Monday, May 31, 2004

Alright Guys .. fianlly MR Loh Yong Tah of Sec.4a4 opss update this ..hah .. or else it will be cobwebs all over the place huh ..Haha ...
So many days liaoz .. all the things i forget liaoz .. Haha ..
Today .. finish Chinese O levels .. WAOH !! .. so excitied .. altohugh got mistakes all over the place .. Hmph .. ehy talk abt it ...hah .. no point crying over spilled milk ...
Went to lunch with Ms chang and we the sec 4 express batch of OPMB excpet Gohyiling ...@ mac .. then halfway ..

Disclamer : To all my Prefect Friends my buddies .. this is not meant to insult u all.. is juz a point of view of mine ... if u do not want to read on .. see that X red button @ the top right hand corner . CLICK ON IT ..!! .. although this .. i hope tt we are still friends anyways ...not offence HUH . if i happen to hurt or make anyof ur angry .. SORRY !!

A group of prefects and A1 ppl came ..not say we want to to be cruel or wat lah .. is realli not fair lorz wat they prefects .. so mschang say she want catch them .. so sheask sylvester go over there .. then wat they say .. coz school canteen close .. Hmph .. theysay ifcanteen close can come out and eat .. but how come our band cannot lehz .. they me why lah .. why cannot ... we even kanna warning by mr nath .. so muz we show back to him even his prefects are doing it ... and wat is the school rules anyways ... i had this urge to grab ms chang's HP .. dial the school office number .. ( coz i know the phone number and the extensions of the teachers' ) and tell Mrchen / Mr goh abt his beloved prefects .. doing wat is called the school rules .. when it is only bent towards certain ppl ..
And so wat is they are prefects ... whycan;t ourband go out and eat after band when the school canteen is obviously close on saturdays afternoon . .wat CRAP IS THIS >> CRAP ARG

I even wanted to call MR Nath @ his office .. even mschang and us also felt veri unfair lorz .. coz of our stupid parent complain .. then our band is not allowed to go out after band to east lunch .. coz we are breaking the school rules .. while the prefects can juz go out .. somemore Vicehead prefect .. Prefects huh ... yahyahyah ...i think ms chang complain liaoz .. if not .. i think our whole band will grab mr chen and complain ...hah ..
And obviously many of us did not forget how Mrchen TAT WEI insulted OPMB >. we will never forget that ... BIAS BIAS BIAS ...
So wat if u all are prefects .. so unwilling to help us out .. when we ask them for ushers .. all give tt black face ..Balh .. we not need ur help .. we got out sec ones .. i think they do a better job then u all ...

Well ... later @ band .. was doing my chinese file ...hah ... then later after band prac went to Northpoint with Farhana , Faris .. since the prefects can break the rule .. why can;t we ...
Brought a CD .. Maid In mahattan Soundtrack ..hah .. this thing caught my eye anyways ... btw .. Farhana and faris were masd today ..Farhana was like .. Marchin together ..lalala .. and faris feel like killing her sia ...Muahaha ...

and also talking to stella .. found out sth .. i am getting sensile liaoz .. keep on forgetting .. where i put my things .. like where i put my scores ...hah... old liaoz .lah...
Anyways .. band was fun today !!!heehee ..

OPMB , It's My LIFE !!


Coming Soon : Sunshine Camp Charity Performance .. ( this Sun ) Band Camp ... Pierce Combine .. OPUS 2004 !!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

You are a King!
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// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

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allright ..back ..sianz arg ..

Monday back all the test papers .. only pass 3 subjects .. but quite happy with my performance this time .. except for Maths and science ..haha. ..
Got into troble in band .. don;t want to talk abt it ..

today .. morning got this mock thing .. tt Mdm xie ..talktalktalk .. we all sleep sleep sleep ..muahaha ..
later went to band room .. ms chang trying to drill a screw into the cupboard ..trying to make a ledge on my library cupboard ..haha ..she try cannot .. i juz like go and touch it .. it went in ..hah .. cannot blame lah .hah .. i expert ..hah ..
then later i also discover how to change to reverse mood ..hah .. then ms chang always no strength .. the screw juz dont; go in ..

Then later @ the uniform Qm cupboard .. we take out another screw from somewhere else then try to drill in ..then cannot .. hah .. coz i forget to change back from reverse mood ..hah .. laugh like siao ..
Mr tan wil be shock tml ..hahaha .. now he cannot open my library anymore ...

Then on monday ..he called ms chang and tell her got one score .then i find like siao dont have .then found out i mixed in another file ..hahah ...

Tt's all folks ..tml english carnival ..SIANZ !!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Yoz ..back again ..
Sianz arg this few days ...ARG ! ..
Went to Ju Eng home on friday .. laugh all the way there and laugh all the way back on the bus ..hah ... on the way back was teasing joyce and zhiwei .. and joyce was fed up while we all shoot her back with everything she said ..and ms liem was like laughing like mad ...muahaha

Well .. Ju eng home looks more like a service condo ..hah ..but inside ..heard from ppl .. they say they treat those old ppl there very bad ..haiz ... poor old ppl ..

Well .. saturday was a tiring day .. band resume again .. got sectional marchin .. long time never command .. like suddenlt my percussion section from 5 ppl .. become 11 ppl .. wah .. got a shock manz .. hah .. mostly is siraj teachin .. i only downther hack ..hah .. but realli lah .. our band;s marchin standard drop .. how wish we can go back to the times when Yunjie and carol was around .. our marchin standard was . WOAH !! ..

Well .. tt mr tan . .think i got nth betta to do .. borught so many scores .. and i was like .. how am i going to photocopy these scores when the photocopy centre is closed ! ..hah ..

Art was okok lorz .. painta first layer of color .. going to paint another soon .. veri fast sia i do ..hah. . even asked mrs lester for instrction . so i can do more b4 she come next sat ..hah .. gonna do more ..heehee ...

Todaysame lorz .. woke up .. go swimming .. then watch tv ...hah .. now my mum brought the vcd ALl in .. veri nice ...hah .. going to watch after my o levels .. not chinese .. is the main one. .hah. .

O level chinese coming !! ARG !!! ..
btw .. i created a new OPMB sign .. veri nice .. heehee

Nice right ...hah ,, bhb ... =p

and also designed some opmb OPUS 's concert poster ..heehee

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 3:20 PM

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Yoz ! .. today was a fine day ...
Went in the morning to the Buddha thing @ expo .. wah pengz .. big sia .. see until my eyes so blur .. veri big sia .. super BIG .. woah ! .. brought some things back ..hah ... ate there also .. got chinese orchestra .. Live lehz .. waoH .. heehee...
Brough a keychain .. and also a bookmark ..hmph .. collected lots of brochures again ..hah ... maybe going again with dad .. saw this lamp ..damn nice .. is all those like ppl sponsor money to have their name rewritten there ..hah .. like those palaces study lamps ..hah ..

Then horz .. damn funni .. got when went in .. got the security check .. then the sensor keep on ringing .. coz of metallic objects .. first is Coins . then is wallet .. then is belt .. then is watch .. then is my necklace ..hah ... muahaha ..

Lots of thing to see sia ... lots and lots of artifacts and things ... was really a interesting and meaning trip to me .. Never Regretted going there sia ...spend 4 hours there . Ha .. like never ending like tt .. look and look and look ...wah pengz .. legs tired ...

Came back home .. and slang ..hah .. tml got school again ..sianz ... hah. ..

Going to be a busy day tml .. juz received a decree form Ms Chang .. scores preparation again .. OH GOSH .. .aha ... thats my job manz .. going to start work again ..hah .. engine old liaoz .. muz take time to restart ..muhahah ...

Anyways .. heard that tml no PE i think coz got the Career thing bah ..hah .. YEAH >> NO PE ..Tt;s all folks ..

New Link : Farhana
Edited Link : Joyce

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:20 PM

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Hmm .. today art paper .. okok lah...
Didn;t went for art .. but found out Mrs lester was not here .. PEnGz ..
DaPao food with Huiling .. and had lunch in the band room .. later @ the General Office ..
Major Tan : Ahyoh .. i see ur head i veri heartache lehz .
Me and Ms Chang .. look at major with a funni look ..
Major Tan : .. See lah .. u go gang fight .. Balhbahbalh ..
But me and ms chang was busying looking @ the SYF Outdoor Notice ..hah ...
lolz ..

Went to Talent Music to buy reeads .. hmm .. was the 2nd floor .. downstairs is a coffeeshop .. is @ Eunos ..PenGz ..
Was a short while we left .. but we 3 agree tt .. Talent Music gives ppl a veri proud and unwelcome feeling .. coz when u open the door .. the counter is there .. and everybody look @ u ... it is veri quiet there .. and all the displays are kept in the class cupboard .. and is veri cramp also .. and also some parts is dark .. Lights no switched on .. and if u want to see things .. is like muz ask the person open .. like veri paise ..

Then later Ms chang say .. we come all the way here .. u all want so early go back huh .. i suggested going to Swee Lee Music ..hah ... and i was joking muz personally thx the person .. coz we buy one instrument .. which came 2 yrs after the order .. PeNgz ..

Was @ Bras Brasah .. and iwas like .. so this is Bras Brasah ..hah .. coz the Chinese Furniture shop we buy the sofa used to be across the street ..went up to Swee Lee .. Wow .. was big manz .. got one section of reeds .. and we were busying lookin ..heehee .. later went around to look .. woah .. especially thr drum sticks .. wah ...
We brough 2 boxes of rids and Drum Major Glove .. but we found it funny come Swee Lee one so white .then Talent one So yellow ( we brought one b4 ) ...and coz Talents things all veri oldold one we think is coz long liaoz ..hah ...
Ms chang used my hand to measure .. was a funni scenario manz .. haha ...
Saw a pocket Cornet ..veri cute ..haha .. then also got one section all DrumSticks .. i see until blurblur .. and also all the drum accessories .. saw the Drum Swap .. maybe ask MR Tan go buy ...hah ..

B4 we left the school ..we were joking abt mr tan ..hah .. so bad huh ...

Then since yesterday .. czo one flute repair coz $70++ and 4 is $280++ so ms chang keep on nagging .. see any flute member sure start the nagging again ..hah .. then she keep on .. all coz of Flute section .,. muz save money ..hah ....

Went to Art Friend .. which is Beside Swee Lee ..then ms chang was like .. u art student never go Art Friend b4 ..huh .. hah ..
Ltos of things sia .. see until i see stars ... went to the accessories section .. coz got the letterings ..then we were like .. joking .. put one signage .. Ms Chang say ..all allowed except Major Tan .. hah .. and me and huiling was like laughing like mad ...

Went to the Hawker Centre beside Allson Hotel to have Vegetarian Satay .. YUMMI . veri nice .. ms chang also recommend this Vegetarian shop .. next time ask my mum come ...heehee..

Feel like going to Bras Brasah again .. a lot of books sia .. next time mux bring more money ..hah ..

Came home with all the things we brought .now on my table .. occupying a big space ..going to bring it on friday ..hah .. the new gloves is onli for performances ...coz the old one veri dirty .. imagine .. is u wear ..then wipe sweat .. then is pass down by generation .. think of it .. gives me goosebumps .. coz i am the one who always get the gloves for Benjamin ...hah ..

That;s all folks ..not going art tml ..well .. mum ask me go with her to the Buddha thing @ Changi Expo ..penGz .. go lorz ..heard tt got a lot of artificats ...hah;s why i go ...hmm..

Btw .. gettin back to my life @ Band liaoz .. having sectional @ Friday .. lets' hope mr tan won;t faint on Saturday .. hah ..


Coming Performance ..: ( Haven;t Annouce Yet ): The Closing of Cancer Camp on the 6th Of June Sun ..

Although is juz providing background music .. but is Charity Mahz .. hah ...

that;s all folks !

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:01 PM

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Yopz .. i am back .. few days never update liaoz .. hah
These few days juz study lorz . hack lah .. mid year onli .. lolz ..
Tml is Art paper .. i actually feel like dropping art ..but .. it is one of my favourite other then band .. nth else in OPSS interest me tt much and also .. Ah liem;s lessons , Sasi and 4a4 !!

Well .. was at the art room ..when suddenly huiling came to look for me .. say ms chang looking for me .. went down ..into the band room .. wah .. quite some time never go liaoz ... a veri familar place ..
Ask me got how many stands .. chengkok's record shows 57 .. mine show 54 ..hah .. wat to do .. take 56 ..muhahah...
after tt there was meetin for camp ..haiz ..hah ..
Sec 4s are offically on Leave till MT O levels

haha .. but i think .. we have to go and do things again .. band resume this sat .. i am worried abt the sound .. sia lah .. haiz .. the sound forever not nice after the break .. OMG !! thinking of my section .. ** FAINT **

Went for lunch @ NP with Ms Chang and huiling ...hah .. then also when i buy food .. i also Michelle Ang , BingYun , Yawen and Jiali .. was rather shock to see them ..hah ...

Then half way saw The HODs coming ...all except MR sim and Mr teo ..hah ...then when i was walkin around to see wat else i can eat .. mrs bala call me go over.. " wat are u doing here with ur school uniform " i was like .. pointing towards Ms chang direction ..and some of them like Mrs Sasi and Mdm Xie was like .. He come with Ms Chang .. and mrs Bala was like .. Oh ok .. and all of them laugh ..hah .. was like .. shock sia .. thoughtwat happen to me sia ..hah

Went home later .. sianz .. back here .. art not yet start ..Slack like nobody's business ...and also salutes to Patrica .. i know the school hall is hot .. but not choice lah .. our band concert wrost ..haiz .. btw .. is coz of the weather .. if the weather is cooler .. can be cooler in the hall liaoz ..

Link Editied : Katerine
BTW .. woah .. can'tbelieve it . Malaysia BAnds so good sia ... love their marchin formations .. going to order some CDs from them ..hmphg ...


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 4:48 PM

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Took out the Referers .. although is quite interesting .. but the Script Language spoilt the whole blog ..

New Link added : Haifz From OPMB French Horn ;)

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 7:31 PM

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// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 6:53 PM

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Haiz .. woke up in the morning with a terrible soarthroat ...
PenGz .. who cares ...

Haiz .. went to photocopy art @ eastern .. was a terrible experience ..haiz ...

Then went for a haircut .. actually wanted to keep the frige one .. then forget to tell the barber .. and SNAP .. it is gone .. muahaha ...

Came have lunch and went for a Garbage Sale .. @ the function room downstairs .. is a charity one for Ju Eng Home .. JuEng HOme again ..penGz .. brought a name card holder , a photo frame and a small lamp .. hah .. all veri cheap .. the Name card holder onli 50cents .. and the photo frame is $2 and the Lamp is $1 ..heehee
Actually wanted to buy a radio cum clock thing .. but need to run on electricity .. too bad .. my room don;t have power plug near the table .. ARG !!

well .. did art for the whole afternoon .. sianz .. now using the scanner to photocopy some more ... heehee...

Tt;s all folks .. byebye ..

btw ..went to see some malaysian;s band webbi ..hmm .. thier formation veri nice ..HEEZ ...=p

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 6:45 PM

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Friday, May 14, 2004

Wah .. dunno wat;s wrong with me ..
I did badly for today;s history paper .. I HATE MYSELF !! .. I HATE MYSELF .. i juzcan;t remember ;..ARG !! .. the B question totally wrong .. out of point ..

Haiz .. no point crying over spilled milk .. sianz .. weekends again .. sianz .. haiz ..all i can do is to tell myself to do betta durin my o levels !!

surfing malaysia vote band's webby ! ..

MALAYSIA BOLEH !! .. WawaSan 2020 !!

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 11:55 AM

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Sianz Arg .. don;t feel like studying history ...

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 8:49 PM

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gold heart
Heart of Gold

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
brought to you by Quizilla

MALAYSIA BOlEH !! WaWaSan 2020

// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

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Back again .. yesterday night went studying .. wow .. haha .. me and looyee was like banging our heads on the table .. any danny was there .. poor things ..h.hah .. muahah .. was a lot of laughter there .. but we did study k ..

Bac home .. tt mad dog is barking again .. say wat .. i can;t study at home mehzs .. of coz i can;t lah ..ur tv on so loud ..u freako ..i didn;t say tt lah ..or else . dunno wat will happen manz ..

juz now @ the hall . .POA .. ms lime give ledger .. then i say .. die la die la .. she was like .. live la live la .. muaha.. then she ask baqi .. other then u who take literature .. then baqi wnt yiling , joyce , shuchen .. blahbahbalh .. then ms liem scared liaoz .went to look herself .. muahaha ...

POA test was quite easy lah .. seriously .. if u take our normal day assesments .. haiz .. i can do all .. but i am worried .. later i count wrongly how .. Balance sheet and the Statement of Affairs cannot balance .. ARG !! .. i hate it manz .. lets' hope i can balance it in O levels .. if can .. i sure party manz !! ..haha ... but the balance sheet , ,at first i got the answer .. then dunno wat .. i go and change .. then guess wat i did for both the Balance sheet and the SOA ? .. not balance right .. i go and change the figure at the end .. make it both the same .. hah ... lame horz ..muahaha ..

anyways .. i hate to stay @ home ..coz .. mum's nagging ..mad dog barking .. i know i am not say veri good to call my dad mad dog .. but i hate him like siao .. i even hope him to die .. humps ...ha ... he is mad lah .. i reallicannot study at home .. pls lah .. cannot study in the room .. then he on the TV so loud ..the whole house can hear ... how ? take cotton bud huh ...
then don;t let me go out study ..wat the Fuck liaoz ...
and tt man .. is realli a useless freak .. i am not going to be like him .. he follow my uncle for more then 15 yrs .. and now he pass away .. and he don;t know how to manage the business ? 15++ years ... dunno a single thing .. wat he doing ... bang head on the wall

Now .. my family is facing fiancial crisis .. siao boh ... and he is still spending like siao . when the business is like going downhill ... pwnGz .. ppl from the same business had been saying tt he dunno how to sell things .. haiz .. i think the business can hold long ... then company is going to 20 yrs liaoz .. and this freako .. destroy it ..nonsences .. and if he close it down ..wat can he do .. NOTHIN !! .. he know nothin ... MORON !!!
I HATE HIM .. ask he venture out also don;t want .. wat he want .. sometimes .. my mum ask him stay at home .. let other ppl take over .. tt dog say .. i want to be the boss ... WHPENGZ .. wat kind of boss are u .. BULLSHIT !! .. i think u get loss .. my mum do betta .. then next time i got some ideas of venturing out .. but all these .. muz wait till he gets eliminated .. ( u know wat i mean ..) .. its not tt i am mean or heartless or wat .. he is suffering from Depression .. and is like suffering .. why don;t he go and join his friend inthe heaven .. like tt can end all sufferin ..
ask him to shift back to malaysia .. he don;t want .. say wat ..the house can think of him .. pla lah .. ur house u sold it off liaoz .. i stillcan;t take the fact tt my home had been sold off !! .. i juzcan;t take it !! ARG!!! ...

We can juz take back one of the houses right .. we got one terrace on lease .. so we can take back and live . he don;t want ...dunno who proposed to get singapore citizenship .. wah penhgz ..NO WAY I AM GOING TO AGREE To TAKE SINGAPORE CITIZENSHIP !! .. .is not tt i am bias or wat .. i am a MALAYSIAN .. a MALAYSIAN .. i came to singpaore coz my parents are here ..
I wish to go back... work there .. set up a family .. let my children enjoy a relax and happy childhood .. which i enjoyed there ... isn;t it great ....

Tml History .gonna mug hard .. heard from my junior .. she saw Mrs Sasi recording our S.S. marks .. she said .. she say a lot of red marks .. almost the whole row red ..OMG !!

ARG !!!
WHO CARES >. i am going to live my life to the fullest .. b4 any changes in my living enviornment ..


// Wish To live Happily Ever After ..//

Y O N G T A H 1:13 PM

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

nonsences sia .. HmPZ !! .. chemistry .. everything seems to be Greek like me .. dunno wat they talking ..
Manange to write things ..hackalh ... who cares .. all i study one all never comeout .. never study all come out ..OPenGz ... anyhow wrote ..hah .. the essay questions realli veri easy ..too bad some i forget how to do .. the MCq was a killer .. should have studied metals ...and mole caclutation .. if not .. can pass liaoz .. Haiz .. no point crying over spilled milk

Then went to have brunch with the 4 gals .. talk talk talk ...laugh laugh laugh ..

then came back home .. went swimming ..the water was so cold ..Wooo ... and saw workers chaning the lamps .. i though they juz installed ..and now change ... nonsences .. maybe they shifting those to other places bah .. haiz ... maybe i should take up Landscape desigining course .. i like landscape desigining .. but i also want to be teacher ..

was chattin with huizhen juznow ..hah .. she say .. nowadays students love to complain .. and i type .. lets see who can complain more or them ..muahaha

going to mug POA .. my favoure subject ..
Tt's all folks !!

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 12:43 PM

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Yoyooy .. back again .. sianz mamnz ... today maths paper 2 .. think flung it ...
haizx .. by 9++ finish the paper liaoz .. coz got a lot never do .. so start all over again .. a lot is i see a lot of words idon;t want do .. manage to do a lot lah ... betta then lastyear end of year !! .. yipee ..
haha .. then went to eat roti prata with Mish , pat , gohyiling and Joyce .. muahaha .. laugh like nobody's business there ..haha ..
came home ..had tution .. eric almost killed himself .. poor him ...hah. . anyways .. going to work hard for tml's chemistry ...
Cooked Meesiam .. ( on my own ) ! .. heehee ..
Maybe going to mac to study . ..see how lah .. feel like going swimming today .. heehee

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 3:17 PM

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Monday, May 10, 2004

YOZ !! .. My Background pic is officially Back ...heehee ...and also the background pic in the Archives section ..
THX Faree .. for ur recommendation ..heehee..
Going to update and change this blog in bits and pieces ...when i have time ..
Tt;s all folks .. goin to mug for maths paper 2 .. but going to have a nap first ..heehee ...

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 3:27 PM

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Back .. sianz arg ..

open blogger today .. was like .. am i @ the wrong page .. hah .. they changed the format .. okok lah .. quite nice ...but xt say veri childish .. different ppl different view bah ..

JUz fried mee goreng with mum .. yummy .. I CAN COOK . .not bad arg .. plan to learn all the reciepts from both DaD and Mum ... both have hand-down receipts .. like Mum's Chinese Red Rice Wine , Roasted Chicken .. to Dad's Chinese White Wine .. and a lot more ...hah ...

last time .. coz in malaysia .. there was a time where ppl keep on giving plates and cups ..on set on set one .. end up my house got a lot of different kind ...then nice one got display ..then we even joke tt we can open on restaurant ..haa .. coz my house also got a lot of wine cups ..

but now .. dunno where liaoz ... i think in Dad's company .. the empty Workers' Room ... going to have a look afterexams ... see whether my favourite Cocktail set still there or not .. last time i like t so much .. keep on touching .. until my dad put in the highest column of the cupboard .. and while trying to reach it ... i broke the Japanese Tea Set . muahaha .. all the childhood memories ..

Today S.S paper .. like mad like tt ... by 8.35 finish my SBQ liaoz .. and i was like .. huh ... hack lah . but i wrote a lot lehz ... dunno lah .. took my own sweet time to do the Northern Ireland .. then the Swiss one .. realli dunno wat to write .. wah ..hack lah.. juz write wat i wrote .. and guess wat .. one question 2 pages .. siao bo ... even later Quanyi say . u siao arg .. write so many ... hah ..

Came home .. have tution .. quite piss off lah .. hack lah's tution was sucky .. haiz ..

Tml maths paper 2 .. goin to pia liaoz ... muz not let down my tutor .. hmm ..

Btw ..yesterday went to have mothers' day dinner .. same situation as last year .. we didn;t call to order .. but got a seat ..hah .. somemore same as last year ...hah ...our family is their regular customer .. my mum say my dad know them veri long liaoz ...hah .. is like a lot of places we old customers .. hah .. even all the waitress know us .. sometimes even chitchat . make jokes .. but we also veri auto one .. help them stack up plates .. hah ... everytime discount or not ..hah ...
anyway .. the meal cost $117 . .coz + the others .. well got nth betta to do .. so scan the receipt .. since we need it for our monthly accounts ..

Tml is maths paper . ARG !!!

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 2:04 PM

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Hack lah .. stupid background .. juz can;t load .. wat;s wrong with angelfire .. still can;t load after i changed to freewebs andgeocities .. the onli trick to see it .. open the file and can see .. wat nonsences .. don;t expect me to open the file and look @ the bloG @ the same time ? NONSENCES

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 10:00 PM

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pengz .. sianz ... studied ss ... but have interest onli in the Sri lanka , N.I and swiss .. don;t like the others .. perhaps coz i am not singaporean .. so not so interested in those ... hack lah . onli going to study Harmony and discord-
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 9:34 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Alright .. iam back .. juz updated my archives .. and created a new page for archives ...heehee ...
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 11:35 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, May 08, 2004

Back again .. went to study @ mac .. was like limping all the way there .. legs pain sia ..
Was fun .. and laughing all the way .. but got do work lah ..haha ...
Later got this party there .. woah .. nosily like nobody;s business .. blahbalhvalh ...left @ 5.30 to come home for dinner .. now home alone again ..sianz ..
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 7:17 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Hey Guys .. i dunno lah .. the background dunno still got or not .. if u are reading my blog .. go tag me and tell me whether got background pic or not ..
THX !!!
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 1:31 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Back ... the background pic is restalled liaoz ... heehee ...
Legs pain like siao ... especially my tights ... pain like siao ... can't strech my leg .. and the ironey is .. i went to swim again .. and now .. can;t even walk ... hah ...
Hmm ... later maybe going to study with Xiangting and sayhao they all ... see first lah .. can;t even walk now ... how to go sia ...
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 12:24 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Friday, May 07, 2004

Hey .. This is from Annette's Journal in Zorpia .. quite meaningfull .. hah ...

+\*Beverly lived in a neighbourhood of older children who did not want her tagging along behind them.They could run faster, climb higher, and do everything much more better than she, and that fact had not escaped her notice.

One day, Bev came running into the house and shouted to her mother that she wanted lollipops. Her mother handed her one lollipop. She demanded more. Her mother then knew what she was up to.She then watched what Bev did by the window.

Beverly ran to the fence that bordered a field next to their house. Her friends were on the other side playing baseball. She stuck her arm through the fence and waved the lollipops at the children. But they didn't see her. They just went on with their game. Then one of the other kids saw her and thought that she was offering something good.They all came along running over and rudely snatched the lollipop out of her hand. then without even thanking her, they went back with their game. Becerly stood there in loneliness.

Her mother, Elaine, fought back in tears as she watched her daughter standing sadly at the fence. The child had tried to buy acceptance, but it only brought her further rejection. How badly Beverly wanted other kids to like her and include her in their games. What she had learned that day, however, is that LoVe can't be bought, and bribery usually brings only disrespect...

Dear Friends,
after reading this short story, hope all of you will be able to put your best foot in to achieve the best of yourself ..

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 6:52 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Back .. with tt mad dog barking ...muahaha ....who cares ..went for a swim juz now ... now legs pain like siao ... cannot even stand ...hack lah ...hah ...
Haiz ... did some reflections while resting in the pool .. hmm.. gonna mug and work hard ...
Havin tution soon ..
I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 6:46 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


ANgel Fire's down .. and coz the background pic is by them .. i think .. if cannot ... i go and scan .. i have the book of tt Turn Left Turn right .. see first lah .. i lazy .. or maybe i look for a new skin ..
Later got tution ..
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 3:51 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Alright .. today school was a short one ... haiz .. nobody want to care abt tt mad man .. by 6.20 .. everybody left the house liaoz ...ahha .. let the moron rot @ HOme .. u tell ,me... how to study @ home ? when the Tv is on so loud ? .... nonsencese right .. os gona mug outside .. who cares babt tt old man .. even he die liaoz .. if i have a choice .. i won; attend his funeral ...muahahaha ...
PE .. was .. stupid sia .. cannot dod the standing board jum p..then simon ask me do the Squa squa thing ... end up .. all of us having leg pains .. and my legs is wobbling whenever i walk .. hayo .. how to swim like tt .. hiaz ...
Ms liem's period was nth lah .. she was busying talking to other ppl .. was another free period ... and .. went to put the color index on the class diary .. tt goh yiling .. never ask teachers sign .. hah ... was like a lot sia ... hah .. went to lookfor ms koh .. she sign like siao ...
Then later english .. tt bala .. wah pengz .. did filing .. was a messy state of affairs manz ...then ask her sign .. she also sign like siao ... then realise got on column is signature of subject rep's during split class .. then joyce happily sign .. almost everyday sia .. she say she feel like a CEO of wat company ...aha ..
then listening compre ... quite tricky lah ... wonder will i get full marks like last year like tt ...hmm.. the sec ones were ver noisy .l never had listening compre b4 huh .. no wonder ... 1st time .. so excitied .. i later take the drums play and march past then u more excitiing ..muahaha ...
went to look for mr tang and mrs sasi .. gave up lah ... went to canteen .. then went home .. then out side saw Guowen ... walk to the bus stip together with him ... and also .. buy a cup of oreo crush ...
back home .. mum was @ home .. nobody want to care abt tt old man .. diediedieidie .. .hahah ....
my aim is to let him die faster ... muahahaha ....
Cookin Maggi mee to eat again ... heehee z ...
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 2:55 PM

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

my Dad Sux.. hope he die faster .. seriously ... i don;t mind having no dad ... coz .. got dad and no dad also makes no difference .. Mad Dog sia him .. juz now barked at us .. hope he can juz die faster .. and i am serious abt it ..
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 10:12 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sijie send me this .. quite interesting ..
Subject: lime juice & honey

"Lime is the best physician at all times. It relieves many symptoms
which no doctor could do. Lime is very effective in coughs, cold and
influenza. A big glass of warm water, one table spoon honey, half a
lemon works wonders. Those who drink one lemon drink every day hardly
have to visit a doctor.

Lime destroys the toxins in the body. Typhoid and other diseases die
within no time. It is very effective in destroying the uric
acid. Lime is more alkalizing. It is very effective in destroying
bacteria from intestinal tract. It cures constipation, loss of
arthritis, skin diseases, heart diseases. The high potassium content in
them makes the lime very useful for preventing and curing heart
diseases. It strengthens the teeth and gums. It freshens the breath.
It purifies blood and liver. It stimulates the functions of the
liver and sweat glands. A ripe lime is a good appetizer. It destoys
intestinal worms and
expels the excessive gases formed in the digestive tract. Regular yoga
exercies and the juice helps excreting waste toxins in your body. It
purifies blood.Each and every cell of the body is rejuvenated by taking

Honey - the best food for the heart
Honey is one of the best gift from nature to us. Honey is saturated
with glucose and fructose. These sugar are in pre-digested forms and
hence are readily assimilated in the blood stream. There is no energy
producing food in the market to equal honey. If you wish for an
instantaneous energy, one that can be felt in about ten minutes, take a
spoonful of honey. The glycogen passes rapidly into your blood stream
and has the same effects as a meal. there are sixteen types of sugar
present in honey, but two are predominant, fructose and dextrose. This
is one reason why honey acts so quickly to produce energy, for fructose
and dextrose are described as pre-digested, and when taken into the body
go to work straight away.

A glass of water with two teaspoons of honey at night induces sound
sleep and brings clear motion on the next morning. The same drink taken
on an empty stomach in the morning works as an appetizer. Honey is a
mild antiseptic. Its regular use strengthens both body and mind. It is
recommended in cases of arterio-sclercsis and weak hearts. Heart is a
muscle and, like all our muscles, is stimulated by honey which provides
the energy needed by its tired muscles. Honey builds bodily resistance
to coughs, colds and many other ailments."

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 10:11 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


WTF ! My friendster's testimonals all gone .. and a lot of ppl one also .. onli those who long time never sign in one then never kanna ..
WTF !! .. all My Testimonals !!!!
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 5:24 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Hey .. today was quite a ok day ..especially in Sasi lesson ! so fun .. Sasi .. u Rox manZ .. haha ...
Ok lah ... nth much today .. juz tt time flies today .. hah ...
Can see that Mr goh is working hard toward ourclass .. TumBs UP !
TT's all folks .. did;t went for the Q & A sections .. for physics and chem ...-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 4:55 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wednesday, May 05, 2004

PenGz .. was like typing half way .. then suddenly screen went blank ...
Alright .. today school was fun .. especially account s. .hahha .. ms liem so funni ..and also joyce ..hah ...joyce was @ the metal cupboard .. during the formteacher period ..then she called me .. then ms liem also called me .. so i go see ms liem first ..then she say .. u don;t write ur name like tt.. then suddenly .. don;t tell joyce i took her reportbk from the cupboard .. hah .. then joyce was like jumping and searching high and low .. hah ... then gave her the hint lah .. and she was like .. msliem and she was like giggling non stop hah ....laugh like siao ..
After school .. went back with Farhana , Darlyn , Sebas and hafiz .. hmm .. went to spc and buy cupnoodle .. then eat @ the void deck .. hah .. cracked lots of joke .. hhah .. laugh like mad sia ..
Went back together with farhana .. walk inthe rain .. song BOH~~ .. hah ..
then later got tution usal he was late again .. today was a siao one .. he make me do questions . keep on forcing me .. till i got so piss off .. then he say ..look @ the ceiling .. then Smile .. PenGz ... listen to me ..

Whenever u face diffculty .. juz force urself to smile ..coz when u force to smile .. u will think of some happi things ... and u will have more energy and strength and motivation to carry on ..
hah ...feel like puching him .. hah ... to vent out my angry .. but i know i sure lose one ..hah ...
tution was like siao today .. hah ... then juzread newspaper .. and blog ...hah ...
tomorrow going to be another day ... haiz ..
tt's all folks .. Today is a best Day of the week .. THX ERIC for ur advice .. Won;t let u down ...!!!

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 9:38 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Back .. juz came back from a 'shopping' @ popular .. haha .. no lah .. went to buy some assesments bks ..
Chinese Exam was ok today .. the compo .. write like siao sia ... finish veri fast sia .. i got lots of points to write ... if not coz i have written a draft .. i sure write non-stop one .. hah .. then can become essay liaoz .. MUAHAHHA ....
paper 2 was ok .. to me veri easy lehz .. ithink NBPS's higher MT paper more difficult ... tt Mdm Chia .. dunno how to set izzit .. thought she HOD will set tougher .. ? Who knows ...
Accompany GX and Yuyan to cut hair .. but nvm cut .. but they also accompany me wat .. hah ...
Can;t blog much .. dad mad again ... now then he come and knoe the company is making a loss .. is a bit too late liaoz lorz .. U STUPID FOOL !! .. veircan;t i juz guadate and take over .> ARG!! .. who ask him .. onli know how to stick to one kind of trade .. dunno how to expand business when the economy is good last time .. at least can venture out into other business wat .> STUPID MAN .. die faster betta ...
listening to Richie's songs again .. Sianz arg! .. tomorrow normal school again .. sianz ...
Got to go Mrs Sasi's ss later .. i don;t want to die of a horrible death .. Muahaha ...
Anyways .. i am starting to dislike her ... Gx say i am too direct liaoz ..Who cares ... Hack lah ...
Sianz ARG !!!!
Today in a good study mood .. have a urge to study suddenly ... Hmmm ...
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 5:19 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Monday, May 03, 2004

This is Angkok Wat .. mentioned in the passage .. Cambodia .. the place i always want to go .. and Angkok Wat is the place i always look for to go to ...

India Image

More @

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 8:03 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Copied this from friendster .. quite accurate lah ... =o

L Love is something you deeply believe in.
O You are very open-minded.
H You are not judgemental.

Y You cause a lot of trouble.
O You are very open-minded.
N You like to work, but you always want a break.
G You have excellent ways of viewing people.

T You have an attitude, a big one.
A You can be very quiet when you have something
on your mind.
H You are not judgemental.

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 7:36 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Heyhey ... today was a simple and fine day ...
went to school in the morning .. b4 the exam.. whole class was like keep on laughing .. all the jokes we crack... our last mid-year in opss . .hah ... then somemore .. tt joyce .. was veri proud tt she teaches Zhiwei to his english so good ...ARg ! .. .wat nonsences sia ... if like tt.. how come her chinese still like tt after sitting beside Gohyiling last time? i think she sit beside me .. sure pass with flying colours .. muahaha ..!!!
then got exam . .hah ..the english compo ... juz happen to be a title of a ghost story i read .. hah .. juz chuck the whole thing .. wrote Q3a .. hah ...
the section B .. guess wat i wrote at first .. They will fall in @ 8a.m. .. hah .. more like band proposal liaoz .. muahaha ...but .. of coz .. i am expert in writing proposals .. hah .. can give lots of excuses .. muahahah ...
then paper 2 .. lOVE the essay manz .. so interesting .. haha ..
then sasi .. haiz .. first time failed so badly for S.S .. 4/25 .. WAT !! .. but luckily history got 13/25 .. phew ... but this show sth .. 4A4 ... can do more challenging things .. haha ... muahah
then later .. went to BK with joyce and michelle .. brough Richie's CD .. veri nice .. now also listening .. we were more like talking and chitchatting there .. laugh and laugh manz .. ha .. all the funni things we talk abt ... Shh ... hahaha ...
then came back home ... went to the living room .. guess wat i saw ... Bullion Park Condo. Residents feedback form .. WAH ! .. i veri excited liaoz . .hah ... u know me lah. .. a lot of ticks .. almost all i put UNSATIfactory .. so badhorz ... got some even .. i put a ! mark beside the tick ... and even added my own comments @ the side .. haha ..
Then the feedback corner .. i write until full .. even no space .. and i end up writing the whole page . .haha ... i even wanted to attach a fullscape paper . .hah ...i combined all my views and my parents views .. from their daily convesation ..
Tell u wat .. i once wrote a 2 page complaint down to the Management Office .. to complain .. and give my suggestions .. and even sign of my big name .. From LOH YONG TAH of Tower 6 #14-02 ... hah ...
i think the poor clerk .. going to see until she faint .. so many things written on the paper .. even my mum was like .. .woah .. haha .. who ask i expert in writing complaint letter .. u train me one wat ... and my mum was like ... hah ..
tt's all folks lah .. i juz dislike her .. dunno why .. don;t want to talk to her ...
Tml is Chinese paper .. I HATE HAN ZI !! .. forever one ... even for my higher MT last time .. my teacher everytime ... say .. u can get full marks .. coz of ur hanzi . can i pray for once u learn ur hanzi .. muahaha ...
allright .. Richie's album is so nice ..ha.ha .. like his songs man. .. especially the U are my wife .. hah ...
Gtg .. tt;s all folks ..
~ listening to Richie's Album ....~
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 7:33 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hey ppl , this is an extract from a e-mail Xiangting sendme .. okok lah . quite describes me ..


A man who has no balance like his Zodiac symbol. He is not the gentle, cool
, calm and charming guy like what you see. He has another dark side of
aggression, stubborn and he likes to start an argument the most. Sometimes
he can be so depress and unstable. Up and down like he is trying to balance
himself most of the time.

To many people, he is a friendly guy and always smile even when he is mad or
up set. His voice always gentle and calm. he always set and comb his hair as
if he comes out from a shampoo advertisement. Mostly Libra men are good
looking, even the ugly one is charming. When he smiles, it is so bright that
the whole world is smiling with him too.

When he is in a balance mood, he is the type of person you want to be with.
In other unbalancing mood, he likes to make people argue about something and
watching it with fascination and fun. He will wait to be the one who
compromise and clear thing up. He likes to be in a conflicting conversation.

Libra man is lazy by nature. After his tired day at work, he likes to sit
still and just look out of the window or read quietly. He likes to be in his
own world. After recharging his battery, he will be very energetic again and
may even take you out that night.

Libra man normally will not do any shocking or abnormal things to be
noticed. He likes to be conformed with his crowd, but if you watch him
carefully, you will see the different. If he wear a shirt, it will have to
be a zipper front instead of buttons, or a special tie bar. There is always
something in him that he will not allow totally conformity to take him over.

A straight forward , no non-sense guy. He is careful and delicate in
details. He will spent extra time to doing it right, than comes back to
correct them later. He hates people who boost, or exaggerate. He does not
like over dressed woman or make herself a center of an attention.

He loves to read. He loves poems and loves art. When he works he can work
like crazy, but after work he can turn on romantic jazzy music and treat you
so gently. He loves to give people advice and normally give a good advice.
If you fall for him, you will stay like being trapped in a spider web. If
you want to break up with him, he will persuade you a zillion ways to stay
and you can not stop him anyway. After he persuade you to stay, or after a
big fight, he will be so sweet to you as if he has never hurt your feeling
before ever.

He will has his own way to win a girl love and affection. Once she says yes,
he will lay back and wonder if he should go on or if he should back out. In
his teen, he changed many girl friends because he can not clearly separate
loving a friend and loving a girl friend. He will check and re-cheek if his
match is suitable and compatible with him.

Even he is a romantic man, he can hardly understand the emotion of the one
he loves. He is a generous guy even he sets his life so systematically. He
never knows when he makes you unhappy. He never knows how he up set you. He
will never knows what he said wrong. If he is your lover, be prepare for

A not so pretty girl with no brain is not his type of woman. If you are not
pretty enough, he will not mind talking to you but he does not care to get
to know you. Any girls, pretty or ugly can ask for his help, he will be
happy to help. He hates to argue by yelling at each other, so you tend to
see he argue with his girl friend seriously but try at best to be very

He likes to have a girl friend by getting to know each other like a friend
first. If you want him, you have to like the same thing he does. He prefers
a pretty and gentle woman than a smart and ugly woman. You have to
understand his mood especially he can has many different moods. He is a
private person, so when he needs to be alone better let him be.

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 9:34 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


ALRIGHT PPL, i am back here again .. juz now forgotton to add .. b4 i use the com @ noon .. it rained .. and i forget the close the windows .. and it flooded ... Arg ! .. and my bag is wet .. the computer also kanna .. luckily nth happened ..
Went to a Showhouse @ 3 ... it is near my house lah .. is a semi-detached house ..veri big .. 6 rooms .. 4 attached washroom .> WOAH >>!!! .. but veri X lah .. hah ... we juz go see fun fun one ... coz ..we have no money to buy .. even we have .. i think i will want to stay @ my beloved home now .. and forever .. hah .. tt house got intercom system somemore .. .like the staff room sia .. haha .. and the lamps all so nice ..ha... it was empty .. ( coz the owner moved out ) .. and i was like telling my mum .. can we buy tt hanging lamp home .. hahaha ...

Went for dinner ... actually wanted to have thai meal @ sewbawang shopping centre .. went all the way to the 3rd floor ... and found tt it is fully packed .. then went to the first floor .. then dad saw tt there is a foodcourt .. so we go there see .. so went up to the 3rd floor again ... then found out tt the food not nice ... so went down again .. hah ... then we crossed the road .. then last time there got one veri big Yishun Seafood Village .. coz we regular customers .. coz we everytime bring those forgien customers there .. ( all those forginers customers .. and their kids who always give me lots of trouble .. like those girls who pestered me to bring them to Orchard road .. eee ... all those bad memories ..) .. ... but now . changed in to a food village .. coz .. i think no business bah ..
the restaurant still there lah .. but it was @ one corner ... hmm .. went ther lorz .. found out all my dad;s friends all not working liaoz .. call a few dishes .. then went to get some drinks's where the nightmare began ..
we asked for 2 pinapple and 2 watermelon fruit juice ..then the person .. who came to delivered .. charge us $8 .. $2 so each cup ... penGz .. then later .. another auntie came up and ask .. how much she charge u .. we say $8 .. she was like WAT !! .. then it was know tt later these 2 colleagues were @ loghead one .. always fight one .. she even got her supervisor to come .. then was like . .cannot eat in peace sia ..!! .. arg !! .. then they came to return money ... and b4 this .. when the lady who came to deliver .. badmouth the other . .say wat .. she came to spy me ... balhbalhbalh ... so it is obvious tt it is Er Ren Xian Guo Zhuang .. nonsences sia ...
although is juz $1.50 of change .but is still a manner of business .. and all of us agree .. (the waitress and the auntie .. ) by doing this ..they will lose customers ...
then later .. when we ate finished .. waiting for the nxt dish ... the waitress came to say .. they never prepare .. so i cancelled it .. we were like WAT !! .. luckily b4 there was 2 dishes and a plate of Mussel ... haha .. onli $31++.. the cheapest sunday meal we ever ate .. HAHAHA ...
went to back to the shopping centre ... then went up the 2nd floor .. ( where the carpark is ) .. then my mum say .. want buy bread or not .. coz downstairs coz bread .. so went down AGAIN !! ... then Giant was packed with ppl .. we made our way the basement .. then find out tt got too many ppl .. so never buy .. went all the way back to the 2nd floor again .. then @ the carpark ... it was like .. veri messi sia .. the car park changed its arrangement .. turn here turn there ..
Wahpengz ... but got out @ the end ..
then came back .. walked all the way to the provisonal shop to buy bread .. found out there is no bread .. .wah lau ...
then i got sth to add .. izzit coz i am in OPSS .. so tt's why u all look down on me ..ARG !! .. i juz can;t stand those ppl downstairs ll from famous school hao lian lah .. or maybe is i too unfriendly .. maybe ... i juz want to make friends wat ..


-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 9:12 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


woke up @ 9 today ... yesterday night .. juzcan't sleep ... lieing on my bed . reading some books .. reflecte on myself .. i juz need to work hard .... or else .. i will be wasting my time .. i came out from malaysia .. all the way to seek for a betta studies ...
Haiz .. should have stayed there .. but no choice ...haiz ...
in the morning .. helped dad to change the Altar table ... the Tian Gong one ... coz the wook rot liaoz ....the new one damn nice sia ... the golden words so shiny ... wah ..
hmm .. the vegetables @ my balcony .. grow veri big liaoz .. hah ... and also my beloved orchid plant .. got 2 more flower buds and a new stem coming out liaoz .. heehee ....
Went swimming . was like ... siao liaoz ... treat the water like one kind ..vent out all my frustation , anger , sadness ...was like swim like siao .. after a while .. was like giddy liaoz .. and the sky look so black ... hmm ..and then came home ...
juz ate my lunch .. and i am here to blog again .. .hah ...
anyways .. tt's all folks ...
later ,, gonna study a bit .. do abit of art ..
TML IS THE ENGLISH EXAM >>!! . OMG !!!!Wat to study sia .. never mind .. juz read through the Cambrige Revision Guide , and english file ..
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 12:16 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Saturday, May 01, 2004

You are a Mastermind.

You're probably best known for your intellect and logical reasoning abilities. You are not the jolly social one. In school, you were considered either the "Most Likely to Succeed" or the "Class Geek". Whereas others prefer simple action games, you prefer strategy and thought. Your mind runs a little fast than most people's, and you'll often find yourself thinking a few steps ahead of everyone else.

Very confident in yourself, you have the potential to be a strong leader. However, you might often just sit and wait for other leaders to screw up. At that point, you take over with a definite goal in mind and make things happen. You're capable of making quick decisions and understanding the rationale behind them.

People hate you. Yes, you heard me right. Being a Mastermind means you're pretty damn smart, and filled with potential. It also probably means others feel inferior to you at times, and that creates resentment. Many Masterminds have a tendency towards arrogance and self-centeredness. That egotism is a turn-off with the opposite sex. Oh well. You have lots of good in you, but no one's perfect. Deal with it.

Possible Careers: Computer Programmer, Lifetime Student

By Lisa .. Swirvology Analysis Expert

Lisa says...

Well, helloooo, Mr. Burns. Read much of the Third Reich lately? Okay, that was a cheap shot, but you have to admit, you are a weirdo. You value knowledge, competence and structure ... whatever. You are independent, analytical, and determined. Deriving meaning from your visions is what drives you.

You set extremely high standards for yourself and others. You are a natural leader and have the ability to turn theories into solid plans. You know, Napoleon was said to be like this, and we all know what happened to him. Vive le' Resistance!

Possible Career: Super Villian

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 10:16 PM

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Back again .. wat's wrong with me sia ... what am i thinking ? ..
i thought i have make myself clear tt .. i will not expect her to like me back ... and i know tt it is impossible .. and why am i still hurt and sad ..
TELL ME WHY .. this is the 2nd time liaoz !! .. the 2nd time i am experiencing such thing .. ARG !! .. tell me why took me a diffcult time to recover from the first ..

Today's tution .. i was veri ** dunno wat happen to me .. ** .. rather mood and upset .. and eric was like .. hey .. are u alright ...
end up he conselling me although i juz told him .. is juz some personal problems ... and he was more into .. trying to get me into study mood .. he is a veri responsible tutor .. tt's wat i can say .....

GONNA WORK HARD> .. coz .. eric is trying all his best in helping me .. don;t want to disappoint him ... he had high expectations of me ... GONNA WORK HARD !!! .. MID-YEar will be a stepping STONE !!!

juz now watched the comdey .. Men tang hu dui .. laugh like siao sia .. haha ...

I HAVE TO FORGET THESE INCIDENT .. although .. i can;t forget her .. i juz can;t .. .althought i have tried many ways .. ARG .. juz keep this in one of the corner of my heart ....


-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 9:51 PM

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Hey .. this is a entry by my buddy , Zhiwei .. Woah .so meaningful..and the best part of it is .. it really touches one's heart .. wonder izzit coz he sits beside Joyce Ching then the english so good ? .. muahhaa ...

-> Day After Day
Everyday, I Thought To Myself, Why Do I Find People So Childish And Foolish Yet I Too Find Faults In Me. Day After Day, Years Passed, Yet That Girl Who Might Bright Up My Life Had Yet Not Been Found. Where Would I Go When I Reach The Age Of 21, To THe Misery Of Work OR The Bliss Of Relationship Or Even Both?

Day After Day, I Thought To Myself, Why Teenagers Start Going Out With Each Other? Why Is There A Need To Find A Partner? Is It Because Of The Need For Security, Sex Or Even True Love? True Love In Relationships Are Hard To FInd, But Why Are People Still Together Even Though They Quarrel? Why Do Friends Find Faults In Each Other When They Too Have THem? True Friends Are Another Hard Qualities In Life. Be Content With Whoever You Have Known, Treat Them As Good Friends, Be It Male Or Female. Relationships Do Not Start Out Of Thin Air....Yet From Being Friends....

So Guys, Think Again When You Wanna Start A Relationship. Do You Understand That Certain Someone You Wanna Be With? Does He/She Know Of Your Presence? Do You Get Along With That Certain Someone? Does He/She Feel Comfortable With You? Yet Ironically, That Person May Turn Out To Be Your Best Friend... So Take The Right Path, I Don't Wish To See Another Friend Of Mine Die In The Hands Of "LOVE"

By Tay Zhi Wei ..

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 3:08 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


wtf ... juznow com was hang .. then later restart ..cannot go into internet ...after trying .. went mad .. so decided to use system restore ,, back to a earlier time .. last week .. let's hope nth is lost ..
Enjoying my durian cake .. YUMEE !!
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 2:57 PM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


Wtf .. raining liaoz .. cannot go sun-tan .. cannot go swimming ..
Wat kind ofweather is this .. ARG !!!
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 10:47 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


HappY LabOuR day ..
Remembered one Pri school joke .. wat is labour day ? everybody go to labour .. Labour Room in the Hospital .. all so give birth .. Ah Ah .. haha .. muahahha ...

Suddenly ..juz now mum was talking abt fake flowers .. coz dad juz throw away some .. my mum was like .. good ! .. coz she say fake flowers attract dirts .. hmm ..
Still remember last time in tt malaysia house .. in the hall and various corridors of the house .. always got fake flowers to decorate the house .. then we will throw them away every year .. change every year .. somemore is like a big vase one .. so my house end up having a vase collection in the store room .. but of coz .. who ask my dad have a son likeme .. who always break the vases .. haha .. so the store room . soon became OUT OF BOUNDS to LOH YONG TAH .. hahah ...
Haiz .. kinda miss my life in malaysia .. coz tt house .. not say coz is veri big or wat .. is indeed wat big lah .. however .. is all the memories and pastimes in tt house ... i grew up there .. haiz .. kinda miss .. tt house ..
Actually speaking ..although the house i am living now is quite big .. however .. i still feel myself in a cage ..coz .. i grew up in a house ..a bungalow .. with 6 rooms , 2 living rooms , blahbalhablha ... and a veri huge garden around the whole house .. haiz .. life was sweet and easy there .. when i finish my homework . no need watch tv .. coz by walking around the house .. sure got things to keep me occupied one .. when small . always like to sit @ the garden ...look @ the butterflys. . and of coz .. destroying my family's potted plants . Muahaha ..
then when i grew up .. sitting in the home's study room .. reading books .and even started to arrange all the ornaments around the house .. every single corner .. every cupboard tt i can open .. and even planned to redesign the garden ...
But however ... My uncle who lived with me passed away ... and his side .. ( coz he not my real uncle ) .. came to fight for his assets .. and dad gave half of the house to them .. and we sold the other half .. and we are being forced to ... and i hate them FOREVER !! .. I HATE THEM .... although it is possible for us to go and look for a bungalow .. bigger and newer then this .. and renovate the design like this .. however, it is impossible to be like the same b4 .. every single corner of that house .. is a part of my memories ...
although .. all the ornaments .. are brought out to singapore ... some are in my house now .. some gave away to relatives in malaysia ... and our family;s wine gallery .. was sold off ... haiz ... ARG !! .. i hate u ALL!! ...
MAY ALL OF GET UR RETRIBUTION !! ... and all of ur will die of a terrible death .. to repay all the sins u did to my family and my dad .. .!!!
-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 10:04 AM

______________________________[ M Y  S T Y L E.:::: ]


I MISS OPMB !!! ...

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 9:35 AM

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Hi ppl , back again .. juz updated my links .. blahblahblah ..
Had Hongkong tim sum outside as breakfast juz now .. hah .. full like siao sia ...
Haiz . .can't sleep yesterdaynight .. think of lots of things .. hah ..
Going for a swim .. yah .. the sun so strong today .. can get tanner .. heehee ..
later having tution from 5.30pm..-7.30p.m. ...hmm..
Gonna pia all my hw.. my art .. e.t.c. .. heehee ...

-> I am Juz A Simple GuY .. Who WisHeS To LiVe HaPPiLY EvEr AfTeR .. =p <-

Y O N G T A H 9:33 AM

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