monday ..WAH PENGZ ...
then she went home .. ms koh ordered Pizza .. buy one get one free kind ..hah ... LOLZ .. then latr after eatin .. got nth to do ..hah. . was like walking around ..offing stove ..then when the end .. like 4++ was with huiling packing the Tracing rooms ..keep those past year sec one do one .. those cremics ...hah.. was talking to huiling abt ms chang ..haiz .. i think she is reali stress ... can is juz trying to make the best out of opmb ...can we juz cooperate ..haiz .. she is a new teacher ic ... maybe she takes things all by herself .. but maybe ..when times comes...we get more mature ..she will let go more and more ..k ? ..

haha ..the tracing room ..veri clean liaoz .. i likeforever keep the art room clean for ms koh ..rmember during the starting of the year ..ms koh say .. YongTah .. haha .. this year u do batik liaoz .. betta keep the room clean ..hah. . then wiring thing also i do ..hah..the first one near the main door ...our 4a4 product ..veri neat .hah... veri hao lian sia me...hah... well ..was realli satisficed when i see the tracing room ..clear 3 big white tables .. now got more space for ppl to trace inthe room liaoz ..heehee ...

well ..waited @ the foyer with huiling and ms koh ..saw siting;s dad ..but i don;t recogise him ..and he make a joke out of it ..and we were laughing ..
waited for mr lim ..he was shouting like siao @ the 3 sec 2s ..now i know why ppl don;t like him ..haiz ..

later went to mrt with ms koh ..then talk talk .. reach YCK @ 6.15 ..wait for Deehui ..she is now @ my house ..we left @ 6.40 ..hah..
well .. called mum ..Grandad is bring her and the rest to the town to eat .>ARG !!! .. she said weijie and weixiang not free also ...and me and deehui were joking .. wenxiong sure bully those little cousins ..poor them .. i miss them sia ...hah.. especially Yi Xian ..haha.. the small cousin ...heehee ..

tt's all lah ..

Editied Blog link : Chee Geok

To sec 4s .. lets' hope tt this camp run smoothly .. and

Let it be one of the best memories in OPMB and the last , closing chapter of our days and life in OPMB ..

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:14 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


WEll well Guys .. Back again .. LOOK @ the time ..haha. . Well i am suppose to be @ the English Course .. Sucky manz ...hah .. bored .. well .. i was forced to attend .. hack lah .. so i pon ..

yesterday .. went @ 9.15 .. for a while @ 10 dismiss liaoz ...when i knock on the door .. Leqi was looking @ me and laughing ...hah ...
The meetin yesterday realli sux .. juz don;t understand .. hack lah .. this camp ...realli ...haiz .. the most difficult camp to plan among all the camps i have planned ..DUH

Yesterday .. art again ..sianz arg .. hah .. Juz keep dottin ... waxing ..hah ... swe were more like chitchatting ..gossiping..hah..tt's A4 ..hah ...
Went to Buy Ocean's CD .. now listening .. veri nice ..hah..
haiz .. sianz arg ... then later we on the radio ..all the funni song come out and we were making fun of it ...muahaha

The day b4 .. mrs lester was made again .. say she is Jesus Christ .. OMG ..hah. . art again lah ..hah...

Tt's all lah .. nth to update ..

Cousin coming to stay overnight today coz my mum and her mum + her dad and brother went back to grandmama house .. muz have reach liaoz by now ..haiz ... i WANT TO GO BACK .. but .. my cousins @ all school camp ..then i go back i onli one guy + tt cousin from Singapore ..so boring ...NaH ..haha

Going to school now ..sianz arg .. going for band see see first ..
btw ... i had designed the programme brochure for OPUs concert .. quite nice sia .. hope Ms chang and mr tan willl ike it ..=p ..hewehee
fell in love with designing things .. ideas keep coming all over the place .. from everything i see ..hah ..like i want to design this thing in a certain way i originally wanted .. but end up .. in another way betta then the first i thought ...hah...

TML got Sunshine Camp performance .. HAVNE"T PRACTICE !! . OMG !!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 9:21 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Disclaimer : I am juz saying .. not scolding .. nth else .. juz somethings tt is from the bottom of my heart .. and to tt person .. u are still my veri good friend ..

Well well well .. izzit my fAULT ..for not gettin out the scores ready on time ... the photocopy shop is closed ...so izzit my fault ... i know ... is can give it to the SLs .. but .. it is a new system .. and it takes time for it to adjust and make admendments .. and u need not to call me and scold me .. and using such a tone to talk to me ...

I know .the score iC é librarian head... but so wat .. i am also a member .. who needs to play my instrument .. i love my job .. yesh .. but i also like to practice on my instrument ..well .. i am a percussionist ... there is only juz one and ownly one part ... there is no 2 ppl playin one instrument ..there's only one .. ONE AND ONLY >. SOLO !! ..TT:"S it ...
I AM FED UP >>>!!!


I KNOW >> I AM JUZ A MACHINE TT ONLY KNOW HOW TO DO SCORES .. which defeats the purpose of being in a band .. playin instruments .. my skills sux .. i am worst off then a sec one .. the onli senior in OPMB history ..tt reach sec 4 .. still need to write notes in order to play ..


Y O N G T A H 9:30 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


well ..today is Vesak day .. went to the temple .. got all the ceremonies .. interesting ...had a peaceful mind now ...
Today juz spend the wholeday @ home ..doing OPMB 's webpage ..well .. i hope to launch it soon to replace the old one .. this one i did lots of research ... took references from all the band webpages of Singapore sec schools ...Big Project huh ..hah..

was @ art room .. the whole day .. well well ... spend my own sweet time doing ...heehee ... talking to guowen , yiling , chunhui ..coz they sitting near me ..heehee.. fun pastimes .. although it is tired ..well .. Mrs lester was full praise of me .. to my surprise ...i had applyed the 2nd layer of color ..now the whole thing looks totally different sia ... should have taken pictures of it ..haha ....
Well .. i applied the color after everybody left ..i was the last OPSS student to leave the art room ...
Walked to MRt with Chris and Mdm tan ...hah ... chitchat a bit .. saw Guangxian , xiangting and sokyin ma eating @ the kopitam ...hah .. sure go play bball one ...haha .. too bad .. i can;t go .. coz i will not even go ..hah .. U know why huh ..UhuhUhuh ..OoooOOoooOoOoo

Saw Kaiboon and his siblings @ the bus stop ...haha ...talk with kaiboon ..then reach home ..tt's all lah ..
Oh yah .. Jiali and jannah had to redo their batik .. Fenghwee and angeline almost kanna also ..we also succeeded in blaffing chunhui ...haha .. he was so fed up sia ...hah ...coz he bad mood liaoz ...poor him ..heehee...
Ms Koh cried and lots of nonsences followed on ...let;s don;t ranke up the past ..look into the present ...


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 9:19 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


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